Monday, December 31, 2012

Short note from Jeremy

Padre, It was great to see all of you as well, I'm glad that you're all doing so well! I'll keep waiting for something as awesome as those photos, I better get them soon though.... It was great to see Zack as well, I do miss ya but I really love it out here. I want to thank all of you for the presents, you guys rock! Thanks so much for all of the help that you are to me! We had to throw away the video of the elastic weights thing, Brook Hauge in yoga clothes.... Temptations sent into the house by my own father hahahahaha Well sadly I don't have to much time to type today.. Tell Steph congrats for me and tell her that she's a boss for pulling that off, she's gonna have to help me w/ homework haha Tell Dave I say whats of from OEM territory and let Alex know I say happy B-Day. What are you doing in Florida!? You're becoming a world traveler! Tell Kevin thanks for the CD and that Evanston is to dangerous for such a young and innocent person hahaha Love all of you and I wish you a happy New Year! PARTY HARD!!!!  but not to hard.. You crazy crazy Banana King, I know what pps like you do on New Years! LOVE Ya'll
Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jeremy & Caroling

Well  I've had a crazy crazy week, full of miracles, then me ignoring how awesome the miracles were by wasting the last 30min of the day then getting chastened by the Lord because I was as the Nephites and Isreal, backsliding and easily forgetting. It was worse then when they saw the star of Christs birth then went on ignoring it 3yrs later haha. I will expound on these events. SO... I was on exchanges with the ZL, and we had 10min until we had to be in at 9. So we prayed that the lord would provide us someone to teach in the last minutes. We went down the street and started singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful, and then a guy rounded the corner and said that he had been praying since he was 4 to hear Christmas Carols in that part of town. We then taught him and gave him a BoM. Next night we had similer experince right before we went in and I'll expound on that tomorrow at about  9  or 10 your time. So then sunday we went in about 30min early because all the people had family over and we just were like to heck with it, we'll just go home and have a P-Day eve and listen to some Blind Pilots. So we did. Then the AP's came over with a present from the President... I know right, they come in and we're all chilled out because of super chill music and they come over and we're all in our pajamas and stuff.. Super lame on our part haha So we decided that we had been blessed all week because we hadn't wasted the last hour of the day and then we wasted it so we had to be reminded that this was the lords time and Blind Pilots could wait until 9. I'm just glad that the lord chose to remind us that we had work to do, because he doesn't do that for everyone. We have a lot of work to do here and we are just starting. We got 6 new investigators next week, 2 of them are families! SO PUMPED! I'm super pumped for you and soon to be Step Mom Darleen that's gonna be so awesome!! I still don't have any photos of you running on the beach slowly baywatch style bro! what the heck mayne! haha I got beat up playing Raquetball today, but I am gettin better. Katie is an allstar for tell her I love her! Tell Isacc I say whats up also, and to relax a bit haha I bet the ward is rockin it right now with those guys at the helm. Tell eveyone that needs to be told that I love them and I'm so pumped for this wedding for you. Tell Caleb congrats and if you can get ahold of Brian tell him I say hey and that I'm deeply sorry for his lose. Hook up his e-mail, I never have time to write letters.
Also my bike seat and such got stolen today... I know, It'll go to someones christmas fund hopefully and they'll get something nice for there kid. Sorry though, I'm gonna need a bit of mulah to replace it cause it's kind of expensive.. Sorry padre i"ll not let it happen again.. I love you all so much and I hope that the Holidays rock for ya, Talk to you all tomorrow!
Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jeremy gets a compy from Sandy!!

Padre, If you talk about the Hobbit again I might explode haha Use code such as this: The Investigator that we went and saw the other day was great, there were many short people there, but it was a long visit. It was much funnier then the first 3, which were more serious, but extremely amazing sit downs. I would have gotten the just of what you were talking about and wouldn't want to got running to a movie theater and break one of the white bibles rules haha Everyone has been talking about that and they've been talkin about the Sandy Hook thing... I can't believe this world man, it's just crazy. I can't believe all of you people and you're mawwagies hahaha All of you fools caught the love bug hahahaha! The new area I'm in is awesome! It's the Ghetto of Eugen pretty much haha We see a ton of crazy stuff and hear a whole lot of crazier stuff haha The ward is somethin else also haha I love it! Its definitely a place I want to kick it for awhile. Those sweater pics if you could you should send it to my email, I want em haha We were at the Bishops place last night pretty late and they were doing christmas so we were rockin it. They were doing ugly sweater contest so we got to take pics with them haha I still like my vest, its a real winner haha I'll send you some digital copies of it for the blog! I got it at a resale place, it got a very intersting smell to it hahaha Look up a talk btw It's by Brian Wilcox- His Grace is sufficent. It's a really good one that has helped me a lot. I'll let you know what they are, I'm pumped to find out. We've had a great experience over this last week! Elder Ship man, Shipley (He's a great great guy) was praying for one of our investigators, and its one of those things that I really don't want to get much into, one of those experiences, but we were going to sacrafice a lot for this guy. The spirit really let him know that this was the right thing to do, and the lord made promises. We prayed that he would keep up his end and he did and more. Tim, the investigator was getting evicted, then the bishop got involved, one of the things we prayed for, then he got a job, another thing we prayed for, and he then accepted the invitation to be baptised. We didn't have to really hold up our end, but we did our part and were going to, the lord saw that we were going to and he did all of it instead. It was crazy.. The lord came through in spades, he answered Shipleys prayer. It was the craziest thing I've seen on my mish so far. I will tell you more about it one day, but over email is not good enough. This area is going to rock, I'm going to love every second of being here. So many good people.. So many strange people haha It's a lot more relaxed of an area also, not as high stress, I feel like I'm going to get a ton done here if we work hard! which I will. Go and read Mosiah 7:22, I had a great thought on it for what we pay to satan when we choose to sin. I dunno, I thought it was cool haha. I love all of you so much! Kate you're the, Kevin, Jason, Darleen, Ashley, and dogs I love all of you and I hope that you're having a great holiday season! I am for sure!

Zack Gets a firefighter companion!!

DAD- wow so the weddings are stacking up eh? well glad the hobbit is good that makes me happy, i have heard all about it really. As for my bike its been kinda fixed but i was on foot for 4 days, we been walking about 30 miles a day really. thats funky that work has slowed down usually your pretty busy by this time. im glad kayla is good! i love her she is a cutie!i hope to see her when i skype home and the time that im skyping will be around 9 AM california time. I do love you all and am kind of sad that im missing all these weddings haha! im glad to see mark kunz has made such a big change in his life i know that it will be good for him and he will love it! i love it out here and the work is kinda slow now we are hoping for 2 baptisms this month though which will be cool. Really we just do a lot of service and deflooding houses. It rains almost 24/7 here and that sucks because i need the sunshine! However i still love it here! and i love my new comp! he is from west jordan utah and his name is elder shitoani! he speaks a lil japanese and he is also a firefighter, he went through the same fire science program i did a year before me! we is super cool! also the packages i wont get till christmas since the office witholds them from us. I will be sending some presents and they may get there after christmas but its all good! im working on another talk just for kicks and giggles. Ashley got married quick just saying ahah, what happened to the guy who came off his mission? Did you hear about that massacre in connecticut? we hear all about it like "how could you forgive someone like that" its kind of annoying but it doesnt make that thing any better i feel what people need to do is focuse on the comfort of the families who lost people anyway that whole thing is bad just sayin. Sorry dad but since i been here i picked up freestyle rapping its what happens when people go to california. Well i love you all so much and i know your all amazing good luck with everything! i love you all!

Kate- well glad to hear you have had some good adventures with animals! how is my chinchi? how are the dogs? I love them and i love you! Im glad school is well for you and that coleman wrote me! Now just for nesbit! ill send a letter to you for him how is that? I do not know about your letter yet, all mail is withheld till chirstmas haha! sucks... Anyway keep up the good work and enjoying school! glad josh is still around he is an awesome guy! make sure that kevin gets me sam hunters E-mail ok? thank you! also i dont hate nic lee he is all good and fine :) well love ya bye!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zacks Busted bike and new compy

DAD-HAHAh i love that joke thats freaking awesome and applys to half the people i talk to haha! Also as far as me knowing when im going to skype ill prolly let ya know a week before when i know haha! Transfers came in and im staying again but new comp sadly. I was really connecting with my old comp ya know? So i hope this guy is good if not ill figure somethin out :) i LOVE KAYLA!! and i miss liam and alex a lot. I am glad he is ok. I am happy to hear about the graveside memorial for mom she deserves the best we can do and i agree with your theory on guardian angels who needs exact doctrine anyway haha! My comp is leaving to south sac to be comps with his other tongan friend who is 315 pounds and 6 feet 7 inches needles to say nobody will pick on them haha! im sending a pix home for ya i think you will like it :) Tell erick he never replied to my letter :) tell him i love him and that i expect him to visit me out here since i visited him haha! unless im in stockten then he dont have to come visit till i leave that area i dont wish anyone down there haha! well this last week i have had 2 bike wrecks not due to me but due to bike malfunction and i said i wont ride it anymore until someone fixes it or i get it replaced we will see how that works haha! im tired of getting hurt and my last crash sent me into the middle of a busy street sadly nobody hit my bike haha!  those sound like way fun trips try not to rub it in to much that i aint got no mountains. im sending you a video to of a free style rap me and fifi did :) i think you will like it! so send my sim card ASAP :) Thats what happens when you send your kid to california he starts rapping haha! Also compare Lord of the Rings to the gospel ok? gandolf was resurrected just think about it. there is a lot in there :) well i love you all so very much and im happy to serve this mission even if i have trials such as a friend passing away i learned in 1 peter i need to be grateful for trials so thats awesome! I love you very much :) how is chinchi?

