Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeremy loving the new Zone!

Ahhhhh.... I love me some Lounsbury's.... That family is the greatest. I really do love that ward. So the temple is right outside of my zone in the other mission. My area boarders the Portland mission on two ends. We actually have to go to the Portland mission today, should be cool. The temple is close. I've been able to go twice now. Did I tell ya that I saw P. Young there? My old pres haha he's almost going home! I've become old in the mish, it's almost sinking in.... Luckily in this ward we've got a lot of work to do, so I'll easily be busy for the next forever here. It's a lot like Salem was when I got there, so I'm looking forward to some long nights and some crazy crazy times again haha. Dean likes Korean stuff? When did he go to Korea? Ya'll are just traveling fools.... Amy isn't old enough to go on a mission, she's like 14 years old, at least she was when I left. Did time speed up in Utah? I've heard about Gpa, I'm getting a letter out to him today. And how on earth is Kayla going to go snowshoeing? She was running into my virtual arms and falling last time I saw the little tyke... However Steph pulled it off she has to let me know how she taught a 1 year old how to snowshoe.... Or you could carry her, that would work huh? Sorry for the playing stupid ramble, I had to for a bit.. Kev went out and got a Suby? Tell him that my father says that this is not possible.. So jealous... How do they even still have the set for MASH up. They haven't shot a new episode in 30 years? That's just crazy. Katie does deserve it, she's been workin her tail off.. Oh btw, in our ward we had dinner with this family the other day, the Reynolds. They took us In and grilled us with the usual new missionary questions. Then they asked us what kind of music do you like... I almost started to cry cause no members ever ask me that, so I jumped on that opportunity.. I know, focus, but still. So I told him Tool, Floyd, Rush.... Bro Reynold and his son almost started to cry. They refer to rush as the Band. Needless to say we are now best friends. We are loving life, I've seen a ton of miracles this last week. I've got a few concerns about returning back to the homestead, and I know it's time to plan so I'm going to start. My fear about going back to Sandy to stay for to long is just the expectations that I put on myself there and the surroundings could lead back to a messy life style. I'm feeling more and more that I need to be removed from the area and just continue the fresh start that I've had elsewhere. It's what I'm feeling like would be best. I'll let ya know when I have better plans and so on. I love ya, hope you have a great week. Tell everyone I miss em and hope to hear from them soon. Elder Larsen Sr.

Reques for a family fast for Zacks mission

so grandpa is not doing so well huh? that's not good i will keep praying for him. i hope that all is going to be well. sounds like a party! i want to go on the MASH set!!! i love MASH! so Amy and Bo are going on missions huh? crazy! and i'm praying for Lisa she will get it though! she is good enough for it. yes the work here is taking off! we have a baptism on Friday and one the Saturday after this one! i'm excited for it! i hope it all works out! we are still spending more time than ever in the hills trying to uplift the elders! i spent time there is pent 8 months there i dont know whats to be discouraged about... so we have been working very hard with them. we went up with the AP's and did an ALL DAY blitz to help em out so i hope we can get things going. sounds like Kate has a lot going on and she will be very successful im glad someone is good at school in the family even if its none of the sons. oh so random here is a message from president Lewis just so you know because we are behind in our goal to baptize 801 truly converted people during 2014 we held a Mission Leadership Council Fast on Thursday to petition the Lord to bless our Mission with more baptisms based upon our faith, obedience and hard work. At the end of that day sister training leaders, zone leaders, assistants and Sister Lewis and I held a conference call so we could end our fast with a prayer together. We also discussed and decided that we would like to invite all of us in the Mission to fast this coming Sunday, March 2nd to again plead with the Lord to bless our Mission with more baptisms based upon our faith, obedience and hard work. We read Helaman 3: 35 “Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto God.” As a Mission we desire to become stronger in our humility, firmer in our faith and to yield our hearts to our God. We desire to bring many souls unto Him. Our 2014 baptism goal was inspired. Now we must urgently do all in our power, including petitioning our Heavenly Father to bless us with sheaves upon our backs as we thrust in our sickles with our might all the day long as we labor with Him in His vineyard. Will you please join us in this fast? In addition we felt we should ask you to invite your families at home to join us in fasting on March 2nd, a regular Fast Sunday, in our petition to Heavenly Father. Will you please copy this Mission Fast section from this email and paste it into your weekly email to your family? Will you add a personal note asking your family to join us in this fast? The Mission Leadership Council also decided we would fast as zones each day Aaron is working in the mines? that's interesting! just reminds me of October sky be careful that's all i got to say! im glad we get a car when we are back that will be great! is the accent still there? well things are great and life is good! love you and miss you all muchly! your a great family! thanks for your support and prayers! i appriciate it a lot! love you!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Jeremy is now ZL in Banks!

