Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Zacks Baptism and new contacts!!

also kevin the wii you is weird lookin. i see the advertisements everywhere here. tell me how it is. Also as far as the movie perks of being a wallflower, the book was filled with that kind of stuff so that means the movie was accurate haha.

On Tue, Oct 30, 2012 at 12:27 PM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
DAD- Hey dad and darlene! so whats as far as the bike goes they are giving me guff about it. the bike is garunteed if its a malfunction of the bike, they are blaming me for the crash so im fighting it with them that it was a bike malfunction because the chain should not do such things at random. Either way it still kinda runs i have not died yet. ill be sending some pics of it home though haha. I just duct taped it haha. sorry about the late E-mail My P-day was on tuesday because of transfers i guess. Also the monday on the week of thanksgiving is no P-day that Pday will be on thanksgiving and then the following monday so ALMOST always monday is Pday haha. yea i been hearing about Utah and BYU games i sometimes get to watch em haha. either way utah sucks and BYU rules :) thakn you for the suppliments :) also check something else out for me medically ok? its a thing called "nightlight" its for sleep i believe if its medically proven i would be happy to try it haha. Has my info gotten to that fire department yet? how are the meetings with G-ma Adams? HAPPY BIRTHDAY REX!!!!!!  so we had my first baptism last week! i got to baptize him! it was super awesome! i loved it and it was a very spiritual experience! So lots of miracles this week! we taught 15 lessons and had a baptism and a investigator came to church. Well also ran into some guy on the street while he was praying and then he totally rejected us but we kept talking anyway. then he started talking to us and then he had us teach a lesson and pray. He proceeded to invite us back to his place later. Now he waited for a member who lived near by to tell them about talking to us and how he was excited to see us come back. He told the member that he was praying that he would join any church if god will give him the guidance and then we showed up haha. so thats super cool! also got another girl name dawn! she is a mom he son is doing what jeremy did but way worse and she is just super nice to us and her and i connect and i shared my experiences with her and how the church helped out and a lot of stuff now she is having us back to teach her and her husband its a long story short i know but thats the summary! she also agreed to be BAPTIZED along with two other investigators so November we will have 3 baptisms hopefully! So guess what i experienced my FIRST TORNADO!!! we had one in the Sacramento valley! it was pretty dope! i liked it a lot. no pics sadly i was on my bike in the middle of it haha. Maybe thats why my bike sucks so bad! JK crash happened before the tornado. Also i was up in Eldarado hills for a spell guess how rich the people are there. PEOPLE FLY TO WORK EVERY DAY! they have their own garages for their personal airplanes, thats stupid crazy rich! the houses have a personal airport!  ok ok ok ok now a good quote is "faith produces miracles not the other way around" so yea live by that. how was that scripture i gave you in proverbs? is it hung up in a plaque yet? i thought you might like it :) as far as skyping im still tryiong to find a family that will let my skype for christmas so ill keep you posted on that. well i love ya a lot and people are good but kinda psycho here. OH transfers are me and elder fifita are sdtaying in the sma e area LUCKY ME!! NO NEW LANGUAGE i love my ward to much to leave it :) so a funny thought for you. jesus destroyed people left and right in the book of mormon before he was born right? just obey or be destroyed kind of stuff. After he got his body and died it was not like that anymore. My speculation is maybe after he came to earth although he was perfect he realized how hard it was and thats how he became the perfect judge because now he knows first hand experience haha. Thats just speculation though just a funny thought. well im out LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! AND JASON E-MAIL BACK!

KEVIN- well all is well and things are great here. IM glad things are good for you as well. Keep up good things at work ok? works is important as im sure you know. All i hear here are a bunch of tongans on the Uke singing haha its pretty funny though. im learning the uke and im learning piano as well as tongan and sign language its a very eventful time. Also some psycho lady ran past us yesterday when we were visiting a referral. she had no shirt on just underwear and pants. she was screaming at us and everyone around and then ran off. I was like eehhh what the freak just happened! (in the accent off of kid history) :) i love kid history. and a tornado cam through town so thats the only funky stuff that has happened so far. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Dezis Baptism :)

