Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Zack stays Tongan!

kevin- yea im still kinda sick, i got a fever back jsut this morning but im still just going to work, my stomach hurts and i cant eat much which sucks in a tongan ward but im ganna make the best out of my situation. life sucks and then you die haha! i like the way you see that scriptures thats helpful and i agree 100% with it! like i need to learn to eat with hmongs and vegetarians because a lot of our inv's are 7th day Adventist and they live by some health code where they dont eat meat :( anyway the work is hard but great and the language is comin along well. im learning a lot of words relating tot he gospel and to food i figure those are the important ones ;)  like na 'a ku kai is a good one (i already ate) or oku ou lea faka-tonga siesi pe, koe faka osi ( i know a little bit of tongang, but its kind of a joke) :) well i love ya man and i wont behold the mote that is in thine eye because i dont want to behold the beam that is in my own my favorite saying in this apartment is when we get upselt with someone asking lots of questions or WHY questions i just turn around and yell I DONT KNOW DAD! AM I MY BROTHERS KEEPER? its pretty fun. i almost yelled that at the nurse int he ER haha! i held myself back, i figure even when your dying you got to have a snense of humor or you will die sad haha! well love ya! ofa 'atu!

dad- i have been hearing a lot about utah, makes me trunky but tongans love going to utah all the time. i have only seen ym ward mission leader once since i been here because he is always in utah haha! anyway sorry to hear about jordan but keep em seperate. DONT PAIN THE RED ROOM! its supposed to be the redroom! tell me you kept the dead reeth above the fire place? anyway as for parker i know that he is going to make the choice that is right for him. i would rather he not serve in the marines because i wanna come home to that kid and hang iwth him. i love him and whatever choice he makes i know he will do good at. while im not 100% obedient i am not as far as some here the go hot tubbing and watch the dark knight haha! missionaries have lots of rap music haha kinda funny but im not here to judge i just want to work hard and have fun which i do. i accidentally put a hole in our door but its a tongan missionary apartment and already had 12 holes haha! as for my condition, my fever came back today and they think its a viral GI thing but they never told me anything for sure. im going back infor testing haha! im tired of being poked and proded haha! anyway transfers came in and my prayer is answered my comp is being taken from me and im staying as a JR comp to a native tongan named elder kolomatangi! he i hope is a hard worker but we will see haha the tongan elders are pretty relaxed on following rules and working in general haha! i could use the help in language study though! so time for some ghetto storries, first off del paso heights or DPH i learned can mean Deepest Part of Hell :) also we saw a naked homeless man tanning in the church parking lot and he came up to us and said he didnt want to bike to the beach to get some sun so dont judge haha! also i heard a story of a guy running down the street and another guy chasing him with a shotgun and then they surrounded the mission apartment with cops and medics and dogs yelling COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS UP NOW!!!!! and they finally got the guy haha meanwhile a massive text went out and said to all missionaries between certain streets to get out now because there is a gang fight going down on the streets the hmong elders were in that area and they said we are here and we are going to see the investigator regardless and when they were leaving they saw 2 cars speeding down with people holding a blue bandana out the car and guns haha! sadly elder moua my hmong elder friend is being transferred to stockton :(  oh well we found some new investigators they are vegetarians because they are 7th day Adventist but they are cool and smart in the bible, im stupid inthe bible so i need to study more and study on the sabbath haha! im excited the area is really picking up and members are starting to work with us a lot :) we could have some baptisms hopefully! another story this guy was yelling at us as we aproached him say hey! dont come near me, im the devil ya here! i hate you guys! stop, i dont want that card from you! and we kept walking and when we got to him he took the card and said  dang dawg you got some balls we need people like you haha! i love the ghetto! these guys are great! i learned tongans are good at pool we play beat ya teach games with tongans if i win in pool we get to teach em! i win sometimes but not always, im better at basketball haha! anyway i love yall so much and you guys are great! oh and just bately we got a call from the hmong ward to bless a house, i aint ever done that but since im with elder moua and away from my comp i get go do it! exciting right?

kate- well kate your growin up faster than i would like but i guess that happens haha! i know your going to do great with EFY and with your chem program thats super cool your doing that! i love ya muchly! as for continuing tongan language, i would love to keep learning it and im going to continue learning it! get coleman and nesbit to write me and get me their address so i can continue to write them when you leave high school :) as for me getting better i am trying to haha! my fever came back which is no fun but just work it off right? as for you goin out and experiencing new places, STAY AWAY from teh ghetto it aint safe for young great girls like you! i know you will love EFY live it up! hope all is well and ENJOY PROM!!!!!!! its super fun just go all out on it and live it up haha! i love ya!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jers is DL!

