Monday, August 26, 2013

Zacks bike takes another hit

shotgunning is like whitewashing when two people leave and two new people come in to the area. as far as dodgeball finding inv PMG says to find creative ways to find new invs and we are doing just that. we are putting an add in the local wilton paper we are driving tractors and we are doing all kinds of stuff. sad day though my bike is now more trashed than before. we had it on the back of our car and we were on the freeway when the tabs slipped open and my bike went flying :( im fixing it right now but we will see what happens. my comp is so solid I love the guy! we are doing the slay the slang challenge and im loosing because im horrible at not slanging. im turning more and more cowboy by the day. im in wilton for too long! sorry to hear that kate sprained her ankle.... I tore my shoulder muscle and my bicep :( its been in a lot of pain but I decided that im just going to forget I got hurt and then it will go away. plus I cant trust someone named DR. muhamad. anyway all is well here I almost got eaten by a prison gurads dog which was scary but god protected me there and I got another pic by the nude ranch sign because its funny :) anyway I love you all muchly and elder mahaa is happy for the email. love you so much and glad you are helping my with pants :) I love yall!!!! elder mahaa will be replying in a different message :)

Jeremy has lunch with a member of the seventy

This week has been an awesome one. I'm tellin ya I am really starting to understand the power of Jesus Christ's atonement and the role it has truly played in my life. I have never felt the spirit like the way I did this last Sunday. I was having a funky day even but at sacrament I have never been so moved by the spirit before in my life. I remember all of the blessings that I have received in my life all at once, I remembered the moments that God was watching over me and protecting me, even when I didn't know. It was an intense moment. Justin O'Keefe our recent convert was passing sacrament to us and it was just the greatest man. The greatest thing is, now that I have all of these witnesses of the truth I can never go back on. I just need to find ways in the future that I'll be able to keep the fire lit under my butt so I don't get lazy and slip away. I've been talking a lot with a member in this ward that has sons that were like me and he's been helping me figure out ways to keep myself active in the faith. He has helped me find ways to master my thoughts and actions so I can be a better representative of Christ today and forever. The meeting with the 70 was awesome. Elder Richards and I talked for a good bit at lunch. The leadership meeting was insanely spiritual. We had a good discussion on how to lead. It seemed to be that a lot of it was how to be a good father and mother for the sisters that were there. I'm discovering very quickly now how important all of this stuff I'm learning is going to help me in the future. The mission really is the launching pad for the rest of your life. I'm so glad that I get to stay out here. I'm tellin ya I was sweating literal bullets over what the stake pres was going to say..... BUT LIFE IS GOOD, as REI says and the church is true and the Lord lives as does our Heavenly Father. So as for the Flat.... DIBS! HAHAHAHAHAHA jk jk maybe... Its good to hear that Jason has life going in full tilt, same with Ammon. Tell them both I miss them and hope all is well with them. Havent heard from them in awhile.. hint hint hint hint...... Good to hear that Ashley is doin well also tell her "whats up homie!" in those words. Tell Kevin I miss the little budger and we shall play Chrystal Chronicles again one day! So I definitely am going to need your help with keeping me reading every day, we should always set aside some time to read together as a family, I support that idea whole heartedly because I ask people to do it every day as a family. When they do they are much happier. So the same is with ya'll. We have a baptism comin up this Saturday for a couple! its gonna be awesome! Well I love ya'll and hope all is well. Tell the family I say hey and that I miss em. Bullcut and I are hitting our year mark on the 28th, CRAZY!! Love ya! Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Jeremys investigator

As for Jason and Jennica, its been forever since I've heard from Jason he needs to say whats up! I'll keep them both in my prayers and I know that the Lord will handle it the way that it needs to go. Kevin looks very very very tired in that picture, and Gannet looks beautiful btw, man that looks like it was a fun trip with all ya'll! I love the bow Dusty brought with him, straight up like a boss man! So this week a guy we are working with bore us his testimony, he wrote it down and gave it to me as a gift. It was awesome. When I first met this guy he didn't want anything to do with us, but now the Lord has blessed him and helped him feel and understand the spirit. The Lord has totally blessed me with working with this guy, he's awesome. Unfortunately he's on parole for 8 more years so he can't be baptized or even come to church right now. Its a total bummer.. Part of the repentance process though, he made a big mistake and for that there are consequences. I still need to get new shoes, so I'll be buying some ecco's pretty soon. How is Ashley and Jordan doin btw? Also a gal name Lily or a guy named Jacob are going to be dropping off some stuff at the house pretty soon, don't know when but let me know when they see ya. Life is good out here and I've been greatly blessed. I love ya'll and hope all is well. I hope that you have a good week to relax a bit at home and just enjoy the little things, that's something I've learned to do thankfully. Well you are all in my prayers. I love ya hope you have a good one! Elder Larsen Sr.