Hey! Desi's Baptism went great, it was such an awesome experience! During a violin duet I couldn't stop smiling, I could feel the spirit so strong it was bursting out of my chest almost.. It was one of the craziest experiences of my life... It's been another awesome week over here. We've tracted into another family!! when we were talking to him he said  the only reason he let us in the door was because he knew that we were men from God, he felt a difference in us then the other missionaries that he has seen. So I've got high hopes for this guy and his family even though we've got a long way to go. A bunch of other cool things have happened but it'd take forever to go over them.. so I won't haha Elder Black is wanting to write Ashley btw, he is going to start writing her this next letter I send home so we'll see when you get it haha. This transfer we're becoming a Tripanionship..... We have a one room apartment, so this will be an interesting transfer for sure. The new Elder is coming down today, his name is Hauge. We'll see how it goes, everything happens for a reason right. Yesterday was a funny day, Elder Taumoelau ate at the Herlans, a members house. They are such awesome people. He's an older guy, he used to be Bishop and Stake President and he's only been in the church for 12 years, and his wife makes the best bread. Bro Herlan used to be a tough guy, he's really blunt haha He found out that our food calander hadn't been filled out so he got it and saw who had signed up then started calling people he knew that hadn't and called them out. "Devin! Get you're fat butt off your davenport and get to church and sign up to feed the missionaries!!" He called a bunch of people and he actually got a bunch of LA's to get to church that way hahahaha He's a character and his wife is the sweetest lady. Elder T. ate way to much at there house and on the way out we started laughing at something I won't go into detail about and we got in the car and he ended up upchuckin all of it on the road hahahahaha it was hilarious! he couldn't stop laughing after that either and neither could I. It was an interesting day. As for the Harden news if I said I didn't die a little bit inside I would be lying... of all the  teams to go to he went to freaking Huston.. I hate the rockets, hate em.. As for football, that's just sad.. At least Atlanta is stull undefeated, I'm sayin that they take it all the way  this year.. If they do record those games so I can watch them when I get back. Is Gordon doing okay then?? I'm glad to hear he's gettin out and about still. Fakadomala means REPENT! I'm pretty sure that Bullcut is gettin out on the 2nd of Sept. But I could be wrong, I dunno.. I'll keep prayin about it, haven't really gotten a solid answer yet. I love the pics of the nephews, I miss those little buggers. Elder Black wants you to throw some pics of Ashley his way.. He won't let it go ha. I love you and  thanks for all of the support and stuff you do for me, I couldn't do this w/o you. you're the best and I miss you! Keep up the home front padre!! Love ya.
About time Kevano!, I'm way to impatient for mail and boxes and stuff.. It'll be my bane out here I'm sure of it. "do you feel in charge?" -Bane.. Batman is boss! Hey Kevin Hey Kevin! WHATS IN THE BOX! if you name that show i'll give you a dollar! You'll have to get some pictures of the halloween set up for me! Make sure you do that! The baptisms that we've had have been awesome!! We've had a ton of other cool experiences also this past week, its been fun haha We goof around a lot out here, did you do the same?? I've been most suprised by the amount of fun you have out here haha We have a good time just about everyday, it's just awesome haha. Elder Taumoelau rebaptized himself the other day hahaha, He fell in the river hahaha it was so funny I got pictures. We could've helped him to, it happened slow enough, its just that when he slipped it was so funny we couldn't stop laughing and then when he went into the river we were laughing even harder haha He could've died and we couldn't have done anything about it cause we were laughing so hard haha Thank you for the surprise whenever it gets out here though I'm pumped!! I just hate the wait. I love you kev, keep up the home front!
I love all of you!! I need Halloween photos from all of you next  week!! I better see lil Kayla in a costume or you'll all be in trouble, Elder Clarks got my back and i'm still writing him! Again I love all of you, read D+C 18: 10, 15-16 then read Brightly Beams My Fathers Mercy and tell me what you think. Pray everyday for opportunities to serve and so on! I love you all :) Tell steph and slade I love them and I love kayla. Love you and thank you so much for the support I need all  the help I can get.

Love, Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Zack pushes need for family!

