Monday, June 24, 2013

Zack and LOTS of service

well I was able to watch the broadcast which was great because we have been pounding that same info to the wards we serve in since day one and they are finally getting it haha! I don't knock on doors here because im in the middle of nowhere and there are no doors to knock on so its purely member work. as for the info on the broadcast we have been informed that in the coming months they are going to phase in the following. facebook privileges and internet teaching from 10 to 3, I pads and I phones and we will be manning church buildings. so that's exciting. uuhh sorry about using the home card this week, we had a financial devastation, all our accounts got drained so I had to but im going to no tuse it for the next few months so yea sorry about that I love you though! also dad I appreciate that letter from the heathcotes, keep that letter. they are some of the best member missionaries I have met. they are always giving us people to teach. I think int he last two weeks they have given us 4 referrals. i miss hiking all i get to do is get a tan and do tons of service out here. im building air craft shelters with 38 metal panels from my feet to mid torso and raise it 18 feet high and then i moved 70 yards of rock with a rake and tractor so that was tough. but yea we are just trying to find people to teach because we don't have a lot but we do have 3 baptisms set up. i think every investigator we add here we have baptized save 1 or 2 :) well i love you all and you need to put more pics on the blog ok? love ya bye!!!!

Jers and the scriptures!

Also, at the meeting who else loved that parable, so simple. I wish I could speak in super simple parables like a boss. the whole thing was awesome. Our ward is already on top of it anyway though so I've been lovin it. Well I love ya'll and am so appreciative of all that you do for me. Also tell Ammon and Jason and Scotty boy this.. "Very Nice" haha errybody just gettin hitched while we are away, I see how it is. NO LOVE! Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me... No more...
Elder Larsen Sr.

On Mon, Jun 24, 2013 at 12:11 PM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
So ET'd means emergency transfer haha I know right.. Banjo... Banjo!!!! BANJO!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it sounds like ya'll have been having an exciting week. This week has been nuts.. I can't remember any particular thing, but by the end of the week the Lord blessed us with being a part of setting 3 date for baptism, and we were blessed to have 5 investigators at church. A lot of hard work, we really have been bustin tail. El Presidenta got a bit upset cause I was calling Tammy every once in awhile though... I don't know how I feel about being cut down for it, I don't really feel bad about it, but it is against mission rules.. Guess I need to have the desire to feel bad about it first, let the repentance begin. WOO! Well I was really thinkin about talking to president about a few things I felt like were unresolved over this last week. Cause to be frank, I've still got some skeletons in the closet, not gonna lie. But I was thinking about it, talked to a few people about it. So I was really praying and trying to figure out if I had been forgiven already. So I was praying and askin then I went to Sacrament meeting, I was able to pass, and I just felt this super awesome feeling of crazy sauce come over me. I was just thinking that he really didn't need to spell out the answer for me but he did. I know that I am worthy and its a pretty awesome feeling haha I've gained a huge respect for the scriptures, I honestly love reading them now, its just like a good book, I know the stories now and its just become such a casual thing in my life that missionary work is just kinda natural. Honestly its not even a chore anymore, just kinda what I do. I definitely encourage you all to keep hittin up the temple, so that when I see ya again, you can keep me in shape. I'm gonna need all the help I can get to stay on track. I've also reflected back on Kevin's example to me when  he wouldn't take me to the gym on Sunday. I was super pissed, but now lookin back that moment has helped me so much. I know whats right and I can't deny that it is so I have to live it. Its helped me a lot over these last few weeks with my new comp. He's strugglin at times and I'm trying to figure out how to best help him. He's just been homesick and just doesn't have to much of a desire to work. He's a great guy and I love him. Pray for him to get over this little hiccup that he's havin. Well I love ya'll. Pray for the people I'm workin with. It does help. I've found that when prayer is talked about in the scriptures, the word next to it is continually or always. That is a constant. I love ya. Peace hommies!

Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Zack and a fainting goat

well it sounds like your having a great time! what did sis heathcote say about me? they are helping us with TWO baptisms so they are solid and they have a fainting goat that we play with! sounds like everything is going well! im glad that all is well. I hop e that all is going to continue to be great. im glad that superman was good because I really want to watch it.  well bad news my blacktism fell through till September because he is on probation :( but he is so solid that he will be baptized in September and he had no problem with it so that made me happy! well I love you guys and miss yall a lot tell kate to just keep praying and if she goes on a mish then that's exciting :) I love you guys and let me know what I can do to help you all!!!

Jeremy and new insights!

