Monday, December 31, 2012

Short note from Jeremy

Padre, It was great to see all of you as well, I'm glad that you're all doing so well! I'll keep waiting for something as awesome as those photos, I better get them soon though.... It was great to see Zack as well, I do miss ya but I really love it out here. I want to thank all of you for the presents, you guys rock! Thanks so much for all of the help that you are to me! We had to throw away the video of the elastic weights thing, Brook Hauge in yoga clothes.... Temptations sent into the house by my own father hahahahaha Well sadly I don't have to much time to type today.. Tell Steph congrats for me and tell her that she's a boss for pulling that off, she's gonna have to help me w/ homework haha Tell Dave I say whats of from OEM territory and let Alex know I say happy B-Day. What are you doing in Florida!? You're becoming a world traveler! Tell Kevin thanks for the CD and that Evanston is to dangerous for such a young and innocent person hahaha Love all of you and I wish you a happy New Year! PARTY HARD!!!!  but not to hard.. You crazy crazy Banana King, I know what pps like you do on New Years! LOVE Ya'll
Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jeremy & Caroling

Well  I've had a crazy crazy week, full of miracles, then me ignoring how awesome the miracles were by wasting the last 30min of the day then getting chastened by the Lord because I was as the Nephites and Isreal, backsliding and easily forgetting. It was worse then when they saw the star of Christs birth then went on ignoring it 3yrs later haha. I will expound on these events. SO... I was on exchanges with the ZL, and we had 10min until we had to be in at 9. So we prayed that the lord would provide us someone to teach in the last minutes. We went down the street and started singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful, and then a guy rounded the corner and said that he had been praying since he was 4 to hear Christmas Carols in that part of town. We then taught him and gave him a BoM. Next night we had similer experince right before we went in and I'll expound on that tomorrow at about  9  or 10 your time. So then sunday we went in about 30min early because all the people had family over and we just were like to heck with it, we'll just go home and have a P-Day eve and listen to some Blind Pilots. So we did. Then the AP's came over with a present from the President... I know right, they come in and we're all chilled out because of super chill music and they come over and we're all in our pajamas and stuff.. Super lame on our part haha So we decided that we had been blessed all week because we hadn't wasted the last hour of the day and then we wasted it so we had to be reminded that this was the lords time and Blind Pilots could wait until 9. I'm just glad that the lord chose to remind us that we had work to do, because he doesn't do that for everyone. We have a lot of work to do here and we are just starting. We got 6 new investigators next week, 2 of them are families! SO PUMPED! I'm super pumped for you and soon to be Step Mom Darleen that's gonna be so awesome!! I still don't have any photos of you running on the beach slowly baywatch style bro! what the heck mayne! haha I got beat up playing Raquetball today, but I am gettin better. Katie is an allstar for tell her I love her! Tell Isacc I say whats up also, and to relax a bit haha I bet the ward is rockin it right now with those guys at the helm. Tell eveyone that needs to be told that I love them and I'm so pumped for this wedding for you. Tell Caleb congrats and if you can get ahold of Brian tell him I say hey and that I'm deeply sorry for his lose. Hook up his e-mail, I never have time to write letters.
Also my bike seat and such got stolen today... I know, It'll go to someones christmas fund hopefully and they'll get something nice for there kid. Sorry though, I'm gonna need a bit of mulah to replace it cause it's kind of expensive.. Sorry padre i"ll not let it happen again.. I love you all so much and I hope that the Holidays rock for ya, Talk to you all tomorrow!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jeremy gets a compy from Sandy!!