Megan- i know whatever you said at tiffs funeral is what needed to be said. I am no better at talking at those things than you are. I have been to so many funerals so it probably seems like i have more practice ya know?  just know that i love ya a lot! im sorry you had to go through that and im glad to hear she is burried near where my mom is so im  for sure going to go see her grave when i go home. Your right this time of year was kind of heard for me with my mom and tiffany and such but i know that im here for a reason and you know how much i hate to loose so its not like im comin home early unless i absolutely have to! as for your new diet im surprised but at the same time not so much with all your roomates being vegans i figured you might become one as well :) Whatever makes you happy and healthy i support but you know the day i come home we are goin to carls Jr. right? :) i only eat rabbit food when members give it to me haha! i have gained so much weight out here though you wont like me haha!!! i have gained 15 pounds (mostly leg muscle from biking is what im going with since i aint grown on waste size haha) Anyway you know i love ya and im glad that everyone is chillin with you! tell parker to reply to my letter ok? its important i hear from him :)  glad that work is going well for you :) i have a story in my letter telling about my experience with lil kids and teaching :) you might like it! and school is almost over! good luck!!!!!!!!! love ya bye!!!!!

NIVEK- well glad meg is there with ya helping you through some things and im glad she misses me that means i wasnt to bad to her :) true story i miss my ghetto house though the one im staying in with a member is nice. She has a nice piano that i play often and a ukalele. HEY I NEED SAM HUNTERS EMAIL please get it for me. Also glad to hear about moms graveside thing we need to do when when i get home too. i miss her lots but i know she aint far from me making sure i dont get shot out here haha! well im staying put for another transfer man its crazy ill be spending 6 months in my first area i dont mind it though! well love ya man i really does i really does keep me posted on the single life :) also on jasons taken life :)  hope lord of the rings is good its going to be a temptation for me to not watch it at a members house i have a member that is pirating it and offered to turn it on while im there :) we will see if i become the apostate missionary ;) haha no worries im going to skype on a members laptop :) aint no way im going to be quiet bro! im still the same kid before i left jsut so ya know haha maybe just understand the doctrine a bit better :)
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Elder Tammy praises Jeremy!

Brother Larsen,
                     I have been blessed to be your sons trainer, these twelve weeks that i was with him have been trully the best experience in my mission. My faith and testimony have been strengthened tremendously because of him and the insights and the spirit that he had. Getting to know him and his experience in his life, all i can think of is Alma the Younger with his mom being the angel and it strengthen my testimony on how each of our families were ordained of God. that leads my grattitude to the Spirit of Elijah by turning the heart of the children to their father and the father to their children. What a wonderful and marvelous blessings it is in our families. My prospective as missionary changes wholly as i look at people because of Jeremy's strong and faithful testimony.
Everyday we meet people that are smoking and drinking i use to refrain from them until i was with your son and that gives me hope for all other people that is doing that knowing that a mighty change of heart can come to everyone of the children of our Heavenly Father. With tears i express my grattitude to you and to your son for all the good and hard work that he has done. Our ward members really missed him already and Sister Hoppe and some other sisters in the ward they cried as he left. Thank you so much for the wonderful letter i do really appreciated it. Our mission president really trusted him and his wife as well and he will be a fantastic missionary. 'Ofa lahi atu (Love always)

Jeremy moves to Springfield!

Yesterday was tough! Leaving Roseburg has been one of the toughest things that I've had to deal with for sure. I was able to send moms letter in a box with your card for the family. It should have gotten there Saturday but apparently it didn't.. Totally a bummer. That unknown no name letter is for Toucher, just don't know how to spell his name...... But I'm going to be sending home a picture of the Christus statue. It's really nice, Sis. Sperry is an artist and she hooked it up. She sells them for 400$ each usually but she just hooked it up haha I loved that family.. I became family with so many people out here it was just so crazy to leave. Sis. Hoppe became my Grandma pretty quickly. I'll let you know what my new address is asap. I still haven't met my new companion yet, his name is Elder Shipley. I'll get a hold of Brian asap, thank you for hookin up his address. I can't wait to get into contact with him. Thank you for hookin up the Christmas cash! My new comp just came in so I gotta run. I love ya I'll write you asap! Sorry Kev if I don't get back to you this week I still love you. Also, this is AMERICA! don't you EVER send me mail that speaks that dirty piglatin!! LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! I'll send pictures and such. love ya

So I've gotten to my spot in Springfield now. I'll be able to fill you in on all of the details of christmas. I hope that you get that box soon. The backpack is for alex, baby stuff for kayla and the hoodie is for Liam. my new address is
Elder Jeremy Larsen
340 12th st apt #3
Springfield Or 97499
I'm in another Ghetto! not as bad as Stockton though haha. Its right next to Eugene. I think SIs. Young sent you a picture of me and Rodrigo w/ Tammy, that was my last sunday in Roseburg. I'm gonna miss the heck outta that place. The new elder I'm with seems awesome, the spot we are in is in a transitional phase. we're both new to the area so it'll be a blast haha I'm excited for this new adventure up here. The Cornielsons are going to hook me up while I'm up here. They are a family from Roseburg. They have a brother who works at Nike so they said they'll hook up some kicks hahaha I hope that all is well and tell Aunt Jenny I love her and thanks for the present. I hope all is well! Happy Holidays :)
P.S. That story was completely inappropriate father... I can't believe you... I thought so much higher of you until now so I ask you to please repent............ HAHAHAHAHAHA Could you imagine if I was like that... I love you thanks for the pick me up?
Kevano el zorro el senorita da bamba
Tell Eric I love the sin outta him and that I'm happy to hear he wasn't killed in Chico haha Kev I got to write pres and I'm on a 20min computer because I don't have a library pass yet so I'll write you back...... On the other hand a pop up just came up and said that I added 10 minutes!! SCORE!! I swear the tender mercies of the lord are everywhere haha, even though it was just a 10min extension it means quite a bit right now haha So leaving Roseburg sucksss.. We will go on a road trip through there someday and it'll be glorious my friend. SO this holiday season I expect you to go to old folks homes and carol. I did that at a friend of mines grandpa's place and they appreciated it so much, so go and do as they brother missionary commands. Straight out of 1Nep. 3:7.. Go and do bro! I love you kev and I've told everyone out here that you like girls so you're in trouble braflaski. haha The church is true!
Love Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Tornados, earthquakes AND Floods?? Sounds like Cali :)

sad to report the passing of a dear friend tiffany howel (yes brian howels sister) so please pray for thier family and for their needs

On Mon, Dec 3, 2012 at 2:20 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- I dunno what it is with all the animals but its great!  yes trunk or treat is the safe way for kids here that or they get jumped haha! i love kayla she is so cute! i love the house too! she would love it i know that she would be happy with the proceeds and i love the house is amazing! yea i can imagine a lot of shopping for you! when is the wedding? ill let ya know when im skyping home as soon as i know :) thanks for that compliment on the lesson i have actually added to it :) but im glad you like it and that its of use haha. you should admit being banana king for that wedding ;) just sayin. did anyone call you from my ward this week? did they call you banana king? salt lake city burger is amazing aint it? just a lil expensive. i was on exchanges in the YSA ward and its not fair for missionaries! they are cute girls and i dont ever want to have dinner with them again because i have to not focus on that, its the only place i seen with pretty girls. megan is still prettier :) along with every girl i hung out with at home. utah girls RULE! well i have endured it all out here, tornado earthquakes and now flooding! i got some good pics of that too but we had 4 straight days of rain and floods so that was cool. Pday next week is on tuesday so dont expect a mail on monday So remember that!  anyway i love ya so much guys!!!! Im glad about Liam being better now that was worrying so much. im glad the dogs are doin better :) LOVE YOU!!

Kevin- thanks for the letter i love ya and i love your letters. I will keep close to mike he is my best friend i care about the guy! he is a influence on me as are a few other peeps. That pun is awesome and i love it and i love the idea for the activity and less actives, i see you paid attention to my lesson :)  Well sad day that its leaving the house i loved that thing because the drawers didnt open :) anyway i aint got a lot of time im busy today sadly but i love you keep me postedo n life and such love you!!!!!