Steph- im excited to see that your taking on my challenge i know its important that this be done! Family is so important its really the only lesson i teach out here haha and how to make a romen sandwich which will kill me im sure of it. I am so happy for your baby! i vote for deborah to be the middle name :) She is beautiful and im very happy for you!  Hope she aint to screamy for ya haha. Please keep mailing me and keep me posted on your life :) G-ma has sad stories because she lives in a sad place haha, Just sayin.
DAD/DARLENE/ANIMALS- I have been watching the BYU games oops :) However the 49ers is what i need updates on haha. Our  87 year old skydiver watches all the byu games haha. I am happy to hear of my new and first niece! she is so pretty! Thank you for the answer in french im  putting something amazing together for megan. sorry this christmas i aint got much stuff to buy for you so im making something for you all instead :) I love those dogs already! did you see the picture of the WARG?? its scary huh? so friendly though, it weighs almost as much as me. It straight up tackles me. I dont lick peoples chests here i do cuddle them though and lick there face haha! we mostly asct like gangsters with our south sac hoodies and cool shades haha. So more miracles are happening here. We decided to take a different road than normal saw this guy we use to talk to and he invited us in. He talked about how depressed he was and his troubles and now we are teaching him the gospel and he loves it! Also i found that vers in the bible to tell every complainer!its PHIL 1:14-15. also im learning the uke the piano and tongan haha. they have suggestive words, like fakalati the last A is long sounding so its more like faka latie. They are a suggestive people haha! also my comp has a cousin who is 3 years old guess how heavy? 110 pounds and 4'5 HOW FREAKING CRAZY!  I would also like to say that i finall ate a double baconator at wendys and im still ALIVE!!! my heart felt very heavy after haha. I may have skype issues i need to find a computer with a member first so we will see what i can do ill keep you posted! I did get in a bike crash it was pretty gnarly. My chain locked up, bent to the side, and then i took a nice head dive right into the pavement! Then the bike followed right into my head and hip. so i got some nice marks haha. I got a headache and a nice cut on my hip but im doing great! my bike is pretty dead but i still have to ride it around till we figure out what to do and all is well! We met some very funny old guys yesterday who are building a selfsustaining  generator out of magnets and the LDS church purchased 2000 of them. These guys build them in their garage and they are only selling it to select people because they are scared if people find out about it they will get killed over it haha. They are funny but we are teaching them now. The thing is really cool it runs with no electricity but produces a lot!  I seen it work with my own eyes!! My piano is coming along well i can play requiem for a dream you should look the song up. Also one of our baptisms bailed sadly the mom dont want us around anymore :( However we were teaching gabe our other baptism guy. He said he wanted me to perform the baptism and IM REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!  So dad, the stores dont have my supplements so could you supply my? 1000MG of omega 3 fish oil, 1500MG calcium magnesium and 1000MG glucose-amine. I believe those were the dosages :) Thank you very much father ken :) well all is well just so you know :)  I do love it out here my homesickness is leaving me even though i still miss all of you like crazy!!!!! i just know im doing whats right out here and the service is amazing! Oh also im now serving with a russain ward and man its not fair to missionaries! the girls are very pretty it sucks and they are awesome! (Dont worry meg they are not as good as you) :O) Well thanks for the pics papa!! i love you!

JASON- I AM SO HAPPY ABOUT THAT MOVIE BEING GOOD!!!!!! Please get the DVD for me ok? get it for me :) i wanna see it so bad! . glad everyone watched it! now the fam has to read the book. Im surprised it was rated PG13 though. Also how is the job search?? glad to hear your getting help in the ward. If you think your ward is small you  should see ours haha. We have maybe 65 or 70 active members haha. And that s big for here. We have a lot of less active though. 100% home teaching active and less active members. We assist in home teaching haha. I love the picture of you in the hospital though its funny haha

Happy Birthday Elder Jeremy!!

Some background on the toilet, we jello'd Elder Black and Haines toilets while they were out hahaha they had to dig it out w/ there hands.. also put flour on their fan and such, we wrecked that place
On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM, Jeremy Larsen <jeremyl@myldsmail.net> wrote:

