Monday, January 28, 2013

Zack learns Tongan and works with Shamanism!

oh also we play lots of rugby here haha!!! im excited to get good at it! so thats fun! i will probably get owned my first couple times but i wanted to add that in!!! tell jason and the fam to write me!!! :):) love ya!

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oh also we had a money mishap and i ended up having to spend some money at restaurants so sorry maybe you can remburse me :)

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the wedding singing went great and i personally think im a better singer in tongan than in english :) yea the ward is tough but its still fun! they are all kind of mad there are two palangi or white boys in the ward and so a lot of the members wont work with us :( we are still going to have baptisms regardless. the bishop is on board with us but the ward mission leader just talks crap on us haha! some of the members are great though and they love us and others are starting to love us because im learning the language, my companion wont learn it though because he is mad at the members. so its a bitter sweet feeling in this ward. we get fed well here and no im just taller not fatter :) im back to the weight that i started at :)  my companion is from Wyoming and is a real cowboy! he stresses really easy though and gets upset quick so im always telling him to calm down and to think things through haha! he is great though! my tongan is coming along well but a english to tongan dictionary would be nice. I can pray in tongan and do greetings and i can translate as little but so as far as translating the meeting i luckily didnt have to because it was a testimony meeting so it was in samoan and tongan and english. but next week we have to translate so im working hard! as for the black music i got no idea if its mission legal its not rap rock or raga :) it was fun is what it was! im not an apostate missionary im pretty obedient compared to others! there are some big apostasy problems in this mission its kinda out of hand haha! like the missionary in the tongan ward before us called home after chirstmas and had a girlfriend int he ward and then told everyone it was going to suck because two palangis are comin in the ward and he bnever updated the area book sot hat was sad. I have good hopes though we got the new 2013 fusion for our car and the area book updated and im speaking tongan! im just working on ward relations. yea i know about the gun laws they suck and so do politics haha! i noticed a couple things about working in the ghetto :) black people own the streets, they just walk in front of cars and in the streets and dont care who is comin haha! i also learned some fun lingo like its all cookies and you wanna catch fade and a couple other things :) thanks for sending the ace wraps! the cambodien speakers are so excited for brandon they really are i told em about it and they are ready to train him! he might deal with some scary stuff though just a warning. I been on exchanges and 1 things with the hmong and maybe the cambodien speaking missionaries they deal with shamanism. That stuff is real, its not of god but it is real so its hard to tell them its not true because it is real. we stay with the hmong missionaries and went on an exchange and this guy asked us to teach him how to pray because he has been sick in his eye because he tripped over a spirit and it hurt his eye thats what i could understand of it, you trip on spirits and they take a part of your spirit and thats what makes you sick. Anyway so he tried his hmong meds and chanting and it didnt work so he asked us to pray and we said ok. Before we taught him how he started chanting to nobody in the room and he was telling his ancestors to not be upset that he is trying modern religious ways to cure his illness and then we herd screaming in the room but it was only us and he started chanting louder and when he stopped the screaming stopped and we taught him how to pray and got the heck out of there hahah!! anyway back to cool stuff i love you all and am excited to talk to you on mothers day! i love the hmong elders they are so funny! im still with the district leader so ill probably never get away from them! your honeymoon looked super sweet! that car is way nice and that alligator was really small :) well i love ya! you guys are so great! ill end my email in tongan! eh toko malolelei! fefe hake? oku sie pe! ofa 'atu!! nofo 'a

Miracle results in new investigators in Springfield!

