Monday, March 24, 2014

West Nile encephalitis in Zacks mission!

well sounds busy! i have been busy as well! we have had a missionary hospitalized with west Nile encephalitis. so i have been spending time at the hospital and my comp as well so we can keep the other guy working. he is doing better but now we have like all this pandimoniam of missionaries saying I GOT A MOSQUITO BITE!!!!! its not that bad but its funny! that sick missionary was pretty bad off he was in the ICU for a while then he has been there for almost a week! anyway all is well! we also had an emergency training to run for our missionaries and we got to meet elder Garns of the 70 for stake conference he thanked us for our service which was really cool! as for the info ill get it to ya for next week! also glad the move went well and that everything is good. kate should be glad i wasn't there i would have pegged him in the neck with my dart gun :) let me know about the school and living info when you can :) things are good here im lovin the mission and my companion!!! i love this area and the YSA is a lot of fun but being a ZL is just so so tiring i only get like 2 to 4 hours of sleep not consistently. my BP is starting to get under control there was a huge spike for some reason but then it got more under control which is good :) things are just chugging along im sure the funeral went very well :) stake conference went great and yea i having to leave to go run zone sports. love yall so much! today will be interesting since i aing got no companion :) love ya! Zack

Baptisms and splits in Banks with Jeremy1

Well this week has been another great one! Things are still truckin along for me here in Banks. This week we have found 2 new families to work with which is exciting and we had a really spiritual experience with an investigator that is on track for baptism. When we invited him, the only thing he said was "if that's possible for you! I'd love that" hahaha It was sweet. I've felt the spirit moving me in our discussions in such a deeper way as of late. I've really come to love teaching by the spirit and being guided by the spirit in what I've been doing. I've also really been able to receive revelation through scripture study in a way that I've never experienced. I've been speaking with God and he's been speaking back. Its weird hahahaha Hymn 335 has meant a lot more to me since Gpa passed away. I'm glad to hear that the service went well. Everything with Gma going well still? So I talked with Elder Shipley, a previous companion and he is all over staying with me if that's what his prayers led him to, so he'll be praying about it over the next little bit. What details do you have about how that all is going to work out? If that doesn't work their are a few other people I know of that would love a place to stay. That is crazy that Zarbock is gone, what kind of mission is he going on? is he a MP or just going out to do his thing? I don't know who that boy is with Katie, or what but he looks like a nice kid. What happened to my little sister???? she is still little, but not anymore? It looks like a whole new Katie! Its weird that she's all grown up and not in Middle School anymore, its just wrong. Tell Ammon congrats for me! I wish I could have been to one of the Flatagins wedding but hey, that's life. How has Jason been doing with work and school? any news on them? any news on them and the temple? This week is going to be a crazy one. I'm going to be on exchanges for 4 days, then after that I'll be going back to Salem to be a witness for Ann Marck's baptism!!! She is able to! (its the FLDS lady) I'm so excited about this, she finally is going to be free from her past, gotta love the Atonement. Of all the people I've met on my mission, she has needed it the most in her life. Her heart has been so broken for so long and the thought that she has finally healed enough to let God back in has changed my life. I'm excited. The exchange I'm going to go on is with an old mission friend from down in Salem so I'm pumped! Its Monty, the Spanish Missionary, I've got a bunch of pictures with him. We had a great experience with some priests this week as well. One of the families we found was with a priest on splits. They are his investigators now haha He is bringing his mom to our next lesson so life is going to be great with them! Life is good, I feel of my saviors love more and more each day. Let me know about the apt gig, what all of that entails for me and for those that will stay with me, and let me know anything new with the family and ward. Love ya Elder Larsen Sr

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zack back in Elk Grove!