Soooooooo........ This week has been a fun one hahaha I'm still being made humble, over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Going on 12 days without solid food, but I have almost no other symptoms, its crazy. I've been to the ER twice and all they have done was try and hook me up with narcotics.. I'm like "hey, my throat hurts cause I can't stop throwin up" and then they are like "so you want a medical card for pot or narcotics?"... not quite exactly said that way but its what it came down to.. hahahahahaha So I dunno, I don't feel like I have the flu, but I just can't eat solid food. It's whateves, I'm on the celebrity diet of the century! New news for the Transfer- I'm stayin in my area and I'm the new District Leader! HORRAY..... PAPERWORK..... Pretty much I think President saw that I got comfortable again and this time he just gave me more work to do. I have to stop getting comfortable in my areas. This week hasn't been to crazy though, I've just been hopping from lesson to lesson, then trying to feel better the rest of the time, so our work has been hindered, and its pissing me off.. just a little. maybe more then a little. Pray for some patience on my part, cause I feel like that's probably whats happening right now, just a trial of my patience. As for Jesse... I have a few ideas.. I miss lil Zoe and Kayla with a gun??? I don't even have my concealed yet, this is crap.... Man the house is full again, we leave, then you add 3 dog and like 30pps, place is gonna be wrecked when I see it again. Welll I love ya padre, this is quite the party out here and I'm lovin every second of it. Hope all is well back at the homestead! Take care until next week. Also sorry for spending so much of the home fund, I've been having to get medicine and all kinds of stuff and its adding up... They tried to make me pay 60bucks for suppositories... I'm thinkin "60 dollars to stick something where.... Nah I'm good on that, i'll just get the melty tabs for like 11 bucks, that sound good to me. Crazyness. One more funny add on, when I told one of our ward missionaries about my sickness, first thing he asked, "what are you pregnant?" Great guy hahahaha. Well I love ya popaa hope all is well and you keep on rockin the home front with Darlene and the animals.
Love Elder Larsen Sr.
Nivek, I can't judge you for not writting me every week cause I didn't the last half of your mission so if I did then I would be going to hell, or something to the affect of hell. However, it is good to hear from you. As for this weeks adventures, its been one. Basically here is the morning. Wake up, Eat, throw up, drink, throw up water, shower, study, study, study, play game out of boarddom (punny), then Eat, then repeat step 3, then go to 2-4 lessons, then Dinner, repeat step 3, then lesson, study, sleep. It's been a madhouse up in here. Speaking of little bits of what our next life will be like we did a lesson on exaltation at church last week, it was kinda fun, didn't know most of it so I learned a lot. So work and school eh... Dates???? hmmm don't get married now.. speaking of marriage, whats Jason up to?? hopefully not what I mentioned right? let me in on the nitty gritty brosef. As for Elderly Wisdom... I dunno, I understand some of Isaiah now, thats cool, I think its cool at least. Ummmm what else, I can't think of much right now, my brain is all kinds of not here right now its just a bummer, next week I'll give ya some cool thoughts and such. Well Kev I love ya man, its great to hear from ya and I hope all is well with you and such. Come up to Oregon sometime and lets party hard hahahahahahahaha like I party anymore.... Or do I..... Guess you will have to come see. Speakin of that if you have any advice on DistrictLeader things and such I would appreciate it. Also how's the homestead these days with you, is it an adventure.. Also Check out this website, I'm sending you and Jason some cool stuff soon. (the website is stuff made by a member in this ward.) www.Facebook.com/ClassicallyCassy Love ya! See ya man
Elder Larsen Sr.
Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keitheburg McSlaughlin
Lia eating poo, that doesn't happen shes a dog come on Katie!! Get your head out of the clouds you crazy pants You sound like you are becoming to old and stuff, you should still want to go play on the swings and such... Stop growing up woman!!!! It's not allowed. I encouraged your growth at first but I feel like you are becoming mad with power! hahahaha I love ya kate, It sounds like life is really plugging along for you, I hope all continues to go well for ya! I have been trying to tell my body to stop doing what its doin but its not listening unfortunately. I'm sorry to cut ya short on this I've gotta run now! I'll hit ya up tomorrow or something if I can. I love ya Kate, You keep on rockin it and don't grow up to much on me, you will always be my baby sister!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Jers gets to bless half the ward...then gets the same bug