Padre, If you talk about the Hobbit again I might explode haha Use code such as this: The Investigator that we went and saw the other day was great, there were many short people there, but it was a long visit. It was much funnier then the first 3, which were more serious, but extremely amazing sit downs. I would have gotten the just of what you were talking about and wouldn't want to got running to a movie theater and break one of the white bibles rules haha Everyone has been talking about that and they've been talkin about the Sandy Hook thing... I can't believe this world man, it's just crazy. I can't believe all of you people and you're mawwagies hahaha All of you fools caught the love bug hahahaha! The new area I'm in is awesome! It's the Ghetto of Eugen pretty much haha We see a ton of crazy stuff and hear a whole lot of crazier stuff haha The ward is somethin else also haha I love it! Its definitely a place I want to kick it for awhile. Those sweater pics if you could you should send it to my email, I want em haha We were at the Bishops place last night pretty late and they were doing christmas so we were rockin it. They were doing ugly sweater contest so we got to take pics with them haha I still like my vest, its a real winner haha I'll send you some digital copies of it for the blog! I got it at a resale place, it got a very intersting smell to it hahaha Look up a talk btw It's by Brian Wilcox- His Grace is sufficent. It's a really good one that has helped me a lot. I'll let you know what they are, I'm pumped to find out. We've had a great experience over this last week! Elder Ship man, Shipley (He's a great great guy) was praying for one of our investigators, and its one of those things that I really don't want to get much into, one of those experiences, but we were going to sacrafice a lot for this guy. The spirit really let him know that this was the right thing to do, and the lord made promises. We prayed that he would keep up his end and he did and more. Tim, the investigator was getting evicted, then the bishop got involved, one of the things we prayed for, then he got a job, another thing we prayed for, and he then accepted the invitation to be baptised. We didn't have to really hold up our end, but we did our part and were going to, the lord saw that we were going to and he did all of it instead. It was crazy.. The lord came through in spades, he answered Shipleys prayer. It was the craziest thing I've seen on my mish so far. I will tell you more about it one day, but over email is not good enough. This area is going to rock, I'm going to love every second of being here. So many good people.. So many strange people haha It's a lot more relaxed of an area also, not as high stress, I feel like I'm going to get a ton done here if we work hard! which I will. Go and read Mosiah 7:22, I had a great thought on it for what we pay to satan when we choose to sin. I dunno, I thought it was cool haha. I love all of you so much! Kate you're the, Kevin, Jason, Darleen, Ashley, and dogs I love all of you and I hope that you're having a great holiday season! I am for sure!

Zack Gets a firefighter companion!!

DAD- wow so the weddings are stacking up eh? well glad the hobbit is good that makes me happy, i have heard all about it really. As for my bike its been kinda fixed but i was on foot for 4 days, we been walking about 30 miles a day really. thats funky that work has slowed down usually your pretty busy by this time. im glad kayla is good! i love her she is a cutie!i hope to see her when i skype home and the time that im skyping will be around 9 AM california time. I do love you all and am kind of sad that im missing all these weddings haha! im glad to see mark kunz has made such a big change in his life i know that it will be good for him and he will love it! i love it out here and the work is kinda slow now we are hoping for 2 baptisms this month though which will be cool. Really we just do a lot of service and deflooding houses. It rains almost 24/7 here and that sucks because i need the sunshine! However i still love it here! and i love my new comp! he is from west jordan utah and his name is elder shitoani! he speaks a lil japanese and he is also a firefighter, he went through the same fire science program i did a year before me! we is super cool! also the packages i wont get till christmas since the office witholds them from us. I will be sending some presents and they may get there after christmas but its all good! im working on another talk just for kicks and giggles. Ashley got married quick just saying ahah, what happened to the guy who came off his mission? Did you hear about that massacre in connecticut? we hear all about it like "how could you forgive someone like that" its kind of annoying but it doesnt make that thing any better i feel what people need to do is focuse on the comfort of the families who lost people anyway that whole thing is bad just sayin. Sorry dad but since i been here i picked up freestyle rapping its what happens when people go to california. Well i love you all so much and i know your all amazing good luck with everything! i love you all!

Kate- well glad to hear you have had some good adventures with animals! how is my chinchi? how are the dogs? I love them and i love you! Im glad school is well for you and that coleman wrote me! Now just for nesbit! ill send a letter to you for him how is that? I do not know about your letter yet, all mail is withheld till chirstmas haha! sucks... Anyway keep up the good work and enjoying school! glad josh is still around he is an awesome guy! make sure that kevin gets me sam hunters E-mail ok? thank you! also i dont hate nic lee he is all good and fine :) well love ya bye!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zacks Busted bike and new compy