dad- tis sad to hear about granda pa but i know he will be in a better place i have a firm testimony of the plan of salvation. i know its real so i know ill see him again :) as for my release date its august 28th ill try and shave like 4 days off it or somethin to be back in time if i can do that i will inform you but plan on august 28th i think we are renting for 5 not 4 :) if so :) i shall wait for UVU stuff. anyway that sounds like a great activity! i am excited to see the ward send more missionaries out! guess what im leaving lodi! sad to leave but you will never guess where im going...................wait.................for iiiiittttttttttt elk grove again!!!!! ill cover the YSA and ill cover wilton again! i dont have a lot of time but if i have to leave lodi im glad its back to familiar grounds, i guess i missed someone :) i heard about Lisa thats so exciting!!!!!! also im down to get into whatever business that is! did i tell you i want to run a small business on the side of being a firefighter to make extra money since being a nurse and fireifghting would be harder to do with conflicting shifts and such! yes the hills give us way more problems than just a LDS missionary handing out baptist propiganda! sad huh? well i love you all so much and i am excited to come home but at the same time i am sad that time is moving so fast, this will probably be my last area if not then only one more said president. thats right 8 to 9 transfers in one area! i love you all so much! how do you mean a sleep study wont show anything new? what do we know about my sleep already? im only sleeping about 4 hours a night but my BP is leveling out with an increased dosage of lisinopril.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Leadership conference for Jeremy!

Also I wish I was in YM with that crew, that sounds like so much fun! Wait.... I was hahaha I wasted my time of probation when I had you as my leaders though, I could've learned much more from you and Mike if I applied myself..... woopsadaisy.... Love ya :) Elder LaRRey On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 12:13 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Padre, Okay, Crazy Crazy Crazy week. We had MLC, 2 day trip with all my good friends in the mission and President. We were chastened as a council, then we received some of the most profound revelation of my life and for our mission. Things are really picking up here in the mission. As a whole we are a much more righteous bunch, our leadership is back to full capacity and the work is moving forward. Our President has very high expectations for us and because of that we are all rising to it or those who don't want to keep up are going home. Its been crazy to see it happening but the mission is totally different from when it first started. At MLC I've slowly been saying goodbye to my closest friends from Eugene though... That's been tough. We are saying good by to one of our AP's this transfer and its tough to see him go. Last 3 transfers 6 of my closest friends have all left the mission, 2 of them are now engaged hahaha The Kelly's are a senior couple who are in my last ward. I love them to death, they are special people. They are called to prepare missionaries who are about to go home for school, work and a place to live. They are pretty much the retention specialists for missionaries. The hope is that if we all start to work and go to school that we'll stay active in the church haha Its sound logic. I haven't talked to them in a bit though are they still buggin ya for info? As for the work, housing, and all the other stuff I'm definitely up for a place to live with some comps and Bullcut. That would be ideal for sure. I'm more then up for a side job with that, what does it all entail? if its sales maybe not so much, but we'll see what's going on. My release date is the 17 September. I would love to stay in Oregon until that Sunday if possible... I'm not sure if it is though. I was hoping to go back to Turner ward and see all my peeps there. What is your vision of the whole thing? Also is Bullcut going to come? It sounds like the week has been crazy for all of you, I'm glad that life is still chugging forward for all of you :) Keep me up to date on how Gpa is doing, he's been in my prayers. This last Sunday was an eventful one. Elder Rees and I didn't see each other the entire service except for sacrament meeting. We cover the YSA group here so I was with them and he was with Dairy Creek, we had all of our investigators make it to church with several LA's who we are working with. It was one of those Sundays. On top of that it was just a solid solid meeting, I've learned its all about how you prepare for the meeting on how good it is. The work is picking up, the zone is progressing and I've come to know that REI got it right, "Life is Good". I love all of you, hope you have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Many Spiritual events in Oregon

