Monday, July 21, 2014

Success in Zacks new district...and Mama Darlenes Delicious cookies!

hey papa! im stoked for ya too! we need to go to the temple on saturday there is a wedding i got invited to that day. so saturday at 9:30 i believe. im figuring out logistics with what we will be doing im thinking we will have an elk grove and Carmichael day and then a lodi possibly a south sac day im not a fan of the ghetto! Did president really speak highly of me? that means a lot. its been kinda tough out here one its hard to stay focused i dont let anyone know so i just keep trying to work hard nobody in the ward knows im going home i just tell em all i came out in august. Anyway things are good here just ghetto! we cover a road that is one of the highest murder roads in sacramento if that makes any sense. I ran over a serynge and got a flat tire and now it has aids haha! i miss biking i dont miss flat tires! My companion is pretty great he is from delaware and that is cooL! i have not really had to man Utah companions! The work is great here, we have set up two baptisms which is sick they haven't baptized in a year. We are baptizing a homeless man named Pride and he is very humble ironic huh? he is cool, looking at him you wouldnt know he was homeless he owns a business and is trying to build himself back up he is just a victim of the economy and lives in the bushes behind star bucks haha! I have a list of people for you to pray for. they all have baptismal dates and i really wanna see them go through with it! There is Erika Contrera, Ben Nelson, Fabian, Pride evans, Mike blackwell, victoria, and anya. Life is good and i love the work! im happy to be here in this district, it needs as lot of help and work and i cant do it alone and i dont dream to. the lord is truly guiding us to people. we are contacting and tracting pretty much all day because we only have pride and mike as investigators. i got a flat tire and this non member picked us up fixed my bike and took us home and said stop by anytime and we are praying that we will find more people through our efforts. the ward hated the last missionary (the one i replaced) so they are semi standoffish but they are warming up and we are visiting them :) life is goo i love the work i love you all so much and i love being a district leader again because i can work more in my area and i have a good relationship with my missionaries! thanks for the cookies! can i get the recipe for those cookies a member wants to make them for us :) they loved em and so does everyone in my district we call em crack cookies because they are so good and addicting we just keep eating them even when we say no more! well i lvoe you so much!! please tell gma adams i love her i haven't heard from her or written o her so please tell her im thinking of her! LOVE YOU!!! see you in 5 weeks!

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