Oh other excitement happened this week, it all deals with ghetto fights, meth and domestic abuse!! HORRAY!! I love my town, SPRINGTUCKY!!!!! This place seriously is a ball of fun times and craziness, I'll let ya know more about it tomorrow, I've gotta run. Love Ya!!

On Mon, Feb 18, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Jeremy Larsen <jeremyl@myldsmail.net> wrote:
Padre! Well this week has been an adventure. Everyone in my area has the flu/pneumonia/DEATH/whatever else that blows.. So we've been going around and helping people out, blessing half the ward and being counselors for the other. So after about 2 weeks of being around sick people I decided that I couldn't get sick, it just wasn't gonna happen! The Lord in his infinite wisdom decided to humble me, with a big old piece of humble pie topped with the flu. So I haven't been able to keep anything down for the past 4 days and it's just been a party! Still been able to get out out and work. It just sucks when you go over to members for dinner and they hook up sausage spaghetti and expect you to have two full plates... At that point you're just counting down the minutes until you can leave and throw up in their bushes. It's a real party hahaha Sounds like all ya'll are having fun in the snow over yonder. Tell Steph I say whats up and Slade as well.  Learn something new everyday huh. I have to write Kayla and the Richards fam back, I'm bad at writing letters. I can't believe that Becca is going on a mission. That is just crazy sauce. How is Dave doing? Is Darlene feeding you that Whey Protein that I had? If so I approve, you need to have a breakfast that'll keep ya going throughout the day and having a lot of protein is the best way I've found. Plus it'll help ya get buff so that you can maybe beat me at something later, I have my doubts though. Well I love ya'll and it's good to hear that everything is going well with all of you. Thanks for the help with the clothing thing and such, I really appreciate it! I love ya'll and I can't wait to hear from ya next week!

Zack visits the Sacramento ER :(

haha yea the NFL players went away to start practice again sadly but i still play with the other tongans anyway!yea im semi teaching in tongan now haha prayign in tongan is getting easier i figured megan was planning somethin but the whole family is in on it? just realize i still got 1 and a half great years left :)  as for that girl ont eh street, we aint been able to get ahole od the fam but we didnt try very hard we got swamped with lots of stuff this week.  my adventures this week consist of elder lawrance almost killing me when he drove again, he turned the wrong way on a one way street in south sac haha! we also caught some thieves, we saw them breaking in so we waited and then "contacted" them as missionaries acting like we saw nothing. we got thier names a return a address and a great description haha! that was cooL! i also was with the hmong people again, no shaman stuff but really crazy food, a chicked claw and skull and soem weird floating stuff haha! it was actually pretty good except the chicken claws. transfers are coming up next week so my Pday is on tuesday!  as for your brown drink, i would stick with the brown. Remember if its yellow let it mellow if its brown flush it down :) well i would have never thought that would work out with joy and riddle boy but hey thats awesome! and becca going to ohio thats awesome! im excited when does she leave? STAY AWAY FROM THE GREEN DRINK i had one once at jamba juice its call wheat grass and its CRAP!!! i mean i have to slay the slang so ill say it in tongan PAKA! so yea :) lastnight was intense, i went to the ER with a heart rate of 225 and on average about 130 they said i may have an obstruction in my intestines or apendisitis so they said come back when i get worse and take these pain meds so you can function so that was not so fun it turned my 6 hour wait into a get in the to the doctor NOW! well i lvoe you!!! hope all is well! i love my area and i love all the tongans and the area is picking up so im excited well LOVE YOU!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Zack prays in Tongan!