Padre, first of all..... Florida looks warm... I'm glad that you had an awesome honeymoon! Second of all I've heard all about the ice storms. We had 3 members in my ward all get stuck down there because of crashes. Third of all, I've always known Al Gore was an Al Quaida sympathizer, he's a democrat right? I've heard all about the gun stuff as well and its really got me worried.. I'm not a huge fan of the way things are going with the world. However, I think its possible that the reason is I only get to hear about the negative most the time. I'm so pumped for Ashley, thats so awesome! Tell Jason the ward I'm in is the ward that we should live in. They are all Trek fans/ Starwars/ Lotro/ astrology nerds, its AWESOME!! Don't you go and kill yourself on those steps! We need to fix that gutter man! Speaking of that I've been going part time as a roof cleaner and repair man! It's a lot of fun haha This week has been crazy. Shipley sadly shipped out (punny). Elder Caswell is my new companion, he's a cool guy from Texarcana Texas! I took over the area and we've had so much work to do here its nuts. I saw several miracles this week, 1 to 2 every day, it was nuts. One of the crazier ones I'll tell ya about. There is this house that myself and Shipley went by all the time. We saw a lot of traffic outside it all the time, and not the good kind. One day I just felt like I was going to be going to that house and teaching there, but it was a fleeting feeling. Then we ran into these two guys that are from Utah, less active and wanted to return to church. Then I got that feeling again. We went to go see them, then found out that it was the suspicious house! So we went there, and we taught one of the guys, then the person that owns the place came in on the lesson, and by the end of it, she was crying, and he was encouraging her to read about the bofm. Then we went back and taught the other kid and some of his friends that live there. One of the girls became a new investigator and told us that we answered her prayers. It was just crazy.... Well i've gotta go padre.  I love ya, and I hope all is well at home. Love ya popaa!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Zack transfers to TONGAN SPEAKING!! Talofa Lava!

oh also how come jason aint been emailing or writting me?? he said on christmas he wanted to talk to me about somethin and never talked about it to me so im just waiting haha!

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i found out how the california stop was made we found a spot where there was a stop signe and right next to it was  a do not stop at any time sign hahaha!!!! also could you send me a couple ace wraps and bandage wraps? i have used  several on my comp he got pretty hurt i kinda did too but all is well :) just short on medical supplys. also start the no bones game ok? AND STAY DEDICATED. i am very dedicated, i got no bonesed while on bike and i crashed haha! im not so smart though :) well LOVE YOU!!!!!
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dad i have 3 BIG stories for you. so first and foremost transfers came in and i cant learn tahitian anymore im sorry but i have been called to the tala ofa ward TONGAN SPEAKING with a mission comp who also doesnt speak tongan and we dont get language study time and we are translating the stake conference this sunday...... GIFT OF TONGUES PLEASE! im excited to serve there and ready to take on the ew challenge i also have a car and a HUGE ghetto. I will be in the north sacramento Del paso heights. Its a ghetto to compare to stockton :) so thats going to be really fun :) second story i had a bike tire blow p in my face while pumping it, it only was at 35 PSI when it blew up and hit me good so we been on foot for this week i got a couple blisters haha. Now third and foremost brandon mcbride is called to the SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA MISSION!! combodian speaking. im freaking out!!! just freaking out!!!  so those are my stories and ill be staying in a no english apartment with tongan speaking and mong speaking. im really excited!! i need vids and pics of gator wrestling and wedding please!! im happy to hear that SF won and are facing the Ravens :) also im excited to hear the wedding and honeymoon went well :) im happy for yall!!  well i got packing and language learning to do love ya!!!

Zacks last week post

Kate- i hope that your schoo.l is going well, even though your sick of school just stick to it, you will miss high school just as i do :) tell rozanes sorry i was a crappy student and that i look up to him and check in on coleman and nesbit for me :) As for the car that just happens in the snow :) please dont kill the car! im glad the cat is sticking around now i want to see ehr more friendly with us :) i love that cat!! did ammon like the guitar pict i sent? its makeshifted our of a pencil for a bridge and some cards for the raised action. i miss yall so much! im glad you were able to go to the sealing room, sealings are me favorite thing to do in the temple. i love ya and i want you to keep working hard!!! keep me posted don your life! work hard in school sorry im runnin out of time so ill email more later!

Kev- thats single handed the greatest story!!!! i want to see the film send it to me please!! i love ya man! i agree stay busy!! i love staying busy!! iwant you to do something with the family and everyone you know! there is a game we started on the mission called "no bones" you touch somebody and they have no bones they just drop right there. Then you can be touched by anyone and they say "bones" and you have bones again. While they have no bones feel free to do whatever you want prank wise to them. The AP's drove their car up to my arm and i didnt move. You have to stay true to the game YOU HAVE NO BONES!!! well im running out of time! i love you keep mailing me ok? also tell jason i never got his letter i miss hearing from him!