Popaa! The made ya the President huh hahahahaha!!! It had to happen eventually. Did you do Masters a favor and pull him in with you or is he still stuck in high priests? Let me know who your councilors are! You told me about Amanda, a bit ago, still hard to believe that errybody just changing. Even harder to believe that Nathan is going out on a mission. I swear he was 14 when I left, there is no way he's on his way out! Is Utah time and Idaho time different then Oregon time or what? I don't see how it would be possible for life to go faster there because its going way to dang fast out here. I'm glad that Amanda is okay though, that's scary stuff! Same with Gpa, I'm writing them a letter, as well as you and Darlene. I am sending my memory card back with it. I'm horrible at writing and sending stuff via mail.... Its partially because I'm focused on the work and the other half is because I'm unorganized. Luckily my new comp is getting me in line with that. I'm going to school you at Racquetball upon my return, just you wait! (maybe at least haha) I'm excited to hear about Lisa and Dusty, I've really been praying for them and for Gpa Rex. So this last week I was kind of tripping out about a few things in my head. I've been working with the Kelly's about getting my work stuff and school stuff all lined up. To be honest its been hard to have to think about that stuff while I'm still trying to focus all I got out on the people who the Lord has trusted me with. Its been causing me to have some fears about going back and in one form or another pointing my tent towards Sodom and Gomorrah again. Our Zone Conference talked all about fears and about desires of our hearts. It was exactly what I needed. It was the most spiritually uplifting and well timed experience of my mission, second only to the time back in Albany with Pres and so on. I think that getting into a spot not in Sandy would be the best idea for me to be honest. Not because I don't want to be around with you and all but because I need to keep this fresh start thing going. I've been praying about it a lot and I feel like being in Sandy to long can be bad news. I know that my desires have totally changed, however, I'm wanting to live by your advice and stay as far away from the line as I can. I was talking with my comp yesterday about what the mission has done for us, it was an interesting conversation. We both came to the conclusion that we've become a lot like our dads... I've been thinking a lot more like you since I've been out here, its almost been weird haha Its weird to say that I feel like I've become a better friend with since I've been out here. This last week we saw several miracles, the Lord has answered our prayers many times and he has led us to 2 people this week off of prayers. Anytime a lesson falls through now it just means that Heavenly Father has a miracle prepared for us if we ask him where to go. He's led us each time to someone and to something. I know that He answers each of our prayers, every single one. I love this work, but more importantly, I love Christ, he's my boy for sure. For the last 4 1/2 months everyday I've woken up I've just been so full of joy its crazy. I seriously am just pumped up all the time. Its a funky thing but I know its a blessing. I also found out the other week that Anne Marck (the lady I gave the blessing to thats FLDS) if I didn't tell you the story I can't write it out, its a sacred thing and it deserves face time so remind me. She accepted a baptismal date on the 29th and she is having me come back for it. I'm so excited to be there for it! Life is good padre, life is good. Also one of the converts I worked with down in Salem talked in Stake Conference the other day! Life really is good.... I love all of you Elder Larsen Sr.

Zack..never play a joke on sister missionaries...

well that's a lot going on.... im really glad that things are working out for Lisa! i been praying for her! i also been praying for the mission! im sorry to hear about grand pa but im glad he is doing better :) i hope that things work out ok i been praying for him for some time. transfers are coming up. we just had a baptism and she is moving to provo :) im excited about that. she is cool! uuhhh went on exchanges with crazy people! we met so many i cant explain you will hear about them on the ride home haha! we played a joke on the sisters and i learned a valuable lesson........... never ever play a joke on sisters they will not respond the way you think they will. we have a great missionary here named elder stone that went apostate and handed out baptist propaganda because he had no English Mormon pamphlets talk about meaning of apostasy :) he is a Spanish missionary but he is cool and we love him anyway because he is better than the hills missionaries :) the hills still give us trouble from time to time but we are doing better and progress is what we need! thats great that Amanda is doing better :) and thats awesome about bo and everyone! thats amazing! nice pics :) i liked the bethlahem rendition from candyland :) we have some redwoods but most of them are sequa trees :) we went on exchanges with the mission president and that went well other than i just cant seem to stop using slang. so i talked to the doc about my BP which is getting a lil better but he was thinking that i may have hypertension because of lack of sleep which i guess is a common cause so he referred me to a sleep study because i guess if you hit stage 2 sleep and never REM sleep then your body is continually putting out a hormone similar to adrenaline (or something) and it can cause hypertension so thus the sleep study but mission medical wont accept or allow it. they gave me some stupid test that asked about my sleeping and if i think something is wrong with my mind (literal question) anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i love the mission and still trying to find out if i am going to come home early for school. send the school stuff soon as you can :) and keep me posted on the house. anyway i think i may be leaving on this transfer i been here a while. How would we make money on the MLM thingy? what is MLM? i know BLM thats who i wanna work for :) also where is the house? Orem? anyway i got to go i hope i got to everything you said oh and sorry your kicked out of your really long lasting calling :) love yall muchly! and i miss you bye!!!