STEPH AND SLADE!!!!!! Thank you so much for that B-day present, this really has been one of the best B-Days I've ever had!! Congratulations Slade and Steph :) I wish I could be w/ you and tell you myself but this will do for now. Kayla is a beautiful name, I'm so happy for you. This week has really been amazing, I love both of you and I'm so happy for you. Both of you are going to rock the parent thing, I'm so happy for you! Padre, I'll have to send you back some of the B-Day cards I got cause i'm going to want to keep them forever, one is really funny to me, but to you is gonna be really wierd, I'll explain it to you when I get back in 2 years (it's a long long long long story) hahahaha. I need size 12 or 11 1/2, Waterproof black boots, just make sure they look sunday appropriate and they'll be fine. The backpack just needs to be Waterproof, its raining a ton now, every morning and night and usually throughout the day.. Winter is here. Yesterday was so awesome teaching the kids how to prepare, there were a lot of sisters in there that are going. Shaylena, the sister we baptized and her friend Olivia had us over for dinner last night and they in coordination w/ Elder Black and Taumoelau set up a B-day party, it completely caught me off guard. It was so awesome, they really are the greatest group and Olivia and Shay are going to be moving to Utah in about a year and a half so they are gonna see me when I get back. They are such amazing sisters, them and Sis Loosly another Sis. in the ward are incredable, they've helped us so much and they've really made me feel at home here. Poor Lia... Love that pup for me, she better be just as playful when I get back as when I left or else... Tell Ammon thanks for watchin after kimmers for me, I was never as good to that cat as I should've been. I miss my nephews! Tell them I love them so much and don't let Liam forget who I am, i'll  be pissed haha w/ the blessing it said that they didn't have it on record so I dunno, try again or somethin.. Thank you for the cookies, I haven't gotten them yet but I think they arrived on saturday, not sure, they need to get it down to me. If possible send stuff just to my address when packages, they can't forward anything other then USPS, so they have to wait until someone comes down to Roseburg from the mission office. Good call on not posting that one photo, that one is just for the family to see, I don't want the Pres. to look at my blog and see that hahaha This morning Elder Taumoelau had decorated the house and stuff then we went and helped an Elderly sister move out, she had a ton of stuff... It was a good way to spend my morning :) Then when we went up to Elder Black and Haines' place they had another B-day suprise thing set up. I was getting frustrated w/ all the exchanges we were doing last week but they were setting all of it up so now I feel like a denga for gettin upset hahaha. I've been so blessed out here it's crazy.. This weekend I'm baptizing Desi, I get to do the baptizm! score!! it'll be awesome. I dunno about the music, just make a list of music i'll have to listen to when I get back so I don't miss out on anythin good! Sounds like you have your hands full over there, tell Steph and Slade I love them and to E-mail me when they can, I bet they are busy!
Jason, Its good to hear from you! Glad to hear that things are still rolling in the YSA ward, I hear Kev got an exciting assignment. Tell everyone there that I say whats up! How's the leg?? You finally healin up or still down? Titihing must always be a fun time of year for ya hahaha I'll remember to do that if he ever is bein a puss, he's a really tough guy, I don't have to worry about him usually. there are plenty of other Missionaries that i'll be able to do call them that though. It'll be fun when I get an opportunity to move on to someone new, but the comp I'm w/ is a baller, he's so strong in the gospel its crazy. I've loved every second out here, I never would've thought I would enjoy this work as much as I have. When I get back it'll be fun to get to work w/ you in the ward. I'll actually stay for longer then the first hour haha  I love you Jas and sorry for the disrespect I showed you at times at home. You're the best and keep up the home front. Love ya!
I love all of you and I'm so excited to hear about the new addition to the family!! I love you Steph and Slade!! Kevin its my B-Day and you didn't write me! What the heck broski! feel bad! JK I love you kev, you're awesome and keep up the good work at home, you must be lovin the early shift. Darlene and Ashley I can't wait to see what the place looks like when I get back and I love ya'll!! Again I love all of you!  Lisa Dusty Liam and Alex I miss you and love you! I'm praying for all of you and I feel your prayers, keep em comin I need all the help I can get. Peace

Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeremy falls on a hike...again