Hola! This has definitely been one of the hardest weekends of my mission. My time in Turner/ Salem zone is over and I'm up in The Forest Grove zone. My boy Parkinson is training after 6 weeks of being out. I'm pumped as can be for him but I was sad to go. I've made some life long friends with the missionaries I served with down there. Many of them have become leaders of the mission now. I loved that town. When we are on our ride back down through Oregon we are definitely going to go to sacrament meeting there. That is an absolute must. I think the reason it's been hardest to leave there is just the families, the Fraser's, Iverson's, Korkow's, Marck's, and so on. Leaving them behind has been so difficult because of true spiritual experiences we've had with one another. Many times I've felt and they have said that we knew each other in the previous life and that we were meant to meet. I've had the most faith building experiences of my life with each of them. I've seen so much change in the ward and stake and it's only beginning... I have seen it go from struggling to miracles in every day and meeting. However, I know I've said I a lot and I've talked about my wants. The only thing I desire though is what The Lord wants. He wants me here in the city of Banks. Nothing else matter's. I'll miss it but I'm excited for this new assignment. I'm a ZL with elder Rees, he's a quite kid. We're going to have fun her, I can already tell. I'll talk with Bullcut about school. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with his flow. I'm staying out for sure though. The Lord has me out here until then so I'm going to do it. I'm pumped that you're hitting up Golds! You and I gonna go get swoll to the max when we meet up? Haha you seem like you're doing very well, I'm happy for ya. I can't wait to see lil Kayla! Things have changed. But that's what I came out here to do, change, so I'm happy for change. I can't believe Matt is back! That's just crazy! You'll have to tell him what's up for me. Tell errybody I say hello. I love ya so much! I'll get my memory card home this week! Love Elder J Larsen

Monday, February 17, 2014

Zacks Zone back in full swing!

i dont have indys email but i would love to send him something or his address send it to me ASAP i want him to go on a mission! as for everything going on at home it sounds like your still busy! i saw the for sale sign in the yard and wanted to cry though :( ill miss that home. thanks for the pics all the missionaries myself included loved em! im learning the ukalai or however you spell it but ultimately i wanna learn how to play banjo!!!! just a random comment :) so matt is back huh? im glad he enjoyed it! hows the fam doing? sorry valentines day was an "on call" day but glad you enjoyed it! on v day all i got was new medication so i guess thats CVS telling me how much they love me haha! my BP is starting to get better but not by much, i have been diagnosed with idiomatic hypertension which means as im sure you know that i just have high blood pressure sucks to suck, thats how i heard the diagnosis anyway haha! they increased my dosage and are trying to see how much i need to level out and be ok. things are great though! we have a golden INV that will be baptized on the 28th and also maybe a miracle baptism same day coming up! we are really excited! the zone is starting to pick up again, i dunno why we were in such a slump. we still have some struggling companionships in the hills so we are still spending lots of time up there :( im happy though just making lots of jokes about parties being hosted at CVS with all our other sick missionaries! they sent me a sick comp so i guess now im "that guy" sad day hahah! we are doin work though! and house work...its clean. kayal sounds awesome! i love her! i cant wait to meet her! tell the fami i love them! well things are great and im happy! also we are really getting a lot of success in the ward which is great! sorry for the short email but i got to go!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snowmageddon in the Turner ward!!!