Dad- iwant you to do something with the family and everyone you know! there is a game we started on the mission called "no bones" you touch somebody and they have no bones they just drop right there. Then you can be touched by anyone and they say "bones" and you have bones again. While they have no bones feel free to do whatever you want prank wise to them. The AP's drove their car up to my arm and i didnt move. You have to stay true to the game YOU HAVE NO BONES!!! im feeling offended that you threw that modeling thing in my face, im going to marry a super p[retty girl though so no worries on that! as for the wedding i wish i was there it sounds super funny!!! that talk i gave you has a couple mispelled words so sorry for that! and im sorry for the mix up transfers are next week so my Pday is next tuesday :) what is the tahitian grammar rules, im teaching myself tahitian so i need your help. im reading the tahitian book of mormon. i have a question, whats david B's address?? i have been able to medically help people out here!!!! i get to help my comp with his super messed up ankle haha!! so is Lehi roller mills going out of business? thats just what i have heard. So i came to the conclusion that i want background music when i talk to people :) i love ya!! i hope everything goes well!! i hope you like the talk and all is well!!! sorry for the short message im running out of time LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Last weeks Jeremy post

Woh there Mr. Top Down McJones!!!! Hahaha I'm glad to hear that you are having a great time in Florida Papa Smurf. I heard that your wedding was an amazing time :) I sent you a few things in the mail, I don't think they'll be there until the 22nd but I dunno. I want you to know how happy I am for you and Darlene. I have a few letters with the package that have more of my thoughts on the whole thing so I'll let you read them and I won't expound any further, they are kinda between you and me, and if you want to divulge anything to momma then I can't stop you, shes your wife, do what you do man! Don't kill yourself in Florida, to much fun is bad for you I hear haha You're the man, I hope this week is epic for you both. Love ya
Elder Larsen Sr.
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In addition to the other stuff I told you about the wedding...ok I am driving in Florida in 80 degree weather in a convertable mustang with the top down...metallic blue....yah baby!

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Katie Sue Bug Susan McSlaughlin, all I've got to say on the whole you going on a mission thing is just do it! Its the greatest thing that I've done with my life and I know that it would be the best thing that you could do with a year and a half of your life. When I think about me being out for 4 1/2 months and it blows my mind, I fell like i've been out for a few weeks at most. The time flys out here, I love it, but at the same time I feel like I've just been rushin through everything haha I don't have time to sit and reflect just about ever so it just goes hahaha You're dancing and singing and etc.??? I must see video to see these things, I'll not have the opportunity to see you do it otherwise. I'm also very happy that you were able to be a witness to the sealing, that's some really cool stuff. I've never even been in the sealing room haha I'm going to give you some advice on making next year to easy as well. When you make your schedule make sure that you have at least one very important class a day, because I just put both of my fingers in the air and blew off my senior year because it was to easy haha Kate I love you so much and I miss you, I'm glad that you are staying busy out in Utar! This week we were able to set another baptismal date with a kid named Daniel, also if you could pray for Tim Brown and Doug, they are preparing for baptism as well, every prayer helps and I need all the help that I can get. I love you and appreciate all that you have done for me and the family. Keep up the home front.
Kevlar the Fantasimoto!
Party like it is your birthday! padre isn't home so you guys need to throw a real rager, talk to katie on what is a real rager of a party, she will be able to describe it to you. I told her what one would be,you just have to go back to the letter from last week if she forgets. I'm sorry to hear that you and Lauren have broken up, even if she was in my grade hahahahaha I'm just jokin, but I'm glad because she knew way to many of my dark secrets about my dark school days and my heavy metal and my punk hair, and my Maryjane usage and etc. So it's good, everything happens for a reason I know that is true. By the way I'm having a tie made that is going to be so sick. I'm getting OEM (oregon eugene mission) embroidered on a tie, then I'm putting Oregons state herb in the middle of the O... hahahaha Don't worry I'll never wear it out proselyting, its just for me to laugh at and then on my last day in the mission I'm wearing it home hahaha I know trunky talk, but we came up with the idea and decided to run with it. I wish I could've seen Jason and Slade in Banana Suits, that would've been the coolest thing to see, but I had some crazy stuff to do that day haha We've had some pretty close calls over that past few days. one was because we were kind stupid the other was just crazy. We were about to go teach an investigator of ours and we were outside doing a quick corralation when my comp, Shipley's, eyes get about 10 sizes bigger then craps his pants and starts to slowly edge to the side of the mobile home. I am thinking wth is going on? He looks at me and says, there is a gun pointing at you.... I was like whaaaaaaaattt....... so I slowly turn around and there is a shotgun pointing through a window and I just slowly (while crapping my pants) move to the side.. it was crazy haha The other someone almost hit us with there car, they clipped Shipley. It's been crazy man haha Well I love you kevlar, You're a studmuffin and I promise to go caroling with you when I return, just don't be married haha I love ya man