dad-  those are awesome stories! look up conversion of a catholic priest its an amazing conversion story it raelly is, its changed my mission. i have some bad news though, could i get 100 dollars transfered to my account :( because of my companions mistake getting the car towed i have to pay 100 dollars of the 350 dollar fine :(  you will be happy to hear im driving the car now :) against the wishes of the district leader but im tired of being in fight or flight all day long haha! as for cookieseption that sounds yummy :) and i want one haha! also this week has been a lot better! i was hit in the face with an ironing boared but it was a nerf war so its ok i forgave and forgot :) i did get the package thank you so much for it!!! i love it and its helpful! so those NFL players i play rugby with gave me two nicknames because im getting good at it :) its "larsen&fire" and "luke staley" so i love those guys they make me laugh and they are finding machines, they find all of our investigators for us now :) i was able to give the pray in a meeting and they though i was going to in english but i wanted to show them how hard i was trying to learn the language and how i am trying to respect them and their culture so i said a pray in my heart and thought what i was going to say and prayed out loud in tongan and they were really happy with me and impressed and they said for only 3 weeks in the wrd your doing great and you know more than your companion haha! they told my comp next tiem he ahs to say it in tongan haha! but im happy it worked. oh big story, we were driving and i saw some guy flat out on the street and so we stopped and i tried to get him medical help, we had the medics comin and everything but really this person was trying to kill herslef, she tried to drink bleech and then ran out in the street to get hit by a car and we gave her a blessing and she just was laying there and started crying and the medics came and we left, so we are going to stop by the family to see what happened this week but it was really cool. well i love you all so much, you are all so great to me!!! bye!!!! oh also we had more shaminism encounters and they were interestingly funny and weird. they dance funny when they summon spirits of their ancestors.

kate- well kate i aint got much time but i love ya and your stories!  tell the teachers to mail me soon please and i need their address so i can mail them when you leave :) nesbit and coleman thanks so much for your help! kate your a great sister and thanks for always being nice to me :) im excited to see how your scholorship works out!  your a smart girl. keep up your education and all you do! i love you! if i can do anything to help you let me know!  :) :) keep me posted on your lif and stay SAFE OK!?

Grillin, chillin and the gospel

Padre! Well this week has been nuts, literally though, if it wasn't for the amount of energy my protein shakes give me in the morning (Whey protein, ALOT of Peanut Butter, Bananas, Milk) I wouldn't have the energy to get through the day. I'm glad that its a question that many have.. I figured out an answer to it this week I think, could be similer to the one you had. Through reading and pondering I think that the answer is that if we do everything, I mean EVERYTHING that you can, then the lord will do his part and then its up to them. So I asked myself if I'm doing everything, and the answer I feel is yes. This area is a tough one, everyone is in the low of their life and no one likes to be told what to do. (Sounds like someone I know......karma is a jerk sometimes hahaha) We have two investigators that are really progressing though and I'm excited for them so pray for them if you could. As for the Chowder.... remember that Salmon Chowder I made with the shrimp and scallop scampi? That stuff was so bomb! I wish I could have  heard Masters and Lyon's conversion stories, I'll get it outta them later haha. I had the coolest lesson this week also. So we went over to a LA guy who we are working with to get his Priesthood. He is a great guy, one of the greatest guys I know. We go over and he's grilling... SOOO... I help him grill on his porch of the apt, and then we go in watched a few bible videos with his kid and ate steak and rice. Lesson over. I want to have lessons like that always hahaha Work might not progress but hey, at least once a week I'm down with that haha I'm glad to hear that everything in the home is going well for ya'll! keep on workin out padre, I'm playing racquetball every week now and I'm getting good... well at least I think so haha It's actually a fun game, who woulda thought right? Well from the sound of things everything is rockin at home! Ask Jason about that letter? haven't heard from him or Kev in a bit. I'm calling them to repentance! CHANGE IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER THE SON AND THE HOLY GHOST! maybe a bit sacrilege.. I dunno you judge. I love ya'll, I hope that all is well and from the sound of it things are. btw I work out like a Marine EVERY MORNING! We got a work out dvd thing and its awesome, no girls so it's approved, and it busts my butt. The pull up bar is nice because its part of the circuit that is in it so thanks for that! I've put on 10 pounds but its good weight, at least I think it is>.> Basically, everything is rockin out here, I'm loving life and things are better then ever! I hope things are for you guys as well. Tell kev and jas to hit me up sometime in the coming weeks if they got time. I love ya'll!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin!
Stop overachieving! You're making me look bad haha You're the boss of all bosses from the sound of it Kate! 900 bucks! holy cow! Mrs. Coleman hooked it up. Definitely gonna be someone you remember next christmas on the card list you got haha As for the crazy hispanic woman, what you do in that situation is this, its the best way to react! Smile. Then totally kiss butt, she will feel like such a.. go to Numbers 22:21 and its word 9. Seriously if you let those people get to you then they win, so smile be calm and just suck up. Then they feel like a fool with their pants on the ground hahaha.. (popaa if you read this part well be proud I got this idea from you (in case you didn't already recoginize this worldly wisdom) I apply it everyday now haha). Did you say that you were playing MINECRAFT? NOOOOOO! Bullcut and I leave and you are left to your own devices! That game is of the Devil!.....................Actually I have no idea what it is, so.... I've hear and seen a lot of people playing that one so enjoy I guess haha I really hope that you get that solo, if this happens, tell padre to go by an HD camera and film it so we can watch it one day! You are just going above and beyond huh Well I love ya so much and I'm so proud to have you as a sister, you're rockin the home front! Hope everthing is going well for ya and just keep up what you are doing! You won't regret the work you're putting in now. You're preparing yourself for the real world and I know that you will be blessed by doing what you are doing. Don't forget your scripture study! at least 15min a day and pray, It'll make the day better everytime. You should read 1peter 1, that's a great chapter! Well Kate I love ya!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Zack plays rugby with 300 lb tongans!