Lesson in Pride in Oregon

Padre, I'm sorry but I'm not going to take your word on the Soundgarden Album, Chris Cornell does good music and that's just how it is.. Other then that Timbaland album... But.... Sports news I hear that a freshman at Texas A&M broke the total yards record that Tebow and Cam Newton set.... He's up for Heisman... and I am missing it........ SAD DAY! Not watching the Cowboys get whomped on thanksgiving was a huge sacrifice that I'm sure the lord will remember in the judgement day hahaha (hopefully he won't hold me accountable for sacrilege) I hear that there might be a trade between The Knicks and Lakers A'mare for Gasol?? Is this true?? that would be crazy.. We are feeling much better now. In the mission news my compy got Transferred to Klamath.. Apparently I was a little to much for the kid. I learned a lesson in being prideful though. Me and Hague didn't really mesh to well because he has been under a rock his whole life so I kinda thought that I was, In most ways, better then him.. I know, PRIDE! We have kinda been at odds with each other the entire transfer sadly and I finally took a step back to evaluate what was going on. He was reporting to the pres that I was not what missionaries should be like, which is probably true.. You know how I am, it comes off as fairly abrasive to some people out here.. But because he was doing this I just thought he was wrong and I was just normal when really I was prideful and lame. I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that he was right, and though we are very different, I am no better then him and he actually in many ways had the ups on me. My pride and knowledge of the world bit me in the butt. So I talked to him and we came to a positive conclusion. I learned that the only way to fix a negative situation is to fix yourself, you can't change someone, so change yourself. I had to learn it the hard way sadly and we have had some negative results area wise.. I've always had to learn the hard way. As soon as I repented of my ways, Hague was transferred hahaha At least I was able to make amends with him.. But I still have much to learn out here. I love you padre and I'll try and get that letter out to you ASAP! I'll also let you know whats going on w/ transfers as soon as I find out! I love you and I hope all is well! I'm so happy to hear that Liam is better and I hope that everyone is adjusting well at home! Ofa Atu!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
P.S. I'll send the boots back soon, I found some that are sweet for 150, if thats possible.. I love you and thank yor for all the support.
Beunos Noches Senorita Kevin
My Father tells me that this is Impossible... I need to watch that show now haha Have that show ready for me when I'm home in two years or we're done! hahaha I have the most awesome christmas vest ever! I'll send home a christmas card for the family and it'll be glorious! With that kind of information I can ruin you btw, i'm going to hold this over your head forever! If you and Katie can figure out how to get me calvin and hobbs ties that's all I want for christmas, and maybe a pull up bar! A nativity would be awesome if you could send me an awesome one, I would love that because I want to use it in some lessons this holiday season. I'm gettin pushed out the door by some other Elders... Sorry I've gotta go so fast. Talk to Lisa about the letter I sent her, It gives some good advice for the kids at home.. I love you so much and I hope all is well! You're the best and Guiltception is a real thing, I saw it on the news!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey in Cali

DAD- glad thanksgiving was good for yall. My stake president will call once i give him the number dont ignore a 916 are code ok? and he just wants to talk to you and see who you are so he asked me to give him your number i will do that this week. Also i try my best with my compy i jsut need to get out and do stuff ya know how i am. He is pretty lame that way. Either way all is well. Things are getting kinda crazy in this mission area. Our area had 2 factories close down a lot of job losses and several strikes. One at walmart ON BLACK FRIDAY! we went black friday shopping since it was P-day and it was nuts! The factories that closed was campbells soup and hostes! so that was insane! someone from our stake is coming to our mission how crazy is that! Also for big business  things Apple is moving out of Cali. So a lot of job losses and some rioting haha! prettty fun eh? Anyway as far as Ashleys boyfriend what happened to the other one who just came out of the marshall islands? Jasons girlfriend is very pretty and i approve i swear if he gets married while im gone ill be mad though! i cant miss all this stuff goin on. speaking of marriage when are you getting married? actual date.  From what i see its 50/50 on splitting Cali now thats just what i seen. Uuuhhh..... oh fun fact Nephi had sisters. Weird huh? Im sending the pic of my bike home now but im really probably not fixing it and just going to pray i get put in a car soon. Thanks for the support dad it does help out here every now and then i have a hard time ya know. Home was easier haha!!! i know this is important work though and time is starting to speed up a bit. Thanks for keeping tabs on meg for me :) and I love brandons curly hair its adorable! I love kayla and she needs ice cream its official! Steph would love some of the people i meet out here ALL ABOUT ORGANIC food i just say, i have had as organic as it gets man. Nothing more organic than breast milk and i swear babies cant even enjoy that!!! ITS SO FREAKING GROSS!  Anyway i love black people now they are my homies and they are dope! i want one as a pet haha! sorry chinchi :) Im glad to hear she is doing well i expect her to be there when i get home if not im splitting heads! Just so you know i have started a new translation for EMT It means emergency missionary transport. :) we have a couple of those haha!  well i love you dad and sorry BYU sucks this year haha! LOVE YOU!!!! Also thanks for the package it was wonderful and the cookies are still soft :) SO AWESOME! also i need sam hunters E-mail address and tell sue that i have been mailing david and still nothing back haha! Thanksgiving was good probably 4 dinners by the way and a turkey bowel uugghhh. LOVE YOU!!!!
Kate- Glad to hear your being the friend that helps thas whats important. I tried my best to be the same to my friends but i dunno how well i did, i got kinda selfish by the end haha. Friends and family are the most important things in life! keep them close always. Your friend cassy and your friend nic be good to them help them and dont focus on the problems just go out and have fun! however much i didnt like nic i dont really care anymore. If is his kind to you then its all good in the hood right? im glad your doing your best with your work friend to help out thats important as well, anxiety sucks i would know haha! just do your best to be a friend :) Keep busy too thats always good haha I like being busy whenever im not i think of home and go bezerk! so i have to keep busy im hoping to be an office elder so i can always be busy no matter what haha! I am glad to hear that dad keeps close tabs on meg haha :) she is a sweetheart always has been! I hope that your school is not declining from your work, if it is then you need to quit! You will have a great understanding of responsibility if you work and go to school though haha! you can see waht stresses jeremy and i had to deal with haha!  Im proud of you kate your a wonderful sister and i couldnt ask for more :) keep up the good work and keep me posted on your life :)

Megan- your a sweetheart and so is krystal i love you all and i love the picture of brandon haha! keep up the good work val next is parkers hair :)

Kevin- uke is a ukealele :) the little four string guitar. I love ya kevin im glad work and school are going well and your friend is old :) Life is good. What display case?? Uhh mission is good so far i aint dead so i cant complain about that :) transfers are soon maybe i stay maybe i go to the murder capitol of the nation i dunno haha :) As far as decorating goes i love that stuff!!! when im home im helping out and i could not agree more it makes me feel closer to mom and i need that.  She is a wonderful person and my hero!!  I love her! Also i am excited to see you on christmas and maybe jeremy if we set it up right haha! 

Jason- Well im glad that your very happy with the chikaty have her email me some time! as far as thanksgiving goes dont even go there with me :) we had 4 maybe 5 places to eat and we had turkey bowl and then went mountain biking almost died haha :) I wanted to die the next day and probably 4 hours in the bathroom getting it all out hahah!! Anyway my basketball is improving you might even want me on your team now days :) im schooling almost everyone out here except my friend elder moss he is freaking amazing he missed 2 of his 25 3 point shots how crazy is that! Anyway glad thanksgiving was fun and im excited to hear all about the hobbit!!! i finally finished the book of mormon for the first time really reading it for knowledge and not steak haha! its a great book if i do say so myself :) i agree with your theory of repentance! thanks for writing me it means a lot honestly you and i are a lot alike :) Glad about school go to med school so you can give me a place to live when im a poor firefighter haha! sad day about obama eh? oh well. Glad about your job dont kill people ok? Well i love ya man!!!!!

Tool related to the atonement?

