Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Shotgunned missionaries in the hills of sacramento??

On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 10:57 AM, Zachary Larsen wrote: well hey howdy hey! transfers came in! im sticking around however, my companion is not. my comp is being sent of to Manteca. my new comp is elder taphous! my MTC DL he is cool! its cool to be with a comp that came out with me. i feel like sundays here are a literal translation of the scripture thats says "and then the night cometh where there can be no labor performed" we have so many meetings every Sunday night that we can never perform and missionary work haha! the hills got what we call shotgunned which is whitewashed in other missions. either way we kicked out our problem children and have new ones so im excited to see what happens there. we got a solid DL up in the hills who will keep everyone obedient! when we told one of our problem missionaries that they were being shotgunned he denied the transfer and gave us some problems and then i said well i think either way your being transferred but you can bring it up to the AP's they will just tell you the same thing. interesting fight he was putting up haha! im hoping now i can focus more on my own missionary work! i was not able to have the opportunity to have a baptism this month which is the first month since April so i was kinda sad. things are really looking up for us in this new month though, we have a lot of INV's close to baptism they just need to commit to a specific date. im hoping! well im glad you closed the deal on the new house and that a family just like ours could be moving into our house. so whats the deal with jeremy and i in housing? are we going straight to Orem or whats going on because i dunno. also whats the deal with school? when does it start? do i need to come home a week early or later or whats? seems like some not good things with gpa and kate huh? i will for sure pray for them! kate needs to not hurt herself she has a lot going for her! i could hurt myself i didnt have as much going haha! she cant follow my example! thats awesome for lisa getting that job im sure that will be a big help to them! well im starting the new pills today so we will see how they effect me. whats your thought on blood type diets by the way? i was reading a book on it, i could never stick to it but its supposed to be healthier, i think all i been changing is less sodium and more rabbit food plus LOTS OF ALOE like aloe drinks and a couple other things. i like the new way of teaching the youth! tayloring lessons to the youth will help keep them active i think, thats how we teach inv's is by specifically making the PMG lessons apply to the people we teach and what it is they are needing to learn to help them progress! well not to many crazy stories other than we got yelled at by some crazies and that an unhappy athiest certainly didnt like us at all. we have been working really hard because there is not an over abundance of member help here, your referral is 1/4 of our member referrals since i have been here haha! our WML has been a big help though we are starting a new program going from all the auxiliaries teaching them about missionary work! anyway i love yall and hope your all happy have a great day!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Baptisms and fire of the spirit in Oregon!

Yo!! So some thoughts on Christ's role in our life.... K, what was his purpose? His purpose was to help accomplish the Father's mission statement... "Bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man". So his role for us was to come down and first bring immortality, well being God himself he had complete control on his own life or death so he could lay it down and take it back up as to accomplish the means in how we may all be resurrected, so he had to go to the cross. So he accomplished the Immortality in his resurrection, next eternal life. The Garden By that sacrifice he made it possible for all of us to attain Eternal Life. So his role in our lives was 1. The Atonement 2. the Resurrection. Everything else was ancillary to that, even his example. Just so you know I love doctrine now, I want to talk about it all day everyday. The scriptures are the greatest things ever.... Go check out D&C 76:41 and 1 John 3:8. This week we've had some crazy stuff happen. We had a lesson with a gal by the name of Paula Iverson. Her nephews both got baptized a month ago and she has really felt the spirit in her home and at church. We followed the spirit on one of the lessons with her and it was just crazy. Seriously the boldest I've ever been in a lesson with anyone. The spirit just made me say things that I honestly couldn't believe but the Lord willed it and it happened. She'll be getting baptized on the 1st of March. My companion is an amazing teacher and he's just brought a whole new fire to the companionship. We found another family that we are going to teach again on Tuesday. They're a Catholic family, I'm really excited to work with them. They know that there are some things messed up with their doctrine so they're pumped to hear some new stuff. On Saturday we went to 3 baptism's... It was nuts. A guy I was working with down in Albany got baptized, that was sweet to see that happen. His LA friend who we were working with baptized him! It was just amazing to see what the Lord was able to pull off with that group. the 2nd one was Kristine Dodge. Do you remember that story about us going to the hospital? With Elder Drake and his Migraine so we went out late and found those 2 families. Kristine was the first lady we talked to. It was one of the craziest faith building experiences in my life. I was so pumped to be there and speak at it. Her family is following suit very soon! It was a sweet week all together. Life is good here! I'm bummed to hear about how Grandpa is doing. I knew it would get tough for him though. I'll definitely keep him in my prayers. How's Grandma doing with it? How gnarly of a surgery is Kate going through? Those are never fun...... Speaking from experience they definitely blow.... Make sure that she's got Lia around her all the time and a bunch of good movies otherwise its just the worst. What you and Darlene should have done was gone Dog Sledding! You have enough dogs to do it! Well we love ya all. I hope that you have a great week! BTW I'm going to be getting an Ipad tomorrow.. Crazy huh.. Well love ya'll Elder Jeremy Larsen