by the way the way shamanism people dance funny. and we watched a lindsey sterling video on mormon.org and i thought of your deal with jason and i laughed :) anyway love ya tell jason to write me. i didnt get any mail this week sadly :(

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 1:43 PM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
DAD- well my language study is going well and im excited to work here! i had a rough week but i sent it in a letter just for you :) as for tongan culture like tahitian culture you are correct. however one thing wont change, they are embarrassed to feed white kids in their home so they give us money every day to get food so we get some extra cash on the side which is cool :) as for rugby some cool things happened. We gave a blessing to a famous rugby player on the sacramento lions and i play rugby with two NFL players one on the saints team and the other with the chargers. I am sad the the 49ers lost its was crazy in the streets out here when they did haha! thats how we instantly knew they lost haha! im doing well in rugby but i messed up my feet real bad palying haha i got pics of it for ya! Playing against 6"8 340 pound tongans is hard when your just a palangi haha! i have scored 7 or 8 tris (touchdowns) and im doing well because i squirm through the players haha! i am happy to report that i stopped rapping but all i get to listen to now sicne im with a hick companion is country music and sadly its rubbing off on my, ill do my best to resist haha!! thanks for the supplies i can use em :) especially those ace wraps right about know haha! as for the shamanism i get to go in the area again soon so im excited to see what happens! time for del paso heights ghetto sight for the week :) we saw a guy on a street corner lighting a cig with a magnifying glass and he successfully did it and i was laughing super hard haha!  i know if i work hard we will get a baptism out here and it will be awesome! there is a huge kava problem out here so it prevents a lot of people from baptism :(  also my comps driving is HORRIBLE i almost died 3 times haha he has run 2 red lights just zoned out and in those occasions a semi almost hit us and a truck almost hit us also he got the car towed away and he ran a stop sign haha!!! this guy is going to kil me im trying to be a very alert co driver haha! well i love you all very much!!! and some guy said he wanted to cover me in jesus blood to protect me because im his brother in christ so that was cool i guess i dont like the idea of anyone covering me in blood though, i thought only peta did that anyway. :) LOVE YOU ALL!!! take good care of chinchy!