Okay so I was WRONG! Soundgarden has a new album! I saw it yesterday and I started to cry..  That talk was awesome though.. Read the C.S. Lewis book and tell me what you think, I'll read it vicariously through you! Speaking of vicarious (Tool) I had a really cool thought, we do baptisms for the dead, vicariously doing a ordinance for people, and Jesus vicariously saved us through the atonement. So whenever people act surprised at the idea of vicarious salvation it just kinda blows my mind, I mean its the center of what all Christians believe in.. People need to open there eyes a little wider I think.. I didn't hurt myself to bad during the Turkey Bowl. It was a whole lot of fun though! I got a few good receptions and then a touchdown. I got taken out by some guy from another ward though. Right as I touched the ball he just went BAM!! Threw me to the ground and yelled "NOT IN MY HOUSE!" hahaha I'm so sad that you didn't get to play at a Turkey bowl.. That's just wrong! We went up to a friends place and played B-Ball for 3 hours after that and that was a whole bunch of fun haha We ate so much food it was just redick!! They really made me feel at home, it was awesome! The baptism that we had this week was awesome! Leonard Castrignano was the kids name. Keep on corrupting the little one, w/o me there I don't think the lil nephews and neices are getting enough evil in their lives hahaha. I haven't heard much about B-Ball either other then that De'Antoni is the coach for the Lakers now.. Crazyness... Hopefully the Jazz will pick up soon.. I have a bunch of stuff to ask  you but to be honest there is a lot of other stuff on my mind right now so I can't remember them hahaha.. I'll get that letter to you soon for mom. It's been a crazy week, I've been sick most of it and Tammy has been sick as well so it's been nuts. My comp and I are kind of polar opposites so we're tryin to find a groove (You threw off the Emperors groove...). I'll be gettin Transfered out of my area next transfer I think so don't send boxes my way 2 weeks from now.. I'll let you know more about what's going on later. I love you Padre, and I'm happy you're lookin so happy (that is quite the smirk you got on your face hahahaha). Let me know when the Marriage is! Tell Darlene and Ashley I love em and that I hope they're well!
Much Love Elder Larsen Sr.
Katie Bug!
Tell GMa Adams I say hey! I wrote her a letter on a letter I sent to Aunt Jenny or Leslie, can't remember which.. Hahaha I have a lot on my mind it's hard to keep track of stuff. Sounds like you got quite a lot on your hands back in the home front!! Don't over do it haha I know that I'm tellin you to keep workin hard but heck, it's the holidays haha I love you kate and keep on trying to help your German friend. The Gospel isn't about what you can't do and people that focus on that just bug the crap outta me. Obedience is the key to freedom as Boyd K. Packer said, but we all have our agency, that's the cool thing about it! We can do what we want and she should be able to do whatever she wants. Let her know what we're really about and be that good example that I know you are! I Love you kate and i hope you are well! sorry I can't write more I always wish I could but there is no time.. I love you kate!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
Nivek Shinto Islamabad,
I miss the decorations of our house haha I had our place set up for halloween but christmas is kinda a dud I think, we don't have room for anything in our room (2 rooms 4 elders). I see that my mind trip worked! by making you think that I was feeling guilty about not writing you I made you feel guilty within more guilt.. Guiltception!!! It should be a new show hahaha Sorry for messin with you I just wanted to see if it would work and it did hahahahaha Tell Padre not to get mad at you it was all a "DECOY LOIS A DECOY, THE NEWS STAND AND THE BARN WERE DECOYS!!!" Family guy rocks hahaha. Tell Leonardo Dicaprio he can have no part of that show though.. Thank you so much for the goodies and I know that in the main letter I didn't mention this but I'll mention it here. I was looking for cheap protein, couldn't find it, then I got those Clif Bars (jacked w/ protein) so thank you! and those cookies were so freakin! so good!! I've been doing a atonement lesson that's keepin me in shape. I give out cookies and I have to do 10 push ups for each and its in similitude to christ paying for our sins and such. It's a cool lesson and i'm bustin out a whole lot of  pushups now haha but kev I love you and I thank you so much for all the support you've shown me and I'm sorry for the crap I gave you back in the day, I know now that you were just standing up for what you believed and thats awesome. Thank you for being such a solid example. Mucho Loveo
Elder Larsen Sr.
Jas! Nae saian luume'
First of all, that is quite the smile you're rockin! You look happy and that's awesome. It's great to hear from you. If you need some C.S. Lewis talk to dad, I've got his entire christian works in one book. Also go watch the Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism, its a talk by Holland, it's awesome. I'm glad that you found a Chicka to hang with that is so awesome!! Marriage???? that's crazy talk ahahhahaha I'll be very happy for you but pretty bummed out on missin it, but hey, this mission is a sacrafice for a reason. Do what you gotta do, I'm just so happy for you. I'm sorry for the crap I put you through back at home and I just want you to know that I am sorry for the way I treated you and that this mission has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. That's so awesome that you're rockin school!! Keep it up, when I get back you'll be helpin me w/ my homework and stuff so be prepared haha.
I'll have to hear from Jennica some time if things get to serious haha I hope that all is well and I hope Ammon is still doing well. The Flat better not be to different by the time we get back haha I love ya bro keep on workin hard!
Quel fara
Elder Larsen Sr.

The picture of Tammy and Elder Black is a classic that we'll need forever haha The sisters donated a bunch of clothes at the church and we played dress up on our P-day hahaha. I love all of you and I hope you are all doing well! Kayla I love the heck outta ya and i wish I could see you! Padre and Darlene you keep rockin the home front and everyone else (animals included) I love you!
Elder Larsen Sr.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

A rat as a pet???

Hey dad i got to email twice today because its an all day Pday which is great and would be better if you were checking your email right now so we could chat :) I love you and miss you and today was good. Our stake president wants to call and talk to you so dont be worried if a 916 area code is calling you.

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 1:15 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- so my Pday was thanksgiving this week i told ya that silly goose! its also this monday so EMAIL SOON! :) sucks about your chain saw im sorry. Yea breast milk SUCKS! also i think one elder got some kinda of herpes from it but he mainly serves in the Laotion ward so thats not me luckily or i would kill myself haha!  uuhh send a pic of jasons girlfriend so me and the other elders can go in awe over her or soemthin haha. Yea that scheels thing is dope!! i heard a lot about it. As for Christmas just guess ok? i dunno what i want, i just want to see you guys and megan because this place is intense for me i hate the city and im not even in the ghetto haha! The ghetto is next haha! I hope you have a great thanksgiving!!! i love you! turkey bowl was awesome i kicked butt with a bunch of my black homies! nothin better than hangin with my niglets and spear chuckers haha! they even call there kids that haha! i miss you all like mad crazy dawg!  I am glad that jason is getting out and about, how is his job search? Also  tell ashley she is awesome even though she dont email me which is lame. I hope she is happy with whats his face now he is back home!  i am kinda hanging with the "apostate" missionaries they are not bad they are given that name because they dont hang with the zone during Pdays Which is fine! I hate that about my comp, he does NOTHING EVER! I started hanging with the other missionaries now i go mountain biking with my busted up crap bike and get to see the American River which is cool but filled with dead fish, somethings is fishy about that water but im sure your probably asking WATER YOU talking about?!?!?  I love you father ken i got big news for you! did you know they might be splitting california into two states? East and west Cal. the west side will have 75% of the people and the east side will have 75% of the money, the west side will almost be 100% democrat and the east side will be almost 100% republican haha!!! Also im sending home a big lesson for you to teach to the fam! Our mission is at 190 missionaries and by february it will be 250. Our sister missionaries here are increasing by 250% and in the Provo MTC 600% its crazyness!  We might even be having 4 missionaries per ward where we can. sadly our baptisms fell through this week oh well it happens! Yes im ok i just want to get my teeth cleaned for cheap since there is a dentist in our ward :) uuuhhh quote for today is "we can never be perfect, but we can always do perfect things" so i hope thats inspiring in some kind of way haha! KAYLA IS TOO CUTE  i wanna see her so frickin bad haha!  well i love you dad i truly do i hope all is well :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING FAMILY FRIENDS AND EXTENDED FAMILY!  
KEVIN- you are forgiven i promise but in that kind of way that cpt. long john said when he was tied up in muppet treasure island. I just enjoy your Emails they are fun :) i like kates idea its a good one, hold on to her she is a thinker :) I hope work is going well, dont let jason get married while im gone i cant miss anymore than i already have or ill experience some slight turbulence and then explode! and i dont wanna explode.  uuuhhh glad that your staying busy though idle minds blow big time i hate em!  i need to do stuff, you know like i was when i was home i just got to keep moving and such. THERE ARE WEIRD PEOPLE HERE! everyone here is a philosopher haha. Well i love you very much and miss you like mad! i hope you enjoy the Wii U :) :)

Kate- Im glad your fixing that picking issue so thats good :) I hope all works out for you. As far as any kind of social advice. Walk up to groups that hang with your friends and talk to them start with small talk, but get involved ok? By getting involved i mean do stuff with them, do activities and such! also talk to people in your class try and hang out with them. DO stuff :) The DO lesson is one im doing with you guys when i get home ok? its aweomse i have a lot of awesome lessons for ya'll. Anyway  if you see our friends say hi for us ok? i love you :) As far as colemen and nesbit keep on em ok? tell nesbit im sending him a letter but im sending it to you kate so you can give it to him ok? if coleman is sending one i wont send her one till i get it :) KEEP ON IT :) also do your best to help your friend by being her friend. Thats the best way to help her, let her know you are her friend and that your always there for her no matter what, hang out with her and stuff :) BE THE EXAMPLE :) Yea i love colemans kid she is so cute :) How is Alta? i have a friend from Alta that is coming to this mission in December which is cool!  Well love ya im out :)
P.S. to father ken i caught a rat and had him as my pet :) his name is cage and he is stuck in a cage outside haha!  also i had something else to say but forgot so on monday we will talk :) I love you so so much! Keep megan close to you ok?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jeremy channels the anti-Nephi-Lehis for an investigator