A Tahitian missionary in Zachs district!

well sounds great about the old man who couldn't keep his clothes on :) there was a homeless guy when I was in del paso heights that would tan naked at the church every day and we would have to shew him away on sunday and pdays :) as for the hike glad it went well :) im happy to hear you are feeling better, to bad for kevin not making it :( as for megan coming to the Tahiti trip, her last name may not be Larsen by then but she should still be able to come seeing as while I been gone you have seen fit to have 3 weddings and a baby all in my absence :) I hope sam is excited for his calling there, it will be such a fun experience I have heard a lot of cool things about Idaho and Jeremy has said a lot about Oregon as you know :) I have a new comp that im training he is from alpine Utah and he is pretty cool! he has a strong desire to learn and im making him teach more :) shiotani my former comp said make sure I verbally abuse this one so he turns out better haha! I also ran my first district meeting last Thursday and it was good we talked about finding new investigators and how to use the members and I related it to dodgeball. we are a small district but still good! we have to shotgunned sisters in Sheldon ward so they are just trying to get use to the area since they are both new to it. we also have anew missionary from Tahiti that is being trained by my good friend elder stevens from draper Utah who went to alta. I would like you to write him a letter in Tahitian if you could. his name is elder mahaa. he knows about the man who has elephantitis in his manhood that you told me about. he is very cool and he is from the island Tahiti the main one he said :) he is very cool and speaks French Tahitian a lil English and a lil tongan so I speak tongan to him :) him and my comp elder black are very cool I appreciate them! we have 4 investigators in wilton who are about to be baptized and we have 2 more that are looking very promising. there is apic on my camera that shows me with cows and a paddle that is where I learned how to sort cows out of the carrel by hand! we would stand in front of them and make noises and hit them with the paddle until we were able to shepherd the cows we wanted into the sqeeze and sort them so that was cool! also about the pants I just remembered I cant buy pants because im in wilton and all we have is two liquor stores and a subway :) so you will have to get them for me :) I would like a pair of black pants and a pair of gray pants size 35W and 32L please I love you very much!!!! sadly my jaw is deteriorating, I went in for my check up and the splint is not doing a whole lot so we are working on options :) all will be well. this has been a great week and really fun! we have to bike once a week so that was scary but still fun! anyway I got to split hope all is well and I love you all very muchly :) I will pray for Jason and tell him to freaking send me a letter dang it :) bye!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Zack is a DL (and stays in the Wilton Hilton)

yea its transfer so my pday was today. so ltso happening at home huh? thank you everyone for getting married while im gone!!! uuhh well that sounds like an awesome trip to bad i missed out eh? glad everyone is having fun! jason is getting married before he sent me a letter what.....a.......what for it................jerk :) anyway well sounds liek a big family trip to tahiti maybe add meg in that trip eh? :) anyway my call is to sit put in wilton which by the end of this i will be 9 months in wilton im training another missionary again and becoming district leader. so thats going to be crazy! im becoming a cowboy i have the straw cowboy hat and a cowboy belt im working on wrestling for the boots! we have 2 baptisms this week and 2 on the 31st! luckily im no longer covering 2 wards and im just in wilton! they shotgunned sisters into the sheldon ward i hope they baptize my investigators there if not i shall DESTROY them :) using scriptures like "oh ye child of hell" and such :) ill go old testament on them :) anyway i love yall muchly and i miss you! i was bailing hay for an investigator the otehr day and one of his helpers was telling us about his days in the black panthers i was worried he was going to kill all of us leaving only my comp elder wong and elder shiotani my former comp alive since they are not white :) anyway im alive and well! things are good just going to be deciding what firefighting drills im going to run for district meeting! well i love you all muchly and i miss you all muchly! hope that all is well and if there is anything i can do lemme know! we will find out my companion tomorrow! love you all muchly and the church is true! oh fun story! this member in wilton ward is a cop and swat sniper he gets called to our investigators house in the sheldon ward SUPER AWKWARD!! also my pants got al lmessed up in a bike thingy no big deal im ok still in one peace however i cant say the same for my pants :) yea extra money to buy might help :) love you!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zack and baptisms galore!