Monday, January 21, 2013

Elder Jers in charge!

I knew that you would love the idea hahaha The one thing that is consistent with all of Oregon that I have seen so far is that Sunday, is stoner day. Every Sunday, without fail the state herb is just seeping from every house we go to. The tie thing isn't going to happen, it was a fun idea but we decided not to go through with it... I know I've gotta be more responsible then that. I'm so happy to hear that ya'lls honeymoon was the bomb! Sounds like you guys had fun! I dibs wrestling alligators with her! We'll make it a competition, whoever can wrangle the biggest one gets the alligator skin boots that someone is going to make me out here! The whole gun thing isn't out of the ordinary, Springfield 2nd ward is just in a really really tough part of town, lots of interesting people. We were at an investigators house the other day and I was wearing a black and blue sweater. He is slightly less accountable then some others, but he was having a really rough day and his schizophrenia was really noticeable. He said that by me wearing that sweater it meant that I wanted to beat him black and blue... We left fairly quickly because he was standing in the kitchen and there were sharp things. We first read how he can best deal with stress by reading Mosiah 21 or 24, can't remember now. He is a cool guy just has a really hard time. Today was transfers... I'm in charge of this area now! woo hoo... I like not having responsibility, if I'm not stressed then I'm not growing so Its good to have this challenge. My new companion is Elder Caswell, seems like a cool guy, little bit quite. He's from Texas, I'm pumped to get work done with him. This will be a fun transfer. Elder Shipley, Shipman Jones/ Shipwreck, is now DL in Albony and Elder Taumoelau is his ZL in Lebanin. I was pretty pumped to see him at the transfer area. Apparently the people that I was teaching down in Roseburg have been or are close to being baptized. 2 were and 2 families I was working with are close! One of them, Mike Robuck, was a missionary for another church! I'm really pumped about that. If you could pray for Tim Brown, Doug Slater, Gary and Annie Wilde, and Daniel Lindsey I would really appreciate it. they are on their way to baptism but are going through some struggles. Please pray that the spirit will touch their hearts. I love you padre and Darlene I'm excited to have you in the family, I really missed both of you on your wedding. I have a present coming in for you! I love you both. Keep up the home front.

Love Elder Larsen Sr.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Elder Jers gets ready to proselyte!

Elder Shipley's ripped jeans haha

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Then we got my new Zone, my companions ripped jeans, then some other stuff I forgot what they were and the computers are so slow and ghetto that I really don't want to take the time to load them

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Boa at Mike and Tamaras, then it's Richard McLaughlin and the last is a 1903 Springfield, used in WWI, so freakin cool

On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 10:43 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
All of these are Roseburg photos. The young family is the Sperry's, the Older couple are the Braggs, the other one was my favorite family Katie, Zack and Felicia Sulliven
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So I've been thinking about it and I've decided that I'm not going to call you. I'm gettin a few things out for you two love birds this week so if they don't get to you by your wedding then I'm sorry. Its just way busy so I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able do get the stuff out to you. I feel like a way that I can show you how much I appreciate your sacrafice in keeping me out here is to not call you and follow mission rules as much as I can (though I am far far far from perfect). I just want you to know how much I love you, and how much  I appreciate everything you have done for me. I'm so happy for You and Darlene. Let Darlene know how much I love her for what she's done for me and for our family. I hope this week is one that you will never forget and that everything goes perfect for both of you. I love you padre, my President and Sister Young send  their love and so do Elder Shipley and Taumoelau.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Zack can't use slang?? Say it aint so!