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
Padre!! Well its been a rather uneventful week, it has gone by rather quickly though. We have a baptism this week which is awesome, the kid Leonard Castrignano. He wants me to do the baptism!! heck yeah! Also thank you so much for getting that Blessing out to me, it's been exactly what its called, a blessing. I've read through it many times and I've already seen some of the things on there in my life. It's kinda cool haha. Ashley has more thanksgiving dinners to go to then I do! hahaha We get to play in some Turkey Bowls also!!!!!!!! I hope its pouring rain and cold! Nothing better to remember the best two years then with torn MCL's, ACL's, Post. + Ant. TibFib ligaments!! It's gonna be awesome! I've jacked up my ankle a bunch already hahaha! I'm tryin to play a little safe but it's not workin so well. Every time I strain it I still have to go to work so I don't rest it ever. We'll see if I'm still in one piece when I get back, at this rate though it's not lookin so hot. It's kinda cool though, even when its totally jacked, when I'm out tracting and going to appointments it doesn't even bother me, just when I get back to the Apt. The lord provides a way! I know this is gonna sound crazy but I'm grateful for my crazy days. I've been able to get on the level with a few of our new investigators and really understand where they're coming from and help them. They have had problems with missionaries before because they didn't understand them. It's a real blessing being able to relate because I know how they can be helped and how much better it is on the other side. We've been helping a recovering Heroin Addict and she's had so many problems with Repentance and with the Atonement, and in my Patriarchal Blessing it says that I will be able to help everyone that needs to understand those things, so its just crazy! We're having a repentance party next week with her. We're getting a sword and writing all the sins we're giving up and burying it. She's quit smoking and she's going to be baptized the 30th! Hopefully we can get another of our investigators to commit, he's got the date he's just having a tough time with quiting smoking as well.. Everyone here smokes. EVERYONE! its kinda crazy haha Elder Black is pumped to start writing Ashley he'll probably get started on it today haha Tell Jas that he's gotta write me about this girly! Congrats on not being Chief anymore! why won't you ever be one again!?! You planning on retiring or something! Don't get lazy on me Dotson! (name that show) (it's Jurassic Park) hahaha I'll curse whoever stole our chainsaw, Tammy and I will do it, he's from Tonga so he knows how. He still lives with me btw. We just have 4 people in a 2 room apt hahaha. I've heard that Scheels is crazy awesome also, some LA's actually went there and was tellin me about it. Sounds like some I Robot action going on there though, careful.. I want you to go listen to a talk by Holland, its called The Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism. It pumped me up, just like he always does though. Makes me wish I could read some C.S. Lewis though, he quotes a lot of a Grief Observed and he also quotes Milton's Paradise Lost, I need to read that as well I guess. Many books I must read.. Music news! what's goin on? Make sure you keep a good list of stuff we miss so we can listen to it later.  As for Christmas.. only thing I can think of is another suit case and a Ukulele. I love you padre and i hope all is well keep up the home front! when is the marriage? and where is the photos of you on the beach? Mucho Love!
I'm so sorry for not writing you, it does suck haha. If I had only known.. My bad broski.. But it is good to hear from you, as for the package it's all good, it'll get here when it does. How's work going?? You lovin the early hours?? I love waking up early, I jump right out of bed and just start doin push ups and sit ups galore. I don't know why or how but morning I just wake up pumped most of the time.. It's been a real blessing. So the Wii U... How awesome is it?? I must know! We have Pokemon Cards out here! heck freakin YES! it's so awesome hahaha. What kind of fun adventures did you have on your mission?? I honestly don't know much about your mission experience... Crazy.. Remember them so when I get back we can geek out about it. I'm having so many crazy experiences. I imagine you did as well. Perhaps not as radical as some of mine but I feel like you would surprise me.. My new compy is rather uptight though.. I'm workin on him but I feel like he's just tellin the pres that I'm completely out of my mind and that he should send me home right away haha. I'm definitely not the average missionary when it comes to some things and I think that you know what some of those things are.. My sarcasm is BACK and so are my jokes! I don't think he likes most of them though haha.. I'll let you know how it goes. Christmas.. make sure you get that CD to me and some healthy something haha. What do you want? what does the fam want?? what do you need baby! I miss you kevo and I hope you're doin well.. Much love much love (speaking of that how's your love life) GOSSIP TIME!! hahaha jk I love you kev tell jas to write me!
I'm glad that you seem to be doin so well!! You still sound pumped about life :) As for your friend at work, things may be hard but just be a friend to her and if she needs anything she has to come to you. Horse and water thing and such haha Hopefully she'll be okay though, just keep being a friend. As for mom and such I agree completely, I wish I knew more! An older sister out here (she's pretty much my grandma now haha) has compiled a book for her deceased husband and she's written her own biography as well. It's an awesome idea and I suggest that we do that, tell dad to get on it as well, see if he can do something for mom (if she's got a journal). I've read all about Sis. Hoppe's (my new Grandma) husbands life.. It's crazy some of the stuff that he went through and she went through and yet she's just so normal. Its a really cool idea so I thought I'd tell you about it. I want you to read C.S. Lewis' christian works, I think you'll love them! They're really helpful also. At least I think that they are. If you by chance do see Nate again or someone else tell them I say whats up!! Read the letter I wrote to dad and such. I love you kate and I hope that you are doing well. Satan is real, and he's all around us. If we think that we can be Casual Christians we will become Casualties in the war against the world around us. He tries to get us wherever we are weakest so keep praying. Keep good friends around you and keep praying! I love you!
TO ALL LOOK UP THIS TALK BY HOLLAND- The Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism! it's really awesome. I love all of you and I feel your prayers. I miss you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! much love
Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jeremy makes Senior!!

Padre!! This week has flown by.. Seriously I can't believe that it's monday again.. I had a great lesson about Patriarchal Blessings, Aunt Lesily sent me a part of moms and I was able to use that story for it and it really helped her see how great they are.. I needed to hear that part of moms journal and blessing, it's helped me so much out here and it's just motivated me so much more. We've had some amazing things happen this week. First of all I'm going to be leading in my area now. Elder Taumoelau is going to be with his ZL companion cause our zone as a whole is floundering a bit.. Our area is doin great but some pps are havin troubles. I'm pumped to be in charge but I'm kind of scared haha have faith right.. that's what everyone keeps sayin haha We had 6 investigators at church sunday! One of our investigators that came and told us she wants to be baptised also! So right now we have 2 on schedule and we think that we could have at least 2 more by the end of the month! I challenged Bullcut to get at least 2 also so we can have 6 baptisms between the both of us by the 30th! That's cool that Ashleys BF is back, Elder Black was sad hahaha I saw a picture of the snow in Utah, some LA's keep me up to date on the homestead. We also spent friday night eating at applebees.. Kinda diso but we met some investigators there and we watched football and basketball w/ them hahaha.. I know shame on me but it was fun.. If Mark gets them batptized then tell me asap haha That would be the most awesome missionary story ever! speaking of missionary stories Bullcut is havin some crazy times haha I miss that boy, but I'm glad he's havin a good time! I can't think of a better position for Bob to be in, he belongs in the YM's. I'll try and write Mike soon, could you send me his address again?? TELL JASON AND KEVIN TO WRITE ME! First of all I should hear from Jas that he's datin some hot sista! Picture? Name? more info!! Tell Jas I'm happy for him and that those Halloween set up was awesome! Thank you for the care package!! I have some bad news though, Pres said the boots were no beuno, so i'll send em back at ya.. Thank you still sorry for puttin you through all that work for nothin.. Hopefully i'll find somethin, I just never have time haha I love you popaa and I hope that you're doin well and same with Darlene and the rest of the fam.. Love ya tons and keep up the Homestead.
Elder Larsen Sr.

Chocolate breast milk???

Oh and also did you get that info to the fire department? and i have a quote for you. If you are worrying, you are spending USELESS energy. notice there is a problem, analyze it, and then do something about it, the lord will never give you more than you can handle and he is always there to help you"

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 2:16 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
also tell Mark kunz he is doing the right thing! A mission is the best thing he can be doing at this point!!!!

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 12:14 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
Yes sir big tornado just gods way of saying repent now Sacramento because you suck haha! I love the picture by the way!! she is so cute!! Also my bike is pretty busted haha you will see pictures whenever you send back my other sim card :) The bike still runs so thats important! As far as Mark goes he is still set for the 24th!!! im excited he almost bailed on us but thats just the adversary at work. We actually warn people of that, when we give them a baptism date we say look, things are going to get crazy and you are going to want to back out of this commitment just so you know. DONT BACK OUT! thats what we say haha! My members skype address is slund15 just so you know :) uuhh also i had to get something at deseret book for expensive could you maybe reimburse my debit card? :) :) Well the story with the laotions, dont ever accept milk from them. We had hot coco from a member and i found out the milk they use is breast milk..... i pretty much threw up haha! i also eat mexican food. Beans are not so bad and yes for those of you who tried to get me to cafe rio all the time I WILL NOW EAT THERE! beans and such were pretty much forced on me haha. Sad day about ashleys window, but i heard the snow was pretty crazy there! its super cold here so i can only imagine what Utah is like. I met an elder here who is from Moab Utah and he climes a lot we are now best friends!!! Good to hear about Ashley's boy we have a lot of marshelees people here missionaries and investigators, its one of our bigger branches. Thanks for the box of goodies by the way, they were delicious! i need rain pants and more work pants because the pants at mens wearhouse sucks haha! they rip all the time i learned how to sew because of them. So i may need money for that sorry :( when is the wedding date by the way?? Also could i get moms written testimony please :) :) i love you forever! uuuhhh oh! next Pday will be on thanksgiving just so you knows! also i learned that J-dubs are more feared than mormons here, problem is that everyone thinks we are J-dubs haha!!! just a funny thought! i have a quick qquestion father ken, should i go home early for school? my go home date is technically sep 2 but if i go home early it would by july 22ed and at first i was all "yea im goin home early for school" but now im not so sure, what do you say? Also tell kevin to get on that CD for me, he knows what im talkin about. I see good works going down in the priest quorum especially with all ya'll in there. so good work, keep it up! tell jeason to tell mike stewart to write me back, he did once haha!  Well i love you all very much! i truly do! and i love it here! im doing good works for sure! i love all that fun times that go down! im getting better at basketball and im actually gaining muscle!! thats exciting! i wanted to leave with a good thought. I saw a drunk guy about 2:00 P.M. and i thought how sad is that? and then we talked to him. He told us his sob story which may or may not have been true. I started thinking how sad is it that homeless people and drunks dont have a family that loves them enough to take them in? not a brother or sister or anyone! Families need to stick together! I have learned so much about families. i cant stress how important that family unit is. stay close together, have family dinners, have family night, talk to eachother. always be looking out for eachother! families can and will be together forever! i love you all! I know we are all a good family stay close! i love you all so much and you are so important! thank you for all your support!!! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Persistance is NOT futile 2 and never trust Laotian food...

