Monday, March 25, 2013

Jers Baptism :)

Hey Padre! Sound's like ya'll have had a pretty good week! Thanks for the compliment, I know that I'm beautiful hahaha I'm excited to get that Rx cause man with out my candy I'm dyin haha I seriously muffed myself up pretty good over the last few years. I fear for my 30's.... I'm excited for a care package! I can't think of to much that I need other then some Garments. I gonna need some cash for the last time for some medicine and for a few other things. I'm sorry for burning through so much over the last little bit but I've been trying to stay as healthy as possilbe and I'm havin a really rough time keepin my body 100% I'm lucky to have such an awesome ward around me right now, they've been helping out the best they can. I really appreciate all the support and love I feel from all of you. This week was awesome for us, we found an awesome family to start teaching and we had a baptism. Annie Wilde was baptized by her dad on the 23, it was awesome! Gary has been working on becoming worthy to baptize her for a long time now and it's awesome to have been able to be apart of the process for them. I'm glad to hear that Mckayla is doing well, I feel crappy cause I haven't been able to write her yet...... I'm horrible at that stuff. Tell her I love and support her if you get the time. As for the screwtape letters I've been talkin about that book all week haha I really wish I could read that out here... Oh well ha This week has been a straight up sprint for us. I have been on exchanges working with other missionaries and trying to prep a baptism and all this other stuff... We've still been keepin up the hard work and have taught more then we did last week. The members here are so awesome, I love being able to work with them. Its going to be really tough if I have to leave here anytime soon. Well I love ya padre! Tell Darlene I love her and hope all is well! ofa atu!
Elder Larsen Sr.

Zacks latest

dad- yea that sounds like jeremy i guess we are jsut destined to be sick together because i went to get my ear checked out and they cant fid anything wrong other than the fact that im def which makes teaching in tongan fun because they speak fast and quiet since its a lazy language haha!  well im glad that my bro is doing well and that he is not dying so im happy about that! well i didnt do anything really to my broken finger so it healed kinda funny but oh well still playing rugby and such! i hope i can send my UFC videos to you! speaking of rugby and NFL players they had a question. the three of them were wondering if they could stay at the house from the to mon morning for conference? is that ok? if not its all good they were just wondering but hey they are NFL players :) let me know Asap in a letter so i can get the answer faster. well im glad that you are all having fun togethr and mckayala will love her mission for sure, they are a lot of fun. i been a lil stressed this week i dunno why but you know me i jsut randomly get stressed. maybe its my district leader constantly nagging me for every little thing, he kinda drives me nuts haha! uuhh oh can i get caves address please? and i cant believe that kate is 17 thats nuts! they grow up quick haha! how is the weather in utah? its like 80 degrees here :) oh can i get the NBA updates on the thunder and the jazz? we had like an hour conversation on NBA so now im curious :) well i love y'all and miss yall muchly but ill be home sooner than you think.. next week is the last full week then trasnfers are back again. JASON NEEDS TO WRITE ME :) just saying. well i love ya bye!!! oh and that evil spirit thing was scary man i dont like dealing with it haha!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Zack casts out evil...

dad- well that sucks haha! no instacares in my area so we will see what happens.thats cool that kev is singing, ill look for him! im excited to hear about RED's album! i wanna hear it so bad! as for my chinchy baby girl im so excited i love her and i miss her so so bad! along with the cat and the dog!! i want and miss pets! thats cool about getting to know the family! if i have gained a testimony and understanding of anything out here its family. families need to stay close together! the ghetto is really hard on me sometimes. i see these broken homes, kids that are cursing and talking about their dads in jail for drugs and homeless everywhere. often times we can make a joke about it and have a good laugh but lately its been hard on me seeing kids and people in this kind of condition. i just want them to have a better life. anyway, i got some vids of my ground fighting a UFC guy, i won 1 of the 3 and we are going again today after rugby so you might like those vids :) we met a guy who claimed to be a prophet and then destroyed his doctrine and replaced it with Christs and it was funny we asked him so your a prophet? he said yes i said you seen jesus? he said yes i said did you talk to him? he said yes i said did you see god the father? he said no then i said i thought you were teaching that he was the same person and he just stayed silent it was funny! another funny story is my comp has bad english and this member made a joke about him and he said what does that mean? and the member said its ok im just giving you a hard time and my comp is like a hard time? why? i dont need a hard time! i was laughing so hard!! some more news is that our apartment complex caught on fire which was pretty cool! i also borke my pinky burnt my hand to the second degree and went def in my right ear so thats fun! its ok all will be well!! we also casted out an unclean spirit, its a cool story. this person we were teaching was drinking again it was a relapse so we sat him down and started talking to him and he had a different voice and was being really weird then we heard stomping ont eh floor but we were the only ones there and it got closer and closer and then we said a prayer and the light flickered as we were praying and then when we said amen the light went out and back on then there was no more sounds and our investigators face was lighter and he was not acting weird and we finished our lesson and he stopped drinking again! SUPER COOL! anyway i cant wait to come home to you pops and see how buff your getting with all your working out!~ you got to look fit! im hoping to be fit when i come home im working out every day now haha! my tongan is coming along well but not fluent  :) well thats my week LOVE YA!!! oh get me dave beoduens address please!

