Monday, April 29, 2013

Zacks Trunky companion

dad- that is a short letter. well first off ill start withthe things im asking for :) i need daves address, i aint got it yet :) and now to fun country stories :) first off we went to see a member and he was riding his ATV in his garments on his 5 acre property which wasfunny, but he is away nice guy i love him he makes me laugh a lot!  also im getting a southern accent pretty bad haha! everyone here is from lousiana and arkansas and oklahoma and stuff haha! so im getting it badand my comp is making fun of me. my comp is WAY TRUNKY!! he goes home in 3weeks and its all he can talk about! he just talks about howmany P days he has left and reading his family letters to me about how much they miss him andi jsut say DUDE SHUT THE FREAK UP! i aint goin home so dont make me trunky. on the other hand its easy to get away with stuff because he is the district leader so he just approves anything i ask to do :) so i have learned a lot of magic tricks since i been out here and i share them with all our younger investigators, im pretty sure thats why theparents let us in to teach em because i occupy them with magic first :)   although one strange thing is we have a 12 year old girl who wants to be baptized and taught, but not by us because she feels all guys our age just objectify girls for thier looks AND SHE IS 12 YEARS OLD! 12 and already a feminist. grantid i like girls but thats not ALL i do i also rock climb and stuff hahaha!! ;) hey quick question, whats the first and last anem of our family in tiwan? well love ya! oh also we had a guy see us drive down his road at night and he came out with a shot guna nd racked it and i said hey its themissionaries! and he said oh crap! and realeased all the shells, he said not a lot of people come down his street at night and was afraid we were robbers which was fun!
kevin- yea i know we need to be super duper obedient, but you know me haah i always have a hard time with the rules. im so cool i dont follow any rules except for my own ;) if you get that quote. anyway its funny your town was wilson and mine is wilton :) anyway im workin on being better and i like Jr.position but i just get burnt out on doing the same thing i wanna train is what i wanna do hahah! ok so kevin there is an missionary in the city of herriamine, you know accross the valley. he is a spansih speaking missionary from the ward imservingin and having a hard time. go find himand see if they can have you go teach with em his name is elder triton taylor. go find him :) i love ya and i hope you are enjoying life asx it is. dont get married while im gone:)
kate- ill send the hate letter again :) anyway im glad chinchy is doing well that makes me happy :) i love ya!  gald allis going well for you! it sounds like the chem teacher is pretty cool sorry about madrigals and  the teacher leaving thats sad :( anyway im glad all isstill wellthough! idolove ya and your amazing! i have a request for you! can you get me marian crocketts address please? and send it in the mail to me byletter so i get it faster send it tomorrow :)
anyway i love ya! keep up the good work your amazing and im proud of ya!

Jeremy talks to Orange Juice Man

Well Padrero I really appreciate you hookin that up. I can only look back and see some of the things that you went through with me so I don't get the full affect of your side and how you dealt with my BS. Man its crazy to see myself in others and be thinking "wow, what a dick..." Then I look back and I think, wow I was a dick hahahaha So its just kinda what it is I guess. I love and appreciate you for putting up with me. So this week was an interesting one. Things have been kinda crazzy up in Albany. We met this guy who is absolutely insane. I'm not talkin small potatoes. I'm talking full blown the guy thinks hes a cup of orange juice crazy. So we are meeting with this PM family at a homeless shelter and there is this dude sittin there just trippin balls from what I think. However my Grandfather informs me that this is not possible. We go back the next day and the guy is still freakin out hahaha So we end up talking to him after the lesson and here are a few of the things that this guy said. "I'm a Jew from Taiwan and North Korea who was abused in the Elders Zone" (also but a batman voice to this and thats how he sounds) "I believe in the desecration of Mary to save woman", " I have a Chinese robot in my throat that has constant communication with my abusers, the radio transmission controls my body" (also his hands and head are just wiggen out the entire time we are talking), "There was more then one war going on in 2012! AND THE MORMONS WERE INVOLVED!", Then while he's in the middle of talking again he just blurts out, "MILITARY KILL THEM ALL! KILL THEM ALL!!!!!" So at this point I'm gettin a wee bit nervous that this guy is going to drive a stake through my chest so we start to back up. He then tells us to tell our Elders that "There is a Jew in the Elders Zone that has been victimized and Nazied, within the Elders Zone". This went on for quite awhile. Also this week I gave the greatest talk of my life I think. It was awesome! We finally got away but man it was crazy. I wish I could have filmed it and send it to ya'll you would love it. Pray for Ronald Richardson this week he is strugglin, W.O.W. and is currently not progressing unfortunately.. Things are still rolling along though, the mission keeps flying by. I love ya popaa and I appreciate you more everyday. You're a boss and I hope you and Darlene and the fam are doing well!