well that sounds like a great time! glad that all is well and tell kev happy freaking birthday!! I love that kid! so still no letter from Jason still depressed :( uuhh oh for Darlene JR's phone number is 916 678 2881i have a request for you! I need 3 pair of pants one cacky one black and one gray :) my pants are a 35 width and 32 or length. also I need some stamps. : ) :) anyway still having trouble with my comp we had a sit down with the zone leaders and he blatently lied to their face so he may or may not be going home :( im sad about that because he doesn't wanna follow rules he doesn't struggle he just doesn't wanna follow them :( anyway I love you all so much and that food place looks and sounds good :) well I love you all so much! I got your package for my birthday! I love it so so much!! thank you for the bubbles and the books!!! I love it all the food too which is a good help :) thank you! we had a baptism on Saturday and we have four set up for the 17th of august! we are really seeing success from the members here and so much success that they are splitting our wards with missionaries this transfers ill find out the details next pday :) well here are some pics for fun love you! oh send my sim card so I can send you mine! also send me my baptism pics so I can send those to our ward historian she wants them :) love you!! your amazing sorry for the demanding email but you guys atre a graet example to me and I love it and need it!!!

Jeremy does a leadership conference

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 12:12 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Well this week was awesome! Justin O'Keefe was baptized! Coolest kid I know man. He's 14 and wants to really get his life started in a positive way. Totally blows my mind that he's even thinkin that way at all. We are starting to work with his mom now as well. Things are going very well for us in this part of Oregon. Tell Kevin happy birthday for me! Elder Muir's bday was on saturday and he was the one that baptized Justin. Good bday present for him. Sunday he was confirmed, he got a haircut, a suit and is lookin like a missionary already. I was thinkin a lot about Kev yesterday and I feel bad for not gettin out a letter to him I just honestly haven't had the time. I've been so dead over the last bit. I don't even recognize that I'm tired though. My mind knows that I am though haha I have been confusing names all week and haven't even recognized it. In two weeks I get to go to a leadership training thing with Elder Richards of the 70! private interview is possible... pray that I'm not one that is chosen haha. Being in leadership has really helped me at managing my time and keeping track of things. I've appreciated the opportunity the Lord has provided for me in being called to it. However, I recognize more in more how little I actually know. You know Bas**** by Ben Folds, the thoughts i've had have reminded me of that song. Did ya'll rent the wave runners or did we just go out and buy em?? hahaha In my dreams! We'll have to go out and do that again one day! Tell Davy that I'm extremely jealous of his excursion! I don't really remember the living scrips, I'm gonna be honest, I fried my brain pretty good during the dark days haha Hopefully it doesn't come back to haunt me in later years. I'm glad that ya'll have had a good week, again tell Kev that I love him and happy bday. Tell Jason that I say whats up! When is that kid gettin married? I thought that would be in the works already. I love ya'll and hope that things continue to go well for ya'll! Be safe. Also I got my new release date. Sept 16th. What day does school start for UVU, BYU, UofU and Utah State? I'm feeling better but I'm still havin trouble with food. I'm stayin the same weight though. I'm definitely slimmer though. My suit doesn't fit anymore hahaha If you could somehow send Muir a BDay wish here is his Email. I know my thoughts are extremely scattered but hey nothin I can do about it. I had the coolest experience at the baptism though. I gave a talk based on "if any of you lack wisdom" Justin was 14 so it fit haha. I just read everything I could about the story connected principles in my mind prayed about it and went up just winging it hoping the spirit would step in. He totally did. Most spiritual talk I've ever givin. We had two of the Laurels do a duet and then the baptism then I talked and the entire place was just filled. we had an investigator there and there were many others and it was just AWESOME! I'm kinda starting to understand the spirit. I've got a long way to go but I've been able to teach by it in such a better way then when I got here. Boyd was right on target during the "Work Of Salvation" broadcast. SANCTIFY yourself and teach only by the spirit. It was amazing to be an instrument in God's hands at that moment. I love all of you! Happy BDAY KEVIN!!! Hope to hear from you all again soon!