DAD- well that will be exciting to hear about the marriage! i am trying to learn tahitian because its better than tongan :) however i have not gotten much study in because i have been kinda sick lately :( i got some stupid bug from the other missionaries while fixing the bikes. I have become quite the bike mechanic i feel lately, i have been fixing lots of bikes and messing with the gear shifters and such :) That sounds like my wonderfully amazing dog deceptive and smart :) (just like the devil haha) :o Anyway you will be amused to hear that i was chosen to sing at a wedding/baptism. I had a day advanced notice and everyone said i did good but i know its pitty i aint every been good at singing haha! i got some fun pics to send home whenever i get the sim card :) but no rush i got time and memory haha! i have some pics of our ghetto guitar, we used a pencil for the bridge and some cards to raise the action ahah! tell Ammon that he might like it. Also as for kevin and jason, im happy they will prolly be married while im gone but all im saying is for those who marry while im gone dont get invited to my wedding haha jkjkjk :)  as for ashly thats awesome she is getting married there is a pretty cute sister missionary here thats from alaska she is the talk of the town haha! Anyway transfers are comin up so i wont email till next tuesday its been a busy week! we are starting something in the mission called slaying the slang. So me and my comp are doing a talley for every slang term used its a mark and the one with the most marks buys the comp smash burger :) im winning but only by like 2 marks haha im not good at not saying freakin and gay and bro and such haha! i got myself a reindeer pelt sorry its a random thought but i just remembered it i got it for free and its super soft :) so i have been doing a lot of trunky thinking and came to the conclusion that im going to be working at rock creek pizza when i go back home. i know i hated it but now that i look at it, it was a good job and its still there when i go home so why not haha money is money and ill have no school at the moment so what else i got to do? so this week we had lots of exchanges and such because my comp is havin a bit of a hard time but he is doing well now but on my exchanges i got to drive the car which was awesome! i love driving brand new cars that go fast and actually have a break :) :) speaking of cars how is the gutless silver car? So i made a video of this mexican chocolate mix and me trying to eat it plane. It is some spicy cinimin chocolate mix where one quarter of the bar is meant for 4 cups or somethin like that sadly i did not get eh 20 dollars because i could not finish it :) well i do love you all so much and i miss you! i am happy to be able to be out here but its for sure different. tell david to email me ok? and tell him ilove em! also please someone get me sam hunters email address!!! well i would like to giver a shout out to brandon for the  hermonica and the book safe :) i love it and use it!!!! :) well love you all bye!!!!! oh also i aint got jasons letter yet and kevin should e mail me :) i love you all so much!!!!!!

kate- love ya kate!!! hope you get better real soon its no fun being sick! i also dont think its fun to have to catch up on school dont do what i did its rough haha! well love ya!!! keep me posted on everything!

Jeremy = Working man!