kate- hey kate dont burn yourself thats no good ok? well he im glad your writting all these missionaries thats always good motivation to stay active and keep doin stuff. thats cool your running for SBO i bet you can make it! be the first larsen to make it! staying busy is important it helps you stay on the straight and narrow path! i love ya kate! stay up with coleman and nesbit ok? i need their address so i can write the home! also keep my pets happy and healthy! i love you and dont overwork but just stay busy enough :)  keep me posted on everything! love you!!!! hope you liked the pics and vids

Jeremy Busts a lesson record! (and flyfishes??)

Well another day in Springtucky! It's been a very very exhausting week haha I've been on exchanges twice and I beat my lesson record by 3 as of this week. By the end of this transfer I'll blow her outta the water. At church our WML came up to us, sat down, and said "Elders... Go take a nap.." hahahaha By Sunday I'm so burnt out its crazy haha The ward here is so sick, the day I have to leave is really really gonna blow.. I've got way to many homies here to leave. This Sunday was awesome though, we had 5 investigators all at church for Jeremy Shaw's farewell (Sad to see him go). Every which way we turned everyone was throwing referrals at us, it was awesome. But again, I'm just wasted, all I wanna do is take a nap, so I probably will today hahahaha YAY FOR PDAY! Ashley is getting married soon?? what the hay? I'm missing something fors sure, or I forgot.. I'm lame like that I forget stuff. I dunno how the GI thing is gonna go but I'll let ya know. If it's an Ulcer then I'm screwed.... No Ibuprofen for life? my legs have been killin me w/o it so I'm gonna have to figure something out if this turns out to be an Ulcer. Pray for an Ulcer though, if its a Hernia that'd be lame, I'd be stuck with that for life. I dunno though, I don't feel super super stressed, I think I was a wee bit more stressed when I was going through court and jail and such, but hey who knows. I am looking forward to eating again though, it'll be pretty nice to be able to do that. Annie reminds me of a verse in 2nep 4.... that poor dog, no love.. I'm glad that Kimmers is being nice now, thats pretty cool, maybe she'll be tame when I see her again... not likely hahaha As for the golf and stuff... I'm very jealous..... I want to play golf. Can I play golf? not a chance! But I can learn how to fly fish in a trailer park HAHAHA Welcome to SPRINGTUCKY! I love this place, I bet only 4 people alive have learned how to flyfish in a trailer park. I win. Well I'm gonna go do what I mentioned before and go take a nap I'm just out of it so if this message doesn't make sense or something well then I'll try and make more sense next week ahahaha. Well I love ya'll and sorry Kate for not gettin a message to ya, I love you and appreciate hearing from you every week .You guys keep me going! Love ya
Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jers close to lesson record per week!