Sorry I'm getting this to you so late! It's been crazy out here the Last few days. We got over 16' of snow.... All of the cars in the mission have been grounded in the mission because they just don't have the equipment to deal with this. People here don't know how to drive in snow either. All of Salem has been shut down, same with Turner. Our area has been impossible who work in because it's all boony back roads into Turner so we've been helping the other Elders. We have had a ton of fun with all of this though. We've been with the other Elders a bunch shoveling, pushing cars, going on crazy 3 way splits to teach people, it's been a blast. The stake canceled church but We got permission to do a missionary sacrament, it was sweet. First and last meeting I'll ever preside at... It was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting of the mission though. It was so crazy. On top of all the craziness though A disc in Amy Fraser's back slipped... It's definitely been sad to see. What can be done for that kind of injury? Do you have to do surgery? We have transfers this coming week, I'm nervous as can be. I honestly just want to move my records to this ward, I would be happy camper in this ward. One last crazy snow story. Me and Monty (Monteirth) saved a drunk guy. We we're walking to get some food and we come up on this guy who was just gone. We started walkin with him i got on one side and Monty took the other. He slipped around me then Started to fall into the road, luckily Monty caught him and threw him back cause a truck would have smoked the guy. We took him to a McDonald's then bought him some food and let the police know so they sent a medic. It was good times haha. We'll love ya'll have a great week. Thank you again for all you do in supporting me out here. Elder Larsen sr.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptisms and Rock Creek Pizza for Zack!

well sounds like an eventful time! sounds like all is well. i miss my nephews they are awesome! also call the mission and get ahold of sis minnick she can direct you to my doc. i dont like my doc visits they are useless and a waste of time and on my next visit im going to tell him that. anyway we had a great week! we had 8 less actives come to church with 3 investigators and one we have been workign with in particular is an itanlian new yorker mafia guy who camee back to church and bore his testimony and is happy we stopped by and started working with him and i love him to death! he is amazing and use to be a cop between stockton and lodi. we had a referral from utah come in that has led to a baptism on the 28th she is amazing and so prepared and we are hopefully going to have 2 baptisms for this month! we also found a whole family that we had dinner with where we all made our own pizza! mine was of course rock creek recipe. the whole family is looking for a church where there family can learn at their individual pace and be together! we are running a zone conference for my first time which is scary but things are great! im teaching a elder from chilli 100 tips on how to be cool in america tip number 1 is pop your rain jacket color in rain storms and tip number 2 is rev your engine all the way down the freeway and tip number 3 is buying elder larsen lunch. only cool kids buy elder larsen lunch :) he is awesome i love elder sanhueza we just like to give him crap. he can dish it back too. well we were in a huge drought and they asked all the wards in California to pray and fast for rain and we did and that day it started raining and hasnt stopped for a whole week i said we need to be more specific on how much rain but its the first rain storm of the season. well there was more i wanted to say but i forgot what it was so sorry about that maybe next week huh? i need stamps. well love you all so much as for starting i dunno i need to talk to pres about whats going on with school. i think getting a starter home would be best because im sure there will be proll 4 living there parker shiotani jeremy and me and i dunno if he has plans for anyone.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots of hard work with great results in Jeremys Zone!