YOLA! Ask Kevin about munchkins, its an awesome game, I love it very much. However, the game is gone now, it breaks my heart. We had one of my missionaries get ET'd with his comp because he was gettin a little frisky with one of the laurels... Dang women, and dang Thomas,  I love the kid but I warned him again and again, it totally bummed me out. I wish that I could change his decisions but hey, the joy of the gospel comes from making the right decision not just from doin it. That was my huge discovery of the week. I have been pondering why it was so important that we had our agency and why we didn't just all go for the easy way out ya know? It makes sense sort of because it pleases our Father that we chose his plan but I discovered the true reason I feel. We only get true joy and peace, eternal and today, by choosing to follow Christ's example. If we are forced to do it we don't get the same happiness. If I was forced to send food to kids in Africa I wouldn't get the same warm fuzzy that I would if I did it out of good will towards them. It was a huge discovery for me. I have had so many other life changers since I got out here its kinda blowing me away. I really have felt the spirit working through me in so many ways its just crazy sauce. Another cool experience. Last monday I was having a huge mental block when we were out doing missionary work, I didn't know why. The spirit wasn't with me, it was weird. So I was very frustrated and I was trying to figure out why I wasn't with the spirit. Then at about 9pm something whispered to me "did you read your scriptures this morning", the answer was that I hadn't. It really was a testimony builder for me on how important the scriptures are in bringing the spirit into our lives. I've finally gotten my card back so the charges will slow down on the card. Thank you for helping me out with that. I still need shoes so I'll let ya know how that goes. I love ya padre and hope all is well. Tell everyone that I love them and I'm glad they've had a safe week of lots of travel. Happy fathers day and I really hope that you felt the appreciation that I have for ya. YOu're the man my man. Love ya,
Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Jeremy puts in 150 miles this week with miracles :)

Wow sounds like this week has been nuts for ya'll! This week has been really crazy here as well. Two more of my friends got ET'd down to Medford, and then another is leaving in a week. All the people I know in my zone are leaving... Its kind of a bummer, but at the same time I'm more focused. I'm really trying to sanctify myself this transfer and just become as focused as I can be without being a total toolshed. I'm not someone who pushes rules I just tell people I'm not doing that and leave it at that haha It works well but one of our ZL's thinks I need to report people when they make mistakes. I told him he should take the beam out of his eye. Straight up went biblical on his face, it was funny. I am being hardcore on myself though, I've felt the spirit more and more each week. Each and every sacrament meeting I've had a super spiritual experience, Its been nuts. I never really knew that there was something I could learn each week at church, but there is, and I have learned something each week. Church really is what you put into it. I want Ashley to know how happy I am for her and Jordan, I wish I could've been there and let them know in person. I hope it was a day you all will remember. Also, as for you being the coolest dad ever you win. Not to snub or be a jerk, but you've kinda got the one up my friend. Tell Jason I still haven't gotten a letter... I wait anxiously every day for it... Tell him and Kev that I love em and miss them. Also funny experience. We were playing munchkins and one of the Elders was trying to destroy me, and I totally threw it all in his face, and got out of it, but then as a last counter he moved it to his companion so he had a lvl 55 beast trying to kill him. The companion freaked out, he was just like "screw this I'm out!!!" He was ticked. But the thing was he had like 3 ways to run away. But he has anger issues. It was funny to watch his reaction, I thought they were going to go fist to cuff in there for a second. It has been a fun and busy week. We've put in at least 50 miles walking and at least 100 biking. We've seen tons of miracles and its been cool. No luck with shoes, but there isnt a good shoe place here. I'll keep lookin, I really haven't been able to get out much. Been way to busy. Well Tell everyone I love them and miss them. Tell Ashley and Jordan congrats!! Peace out ya'll.
Elder Larsen Sr.

Lots of baptisms and cement in Wilton!