Nivek! HAHAHAHA Get totally wrecked on that deal, hey look at the bright side, you are off the hook for sunday meetings haha To be perfectly honest, the early morning sunday meetings are rough man. We say what we need to say then sit there with our thumb firmly placed up where the sun don't shine. But I do love being involved in the ward. This week I gave the best talk I've ever given I'm pretty sure. I felt super awesome about it! I've gotten a lot better at speaking in public. I think that I've just become a lot more comfortable with who I am and thats mad it a lot easier. I'm working on becoming good at being loving and bold with him so it's a work and progress. I love ya kev and hope all is well! Look at the thing above and give me a crazy story about some crazy people that you met with!

Katie Sue Bug Mclaughlin!

Well I'm sorry to hear that your teacher is leaving! :( that is a total bummer? How excited are ya for summer coming? Read about the crazy person and draw a picture of what you think the guy looks like and send me a picture! I would love you forever. YES, my love is conditional at time haha Kate you're gonna have to rock a solo for me when I get back! Start practicing comfortably numb or something haha I love ya and hope all is well. Sorry for the shaft of an email.. I'm lame but I gotta write my president to or he gets pissed... I love all of ya'll and pray for ya daily.
Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Zack is in Wilton

well dad im sorry i didnt email you i felt bad but i ran out of time. i have been kicked out of the tongan ward sadly and now im in the middle of no where. im in the elk grove stake covering the wilton and sheldon wards. in wilton california. im still practicing my tongan but this place is super spread out and full of gun toating cowboys which is really fun :) not a lot of tongans :)  we get a chance to do service almost every day here!!  i need yall to stock up on ammo because its so scarce now days so please stock up big i have a bad feelin comin :) we also get to do hiking and paint balling out here which is fun i dunno if its apostate or not but we do it anyway!  :) :) we have a missionary that is british but from utah he has a thick accent so i thought i would tell you that we have our irish british bashes and then both agree france sucks bad! :) :) anyway i do love you and im glad your having fun! the hikes look really fun and i miss it lots!. im glad all is well :) im sorry i didnt email again :) so my companion is going home soon he is trunky but i dont blame him i would be too! so anyway i think your all awesome! i do miss yall much. lets see, is my chinchy doing well? i need daves address please. i do love you and your amazing! having a good time in the middle of nowhere we just had a baptism we are going to have one this week and the next week and the next one so im excited about that too! LOVE YALL!
kevin- im glad things are going well! it sounds like your a ganna be famous one day! well im sadly not in the tongan ward anymore which makes me very very sad but ims till studying my language! i am now in Wilton California middle of freaking nowhere! not bad though. lots of guns and lil ammo so the members are in an uproar about the end of the world :) something about the govment buying ammo to put us down when we rise up against them because they are taking away our guns ya know all that good stuff! anyway im enjoying myself. im paintballing i dunno if thats legal or not but oh well. president i dont think likes me very much he calls me every transfer and keeps reminding me to work hard, i have been so i dunno why he does that haha and im 9 months in and still Jr not that it matters but i think he dont like me haha! anyway i love you and i think your awesome dont get married while im gone and beat up jason for being dumb for me :)