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: ............. So the year I'm serving I miss the 49ers play the Ravens, then the Seahawks play the Broncos and Red Hot Chili Peppers play half time.... The Lord is really testing me... This is one of the dark times that Holland talks about that come before and after every spiritual success. I can't believe it... Oh well if I continue to serve faithfully it will be the Falcons playing against the 49ers and it will be a close game. However in the end it will go into double overtime and then the Falcon's will win out in the end. Also Maynard will play at half time with Incubus. I have good new btw. According to the light and knowledge that I've received I can't listen to the Rap that I was listening to before, that's good news. Also, I can't listen to all the stuff that I was listening before, but I'm still going to keep select songs and so forth. Definitely still going to listen to Tool and so forth just going to be choosy. But that is good news for ya haha I've been making a lot of grunge versions of the hymns and I've been free styling the stuff I read about during studies in the morning . I remember the stuff I read by singing it in my best Eddie Veder voice or Chris Cornell. My comp doesn't like screamy stuff to much so I've stopped making screamo versions of the hymns for now. However, I am excited at the fact that I'll be able to make an album with a friend that just got off his mission. Raulston and I would make up renditions of the hymns all the time so we're going to put out a hardcore version of some hymns and other stuff we came up with haha Its going to be so sick. I've grown to love singing since I've been out here haha. Tell Katie she's a boss for me, I was definitely a wuss when it came to my leg and stuff. I can't believe that Katie is going to be in Europe and singing and famous and all that jazz..... She's just changing all day erryday... I hope that you're getting a good amount of family videos of the nephews stuff, I love those little buggers... I still haven't been able to send out that stuff for Kayla and my memory card... I'm sorry. I've been busier then ever. My comp is a work horse and I'm feeding him all that I can so it really is putting me behind on my Zone Leader duties. He doesn't like sitting around and doing paper work so I've just been doing my best to do it late at night while he's out. I've seen a huge change in myself though since I've been with him, its been awesome to be a part of this work. The Fraser's and the Marck's came to church this week, it was so sick. I love these families so much. We had the President Aguiar (2nd councilor) come and meet the Fraser's, it was awesome to have him there. Amy is so close to baptism, they have the greatest family man I wish you could meet them, I can't wait for you to meet them, I'm gonna be good friends with these people for the rest of my life. Ann Marck, James' Mom has started to investigate the church. She and James came from a FLDS family out of Provo. She was really hurt when she found out how false the church was. When she left she left Polygamy, she left her husband, she lost everything including her entire foundation on God. It was and has been really hard for her. She's got some serious trust issues with men in power. Understandably so though. Keep the prayers for them coming. Tell Jason and Kevin I say hey, as well as Katie and Jennica, Ashley, Lynette and so forth. I had a rough morning on Sunday, got pulled over, late to PEC and printers not working and I was just frustrated.... Definitely rough. I decided to read the bofm and get some comfort. Read 2nep 4, it absolutely brought all the comfort I needed. I know that when Christ talked about the comforter it really is true, because I haven't felt that kind of peace in frustration in a long time. I love ya, hope all is well and please tell Darlene I love her and everything that she does! Stay safe and stay happy. Do good be good. Elder Larsen Sr.

Things looking up in Zacks Zone!

a blood type diet is just something that says certain blood types assimilate foods differently so it talks about foods to avoid and foods to shoot for. anyway i cant follow it anyhow because its to hard to do on a mission. my blood preassure is discouragingly still the same. mostly 140's over high 60's or mid 70's although i hit a record low this week which was good. every now and then i have a good day and i also get really bad ones every now and then. i aint heard back from my blood test so i dont know anything about that. have you talked to the doc? yes we are still both ZL's they talked about doing to our mission what they did to jeremys because we use to do that but i dunno what will happen. i hope not because i already trained twice in a row haha! my second boy is training in a shotgunned area which is awesome! i knew he was destined for greatness! as for U.V.U. starting that way, do you think i should come home a transfer early? i dunno. whats the deal with housing for me? am i moved out soon as im home or whats goin on, it was vague at Christmas time. when i go to U.V.U. im going to want to get into fire academy ASAP prolly while or before my generals. as for working out and eating healthy im going to need that. i want to do absolutely anything i can to not be on these Meds for life haha! im glad kate went well with surgery even with the fact she tore up her ankle all kinds of bad! yea the super bowl was semi lame for the parts i was "forced" to watch. we had dinner at a super bowl party house with a TV that was HUGE like 100 inch. we got to the half tiem show when we had an appt though so thats good. mrs beck is awesome! im glad she didnt thin i was to bad i feel like i was a terror student but probably more so in high school and middle school when i discovered i can get away with tons of crap! well im glad you left the giggly girls because i would have! well thigns are good here! we have an inv with a baptismal date for the 16th we just have to break her from her catholic ways! things are good! im happy! most of our sick missionaries are gone but my comp is a sicky. well i am lovin the mish and im lovin life and things are great! im happy with where im at and im taking control of our sueless ward council to try and get some stuff done! well love you all! keep me posted!