YOYOYOYO!! Get it done at home ya'll!! don't change the house to much before we get back haha On the topic of scriptures, i've added 2Nep 9 to my list of weekly scrips. Right now I'm working w/ Heb 12, ETH 12 (so i'm already ahead of you on this one haha), ETH 4, JHN 16:31-33, and 2Nep 9. The list must continue to grow. HAPPY B-DAY DUSTY!!!! send  me a list of everyones B-day so i'll remember before and i'll send letters to everyone, it'll make me seem like a nice guy HA! I'm hearing all the football stats from members hahahaha, Oregon Ducks are killin it again, the Beav's were undefeated last I heard as well. The Elections aren't actually affecting us, we just hear about how negative it is. Suprisingly the area I'm in is conservative. The only Liberal spots in OR are on the coast, then Portland and Eugene. Keep on looking for those Albums they will be coming out soon, I swear the Audioslave one already did but i'm not really lookin so you would know better. We went up to Crater Lake today!! It was foggy though so we turned back and went to Susan Falls. Myself and Elder Black wanted to go up and get in the bowl of the inital fall so we climbed up onto it in pros. clothes haha. We all got up in there but once we got in it was so slick that we had a hard time getting out... With teamwork we pulled it off. Once we got out we were filthy i'll send pics. When we got out I was climbing a pretty slick rock and the moss ripped out and I fell into the river... hahahahaha still got bad luck when it comes to free climbing, probably should stop now, but it was fun and the water was deep that only my foot got jacked up. It hurts like a mother though, got a pretty sweet gash in it.. Fun times haha Thank you so much for the pictures! Last saturday was my first baptism!!! It went great!! we had a bunch of investegators come. We had another investegators parents come, she would be baptized but her parents are Anti... Hopefully the experience will soften their hearts a bit and allow us to get her dunked.. Our next baptism is on the 27th and i'll be doing it!! how dope is that???? I set another date as well! Our area is doing great right now!! Our zone on the other hand is dying... My companion is DL and ZL, so he has been doing exchanges up the wahoo so i've been taking the lead in the Roseburg ward, its been gnarly, i've been stuck w/ other greenies haha. They will probably split me up next exchange sadly cause we are the only 2 having success, so they will probably move Elder Taumoelau and put me w/ another guy so he can focus on the other ward. I've been really blessed w/ all the success we are having, really the members of the ward have been the ones doing all the work. If it weren't for their help I don't think we would be anywhere right now. I love you Padre and i'm praying for you all the time, I hope the fam is doing great and I hope that Ashley is getting used to the home. Tell everyone I love them and get the others in on writing me!!
BUDGER! Careful what you wish for brosef!! Congrats!! that's gonna be a dope calling, go on some gnarly adventures w/ the YSA ward! I went on a crazy adventure myself today, not nearly as dope as Zions but still it was fun, until the moss tore out of the wall and I fell into the river and gashed my foot open and got my pros clothes soaked hahahahahahahahaha it was actually fun, really got my adrenalin pumpin haha. Thank you so much for the CD, there is actually a ton of music that is approved down here, we can listen to LOTRO music!! along with Enya, some Evanesence, and a bunch of other stuff. The Ipod I brought w/ me and the Gameboy color was a surprise buy, it was only 2bucks at Goodwill, I had to, I really wanted to play seasons as soon as I saw it, and the original Gold pokemon! I will play those when I return. I've been having tons of fun out here, and I will continue to!! I love you broski!!!
Elder Larsen! 

 Challenge for all of you! Create Mormon.org Profiles!! I've got mine up I think, I better be able to look you up w/ in 2 weeks. Also I'm staying w/ my compy aonther transfer!! so pumped. I've been in a stump until I got my letter from Grandma B. So tell her thank you! The exchanges have really put us out of rythm I think, but who knows! You should put up that pic of myself and Elder Black w/ the apple in his mouth hahahaha.. I've changed a bunch in some ways, but in other ways not much at all. I hope you liked the pics and make sure everyone writes me! Also if you send packages by UPS send them to 1314 NE Odell Ave #3, that's my actual address, the mission home takes forever to get stuff to me down here cause they don't like to forward stuff.. I love you all and hope all is well! i'll give you a longer update on P-Day, only reason I'm writing on other days is cause we are constantly at comps and I don't have much to do while my Trainer is doing ZL stuff. We are preparing a Fireside on this sunday as well to prep kids to go on their missions haha. Of all the people to help kids get ready for their missions they chose me... I can give them a list as long as a Douglas Fir of things not to do before you come out but what to do I really can't say.. Katie the only advice I really have is to get a PMG NOW! Study the crap out of it, get the stuff memorized! I hope you chose to go on a mission, even though i've only been out a month and I still have no idea how this is going to change me I know it will be for the best. You change peoples lives out here, I haven't cared for people like this in my entire life, it's completely changing me. In the MTC they say be devestated when your Investigators don't follow through w/ something you asked them.. We actually practiced it hahahaha I'm so involved w/ these people that when they don't keep commitments it ruins my day almost, it sucks so badly, you just wanna kick em.. I love all of you, you rock my socks and other various items such as keys and pencil boxes.