DAD-HAHAh i love that joke thats freaking awesome and applys to half the people i talk to haha! Also as far as me knowing when im going to skype ill prolly let ya know a week before when i know haha! Transfers came in and im staying again but new comp sadly. I was really connecting with my old comp ya know? So i hope this guy is good if not ill figure somethin out :) i LOVE KAYLA!! and i miss liam and alex a lot. I am glad he is ok. I am happy to hear about the graveside memorial for mom she deserves the best we can do and i agree with your theory on guardian angels who needs exact doctrine anyway haha! My comp is leaving to south sac to be comps with his other tongan friend who is 315 pounds and 6 feet 7 inches needles to say nobody will pick on them haha! im sending a pix home for ya i think you will like it :) Tell erick he never replied to my letter :) tell him i love him and that i expect him to visit me out here since i visited him haha! unless im in stockten then he dont have to come visit till i leave that area i dont wish anyone down there haha! well this last week i have had 2 bike wrecks not due to me but due to bike malfunction and i said i wont ride it anymore until someone fixes it or i get it replaced we will see how that works haha! im tired of getting hurt and my last crash sent me into the middle of a busy street sadly nobody hit my bike haha!  those sound like way fun trips try not to rub it in to much that i aint got no mountains. im sending you a video to of a free style rap me and fifi did :) i think you will like it! so send my sim card ASAP :) Thats what happens when you send your kid to california he starts rapping haha! Also compare Lord of the Rings to the gospel ok? gandolf was resurrected just think about it. there is a lot in there :) well i love you all so very much and im happy to serve this mission even if i have trials such as a friend passing away i learned in 1 peter i need to be grateful for trials so thats awesome! I love you very much :) how is chinchi?

Megan- i know whatever you said at tiffs funeral is what needed to be said. I am no better at talking at those things than you are. I have been to so many funerals so it probably seems like i have more practice ya know?  just know that i love ya a lot! im sorry you had to go through that and im glad to hear she is burried near where my mom is so im  for sure going to go see her grave when i go home. Your right this time of year was kind of heard for me with my mom and tiffany and such but i know that im here for a reason and you know how much i hate to loose so its not like im comin home early unless i absolutely have to! as for your new diet im surprised but at the same time not so much with all your roomates being vegans i figured you might become one as well :) Whatever makes you happy and healthy i support but you know the day i come home we are goin to carls Jr. right? :) i only eat rabbit food when members give it to me haha! i have gained so much weight out here though you wont like me haha!!! i have gained 15 pounds (mostly leg muscle from biking is what im going with since i aint grown on waste size haha) Anyway you know i love ya and im glad that everyone is chillin with you! tell parker to reply to my letter ok? its important i hear from him :)  glad that work is going well for you :) i have a story in my letter telling about my experience with lil kids and teaching :) you might like it! and school is almost over! good luck!!!!!!!!! love ya bye!!!!!

NIVEK- well glad meg is there with ya helping you through some things and im glad she misses me that means i wasnt to bad to her :) true story i miss my ghetto house though the one im staying in with a member is nice. She has a nice piano that i play often and a ukalele. HEY I NEED SAM HUNTERS EMAIL please get it for me. Also glad to hear about moms graveside thing we need to do when when i get home too. i miss her lots but i know she aint far from me making sure i dont get shot out here haha! well im staying put for another transfer man its crazy ill be spending 6 months in my first area i dont mind it though! well love ya man i really does i really does keep me posted on the single life :) also on jasons taken life :)  hope lord of the rings is good its going to be a temptation for me to not watch it at a members house i have a member that is pirating it and offered to turn it on while im there :) we will see if i become the apostate missionary ;) haha no worries im going to skype on a members laptop :) aint no way im going to be quiet bro! im still the same kid before i left jsut so ya know haha maybe just understand the doctrine a bit better :)
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Elder Tammy praises Jeremy!