Padre, First of all, I want to high five Lia right now, pet that dog and give her some lovin haha LIA FOR THE WIN second of all, I'm pumped for your mawage! I'm gonna try and get permission to call you on saturday if that is okay with you. No promises, probably won't happen, but it doesn't hurt to try. Tell Dave hi and that he's a boss and other things that you may think are appropriate hahahaha, and tell Dan CONGRATS! thats so awesome! Sounds like you guys got a lot going on at home. I got a letter from Erik which was cool. I'm glad to hear that he's adjusting well! I've had a crazy busy week myself. We are the Guinea pigs of a new system so we're gettin swamped. On top of the fact that we have just been exploding with work to do.. It's crazy how busy we are, I hardly have time to breath at times. We have a baptism on the 19th! Tim Brown, one of the greatest people I know on this planet. We have been working with this LA guy as well, he is trying to prep to baptize his daughter, he's fallen through 3 times now, but he's on the ball now. We call him every night to see if he's reading the Book of Mormon and we talk about scriptures and other crazy stuff. He's one of the greatest guys I know, it's something else out here. So many awesome people out here its really crazy! Gary, the LA, will definitely be dunkin her soon, so we are pumped about that as well. I found out that one of my friends down in Roseburg got baptised and 2 other close friends got dates now! I've been workin with this one girl Felicia, she's down in Roseburg. She was having a really really hard time when I was there so I kept writting her and keepin up makin sure all is well. She's started going to church and she'll be getting baptised on the 19th now! It seriously wanted to make my have a tear come to my eye, but I resisted the urge.. Her family was my closest friends down there, Katie and Zack Sulliven. I loved them so much and now that Felicia is getting baptized I'm just so excited to see her family come together even closer. I'm just so pumped! The work is gettin crazy out here, there is an air of change and success. Its humbling being part of this work. I work my tail off, but when it comes down to it, I'm doing nothing, all on the spirit. I've never been busier in my life, it's a lot of fun haha I understand now why you hate taking work off. The holidays were killers. I hated taking days of on tuesday and christmas haha Its wierd to say, but I much rather would have been out working those days then just watching movies and such. Well padre don't have to much fun in Florida, zombies with rage virus will eat your face, or maybe that's just hobo's who snort bath salts... Can't remember which it is. I love you popaa, you're the, thank you for all that you do for me and all that you help me with. Tell the family I love them and miss them. I'm down with the whole tahiti pictures! I was talking to some people who went to hawaii after being in Oregon for awhile and they got burnt bad.. They told me to hit up a tanning booth so I had a baselayer burn. Then I told them I'm not a girl and they should grow a pair hahahaha I have fun with people haha I love ya pops, this church is true and the Book of Mormon is the cure for the malfunctioning soul! I love ya'll, keep workin hard and have fun in Florida. Like Nike says, Just DO it my man.
Katie Sue Bug Susan KiethburgMcSlaghlin!
I don't know where I got the name, but it's really cool haha Lia is the boss of all boss' as far as I'm concerned. I miss that pup, keep her frisky while I'm away! It was great to see you on Christmas! You gettin vamped up for popaa's marriage. I command you to through a rager while he's on his honeymoon, invite 4 people over for a movie! Then add some sprite and some popcorn or candy and you got yourself a rager! Mess up the house and have way to much fun, maybe even miss a half day of school! (you didn't hear that from me, but on that half day get some crazy bread then get crazy) I love ya kate I've gotta run. Sorry for the short mail. Love ya bye all
Elder Larsen Sr.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zack is learning Tahitian???

FATHER KEN- well i dont know the probability of us being comps but we are i like having and ADHD adrenaline junkie as a comp and he is a recent convert. We are planning to roomate in college with jeremy haha! Know that i love all ya'll Also i have dumped learning tongan and am now learning Tahitian. I was excited to see char but you know the story and who i was with so no need to go on about that story. sounds like everyone is super busy doing stuff. What were you doing in florida? tell dave to freaking write me i sent him a couple letters before he left and he didnt write anything back. I also NEED SAM HUNTERS E-MAIL so please someone help me with that. thats awesome dave is back and that everything is going well. Honestly i been talking with mike and im so excited to see that kid again but anyway i respect the crap out of him and i love him. I also am glad to hear about how smart steph is! She is brainy like crazy!! I do approve of darlenes new tradition for new years. Do you know what the tradition over here is? everyone from the ghetto comes out and shoots thier guns in the air, it hurt like 12 people last time haha! got to love cali haha! By the way how did you like the new years call? :) so i am writting a new topic for a family night with ya'll so expect it sometime next month haha! as far as basketball is going im doing a lot better so im happy about that!  NBA is my back up plan and thats not even joking :) :) dont change our traditions to much while im out ok? i love you all so much!!

Megan- first and foremost tell parker i respect his choice about going back to rock creek. and tell him to tell the boss when i get home i plan on working there again as well. tell parker to have the boss lady send me a letter ok? please? i love you  so much!! i think your amazing! im glad you got that letter i hope it meant something to ya'll! i am glad to hear the wedding went well. good luck in school!!! i am hopefully the same im going to try and get strong and look good for ya when i get home! i dont care if you have acne your always beautiful to me i love ya!!!

Dusty,lisa, and such- Sounds like your having a good time! i love ya'll so much!! i think your an amazing family i respect you all so much with the hard work your doing and all your going through! i love you so much and i dunno where alex got that im silent as a church mouse and no wanting to do crazy things.... ;) i lie sometimes haha! im not even a realy missionary im just here to fill a position haha! i joke i love it here and i miss ya so much happy holidays!!!!