P.S. I can't get any waterproof boots or backpack so if you can find any boots that would be appropriate it would be nice, sorry to make you work...... It's just raining a ton now, sunny for 3 weeks, then BAM!! RAIN ALL DAY ALL NIGHT! and when it's not raining its fog.. Welcome to winter in Oregon. I love all of you so much and thank you so much for the prayers and keep em comin, I need all the help I can get. I love you Popaa+Darleen(oolala private beach), Steph + Slade(name that kid AXEL!!) Lisa + Dusty + Alex + Liam (Happy B-day dusty), Jason (write me!!) Kevin (Play Pokemon Gold), Katie ( I know you work but come on...), Ashley (What color is the room Sistasista?). I LOVE YOU ALL PEACE!

Sacramento...baptism central!!

Also  save all the music for me in a play list to listen to on our drive home ok?  eleventh essential and avvet brothers all of it radical face get the album somethin so i can listen :) :) LOVE YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
DAD- Yea hollands talk was good but my favorite ones were elder bowens and elder bednars. I been teaching bednars lesson all over the place here.I love the picts of friends and family they made me tear up haha. Mike mailed me so thats good! parker is just bein lame haha. So kate is going to serve a mission?!?! thats good i support it! as much as i am having a pretty hard time here i support missions all the way! you cant be doing anything better with your time at that age. I have seen a lot of blessings come from this mission. We saved a guy from killing himself and are now activating him back in the church. He suffers with mental illness but he is such a caring guy. He is just really upset and doesnt think he is worth anything to his family since he dont have a job or a lot of schooling and his wife is doing all the work. We showed up and he said i been praying and im not mad at the church anymore i want to take the investigator lessons again and find my faith. We talked him out of suicide and he is doing really well. So a mission is important for other people not just for you. With gabe his baptism is on the 27th and we are hoping tog et his dad to clean up and start going to church again so he can be the one to baptize him. I just think we talk about how important families are so time to put our money where our mouth is and get this family united again. We might have another baptism next month as well. our district has 6 baptisms as of now this month and maybe 3 more. So this place is on fire! Also i went on an exchange  and i got a baptisimal date with an investigator and  5 referrals 2 contacted ones 6 potential investigators and 3 lessons! can you say that day the lord wanted soemthin done? We worked hard and i have been leading the area for a while now so thats good. I watch the BYU games our member watches them so i do too oops :) Well im excited for NBA and how are the 49ers doin? Seems like you were pretty busy this last couple weeks eh? Tell steph to squeeze it out already haha!! You will love the pictures im sending home they are pretty funky.  glad to hear chinchi is doin well i think about her a lot her picture is on my wall no joke. Love the new dogs i hope lia is ok without us there. Jeremy is makin some HUGE changes just sayin, he dont sound the same at all. Lets see pictures of the new house next time AND SOMEONE GO TO FEAR FACTORY AND TELL ME ABOUT IT SO I CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH THEM! :):) i love ya all!!  honestly the homesick problem it gets bad one some days but hey i guess this is not for me so if i am, miserable for 2 years then i am but whatever its not i mission for me its to help others and i do my best at that! How is the weather? here its 35 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by afternoon so i never know what to wear for the day haha. Also thats not a scary story i heard much worse from south stockton which is where ill go if they send me tegolic speaking, i have now been told they might send me ASL since i learned some in the MTC so thats cool which means i would just sit in fair Oaks CA.  the transfers are the tuesday after next week so you wont know for 2 or 3 weeks :) I love it here though i know im doin well keep me posted on home ok? Oh look up the heartland theory of the book of mormon and then read Alma 48 and 49 and 50 ok? its pretty sketchy stuff haha. SUPER COOL THOUGH! did the info get to the fire dept?? how are the visits with G-ma Adams? FAMILIES ARE IMPORTANT! if i am the most useless Elder in all of california i want everyone in my area to know the importance of family!  sometimes i feel like when people say i might attend church that the song written by jack johnson is true the song is called Flake.Also before the snow move the Futon from outside ok? please take care of it so i have it for college.  Also could you send me moms testimony and tell me how to say i love you in french and spanish :)  I love you!!! My release date is July 22ed 2014 jsut so you know and there is a scripture in PHIL in the bible i believe its PHIL 2:4 but look in there its short and it talks about how we should not complain about work so make sure everyone at home knows that one :)  LOVE YOU!!! i just need money to replace in my debit card when i buy the supplements. :) love ya!!! just another story,  we taught a guy who had 55 alcohol bottles laying around his room and more in the fridge He is talking about baptism now so i think its funny! To bad we had to send him to the YSA Elders we are always finding there people sucks haha! He is a pretty cool dude! I am also keeping a journal so no worries on that i hope to write down all my adventures in it so thats cool! i need to write down the alcohol guy story but also just keep the Email with him in it in case i forget ok? The rest of the family sucks for not writting me :) 