Well now I feel like a really really crappy son.... Didn't even remember to write on my own padre's B-day..... I'm really horrible at writing people back and remembering important dates... If I"m not focusing on it or have someone remind me of it I just won't remember... I'm going to be lame and cop out by saying its cause of how busy we are... Which is kinda true. I have to be the one that writes everything down and I have to remember everything cause Caswell is pretty ADD hahahaha Love him but he just can't focus and when he can't focus he wants to sleep, so he likes to sleep a lot haha Regardless, Happy Birthday popaa I love ya man and I hope that your B-Day rocked! It looks like ya'll had a whole bunch of fun! Now with the busy thing... We have taught over 20 lessons a week for the past 8 weeks.... I'm encroaching on a record that I set when I was with Tammy, I'll let you know when I beat it. Tammy hit me up again and he said that he really appreciated the letter from ya. Also this coming week one of my homies is coming into ya'lls neck of the woods! Jeremy Shaw, he's the Bishops son in this ward. He's an awesome guy, he's going to Brazil for his mission but he is waiting on his Visa so he has to go to the Provo MTC. Sooooooo.......... Hook up a brotha's friend is what I'm sayin. He's pretty bummed about not being able to go straight to Brazil so if ya'll could go see him when he comes to Utah that'd be sick. I'll give you more details when I know more next week. As for the doctor I'll be seeing... Dr. Khoi Tran:Cascade Endoscopy Center LLC, 1007 Harlow Rd Suite 110 Springfield, OR 97477  (541) 726-8882 (Office),
(541) 284-1600 (Office). I'll be seeing him today so I'll let ya know whats up. I'm pretty excited to finally figure all of this out. Soon as this is all said and done I'm hitting up a buffet, HOME TOWN BUFFET!!!!! THAT'S RIGHT BE JEALOUS THEY STILL HAVE ONE IN OREGON!!!! HAHAHAHAHA....... i win.... name that show? I still haven't been able to keep stuff down, I know that some is getting through otherwise I would be dead so I'm not to worried. I've lost a whole lot of weight still.. It's depressing, I weigh about as much as bullcut and that's just not okay with me... Makes me want to cry sometimes when I think about it. As for the house changes... I'm okay with whatevs when it comes to that, as long as the wreath and the picture of the girl are not moved. They must remain or by the power and authority that I hold..... wait I was about to get pretty sacrilege. ANYHOO... If they go don't throw them away I will carry them to another place where they can be happy. Just remember what happened in all of those horror movies when something cursed was taken from its resting spot..... or the mummy remember what happend when they opened the box? just sayin... hahaha Darlene is gonna rock the boat in the miamaids I'm sure! Its good to hear that things are moving forward back on the home front, next thing to happen is you will be Bishop, just you wait man, just you wait. If the LOTRO thing happens then ya'll have to promise me that we will do the same going up to kings when the day comes (*that is far far in the future) that we meet again. The Elder I'm with now is going home soon, so I keep on reminding him that he won't be going home soon because he's got way to much to do here now, thats why everything involving home is far far far in the future. I'm gonna have to look for Kevin now!!! that'll be awesome to see lil budger kickin it old school on tv! tell him to get that mullethawk that I was gonna get! DO IT! As for Jason, tell him to write me soon, haven't heard from him in a minute.. I need to write Mckayla... I SUCK AT WRITTING PEOPLE BACK!!!! Also turns out its a good thing I left Roseburg when I did hahaha I have a lil fan club down there of the opposite gender that really could've gotten me in trouble. I have a problem with pride as it turns out, this didn't help much at all..... Well I love ya'll and Its good to hear you are doing well! happy B-day again! Tell everyone hey for me and give the dog and Sammy a lovin for me if you could! Also, get Chinchy and the rabbit  to kick it together she needs a friend! Love ya, I'll hit you up!
Elder  Larsen Sr.
   Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin

First of all... CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome that you got the solo Kate! This must be filmed and I must see it when it is done! I'm so proud of you Kate that really is a huge accomplishment! One of my investigators is a musician, he's a guitarist, pretty heavy metal stuff hahaha The fellowshipper that we found for him is super chill also. He is the singer and guitarist for a metal band. He sings (Screams) like an animal. He's something else to hear, makes me wish I could go to the concerts he holds cause they kill it from what I hear. So if you got straight A's how did your grades falter a little bit? I don't understand hahahaha Kate I love ya and I wish I had more time to write. You're something else and the lord has blessed you so much. Thanks for being an example to me, keep it up! I love ya.
Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Zack is better, whew!

DAD- well im glad the pics and vids got there, its 3 transfers worth of stuff so i hope there is enough to keep you busy! as for this transfer its great! im no longer sick and eating like a tongan again :) i am still tourturing rodents with blow dart guns :) i am also excited to hear about the callings and the pics you sent were great!!!! im happy for jason but tell him ill never approve of her until he freaking writes me that kid is in trouble. i have gotten more letters from ALL my friends than him and i have only gotten 1 letter from parker :) i got a machette from a member and im excited to play with it :) i spent all personal study sharpening it :) kinda apostate of me but oh well its Pday :) as for apostate music i went on several exchanges in the area including in my car and the music is nutso! from emenem to the format to RED to Tupac man i have heard crazy apostate music but at least its not like it use to be with hottubing missionaries haha! our ZL's are great and are really cracking down on disobedience! i love our Zl's they are funny we go to mongolian BBQ a lot with them im getting fat from it. my virus took away some weight though i went from 185 to 179.8 :) so i  can gain some again :) well how are my animals doing? i miss them! i love yall so much and i miss you guys! i have a request, i need that thing that flushes your ears my ear is suck right now please send it ASAP :( my tongan is getting better so im happy im able to kinda teach i understand more than i can speak though! well love ya!!!!!!