Brother Larsen,
                     I have been blessed to be your sons trainer, these twelve weeks that i was with him have been trully the best experience in my mission. My faith and testimony have been strengthened tremendously because of him and the insights and the spirit that he had. Getting to know him and his experience in his life, all i can think of is Alma the Younger with his mom being the angel and it strengthen my testimony on how each of our families were ordained of God. that leads my grattitude to the Spirit of Elijah by turning the heart of the children to their father and the father to their children. What a wonderful and marvelous blessings it is in our families. My prospective as missionary changes wholly as i look at people because of Jeremy's strong and faithful testimony.
Everyday we meet people that are smoking and drinking i use to refrain from them until i was with your son and that gives me hope for all other people that is doing that knowing that a mighty change of heart can come to everyone of the children of our Heavenly Father. With tears i express my grattitude to you and to your son for all the good and hard work that he has done. Our ward members really missed him already and Sister Hoppe and some other sisters in the ward they cried as he left. Thank you so much for the wonderful letter i do really appreciated it. Our mission president really trusted him and his wife as well and he will be a fantastic missionary. 'Ofa lahi atu (Love always)

Jeremy moves to Springfield!

Yesterday was tough! Leaving Roseburg has been one of the toughest things that I've had to deal with for sure. I was able to send moms letter in a box with your card for the family. It should have gotten there Saturday but apparently it didn't.. Totally a bummer. That unknown no name letter is for Toucher, just don't know how to spell his name...... But I'm going to be sending home a picture of the Christus statue. It's really nice, Sis. Sperry is an artist and she hooked it up. She sells them for 400$ each usually but she just hooked it up haha I loved that family.. I became family with so many people out here it was just so crazy to leave. Sis. Hoppe became my Grandma pretty quickly. I'll let you know what my new address is asap. I still haven't met my new companion yet, his name is Elder Shipley. I'll get a hold of Brian asap, thank you for hookin up his address. I can't wait to get into contact with him. Thank you for hookin up the Christmas cash! My new comp just came in so I gotta run. I love ya I'll write you asap! Sorry Kev if I don't get back to you this week I still love you. Also, this is AMERICA! don't you EVER send me mail that speaks that dirty piglatin!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! I'll send pictures and such. love ya

So I've gotten to my spot in Springfield now. I'll be able to fill you in on all of the details of christmas. I hope that you get that box soon. The backpack is for alex, baby stuff for kayla and the hoodie is for Liam. my new address is
Elder Jeremy Larsen
340 12th st apt #3
Springfield Or 97499
I'm in another Ghetto! not as bad as Stockton though haha. Its right next to Eugene. I think SIs. Young sent you a picture of me and Rodrigo w/ Tammy, that was my last sunday in Roseburg. I'm gonna miss the heck outta that place. The new elder I'm with seems awesome, the spot we are in is in a transitional phase. we're both new to the area so it'll be a blast haha I'm excited for this new adventure up here. The Cornielsons are going to hook me up while I'm up here. They are a family from Roseburg. They have a brother who works at Nike so they said they'll hook up some kicks hahaha I hope that all is well and tell Aunt Jenny I love her and thanks for the present. I hope all is well! Happy Holidays :)
P.S. That story was completely inappropriate father... I can't believe you... I thought so much higher of you until now so I ask you to please repent............ HAHAHAHAHAHA Could you imagine if I was like that... I love you thanks for the pick me up?
Kevano el zorro el senorita da bamba
Tell Eric I love the sin outta him and that I'm happy to hear he wasn't killed in Chico haha Kev I got to write pres and I'm on a 20min computer because I don't have a library pass yet so I'll write you back...... On the other hand a pop up just came up and said that I added 10 minutes!! SCORE!! I swear the tender mercies of the lord are everywhere haha, even though it was just a 10min extension it means quite a bit right now haha So leaving Roseburg sucksss.. We will go on a road trip through there someday and it'll be glorious my friend. SO this holiday season I expect you to go to old folks homes and carol. I did that at a friend of mines grandpa's place and they appreciated it so much, so go and do as they brother missionary commands. Straight out of 1Nep. 3:7.. Go and do bro! I love you kev and I've told everyone out here that you like girls so you're in trouble braflaski. haha The church is true!
Love Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tornados, earthquakes AND Floods?? Sounds like Cali :)

sad to report the passing of a dear friend tiffany howel (yes brian howels sister) so please pray for thier family and for their needs