well sounds like a lot is going on! always something at the Larsen home eh? well sounds like yall are having fun now which is always good! the speeding video was great! I love that guy we pretty much work for him and im probably going to come back and do a lil work for him when I get home and what not. I also had a member offer to sell me his ranger :)  so im going to get that. well im happy to say that all is going well as far as missionary work goes. we got a baptism this week and 2 in july and 1 more comin up! I have had a baptism once a month since april I believe so im happy about that I just need it to continue so I can hit my goal of 24 :) training is an interesting experience im suddenly not happy about the age change in which I feel that the 18 yr olds are not mature enough. granted im not mature and it would be funny that im saying that but my trainee doesn't respect any kind of authority in the way that he doesn't listen to me or the DL or the ZL really. we have some good times and he teaches when I want him to teach but he just doesn't want to work because he is pretty homesick and he doesn't know why he came on a mission and in general just not mature enough to understand the work. so I told him the only thing I want him to do is read the talk why we serve and figure out why he is out here because im not going to allow him to be disobedient and I don't want to argue with im because I want him to enjoy his mission. I just know that with a LOT of disobedience we will not baptize or help anyone in any way. so we are struggling to get him motivated but we just keep trying. we are exchanging up and sending the DL in to be with him for a day to see whats up and what he can do haha! but I love hima nd he will be a great missionary once he focuses. as for the missionary work its great and my old companion is back and a ZL so im glad to be around him again! im learning how to listen better and how to lay cement and drive a forklift :) im also getting better at basketball and we have started doing a lot of magic trick lessons that we relate to member missionary worka nd the ward is really heating up to help us! well I hope that gma is going to be alright! I love yall so much keep me posted! tell Ashley I said congrats!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jers gets a new companion and calls the district to repentance!

So this week was a crazy crazy one. Myself and Elder Ewell (one of the ZL's) taught our BofM class. We get at least 16ppl there every Thursday. Its such a cool class, the spirit is always strong. We taught repentance. Day after that I had to teach DMeeting. I called everyone to repentance because they didn't keep a commitment. I was able to let them know that if they aren't willing to keep commitments I give them how can they expect the people they teach to keep commitments? You can't teach further then they are converted. It was pretty fun haha I felt like a jerk at first and some of the sisters almost cried but the spirit came in and by the end of it everyone understood why I did it. It was kind of an object lesson because we were teaching about commitments that day. It got the point across which was cool. Then after that we had a District Leader Training Meeting that I had to go to. Then Gardner got Transfered Sunday. It was just a crazy week. I had no Idea that Gardner was going to leave, it was way outta left field. I was pretty bummed about it really. My new comp is Elder Muir, he's a cool guy. I am pretty excited to get to work with him, he's been out for 5months now. He's from Cottonwood Heights. I wish I could've been their for Ashley's Endowment, that is super cool. I miss the Temple. I'm glad Jason saved that guys life haha That's just crazy that the nurse thought that was a good idea. She might be a wee bit sheltered. Unfortunately for us here a lot of people are dabbling in morphine/heroin. Its really tough to see the families go through dealing with kids that do that. Once again, My B for messin around with drugs. The Family sounds crazy as ever and I'm lookin forward to hearing about the wedding and all. Tell everyone I love them and miss them. Also today I met my first General Authority. Elder Call. We were asked to go to a funeral for a Sister that died on her mission. She was serving in Michigan. It was an amazing service and it was surprisingly focused a lot on missionary work. It caught me off guard. A lot of people I feel are going to be asking to take the missionary discussions after that. The spirit was so strong and there were a lot of non members there. We were asked to stand and were given a special thanks for the work that we did in helping others come closer to the knowledge  that Iris had been spreading at the time. It was crazy. Again, this was a stressful and crazy week, but I learned  a lot more then I had in a long time. Definitely worth all the hard work. I love ya again and am glad to hear from ya. I'll be trying to find good shoes to buy and get built up so I'll let you know how that goes. Love ya!
Elder Jeremy Larsen

Zack finds a zonkie (donkey/Zebra)

oh man I wanna help slade with his watering systems, im a pro now because I have been putting them in on a 10 acre plot with the member we stay with, the tractor vids were us doing that, digging and filling the trenches after putting the systems in. yea lost of dead animals :) we try to kill the possums around here, they are mean and charge your car they are not smart.  well my comp is way good at basketball which is fun! however my comp is also mega super homesick to the point where he doesn't want to do anything which is tough. I really dunno how to get him talking to people. we will go out and work but he will just space out and say nothing unless I make him teach the whole lesson. so that's tough. I love wilton though its great! we have a neighbor who gets drunk and starts shooting things so it sounds like we are under fire but its not like del paso gun shots because its not at us its Justin the air and such. oh dad I need you to send a pic in the mail one that's printed off and is a pic of me thanks so much I love you! well not much going on we have 3 baptisms coming up and one is a BLACKTISM!!! so im excited about that. I also found some sweet speaker systems so that's cool. and the weird animal you saw is called zonkie :) its a zebra donky I think its funky weird but its cool! I want to ride the zonkie but for now its just tractors. well I hope all is well keep me posted on everything and lemme know what I can do to help yall out! I aint got jasons letter yet :( love ya!!