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jeremys new compy (Post is from last week)

Padre, this week has been SWEET! First my new comp is Elder Parkinson, he's a complete stud of a missionary. He's definitely going to help me reach my potential! New missionaries honestly rock. He's a lot more physically and emotionally prepared then Moon was in a few ways. He's going to be a great missionary. I'm going to miss Moon though. He was such a humble and just spiritual giant. He loved everyone he met and it was cool to work with him. He's training up in McMinnvile now. To go from training then to trainer, I'm just so proud of the kid. I love the guy and I'm going to miss him very much. To see the change that I was able to be a part of in his life was definitely a blessing. Sounds like ya'll are having a crazy time in Cancun, I'm happy for ya! Happy Anniversary! I can't believe that it is already ya'lls Anniversary. It doesn't feel like its been a year at all. Life is just wizzing by, its not cool haha. That scripture has really changed my outlook on a lot of things. I don't like to be told what to do (as you already know) but if I can do as Christ does, and do it "so the world may know I love the father..." If you just keep the commandments out of love for God and your family then it gives you a reason to do it. I've loved studying about charity and how it drives us to do what God would have us do. I'm happy to hear about another wedding! That'll be awesome! Tell Darlene that I love her, and hope that she's having a great day! A bit about my new comp. He's a pitcher, played for SLCC and some clubs. He'll be playing at BYU when is mission is done. He's from Logan UT, well in a town called Wellsville by Logan. He's another country guy. He's got a bit of a past as well. Its amazing how the Lord has stuck me with all of these people who have had a bit of a past. Its been a real message of hope to me and I hope to them as well. I know that the Atonement is real and through Christ all can and will live in our Fathers presence. The Fraser Family is coming along great. Jerry, the LA dad, is on fire. he's remembering the spirit and is the driving force now. Amy, the nonmember wife, for the first time ever had the desire to go to church and was excited about it. I love this family so much man, I can't even describe it. If I could marry into this family I would just so I could be around them more. I am glad that I met them and I look forward to being friends with them for the rest of my life. I love you padre, I want you to know that you're a great example to me, I am so glad to have you as a father and an example. My Patriarchal blessing told me to rely on you for advice for my future family and I will rely heavily on you for that. I'm just glad to have you and now Darlene in my life and I look forward to seeing you again. You're the man, I love ya, please pray for the work and the Turner ward everyday, keep the Fraser's in your prayers and the Iverson's and Kristine Vann. I'll talk to ya next week. Elder Larsen Sr.

Struggles in Zacks Zone

well i am certainly jealous! that looks really cool! i do want to travel in whatever free time that i have when im home. Im glad you got to meet helamen it would be cooler to meet Moroni or Samuel the lamanite but Helamen will do. i was compared to samuel the Lamanite by the missionaries in my zone so i guess ill take that, he was cool! thats a lot of cool things to learn about the history of those people and how close it is to our religion. how did you find all that time to travel. things here are doing well. Our zone is kinda slipping but that's because of apostasy so we are working on that. we spent a whole day outside our area and up in the hills and there are problems with not only the missionaries but also some of the members. we are working with them through the AP's the mission president and the stake president its kind of a mess but luckily transfers are coming up next Monday so my pday will be tuesday by the way. we are looking forward to a great February our leaders here are pretty strong and really helping us out a lot. i honestly am grateful for our sister training leaders they have helped us the most! my companion wants to write a biography on me title "cheese is good" the "oh my business" edition haha! he is weird but fun! we are really trying hard for a baptism this month, we have been asked to baptize once a month and i been doing so since April so i dont want to stop but its hard when more than half our time is in meeting and the hills haha! thanks for the chocolate grenade im going to take great pics with it and then EAT IT YUM! we are having a great end of month with lots of miracles though so next month is when we will do great! i talked to Jeremy, i don't think he is coming back early for me so i dunno how you want to swing that. well things are good and life is great and im trying to just enjoy my mission while i can because time is flying so fast i cant even believe it! oh also do you still have contact with austin colley? well love ya! enjoy the world and how amazing it truly is!

Investigator Sunday for Jeremy!