Jers loving his new area..with challenges

Well it sounds like ya'll have had a pretty crazy week! Good to hear that all of ya are still out and about and stayin busy! I got the package and the letter and I really appreciated it Darlene! Thank you so much for the letter! It's been a good week and a busy week as well. I've been workin my tail off to get the ward to trust us here. The trust in the ward is at a low because of some previous missionaries so they think that we are just a bunch of trouble makers. I've been thrown under the bus by several of them already but all you can do is just take it, smile and ask how we can improve hahaha I've really wanted to make a few other comments but hey, the mission has taught me patience. As for the bunny... all I can think of is when Gimmly (or however you spell it) told Eowen that Aragorn fell of the cliff after the warg fight. It must have been that dramatic... May the bunny rest in peace, and may kimmers enjoy a meal or two of bunny meat. It looks like down south is really nice right now. Its nice for us up here now. I'm loving Oregon's start to the summer.  Its so gorgeous up here, its greener then green and its just feels awesome all the time. Tammy and I had a great exchange this week as well, he taught me a lot again. Its crazy how he's still able to teach me stuff haha He taught me that I need to be bold when it comes to keeping my comp obedient because it will affect my own salvation and I will be held accountable because of the way that I treat my leadership position. So he just told me to be bold and loving at the same time. So I'm experimenting with how to do that in a better way. I had some fun with Tammy again though. Elder Gardner and I are rockin it and are working well together, we're really gettin along and I feel like we will have an awesome transfer. We will be having a baptism on the 4th of may, so if you could keep Ronald Richardson in your prayers that would be appreciated. Well I love ya padre and Darlene and errybody else in da house! I hope this week rocks for ya and I hope that you are all feeling well.

Nivek! I SAW YOU!!!! I was like, hey.. hey.. you see that guy... yeah.. thats my bro.. no biggy He's just baller enough to be singing for priesthood holders everywhere... no big deal right. Yeah, I was a wee bit prideful for ya hahaha So I have gained a huge respect for ya over the last week and how you stand up for your morals. I've had to do that a bit over the last little bit and man it can be tough at times. So thanks for being an example to me man. It's great to hear from ya and I'm glad to hear that life is still moving fast for ya. If you become a world renowned designer for stuff then remember the little guys. (which I am becoming more and more everyday.....) I'm down to 175 man, its just straight up craziness... I want to hear some of your crazy mission stories man, I know you got some and now that I'm a missionary you can geek out with me! Also I've decided that missionaries are the most sacrilege people alive. We only make religious jokes and i've said some that I won't repeat just out of bad habit. We play all kind of games as we tract and are at dinner. Its funny. I've sac tapped my comps right as someone gets to the door and they have to try and man up and just go with it haha We are havin tons of fun and we are working hard at the same time, its the perfect balance that all missionaries need to find haha Well man I love ya and hope all is well! Its awesome to hear from you! love ya bro

Katie Sue Bug Keithburg Mclaughlin-
 So the loser thing was just me being frustrated with the loss, I'm a bad loser and I feel like just because how awesome you are you shoulda won and everyone else needs to lose, your my sister so anyone that gets in your way is bad in my book. But I'll be nice hahaha I love hearing from ya when you can Kate and when you can't I understand, don't worry about it. The AP test is way easier then its made to seem, just relax and don't psych yourself out and you'll rock it. All you got think is "I've done this a thousand times" act like you've been there and it'll become easier. Practice winning pretty much haha If you have choir that much you'll be a pro rock singer when I return and we'll make a band! I'll play the air drums and Zack can guitar and Lisa can play the violin and it'll be awesome! Well Kate I love ya so much and hope all is well. Read from Dads message as well if you want to know more about the week as well as kevs. I love ya!
Elder Larsen SR.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Jeremy is in Albany!!