From Zack,
Well first off i wanted to see wreck it ralph!! Also those costumes are perfect! i love them! we had a costume, but i thought of a better one for next year. Im putting together a "title of liberty" flag for next year :) I wish yall did that cool costume stuff when i was around! Although might i add i was the first to hang someone in our yard for Halloween, and it was a black guy hahaha!!!!!! I LOVE KAYLA!!!! she is so cute!! I had no idea that Disney bought Lucas films, thats very sad actually haha. Yea i been watching all the football games, im getting an official last years NBA jersey. Like used in the NBA its durants jursey. THE MEMBERS HOOK YOU UP HERE!!! if i go to Folsom the members buy the missionaries $900 suits!! I love that place they give you such nice stuff in Folsom and Eldarado hills. However its the most apostate part of the mission haha! the girls there are like snakes of the adversary, we call the FDOA= (fiery darts of the adversary) I got lots of candy and lots of scary stories from Halloween in California haha!! However these are not stories for the blog so maybe in a letter. Also in a letter remind me to tell you what i had to eat the other day When i found out what it was i almost threw up haha, never ever accept food from a loation person!  As far as MTC and new age, check this out. Before the age change they were getting 350 on average mission papers a week, Now they are getting over 4000 papers a week! it is estimated that by february there will be over 9000 MTC students. How are the visits to G-ma adams going? the nightlight thing ill send the website next week ok? ok, ok, ok time for a miracle story. this guys name is mark. We ran into him on the streets, he rejected us at first but we kept talking to him. Then we had a lesson and prayer on the street, then we had a lesson another day and gave him a baptism date and he believed everything we said. Then the next day we came over and he dropped us.... he rejected everything! because he saw an anti mormon website. Then the next day he showed up to an activity we invited him to and said "this is my new home, this is my new family" he is being baptized on the 24th this month. He said after he dropped us he went back inside his home and he looked up all the churches in the sacramento area, he came across the Joseph smith video and watched it. he believes it all now and he is a firm for baptism, so we didnt really do anything haha.  Now i have a request, move the futon from outside before it snows please and then let me know when its done :)  I also found a member so i can SKYPE!!!!! YAy!!!!! Has anyone seen mikey T? if so tell him to write me ok? also i need sam hunters E-mail address please :) :) Well i love you all i truly do! i am happy to be out here, I love all the service i get to do out here with the occasional baptism hah!! yea there is some weird stuff but oh well! well love you all, i have to go bye!!!!

Persistance is NOT Futile!!

On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 11:39 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
The Halloween lay out was awesome, wish I could have been there for that!! Our Halloween was cool, we got an Investigator to our chili cook off and we were the judges. The Investigator John Patterson is an old Vietnam vet and he's got really bad PTSD, he also knows his bible really well, so I'm getting to know my bible and bofm really well to combat him haha He's actually the subject of the excitement this week. We had a lesson w/ him, we do everyday and he was having a really tough time w/ baptisms for the dead and the spirit paradise and spirit prison things. So we went to his house Sunday to pick him up for church and there was a letter that was pinned to his door and he was gone. The letter said that if we were going around preaching something other then the doctrine of Christ then he wants nothing to do with it, and that he'll pray for us that God will have mercy on our souls. Also to never come back until we have learned the true doctrine of Christ. SOOO I was pretty upset.. We went back latter that day (in our now Tripanionship w/ Tammy and Hauge) and Tammy was pissed, he was knockin on the door and yelled "John all we want is our books back, open up!!" John came to the door and I started talkin to him and for some reason he let us in. Luckily he let me try to edify him on where it talks about it in the bible so I went to 1 Corrinthians 15 and talked about Baptisms for the dead, then I went to 1 Peter 3:19-20 + 4:6 and the spirit did the rest, it was so strong I could taste it almost. The spirit worked on him and it worked on me and I now have a much stronger testimony of those subjects. He committed to baptism on the 14th.. It really was a miracle. We've had a whole lot of other things go on this week but it's to much to type haha We've been hearin a lot about the new mission stuff and our mission is going to go from 215 max to 280 max.. gonna be nuts. Also LA's is a huge thing for us here! only 40% of the stake is active, so a lot of what we do is try to bring people back.. its actually a whole lot harder then new people to the church. We're also teaching a new family!! The Dad Mike is just like me, and I really get along with him, the wife is a little harder.. The only reason he let us into his house was because he knew that Taumoelau and I had been sent from God and that we had the spirit w/ us.. It's just crazy what goes on out here.. It's changing me quickly, but don't worry i'll still be immature when I get back!! Bro. Herlan had us over for dinner again, he was tellin us a story and his wife corrected him, so he looked over at her and said "Don't you have dishes to do or dessert to get us!" then continued to pound the table chanting "dessert!" she just laughed.. He's like 60 and his wife is 40.. he's so awesome haha I hear that James Harden is balling it up from a RC. two 40 point games w/ Lin now, I'd probably watch Huston now if I didn't hate them so much.. Total bummer on Jesse, tell him I say hi btw.. What's he doing now?? Thank you so much for all the stuff Padre, Benjamin Sperry who I gave the board was going crazy!! I told  him he has to be good enough to break it doing a cool trick before I get off my mission, so I've got to write that family now haha. The dried fruit was delicious so thank you :D Thank you for all the support that you've been to me.. I love you and i miss all of you! I hope that the Transition is going well over at the place, from the sound of Ashley it's going well. It was great to hear from her and from Steph/Slade and Lisa/Dusty. Another HUGE thing that happened this week was I got mail from Shon Cross and Levi! Shon was tellin me about the crazy stuff he's still doing, which includes: Becoming active in the church, planning on getting married in the temple before I get back and so forth! It completely blew my mind.. I really am so glad that he's getting active, I never even knew he was a member. Going on this mission really changed a lot of my friends, or at least had a little influence I hope.. It just completely threw me off that he's doing this.. Makes me so happy. I love you padre, I miss all of you and you are all in my prayers! The Church is true and this is the greatest work that I've ever been apart of.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zacks Baptism and new contacts!!

also kevin the wii you is weird lookin. i see the advertisements everywhere here. tell me how it is. Also as far as the movie perks of being a wallflower, the book was filled with that kind of stuff so that means the movie was accurate haha.

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DAD- Hey dad and darlene! so whats as far as the bike goes they are giving me guff about it. the bike is garunteed if its a malfunction of the bike, they are blaming me for the crash so im fighting it with them that it was a bike malfunction because the chain should not do such things at random. Either way it still kinda runs i have not died yet. ill be sending some pics of it home though haha. I just duct taped it haha. sorry about the late E-mail My P-day was on tuesday because of transfers i guess. Also the monday on the week of thanksgiving is no P-day that Pday will be on thanksgiving and then the following monday so ALMOST always monday is Pday haha. yea i been hearing about Utah and BYU games i sometimes get to watch em haha. either way utah sucks and BYU rules :) thakn you for the suppliments :) also check something else out for me medically ok? its a thing called "nightlight" its for sleep i believe if its medically proven i would be happy to try it haha. Has my info gotten to that fire department yet? how are the meetings with G-ma Adams? HAPPY BIRTHDAY REX!!!!!!  so we had my first baptism last week! i got to baptize him! it was super awesome! i loved it and it was a very spiritual experience! So lots of miracles this week! we taught 15 lessons and had a baptism and a investigator came to church. Well also ran into some guy on the street while he was praying and then he totally rejected us but we kept talking anyway. then he started talking to us and then he had us teach a lesson and pray. He proceeded to invite us back to his place later. Now he waited for a member who lived near by to tell them about talking to us and how he was excited to see us come back. He told the member that he was praying that he would join any church if god will give him the guidance and then we showed up haha. so thats super cool! also got another girl name dawn! she is a mom he son is doing what jeremy did but way worse and she is just super nice to us and her and i connect and i shared my experiences with her and how the church helped out and a lot of stuff now she is having us back to teach her and her husband its a long story short i know but thats the summary! she also agreed to be BAPTIZED along with two other investigators so November we will have 3 baptisms hopefully! So guess what i experienced my FIRST TORNADO!!! we had one in the Sacramento valley! it was pretty dope! i liked it a lot. no pics sadly i was on my bike in the middle of it haha. Maybe thats why my bike sucks so bad! JK crash happened before the tornado. Also i was up in Eldarado hills for a spell guess how rich the people are there. PEOPLE FLY TO WORK EVERY DAY! they have their own garages for their personal airplanes, thats stupid crazy rich! the houses have a personal airport!  ok ok ok ok now a good quote is "faith produces miracles not the other way around" so yea live by that. how was that scripture i gave you in proverbs? is it hung up in a plaque yet? i thought you might like it :) as far as skyping im still tryiong to find a family that will let my skype for christmas so ill keep you posted on that. well i love ya a lot and people are good but kinda psycho here. OH transfers are me and elder fifita are sdtaying in the sma e area LUCKY ME!! NO NEW LANGUAGE i love my ward to much to leave it :) so a funny thought for you. jesus destroyed people left and right in the book of mormon before he was born right? just obey or be destroyed kind of stuff. After he got his body and died it was not like that anymore. My speculation is maybe after he came to earth although he was perfect he realized how hard it was and thats how he became the perfect judge because now he knows first hand experience haha. Thats just speculation though just a funny thought. well im out LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! AND JASON E-MAIL BACK!