Okay, so I'm just about 100x jealous of that trip man... We'll definitely be checkin that place out one of these days! We'll have to go over the history of all that jazz together someday so that when we get our BofM daily study together we can all visualize better whats going on. So brush up on that history! I love ya padre! Yesterday was insaaaaaneeeee! We had the Fraser's there, James Marck and his family was there, Paula was there and so was Dawn Morris Jackson and her kids. 10 total investigators at sacrament. I honestly was just in shock. Basically I would really appreciate if you would pray for these families. I love these people, I love Turner ward, and I just love this work. We've seen a bunch of miracles this week. I've come to know that 830 to 9pm are the times that the lord just hooks up the miracles. Its something else. We were out and our lesson fell through, so we decided to go and find someone. We were walking along the way when my comp just stopped and said, we need to pray! We prayed, then bam! a couple rounded the corner and we spiritually slayed them! It was Gnarls Barkley my friend. My comp reminds me a lot of myself when I first came out. Hes got a similar story, he's a competent person, very confident in himself and its just cool to be around him. He's going to be playing baseball at BYU, he's a pitcher and already played college ball before he came out. How has Kevin and Jason been? How's Mama Darlene? anything crazy going on with ya'll?? Hit me up my friend. I love ya and pray that you are continuing to progress in the love of our Lord. I know that this church is true, I love God, Christ and I love that they saw it needful to change my nature. Please pray that I may stay worthy of the trust of the Lord and continue to be a tool in his hands, I pray the same for you and I know that your efforts are not wasted in this work. I want you to know, that Christ is my personal savior, I love him so much and I cannot ever amount to be worthy of his grace, I recognize this now and give thanks for his mercy. Until next week. Love all of you! Elder Larsen Sr. First picture is my posterity, One on the right of me is my new comp on the left is Moon and his left is his new trainy. 2nd is the Fraser family and Moony before he left. Then Noah and Kye's baptism with Moon

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jeremy teaches a suicidal atheist!

HOLA!!! So this has been a crazy crazy week... That testimony is the testimony that is in my heart, I love this work and I love God. We'll have to see if Bullcut and I pass the Werewolf game, sounds risky to me. I'm definitely open to new things though. Ammon has a fiance? also how did you put the thingy above the e??? I wish I could do that. WOOT WOOT FOR KATIE ON THE SCHOLARSHIP!!!! I'm gonna kick your butt at racquetball when I get back!!! I haven't played since Springfield but hey I'll definitely give it a good try and win! WHAT ON EARTH! How are you already on your one year?? That's really weird man, I'll tell ya, definitely doesn't feel like its been a year. Send me some pictures. So its transfer day.. I'M STAYING!! Sadly Moony is going.. He'll be Training in a brand new area! I'm so pumped for him. I'm training again also. I'm definitely pumped. For some reason President decided to keep me a solo ZL. Most of the others are kickin it with new Zone Leaders. I was definitely hoping I would get to train a new ZL but the leadership is still really scarce. I'm happy that I've got some trust though. Life is going to be crazy again. So this week we had one of the craziest experiences on the mission so far. So me and Elder Montierth and then Sis. Purcell and Renslow were preparing for our Zone Training Meeting in the FHC. Then this guy walks in and says "The voices and light told me to come to you, so lets fix this".... I thought that it was the Sister's investigator, but it wasn't. They thought it was one of ours, definitely wasn't. He then tells us something to the effect of that God took him to us to heal him and if we weren't able to then he was going to go kill himself. So its me the English ZL, the Spanish ZL, and then 2 of the Sister Trainer Leaders all in one room with a suicidal guy. Some how we left the church unlocked, both of the STL's lessons fell through so they could be there and this guy finds us in a building he's never been in before.... We start to throw down doctrine, teach from the scriptures, expound on one another, and testify of Christ in the boldest way that I've done so far on the mish. This guy didn't believe in God, Christ, or anything. We knew with out a doubt that we could heal him if he would accept Christ, but he wasn't willing to. After about an hour we told him how he will be healed. He said that he would do everything we asked and we prayed with him and he left. The spirit took control of each of us and we taught with the power and authority that only God has. It was one of the craziest things I've ever been a part of. I know that God was in that room and that God took him to us so that we could save his life. I still haven't stopped freaking out about it. I know that God is involved in this work and I'm just so happy that he trust's me enough to let me be a part of his work. I've seen so many miracles over the last 4 1/2 months and I'm happy that I get to stay and finish the work the Lord has for me in Turner ward. I love these people, I understand now the importance of Charity in our lives thanks to my stay here. John 13,14, 15 have changed my life since I've really studied them. Look into them! Especially 14:31, one of the greatest verses ever. I love all of you so much, I pray for you and please pray for Amy Fraser and the Fraser family. They are my family out here, they are the greatest! Pray that her heart will continue to soften! I love ya and hope that life is great! Love ya'll. Tell Jason and Kevin and Katie that I love em!! Elder Larsen Sr.

