Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jeremy DL rallies his troops to service!

Hey Padre! So this week has been a crazy one. Being District Leader again is fun... hahaha We had a pretty good lesson this last week and I think I got my point across that some of the people in the District need to stop looking at people as numbers and that they need to gain charity in their hearts or go home. I was pretty relaxed about it and the mission pres was there for it. Pressure was on haha It went well, he just told me that I needed to be less relaxed and that I needed to be more "Leadership". I promptly told him that I will definitely make it more official but also reminded him of a talk that we've had a lot about how I am who I am and if my personality doesn't seem to fit something I'm not making him keep me in area's of leadership haha I'm waiting for a reply so we'll see how it goes. Things around the mission have been really crazy, their is a lot of unneeded stress and its been drivin me a bit nuts haha I know its because of the mission split and all the other big moves so I understand  his point of view so I'm doing my best to be understanding and patient. So you'll be getting a call from a Dr. Clifton soon. He's my Chiropractor and it turns out one of my legs is 21mm shorter then the others! YAY!!! Apparently I jacked one of the Growth plates in my leg when I was 17 or something and now its an inch shorter. So I need to get shoes built up and so forth.... Dope huh.. He'll let you in on more details but apparently its just like I need to get 3 nice shoes then get the soles built up in em so that it evens me out, then my back will be fixed! As for Emperors New Grove, I've been crackin jokes from that for the last little bit so its crazy that you mention it. I'm sure Elliot is pumped to be out now! Sounds like errybody is doing the usual haha Haven't gotten a letter yet but I'm looking forward to it. Tell Jason thanks I love gettin letters, its like Christmas every time one comes in ha Tell Darlene happy Bday for me and so on. I've been dying to go golf the last little bit, I actually had a dream about it haha The stomach is much the same and I'm trying to eat less and less at a time and only do protein and so on but I'm losing pant sizes so I'm gonna get some more pants soon and a belt haha. I'm gonna be a skinny dude when ya'll see me again.. Well I love ya'll and I always love hearing from you! Take care and have a good one!

Elder Jeremy Larsen

Zack learns chinese from his new greenie!

I don't wanna train haha! he is a cool guy we have some things to work out. he is straight from hong kong and speak mild English he is 18 yrs old and already done a year of college at UVU and two semesters at BYU-I  he is teaching me bad words in Chinese though which is funa nd of course we have tons of fun with Asian jokes :) he doesn't understand the rules so he doesn't wanna follow em which makes things hard so im doing my best I feel I keep praying to be a better leader but I dunno what will happen. his name is elder wong and I asked him if its racist that his first baptism which was last Saturday was a Japanese girl and so will the next one :) we have a baptism set up for june 7tha nd two for july 20tha nd hopefully one more for the end of june and they are all solid! well I do love you all muchly and the letter I sent home is for mrs coleman but the SD card in the letter is for you! I love you all and things are going well! the ZL is one of my old comps the one who was a firefighter as well and lived 5 mins from our house so im excited to be around him again! well LOVE YOU ALL MUCHLY I aint got jasons letter yet but still waiting I love you bye!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zack is a trainer! (and gets an ego boost)

dad- well dad im glad that everything is going well. im glad the camping trips were fun and that kevin is still alive, we have had 4 fatalities from skydiving here in Lodi california. well my trunky companion is very depressed now because he is from oklahoma 20 mins from the city of moore and there are more tornadoes on the way. but his town is ok last we saw. also im training now. i told president its a badchoice to trust me to train but he seemed confident haha! we will see what happens but it looks like ill be in wilton california till at LEAST august. lots of birthdays huh? sounds busy. well all has been well here in fact someone saidi look like bradly cooper (place face on the A team) which boosted my ego even more :) we have a baptism this week and next week which is exciting! anyway i love you! and your all awesome! thanks for the pics keep sending em :) your all great and im excited to see yall again later! keep meposted on stuff :) oh by the way we have a great sushi place thats just as good as tsunami if not better hereits called mikuni AND I LOVE IT!  also jason GF is famous huh? thats exciting lemmeknowwhen the wedding is :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jeremy moves to the Oregon Salem Mission and is a DL again!!!

Well it was just awesome to see all ya'll!!!! I hope that all of my mothers day letters got there safe and sound, let me know if they didn't. So hey, you should send me names and birthdays for everyone. (kevin jason lisa steph lia darlene ashley you... everyone!), cause I'm lame and can't remember. So transfers have come and gone. I'm staying with Elder Gardner for the next 6 weeks and I'm the new DL in Albany. Woo. We are throwing a birthday party for all of the new missionaries coming out in our district as our first D-meeting so that should be fun. We have 3 greenies coming to the area so we will see how this goes haha I'm officially in the OSM... I'm kinda glad but sad at the same time. A few good buddies of mine will be in the OEM and I'll miss them for sure. Tammy and a few guys from my MTC district will be down in Eugene still so I won't see them for a long time... pretty lame. President Young has been super stressed over the split and everything. He's been kinda going nuts on everyone, its been pretty crazy. He was upset with us this weekend for no reason. He mainly got after Taumoelau and Richards (our ZL's) because we were over at there place staying with Richards while Taumoelau was visiting with another family cause he was leaving. He was upset because it was a poor use of an hour on our part, which granted we could've been doing other stuff that would be better, but it wasn't a huge deal. He was super upset with both Tammy and Richards though, it was pretty lame.  Pretty much its just been an eventful week this week haha A little stressful but I'm looking forward to this next transfer, we've got two new ZL's and I'll be DL so i'll be able to go out and be with a bunch of really chill  Elders and be able to help them out. I'm pretty pumped so I'll let you know how stuff goes. I'm glad to see that you all are doing so well and I'm excited to hear about how Ashley's wedding goes! Tell errybody I say whats up. Love ya Padre
Elder Jeremy Larsen