KEVIN- well all is well and things are great here. IM glad things are good for you as well. Keep up good things at work ok? works is important as im sure you know. All i hear here are a bunch of tongans on the Uke singing haha its pretty funny though. im learning the uke and im learning piano as well as tongan and sign language its a very eventful time. Also some psycho lady ran past us yesterday when we were visiting a referral. she had no shirt on just underwear and pants. she was screaming at us and everyone around and then ran off. I was like eehhh what the freak just happened! (in the accent off of kid history) :) i love kid history. and a tornado cam through town so thats the only funky stuff that has happened so far. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dezis Baptism :)

Hey! Desi's Baptism went great, it was such an awesome experience! During a violin duet I couldn't stop smiling, I could feel the spirit so strong it was bursting out of my chest almost.. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life... It's been another awesome week over here. We've tracted into another family!! when we were talking to him he said  the only reason he let us in the door was because he knew that we were men from God, he felt a difference in us then the other missionaries that he has seen. So I've got high hopes for this guy and his family even though we've got a long way to go. A bunch of other cool things have happened but it'd take forever to go over them.. so I won't haha Elder Black is wanting to write Ashley btw, he is going to start writing her this next letter I send home so we'll see when you get it haha. This transfer we're becoming a Tripanionship..... We have a one room apartment, so this will be an interesting transfer for sure. The new Elder is coming down today, his name is Hauge. We'll see how it goes, everything happens for a reason right. Yesterday was a funny day, Elder Taumoelau ate at the Herlans, a members house. They are such awesome people. He's an older guy, he used to be Bishop and Stake President and he's only been in the church for 12 years, and his wife makes the best bread. Bro Herlan used to be a tough guy, he's really blunt haha He found out that our food calander hadn't been filled out so he got it and saw who had signed up then started calling people he knew that hadn't and called them out. "Devin! Get you're fat butt off your davenport and get to church and sign up to feed the missionaries!!" He called a bunch of people and he actually got a bunch of LA's to get to church that way hahahaha He's a character and his wife is the sweetest lady. Elder T. ate way to much at there house and on the way out we started laughing at something I won't go into detail about and we got in the car and he ended up upchuckin all of it on the road hahahahaha it was hilarious! he couldn't stop laughing after that either and neither could I. It was an interesting day. As for the Harden news if I said I didn't die a little bit inside I would be lying... of all the  teams to go to he went to freaking Huston.. I hate the rockets, hate em.. As for football, that's just sad.. At least Atlanta is stull undefeated, I'm sayin that they take it all the way  this year.. If they do record those games so I can watch them when I get back. Is Gordon doing okay then?? I'm glad to hear he's gettin out and about still. Fakadomala means REPENT! I'm pretty sure that Bullcut is gettin out on the 2nd of Sept. But I could be wrong, I dunno.. I'll keep prayin about it, haven't really gotten a solid answer yet. I love the pics of the nephews, I miss those little buggers. Elder Black wants you to throw some pics of Ashley his way.. He won't let it go ha. I love you and  thanks for all of the support and stuff you do for me, I couldn't do this w/o you. you're the best and I miss you! Keep up the home front padre!! Love ya.
About time Kevano!, I'm way to impatient for mail and boxes and stuff.. It'll be my bane out here I'm sure of it. "do you feel in charge?" -Bane.. Batman is boss! Hey Kevin Hey Kevin! WHATS IN THE BOX! if you name that show i'll give you a dollar! You'll have to get some pictures of the halloween set up for me! Make sure you do that! The baptisms that we've had have been awesome!! We've had a ton of other cool experiences also this past week, its been fun haha We goof around a lot out here, did you do the same?? I've been most suprised by the amount of fun you have out here haha We have a good time just about everyday, it's just awesome haha. Elder Taumoelau rebaptized himself the other day hahaha, He fell in the river hahaha it was so funny I got pictures. We could've helped him to, it happened slow enough, its just that when he slipped it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing and then when he went into the river we were laughing even harder haha He could've died and we couldn't have done anything about it cause we were laughing so hard haha Thank you for the surprise whenever it gets out here though I'm pumped!! I just hate the wait. I love you kev, keep up the home front!
I love all of you!! I need Halloween photos from all of you next  week!! I better see lil Kayla in a costume or you'll all be in trouble, Elder Clarks got my back and i'm still writing him! Again I love all of you, read D+C 18: 10, 15-16 then read Brightly Beams My Fathers Mercy and tell me what you think. Pray everyday for opportunities to serve and so on! I love you all :) Tell steph and slade I love them and I love kayla. Love you and thank you so much for the support I need all  the help I can get.

Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zack pushes need for family!

Steph- im excited to see that your taking on my challenge i know its important that this be done! Family is so important its really the only lesson i teach out here haha and how to make a romen sandwich which will kill me im sure of it. I am so happy for your baby! i vote for deborah to be the middle name :) She is beautiful and im very happy for you!  Hope she aint to screamy for ya haha. Please keep mailing me and keep me posted on your life :) G-ma has sad stories because she lives in a sad place haha, Just sayin.
DAD/DARLENE/ANIMALS- I have been watching the BYU games oops :) However the 49ers is what i need updates on haha. Our  87 year old skydiver watches all the byu games haha. I am happy to hear of my new and first niece! she is so pretty! Thank you for the answer in french im  putting something amazing together for megan. sorry this christmas i aint got much stuff to buy for you so im making something for you all instead :) I love those dogs already! did you see the picture of the WARG?? its scary huh? so friendly though, it weighs almost as much as me. It straight up tackles me. I dont lick peoples chests here i do cuddle them though and lick there face haha! we mostly asct like gangsters with our south sac hoodies and cool shades haha. So more miracles are happening here. We decided to take a different road than normal saw this guy we use to talk to and he invited us in. He talked about how depressed he was and his troubles and now we are teaching him the gospel and he loves it! Also i found that vers in the bible to tell every complainer!its PHIL 1:14-15. also im learning the uke the piano and tongan haha. they have suggestive words, like fakalati the last A is long sounding so its more like faka latie. They are a suggestive people haha! also my comp has a cousin who is 3 years old guess how heavy? 110 pounds and 4'5 HOW FREAKING CRAZY!  I would also like to say that i finall ate a double baconator at wendys and im still ALIVE!!! my heart felt very heavy after haha. I may have skype issues i need to find a computer with a member first so we will see what i can do ill keep you posted! I did get in a bike crash it was pretty gnarly. My chain locked up, bent to the side, and then i took a nice head dive right into the pavement! Then the bike followed right into my head and hip. so i got some nice marks haha. I got a headache and a nice cut on my hip but im doing great! my bike is pretty dead but i still have to ride it around till we figure out what to do and all is well! We met some very funny old guys yesterday who are building a selfsustaining  generator out of magnets and the LDS church purchased 2000 of them. These guys build them in their garage and they are only selling it to select people because they are scared if people find out about it they will get killed over it haha. They are funny but we are teaching them now. The thing is really cool it runs with no electricity but produces a lot!  I seen it work with my own eyes!! My piano is coming along well i can play requiem for a dream you should look the song up. Also one of our baptisms bailed sadly the mom dont want us around anymore :( However we were teaching gabe our other baptism guy. He said he wanted me to perform the baptism and IM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  So dad, the stores dont have my supplements so could you supply my? 1000MG of omega 3 fish oil, 1500MG calcium magnesium and 1000MG glucose-amine. I believe those were the dosages :) Thank you very much father ken :) well all is well just so you know :)  I do love it out here my homesickness is leaving me even though i still miss all of you like crazy!!!!! i just know im doing whats right out here and the service is amazing! Oh also im now serving with a russain ward and man its not fair to missionaries! the girls are very pretty it sucks and they are awesome! (Dont worry meg they are not as good as you) :O) Well thanks for the pics papa!! i love you!

JASON- I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT MOVIE BEING GOOD!!!!!! Please get the DVD for me ok? get it for me :) i wanna see it so bad! . glad everyone watched it! now the fam has to read the book. Im surprised it was rated PG13 though. Also how is the job search?? glad to hear your getting help in the ward. If you think your ward is small you  should see ours haha. We have maybe 65 or 70 active members haha. And that s big for here. We have a lot of less active though. 100% home teaching active and less active members. We assist in home teaching haha. I love the picture of you in the hospital though its funny haha

Happy Birthday Elder Jeremy!!