Well my week is complete, all I needed to see was Slade and Jason in banana suits and my life is complete hahaha. So my new address is
930 9th st Albany OR 97322.
As for feeling better I'm doin okay. Not much has changed but I'm doin fine so it's not a big deal. For the Mission Split it happens on July 1st, but thats the day of Transfers so its really a complete guess as to which mission I'll be in. I'm glad my stuff came through, I didn't have room to pack that stuff around and I'll never use my temple clothes so I needed them home haha. As for needin stuff I really don't think I need much right now, things are going pretty well. My new Comp is from Provo, he's a sick kid. I'm pumped to be working with him. We set 2 baptismal dates this week which was dope, keep them in your prayers. Also I read a scripture the other day that really made me thankful to have had such awesome parents, go read 2nep 2:4, it really stood out to me and has really helped me along out here. BTW, the photoshop job looks perfect, it looks like we were actually there haha! Sounds like you are leading an army down south ha, we actually were eating dinner with one of the High Counselors in the ward and he had pictures of Paria up, and I was like "whats up son!" Needless to say we got along very well haha The people in this ward already know me from a few people down in Springfield so my reputation is preceding me..... Pray that this reputation will fade hahaha I've been blessed to be here man, I really am pumped even though I miss a bunch of people from down there. Miracle of the week here was this: Guy calls us up after we had set a goal to get 2 baptisms this transfer, we are thinking "how on earth is this gonna go down" right? So then a guy calls us and tells us that he wants to be baptized... It was straight up crazy. Then I finally said my first missionryism. I was talking about months and I said "yeah, thats two transfers from now"..... I'm thinking in transfers not months anymore! Its official I'm a missionary, I was just pretending before. Well I love ya'll and hope that everyone is doing okay. Tell Katie that I love her and that it doesn't matter that she didn't win because that spot is for losers anyway haha Tell her to hit me up, and tell Kevin that I saw his face and about fell outta my seat I was so excited. I was like "You see that!! YOU SEE THAT KID RIGHT THERE!!! thats my brother... thats whats up haha I love ya'll and I would encourage all of you to share Tom Perrys talk with all, cause he lays down the law like Clint Eastwood. Also those bofm's were awesome, it's nice to have more testimony to share with the people around me! That's all I do all day, mine gets a little old haha I love ya'll tell Jason and Kevin and Katie and whoever else to write sometime! That wedding photo is beautiful btw, all ya'll guys were lookin studly and all the girls were looking beautiful! It must have been an awesome time for errybody. Well, love ya again  and I'm looking forward to mothers day. Peace out

Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Zack gets transfer...eats horse

kate-sounds like the week was good for you!! im glad to hear it! im happy your doing well in choir and in school! let me know how SBO goes :)i love you and miss you!!

dad- i want banana king pics :) one day you will admit to it :) as for my friends being there it was Jr. who held me at gun point but yea he got me pretty good! img lad they had a good time while they were there! im being transfered to english work again int he middle of nowhere so im out of the city. im still Jr. comp guess i suck at this mission thing haha! well im still going to practice my tongan and im going to miss the ward, they did this tongan tradition with me and some members were crying that iw as leaving ill come back and visit them! christain we have to get on a mission so im going to try to on my last day here in the ward. im glad all is well at the house and yes hollands talk was the most helpful to me! it was a rough week for me but its all good still alive and kickin. i got to eat a lot of horse this week which made me happy because it tastes so good!!!!!  i got it because im leaving, horse is hard to get since its against the law to eat :) oh fun ghetto story for today, we went into these super ghetto appts and were talking to some kids saying they need to be baptized and then the ghetto bird (police chopper that patrols the city) started circiling the area we were in. We knew we had to get out quick so we booked it out of there as we pulled out 12 cops came screaming into the place it was pretty crazy! so we got out just in time :)  well thats all my week i got the care box thank you very much i love you all goodbye!!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Jers transfered on "Special mission"

Howdy! first of all which of my friends were in and out? Also did the Tongans from bullcuts ward come through?? My Garment size is M pants and L for the shirt.  I'm glad to hear that the banana king thing is still in full swing, I want to see some of those photos from the wedding haha. I'll have to watch that video later, it didn't come through. Tell Kate that I'm proud of here and that she's awesome! I really wish that I could've seen it but I know that she rocked it. I have been transfered to Albany now, I'll let you know what the address when I know. I'm on a special assignment to take care of business with another Elder. I'm pretty pumped to see my mission moving forward but leaving Springtucky was really hard. The families there were so awesome and I grew to love them. I was at bishops house watching General Conference in the sun. afternoon session and I felt like I was at home. It was a crazy feeling haha The people helped me grow so much and I can say that I became the missionary I have wanted to be there. I've still got a lot of work to do on becoming perfect in Christ but that ward put me on the path. I'll try and get some pictures to you soon of the people there. I was able to watch conference with a family that we were teaching which was awesome. There 2 daughters and the mom were really interested the dad was getting into it. After conference they all said that they believed that they were prophets called of God so they'll probably be getting baptized very soon. It was really hard to say goodbye to them. I only knew them for 3 weeks but they became some of my best friends. I've learned that some people you just instantly become friends with, I felt like I knew them from years and years ago. I swear I must have known them in the Pre Earth Life or something.. I'll keep tabs on them for sure haha The new area I'm in will be part of the new mission which is kinda cool. I've got mixed feelings on it, I'm not sure if I want to leave the OEM hahaha I'm pumped to be up here and I hope all is well. I love ya and I hope everyone is doing well. Tell everybody I love them and hope all is well!

Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Zacks trouble...but busy!

dad- well the color festival looks awesome! to bad i didnt get to go haha! i aint got no care package yet. i aint got any letters in a while :( as for the pics i love them it helps me stay close to you guys which is always good! my finger healed all retarded maybe because i didnt really wrap it it up and i kept playing rugby still kinda hurts. i mostly been focusing on why im def in my right ear because the docs dunno haha! either way i think they are all comin so prep for a room for them. try and give em a good spot they are kinda big guys haha!  krilistian tupou played for USC and was an animal then the chargers until he got hurt then his brother fenukie tupou playd for Oregon and then the Eagles and then the saint and got hurt but they are going back to NFL soon. we are trying to get  krilistian to go on a mish though. sounds like an awesome plan for the step sister and brother and good for jason! he needs to freaking write me though!!!!!! its almost been a year! uuhh lets see i got in a lil trouble because the DL who is being super anal said i aint being EXACT obedient but the ZL's came to talk to us and said hey your doin good and you have more baptisms comin up than any ward in the zone right now so just try to be more obedient and also they recommended me for leadership. well im glad you all had a great easter! and my nephews are growing up so fast! i miss em all! but i love you all tons! sadly my watch got stolen off my wrist tricky ghetto peeps....... well love yall keep me posted!!! we had a baptism on saturday it was great! i spoke tongan at it and he is solid. he keeps asking about what he has to do for a mission i love that guy! we are going to baptize his sister and mom this month :) BYE!!!!!!

Jers is in a Trio!

Happy Easter everyone1! It has been a fun week for sure. Thank you for the care package, I really needed that celebrex. We were playing football last week, then we decided that two hand touch was for girls so we started playing tackle. That got crazy hahaha I don't know how I was able to play being on like a 500 calorie diet (Still havin some problems keepin food down, but keep that on the DL). Greatest touchdown ever though, we were about 20 yards out and we decided to do a trick play, straight out of the 2005 BYU Utah game. Everyone runs right, I break left and one of the elders lobbed it to me in the corner and I slid and caught that sucker! It was so sick. By the end of it all of us were bloody and beaten, but it was a needed game of hard knocks. We were all getting a little sissy so we had to go get a little crazy haha. Sounds like Steph is already reaping the rewards of motherhood hahahahaha Tell her I say whats up and to enjoy kickin it on the bench! If the Heat win in the NBA this year just don't tell me about it, it'll ruin my year....As for the work in our area, sadly one of my homies had to get sent home to take care of some stuff, he was a great friend and I'll miss him for sure. I told him to come visit you, he lives in Clearfield. Since he left Caswell and I took over 1st ward with Elder Clements, so we are in a trike now and we are covering both wards.. So now we are bustin out a heck of a lot more work. I'm tired, that's all I've gotta say, I'm really really really tired hahahaha I am owed some sleep in two years.. The work is going crazy fast though, we are working with a new family that is just golden, I'm so pumped about them! They are about as ready as it gets. I'm afraid of transfers coming up though, I don't want to leave this place. I've seriously come to love the families here so much, I feel like they are my family, mainly because they are my family in a way. The bishops family and a few others have just taken me in over here. Also this coming week is Caswell's B-day on the 3rd, if you could sen him a letter or something I'd appreciate it.  It looks like ya'll had a fun time at the festival of colors. I'll have to go sometime, I had to work last time all of my friends went haha. Well I love ya padre and hope you and momma Darlene are doing well. Tell Kevin good luck with the choir and such. I love ya and I'll talk to ya next week. Thank you so much for the support and all! Stay up and stay well all ya'll!
Elder Larsen sr.