Zacks Zone still setting records!

i am da bomb! like the Book Of Mormon? my ego needs a boost everyday! :) we had a pretty intense situation where we had an elder run away up in the hills. it took us about 8 hours to find him and we found out in a correlation meeting with the stake president so that was nice haha! we found him now though and all is well other than his comp is having a hard time with that hole thing so now we are going up to the hills to be with him which means less work will be done with our area :( things are well though! i love it here and we are having fun! as for my meds i switched doctors ill be going up to roseville and seeing some specialist there on Monday. i been not having fun on the Meds. my BP has only lowered slightly and my pulse has been in the 40's and 50's i been also getting really bad feelings after i do sports i feel super weak and my heart beats super hard and i feel like im having a heart attack! so yea time to get off those meds haha :) anyway im still going strong we have a sister in our zone thats doing pretty and too. she hasnt really been able to eat for about 3 months and so we have the same doc and we hitch a ride up to roseville or are trying so its easier she is a sister training leader so really all our leadership is dying haha! however we are still leading the mission! we have exceeded our goals for 3 months running and we have been doing really good! we are trying to see dawn this week now that she is back and we got a new investigator which is good since we have been really struggling finding people to teach so we are excited! things are great here! im happy to be a missionary! i hope all is well with you all! and i cant believe ammon is getting married! send an invite! well i hope all is well and kate is doing well have a great day! keep the fam alive and moving! next stop is kevins marriage i guess haha! bye!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Zacks blood pressure :(

glad that the fam had a lot of fun for the holidays thats great! thanks for the pics i enjoy them a lot! cant wait to send my photos home! you will like em! i dont got much time to email because iw as messing around up in big trees all day!~ you will like the photos! it was great to see most the fam on skype! im glad you talked with my converts they are awesome! who else called or was it just them? i wanna go to the salt lake temple, it sounds cool! things here were great! i love the tie and all the gifts, like i said we made bethlahem out of all the candy! i had a couple close accidents with my heart on these meds while i was playing sports! we are switching the meds out soon but now i have to go to roseville to do my Dr. stuff and im jsut unhappy about the whole thing, i have been pushing the whole no sodium diet and been doing it anyway! hey quick questions, whats my blood type? please find out for next PDAY which will be on monday! anyway things are graet here! we have a baptism set up for the 18th we are excited! im happy and had a great new years and a grea christmas thank you so much for all you do! im grateful for all your support! thanks for the class heads up i appriciate it! you can send all that stuff to me no worries! try and get jeremy to come home earlier so he can live with me in orem and go to school because i wanna start right away but prolly not alone because if im ganna be lost i better be lost with someone else haha! anyway gots to go my comp is unhappy hahah love you all bye!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Jeremys Testimony

Hey family, this week has been incredible. I've loved everything about this holiday season. I've been reflecting on my last year and I have had quite a bit of joy in doing so. I can soundly say that this last year was the happiest of any that I have lived. I am so happy to hear that all of you have had a great holiday season. 2013 was a full year of missionary work... I'm so grateful for the things I've learned this year and the experiences that I've had. I now know, that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, here to bless us and help us be more like our savior. I know that this Church, is Christ's church established on the earth again. I know that we all have a Heavenly Father who loves us more then we can imagine. I know that thanks to Jesus Christ I can return home and be with my family forever. I know that He has redeemed my soul. I have developed such an incredibly strong love for the people in Oregon and for God. I cannot imagine these people going without the blessings of the Atonement and I can say, that this last year I have tried with all my heart, might and strength to bring these people to the blessings that Christ has made possible. I have a lot to work on still especially when it comes to getting my whole mind involved in the work but I have made huge strides in being able to free my mind. I can say that there are maybe 5 other missionaries in this mission that love these people the way I do. I love them so much I can't imagine not being here with them. I have been studying John 15:13 and just what it means to lay down ones life. I am doing everything in my power to do this in as perfect a way as possible. I love this mission, I love my companion, I love the Fraser family, the Iversons, Janelle Ackerman, Rose-Cole, James and Lyndsey Marck, and the many others we work with. I love God and Jesus Christ, I love all of you. I hope that this New Year brings you the peace that I've been able to find out here on my mission. I pray that you will be filled with Charity and with a desire to help others feel of the Love that our Savior has for them. Again I know that Jesus Christ has redeemed me; all he asks is that I love him, and I am earnestly trying my hardest to love him. Elder Larsen Sr.