Some background on the toilet, we jello'd Elder Black and Haines toilets while they were out hahaha they had to dig it out w/ there hands.. also put flour on their fan and such, we wrecked that place
On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:

STEPH AND SLADE!!!!!! Thank you so much for that B-day present, this really has been one of the best B-Days I've ever had!! Congratulations Slade and Steph :) I wish I could be w/ you and tell you myself but this will do for now. Kayla is a beautiful name, I'm so happy for you. This week has really been amazing, I love both of you and I'm so happy for you. Both of you are going to rock the parent thing, I'm so happy for you! Padre, I'll have to send you back some of the B-Day cards I got cause i'm going to want to keep them forever, one is really funny to me, but to you is gonna be really wierd, I'll explain it to you when I get back in 2 years (it's a long long long long story) hahahaha. I need size 12 or 11 1/2, Waterproof black boots, just make sure they look sunday appropriate and they'll be fine. The backpack just needs to be Waterproof, its raining a ton now, every morning and night and usually throughout the day.. Winter is here. Yesterday was so awesome teaching the kids how to prepare, there were a lot of sisters in there that are going. Shaylena, the sister we baptized and her friend Olivia had us over for dinner last night and they in coordination w/ Elder Black and Taumoelau set up a B-day party, it completely caught me off guard. It was so awesome, they really are the greatest group and Olivia and Shay are going to be moving to Utah in about a year and a half so they are gonna see me when I get back. They are such amazing sisters, them and Sis Loosly another Sis. in the ward are incredable, they've helped us so much and they've really made me feel at home here. Poor Lia... Love that pup for me, she better be just as playful when I get back as when I left or else... Tell Ammon thanks for watchin after kimmers for me, I was never as good to that cat as I should've been. I miss my nephews! Tell them I love them so much and don't let Liam forget who I am, i'll  be pissed haha w/ the blessing it said that they didn't have it on record so I dunno, try again or somethin.. Thank you for the cookies, I haven't gotten them yet but I think they arrived on saturday, not sure, they need to get it down to me. If possible send stuff just to my address when packages, they can't forward anything other then USPS, so they have to wait until someone comes down to Roseburg from the mission office. Good call on not posting that one photo, that one is just for the family to see, I don't want the Pres. to look at my blog and see that hahaha This morning Elder Taumoelau had decorated the house and stuff then we went and helped an Elderly sister move out, she had a ton of stuff... It was a good way to spend my morning :) Then when we went up to Elder Black and Haines' place they had another B-day suprise thing set up. I was getting frustrated w/ all the exchanges we were doing last week but they were setting all of it up so now I feel like a denga for gettin upset hahaha. I've been so blessed out here it's crazy.. This weekend I'm baptizing Desi, I get to do the baptizm! score!! it'll be awesome. I dunno about the music, just make a list of music i'll have to listen to when I get back so I don't miss out on anythin good! Sounds like you have your hands full over there, tell Steph and Slade I love them and to E-mail me when they can, I bet they are busy!
Jason, Its good to hear from you! Glad to hear that things are still rolling in the YSA ward, I hear Kev got an exciting assignment. Tell everyone there that I say whats up! How's the leg?? You finally healin up or still down? Titihing must always be a fun time of year for ya hahaha I'll remember to do that if he ever is bein a puss, he's a really tough guy, I don't have to worry about him usually. there are plenty of other Missionaries that i'll be able to do call them that though. It'll be fun when I get an opportunity to move on to someone new, but the comp I'm w/ is a baller, he's so strong in the gospel its crazy. I've loved every second out here, I never would've thought I would enjoy this work as much as I have. When I get back it'll be fun to get to work w/ you in the ward. I'll actually stay for longer then the first hour haha  I love you Jas and sorry for the disrespect I showed you at times at home. You're the best and keep up the home front. Love ya!
I love all of you and I'm so excited to hear about the new addition to the family!! I love you Steph and Slade!! Kevin its my B-Day and you didn't write me! What the heck broski! feel bad! JK I love you kev, you're awesome and keep up the good work at home, you must be lovin the early shift. Darlene and Ashley I can't wait to see what the place looks like when I get back and I love ya'll!! Again I love all of you!  Lisa Dusty Liam and Alex I miss you and love you! I'm praying for all of you and I feel your prayers, keep em comin I need all the help I can get. Peace

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeremy falls on a hike...again

YOYOYOYO!! Get it done at home ya'll!! don't change the house to much before we get back haha On the topic of scriptures, i've added 2Nep 9 to my list of weekly scrips. Right now I'm working w/ Heb 12, ETH 12 (so i'm already ahead of you on this one haha), ETH 4, JHN 16:31-33, and 2Nep 9. The list must continue to grow. HAPPY B-DAY DUSTY!!!! send  me a list of everyones B-day so i'll remember before and i'll send letters to everyone, it'll make me seem like a nice guy HA! I'm hearing all the football stats from members hahahaha, Oregon Ducks are killin it again, the Beav's were undefeated last I heard as well. The Elections aren't actually affecting us, we just hear about how negative it is. Suprisingly the area I'm in is conservative. The only Liberal spots in OR are on the coast, then Portland and Eugene. Keep on looking for those Albums they will be coming out soon, I swear the Audioslave one already did but i'm not really lookin so you would know better. We went up to Crater Lake today!! It was foggy though so we turned back and went to Susan Falls. Myself and Elder Black wanted to go up and get in the bowl of the inital fall so we climbed up onto it in pros. clothes haha. We all got up in there but once we got in it was so slick that we had a hard time getting out... With teamwork we pulled it off. Once we got out we were filthy i'll send pics. When we got out I was climbing a pretty slick rock and the moss ripped out and I fell into the river... hahahahaha still got bad luck when it comes to free climbing, probably should stop now, but it was fun and the water was deep that only my foot got jacked up. It hurts like a mother though, got a pretty sweet gash in it.. Fun times haha Thank you so much for the pictures! Last saturday was my first baptism!!! It went great!! we had a bunch of investegators come. We had another investegators parents come, she would be baptized but her parents are Anti... Hopefully the experience will soften their hearts a bit and allow us to get her dunked.. Our next baptism is on the 27th and i'll be doing it!! how dope is that???? I set another date as well! Our area is doing great right now!! Our zone on the other hand is dying... My companion is DL and ZL, so he has been doing exchanges up the wahoo so i've been taking the lead in the Roseburg ward, its been gnarly, i've been stuck w/ other greenies haha. They will probably split me up next exchange sadly cause we are the only 2 having success, so they will probably move Elder Taumoelau and put me w/ another guy so he can focus on the other ward. I've been really blessed w/ all the success we are having, really the members of the ward have been the ones doing all the work. If it weren't for their help I don't think we would be anywhere right now. I love you Padre and i'm praying for you all the time, I hope the fam is doing great and I hope that Ashley is getting used to the home. Tell everyone I love them and get the others in on writing me!!
BUDGER! Careful what you wish for brosef!! Congrats!! that's gonna be a dope calling, go on some gnarly adventures w/ the YSA ward! I went on a crazy adventure myself today, not nearly as dope as Zions but still it was fun, until the moss tore out of the wall and I fell into the river and gashed my foot open and got my pros clothes soaked hahahahahahahahaha it was actually fun, really got my adrenalin pumpin haha. Thank you so much for the CD, there is actually a ton of music that is approved down here, we can listen to LOTRO music!! along with Enya, some Evanesence, and a bunch of other stuff. The Ipod I brought w/ me and the Gameboy color was a surprise buy, it was only 2bucks at Goodwill, I had to, I really wanted to play seasons as soon as I saw it, and the original Gold pokemon! I will play those when I return. I've been having tons of fun out here, and I will continue to!! I love you broski!!!
Elder Larsen! 

 Challenge for all of you! Create Profiles!! I've got mine up I think, I better be able to look you up w/ in 2 weeks. Also I'm staying w/ my compy aonther transfer!! so pumped. I've been in a stump until I got my letter from Grandma B. So tell her thank you! The exchanges have really put us out of rythm I think, but who knows! You should put up that pic of myself and Elder Black w/ the apple in his mouth hahahaha.. I've changed a bunch in some ways, but in other ways not much at all. I hope you liked the pics and make sure everyone writes me! Also if you send packages by UPS send them to 1314 NE Odell Ave #3, that's my actual address, the mission home takes forever to get stuff to me down here cause they don't like to forward stuff.. I love you all and hope all is well! i'll give you a longer update on P-Day, only reason I'm writing on other days is cause we are constantly at comps and I don't have much to do while my Trainer is doing ZL stuff. We are preparing a Fireside on this sunday as well to prep kids to go on their missions haha. Of all the people to help kids get ready for their missions they chose me... I can give them a list as long as a Douglas Fir of things not to do before you come out but what to do I really can't say.. Katie the only advice I really have is to get a PMG NOW! Study the crap out of it, get the stuff memorized! I hope you chose to go on a mission, even though i've only been out a month and I still have no idea how this is going to change me I know it will be for the best. You change peoples lives out here, I haven't cared for people like this in my entire life, it's completely changing me. In the MTC they say be devestated when your Investigators don't follow through w/ something you asked them.. We actually practiced it hahahaha I'm so involved w/ these people that when they don't keep commitments it ruins my day almost, it sucks so badly, you just wanna kick em.. I love all of you, you rock my socks and other various items such as keys and pencil boxes.

P.S. I can't get any waterproof boots or backpack so if you can find any boots that would be appropriate it would be nice, sorry to make you work...... It's just raining a ton now, sunny for 3 weeks, then BAM!! RAIN ALL DAY ALL NIGHT! and when it's not raining its fog.. Welcome to winter in Oregon. I love all of you so much and thank you so much for the prayers and keep em comin, I need all the help I can get. I love you Popaa+Darleen(oolala private beach), Steph + Slade(name that kid AXEL!!) Lisa + Dusty + Alex + Liam (Happy B-day dusty), Jason (write me!!) Kevin (Play Pokemon Gold), Katie ( I know you work but come on...), Ashley (What color is the room Sistasista?). I LOVE YOU ALL PEACE!