"Man in the Glass"

Padre, all I've got to say is! RAVENS WIN! RAVENS WIN! RAVENS WIN! I heard all about the game from multiple sources, Ravens nad 49er fans alike. I knew that the Ravens had it this year haha. Yesterday when we went out to go to a few appointments we were knocking on doors on the way when we realized... the Superbowl was on.... Knocking doors was a deadly thing to do during the game, we decided that sometimes having the faith to find also requires having the knowledge to know when you shouldn't interrupt a bunch of drunk angry 9ers fans in the middle of the most important game of the year. There were many drunk and angry 9ers fans, we decided to not knock on doors shortly after we begun for our own safety haha (especially when I would notion that I was happy that the ravens were winning hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). Still working on not getting myself in trouble from time to time. You're gonna have to give me some names of those pps coming out to my area. Also! I can't believe that Brandon is going to Elder Bullcuts mission, thats just crazy talk! Also did I give you permission to let Liam ride a bike w/o me? did I? that's what I thought, you're grounded go to your room, this is just not acceptable young man! That kid is almost as tall as Alex is now, or maybe Alexi Stukov has grown as well? Tell them to stop it haha I get to burn my tie this week! I guess you burn a tie at 6 months, then a white shirt at a year! This week we've done some crazy stuff. We have a whole ton of new investigators, I'm starting a multi-stake B-Ball thing on Thursdays for investigators and missionaries and other friends, I'm pumped for that. We are working our tails off, I can't remember Tuesday from Wednesday anymore, its just one long day of missionary work that just keeps on piling up! SO MUCH TO DO, absolutely not enough time... How are Jas, Kev, Steph, and lil Kayla doing? haven't heard about them in a bit? I have a question that perhaps you can give me some insight into. I've been struggling with this for awhile now, it's killing me. I can't decide where my faith and my works have an end and others agency begins. I've been busting tail with a few people and I just can't figure out weather its my own faults or just them not wanting to change. I know I have room to improve but I also have to wonder if I've done all I can do by the Lord, and I'm going to the realm of what I want for them and not what the Lord wants for them. I guess another way to look at it is what are some ways that I can better know where the Lords wants ends and my own selfish ambition begins? It's been stumping me.. Whatever advice you have is appreciated, I love ya padre, I hope you two newlyweds are having a blast! I love ya'll and I thank you so much for all the support that you are to me. Go read the Infinite Atonement, I just ordered it and I'm gonna give it a try, tell me what you think. Also if you could pray for Tim Brown, Doug Slueter, Daniel Coats, Amber and Ryan Garland, Shane Voore, and the Towners that would be appreciated, they are investigators and they just need some help. I love ya'll keep me posted!
Elder Larsen Sr.
P.S. tell Antonelli I say whats up as well as Tom Tom, and Bro. Masters and Teuscher. Bummer about Teusch getting kicked out of young mens..
Kaite Sue Bug Susan Kiethburg McSlaghlin
Sounds like you have had a crazy week haha! Platos is keeping you on your toes! I know what that feels like from the other end now, I've had my fenders stolen and my bike seat. Its a total pain in the behind (literally) harharhar. You're getting OLD! what the heck are you doing going into your Senior Year next year! That's just wrong. I feel like I missed out on a lot of good family time by not kicken it in the Flat as much, something I'll repent of someday. Unless all ya'll people get married on me and such, sounds like ya'll got some kind of love sickness going on over there. I know nothing of the Seminary thing haha I didn't take it my Junior and Senior year haha I wish I did now, Seminary kinda puts you ahead out here. All of the times that you perform anything you need to get some vids for me so I can check em out. Madrigals is awesome, you would rock, and roll, and have a ton of fun. Anything that you can do in school DO IT, it'll be well worth it. I'm glad to hear that you're working hard still, you don't even know what kind of favor you're doing yourself. Keep active and keep being yourself. One thing I've learned from this area is that if you're not being yourself, if you're trying to be something you aren't then you're lying. You have so much to love about you, we all do. I love you Kate, I'm so glad to hear that you're doing well. I've gotta get going but I'll talk to you next week. Love Ya
Elder Larsen Sr.
When you get what you want in your struggle for self
And the world makes you king for a day
Just go to the mirror and look at yourself
And see what that man has to say.

For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife
Whose judgment upon you must pass
The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the one staring back from the glass.

He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest
For he’s with you, clear to the end
And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test
If the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years
And get pats on the back as you pass
But your final reward will be heartache and tears
If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.

A really cool poem, I love this one