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- I dunno what it is with all the animals but its great!  yes trunk or treat is the safe way for kids here that or they get jumped haha! i love kayla she is so cute! i love the house too! she would love it i know that she would be happy with the proceeds and i love the house is amazing! yea i can imagine a lot of shopping for you! when is the wedding? ill let ya know when im skyping home as soon as i know :) thanks for that compliment on the lesson i have actually added to it :) but im glad you like it and that its of use haha. you should admit being banana king for that wedding ;) just sayin. did anyone call you from my ward this week? did they call you banana king? salt lake city burger is amazing aint it? just a lil expensive. i was on exchanges in the YSA ward and its not fair for missionaries! they are cute girls and i dont ever want to have dinner with them again because i have to not focus on that, its the only place i seen with pretty girls. megan is still prettier :) along with every girl i hung out with at home. utah girls RULE! well i have endured it all out here, tornado earthquakes and now flooding! i got some good pics of that too but we had 4 straight days of rain and floods so that was cool. Pday next week is on tuesday so dont expect a mail on monday So remember that!  anyway i love ya so much guys!!!! Im glad about Liam being better now that was worrying so much. im glad the dogs are doin better :) LOVE YOU!!

Kevin- thanks for the letter i love ya and i love your letters. I will keep close to mike he is my best friend i care about the guy! he is a influence on me as are a few other peeps. That pun is awesome and i love it and i love the idea for the activity and less actives, i see you paid attention to my lesson :)  Well sad day that its leaving the house i loved that thing because the drawers didnt open :) anyway i aint got a lot of time im busy today sadly but i love you keep me postedo n life and such love you!!!!!

Lesson in Pride in Oregon

Padre, I'm sorry but I'm not going to take your word on the Soundgarden Album, Chris Cornell does good music and that's just how it is.. Other then that Timbaland album... But.... Sports news I hear that a freshman at Texas A&M broke the total yards record that Tebow and Cam Newton set.... He's up for Heisman... and I am missing it........ SAD DAY! Not watching the Cowboys get whomped on thanksgiving was a huge sacrifice that I'm sure the lord will remember in the judgement day hahaha (hopefully he won't hold me accountable for sacrilege) I hear that there might be a trade between The Knicks and Lakers A'mare for Gasol?? Is this true?? that would be crazy.. We are feeling much better now. In the mission news my compy got Transferred to Klamath.. Apparently I was a little to much for the kid. I learned a lesson in being prideful though. Me and Hague didn't really mesh to well because he has been under a rock his whole life so I kinda thought that I was, In most ways, better then him.. I know, PRIDE! We have kinda been at odds with each other the entire transfer sadly and I finally took a step back to evaluate what was going on. He was reporting to the pres that I was not what missionaries should be like, which is probably true.. You know how I am, it comes off as fairly abrasive to some people out here.. But because he was doing this I just thought he was wrong and I was just normal when really I was prideful and lame. I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that he was right, and though we are very different, I am no better then him and he actually in many ways had the ups on me. My pride and knowledge of the world bit me in the butt. So I talked to him and we came to a positive conclusion. I learned that the only way to fix a negative situation is to fix yourself, you can't change someone, so change yourself. I had to learn it the hard way sadly and we have had some negative results area wise.. I've always had to learn the hard way. As soon as I repented of my ways, Hague was transferred hahaha At least I was able to make amends with him.. But I still have much to learn out here. I love you padre and I'll try and get that letter out to you ASAP! I'll also let you know whats going on w/ transfers as soon as I find out! I love you and I hope all is well! I'm so happy to hear that Liam is better and I hope that everyone is adjusting well at home! Ofa Atu!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
P.S. I'll send the boots back soon, I found some that are sweet for 150, if thats possible.. I love you and thank yor for all the support.
Beunos Noches Senorita Kevin
My Father tells me that this is Impossible... I need to watch that show now haha Have that show ready for me when I'm home in two years or we're done! hahaha I have the most awesome christmas vest ever! I'll send home a christmas card for the family and it'll be glorious! With that kind of information I can ruin you btw, i'm going to hold this over your head forever! If you and Katie can figure out how to get me calvin and hobbs ties that's all I want for christmas, and maybe a pull up bar! A nativity would be awesome if you could send me an awesome one, I would love that because I want to use it in some lessons this holiday season. I'm gettin pushed out the door by some other Elders... Sorry I've gotta go so fast. Talk to Lisa about the letter I sent her, It gives some good advice for the kids at home.. I love you so much and I hope all is well! You're the best and Guiltception is a real thing, I saw it on the news!