Kate- well im glad you liked the movie i heard a lot about it here i wanna see it so get it on DVD ok? as for cooper tell him that i miss that kid i love him and even though he is moving ill still be apart of his family reguardless so no worries! TELL HIM THAT :0 im sorry ya miss me but your not to overestimated, im at 8 months i think so thats pretty close!  im glad you had fun at prom i know you deserve that! i miss ya too though! you are amazing sister keep it up ok? keep me posted on everything alright? know that im havin fun out here and the mish is worth it for sure! tell meg that img oing to send another letter to her because she aint got it so dont worry about writting me again :) ill send it again i love ya!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Zacks Advise - never tract out a drug dealer while he is in the middle of a deal

dad- i love ya'll as for feeling better, i felt like was doin better and pain was down so i played rugby and then starting spitting up blood everywhere so took a rest and am going to try again today :) my new comp is freakin great i love him! i am learning a lot more tongan with him here and im teaching him english. we have a cople baptisms this month and we are excited and just havin fun! i recomend not contacting a drug dealer in the middle of a drug deal and then i also recomend not trying to sell him a drug called salavation and a type of weed called the spirit get it, THG and then THC the holy ghost is THG :) yea they just yell at you haha! we are rockin north sac we are killin it! we love it here and we are having a lot of fun. as for prom that is great and i love the pic make sure that jason shoots and cleans the gun at least once while im out, im almost a year out so get to it! jason needs to freaking write me!!!!!!!! i aint heard from him yet! i want that daed reeth to be there when i get home ok? please?? its my request :) as for that guy who gave talks that sounds super cool! i support that! i really wish we could keep everyone active! i think through good powerful firesides we can help the less active and the semi active. well i love you! i hope all is well! keep me posted on everything ok? LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

Kate- im glad you had a lot of fun at prom you deserve it and im glad you went where we went  for my prom! i bet meg was excited! well i love you i dont have a lot of time to write you im sorry. I do think its awesome you had fun at a prom and for yous erving a mission i think its great thtat thats soemthin your workin towards. I love ya! i miss ya! as for the guy if he dont treat you right ill come home and kill him! i love ya! i know that god is with you and that all will be well. try to keep the house as similar as you can ok? i dont want it to be too different. I love ya. keep me posted on the life of my wonderful sister kate :) i love the pics! i love you!! bye!!! keep on coleman and nesbit please adn tell coleman i will visit her first thing i get home and that im alright!

Jeremy directs his first District meeting!

Hey padre! Well we have had a great week this week, my first D-Meeting went well and the district I'm in looks to be on the rise, so I have a lot to be excited about. I'm gonna be honest with ya, talking with you on the phone just seemed wrong hahaha When she asked me to call you all I said was "well I wouldn't feel guilty about doing it but I'm not sure if I really want to." Nothing against you or anything but its just seemed off hahaha Darlene it was awesome to talk to you, sorry I had to keep it completely business but I had to. I really hope to be getting over this stupid GI problem but I won't be into the doctors for another two weeks it seems..... Kinda distant and the thought of throwing up everything for the next two weeks sounds pretty crappy.... I'm not to pumped about that so pray for some weight gain on my part or something because they've hooked me up with everything that they can think of for now. I'll make sure to add you to my HIPPA form don't worry about that. Sooo Alexi is not cross country skiing? and so are you? Look at you two, all grown up and trying new things!! Sounds like all of you are as active as ever! Stay that way, I need some competition in some B-Ball! and Racquetball. Unfortunately I haven't been able to play much of either the last 3 weeks because of my stupidity. As for Kates date whats up with nothing good happens after midnight??? HAHAHAHAHA im just kidding! Coming from me that's just ridiculous. After Midnight is when the real party starts everyone knows this! Well Padre I love ya, and even though it felt funky calling you it was great to hear from ya. I love you and I hope that all is well on the home front! I hear much of the home front is changing? "My Grandfather informs me that this is not possible" (think about that quote and tell me the movie) I love that show.... LOVE IT! well i love all ya'll. Til next week, Love, 
Elder Larsen Sr.
 Kaite Sue Bug Susan Keithburg McSlaughlin,
What the hay!! Didn't I say something about you not getting old and stuff last week! hahahaha If you want a bf you must first have him send me a letter concerning all episodes of Fireflyand just what he thinks about it. After that he must send in a form discussing his thoughts on the HP movies compared to the books. I'll think of a few other things but for now that will do. As for the engagment movie, that is awesome, find it on Youtube (because it will be on Youtube) and save it so I can see it one of these days. I've never been to that Garden thing at the top of the JS building I'll have to hit that up one of these days, sounds bomb. As for something delicious you need to go find Cookie Butter, it's bad for your health but it tastes really good on pancakes. You find it next to the peanut butter, go get some, it'll change our life. Aggies is the way to go! Of all the Universities in Utah that one and UVU are some good ones, but so is UofU and BYU, but hey go with cheap, that's what I'm gonna do haha I'm glad that you had a fun time at Youth Conference! those were always fun. EFY will be bomb, have a lot of fun and meet some cool pps. What are you going to be doing down there?? I came out with an Elder from Flagstaff, he's a pretty chill guy. I bet that you will have a lot of fun! Well I hope that you're doing well. Did you get the solo for your performance? how are things goin with school?? Well I love ya Kate til next week!
Elder Larsen Sr.