Monday, July 7, 2014

Zacks new mission president!

Well thanks for the birthday wishes! This week has been crazy! we got our new mission president who i imitated his voice and now has that first impression of me and also the impression of me doing an old new York mafia voice impersonation so that's good. i also didn't shave for 2 days in hopes that he would kick me out of leadership but darn it he is inspired and saw right through my plans. I have been a zone leader for almost a year and that's just straight up draining. everyday someone comments at LEAST 1 on how tired or exhausted i look, i agree with them haha! Lets see i got to do baptism for the dead with my black convert, i got to baptize him that's so cool! i have never done the baptizing and ITS AMAZING! really a great spirit i felt there. uuuhhhh lets see.... that's a sick story about Jason! Guess what my license is expired too have you done anything with the state to fix that? As for kate way to go! she is a great missionary already! i have not met any jews out here, they are like the only religion im missing out here! Ya'll are doin some landscaping huh? well i would be more than happy to help out when i get home :) i like landscaping honestly! If darlene likes country she will like where she is staying thats for sure! the thompsons home is in Deep Wilton haha! well like mid deep wilton its the center of the ward boundary i think. So we had some financial mishaps, one of our missionaries cars exploded with battery acid and we needed to fix it so we were asked to pay for the new battery, it was 140 dollars, needless to say thats more money than we get on our card for the month so i had to sue some home card funds and we dont have much money to get food this month ahah! i think we are getting reimbursed but not sure how much so if i can get some help that would be great!The 4th was great we played zombies in the church building and capture the flag which was cool! No real fireworks but California doesnt really have any fireworks that are cool due to a corrupt political system and crazy liberals in charge of laws haha! They all go to Utah to get fireworks or to Oregon so i think thats funny. so man people go to Utah to register cars which i think is funny too! Well i love you all lots! we have so much happening! I am really excited for our baptism this week and we have one set up for the next two weeks along with one in august. its great! the lord is blessing us with work, sometimes to much work i would rather preach then do zone leader work because zone leader work and missionaries make me tired haha! i think thats why president jardine is keeping me in the position of zone leader because im the only one in council that has been there so long as a zone leader. nobody is close to me haha! the only other one in the leadership council is AP haha! its funny! well i love yall lots im having a great birthday, im creating a gangster shirt for me on my birthday. "its my birthday present to me! im so happy" loves bunch!

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