Megan- I love you straight up thats just how it is. Im glad you E-mailed me please keep close ties with my family they love you and have your family write me a letter. :) You are a good influence to me and im sorry you feel lonely sometimes! I do my best to keep you a letter goin. I want you to know that i love ya and that we have a good future in store! I sent a book to ya thats not the present i said i was sending thats comin later you will love it! I know you will love that book i heard the fireside he talked with us so i aint read the book but i heard him speak keep the book so i can read it! Know that ill be home sooner than you think! just write down the months 1 through 12 and mark off every month after 2 months pretend i left in July since im goin home a transfer early so i been out for 3 months 1/8 the way done or 3 more general conferences left or 2 more birthdays :) whatever helps you. Thank you for the pictures though they are son amazing for me to have! keep chillin with the gang ok? they all need to still love eachother when i get home!!!!!! Just think about all the stuff we are goin to do when i get home ok? dont date nobody to seriously! and all my other friends make sure they guys dont treat her wrong ok?  LOVE YA!!

Kevin- im so mad you didnt write me last time but the hand written letter makes up for it :) I love ya bro keep everyone busy! make sure all my friends stay friends! I know what you mean about the idle mind sometimes my trainer doesnt do anything and it makes me really homesick so sucks what can ya do though?  Well good thing you got a calling! i decided the theme of conference is STEP IT UP! step it up with child care step it up as a man step it up with faith and step it up with your faith!  so i liked it on dads part is my favorite talks so look em up! keep me posted on your life nobody has shot at me yet  this week so thats good LOVE YA!

Krystal- i miss you too its really to bad i dont see ya. i love that you go to the haunted houses still please keep it up for me so i can go to one when i get home :) keep the gang tight knit ok? good! also i miss ya a lot and your a really good friend honestly thank you for the letters every letter helps me out here. I have been having a rough time out here so its good you send letters. Like i said this is not for me its for other people so i just have to keep it up.  we have encountered SO MUCH WEED and SO MUCH ALCOHOL we taught a guy who had 55 alcohol bottles laying around his room and more in the fridge He is talking about baptism now so i think its funny! To bad we had to send him to the YSA Elders we are always finding there people sucks haha! well i think your amazing as always!!! stay cool red :)

IN GENERAL- doin great out here sorry if i complain to much this place really is a blessing i love it and i know its where i should be! EVERYONE SERVE A MISSION THAT CAN!!!! oh also for anyone, is brandon serving a mission sooner now with the age change?  he should so we get home around the same time :) also parker send me a letter are you goin on a mission?  let me know, dont worry i am your friend not your missionary im still the same freak of nature you last saw, people always stare at me weird and the puns are not a big hit here i found that out but i keep doin em anyway! LOVE YOU ALL!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

General Conference is AWESOME in Eugene

Conference was amazing just in case you didn't get to watch all of it, they are really focusing on the importance of families this year. Also, 18 and 19 yr. olds going out??? crazzzyyy stuff is about to be going down. I hear the election is getting dirtier then it already was. Must be a ton of crazy stuff going on, a lot of  the time when people slam the door in our face they just say "Voting for Obama" or "Who are you voting for..." hahaha its kinda funny. You two out on a romantic getaway on a private beach in cali hahaha never thought I would see the day when you were partying on a private beach hahaha I'm going to have to check out Ether4, i'm trying to add more and more to my list of scriptures I need to read every week. So padre I here you're a handsom guy, something must have changed since I left hahaha!! i'm jk, I'm so happy to hear that both of you are havin a blast, and I love how happy you all seem to be, it really keeps me going over here, and thank you for the prayers, keep em coming I need all the help I can get. I've been thinking a lot about mom, Elder Taumoelaus father is in bad condition and his Aunt died a few days ago so we've been keeping busy to keep his mind off things. He's got such a deep understanding of the P.O.S. and he's deeply converted. At the MTC I had a moment the last sunday, I had been praying every night to know that mom had forgiven me for all the crap that I put her through, and  then when my district president was giving his talk to us I actually heard a voice and I felt something so strong in me that made me know that she had forgiven me, it totally destroyed my day but it really changed me. That was the turning point for me. My favorite talk was either Boyd K. Packers, because brightly beams our fathers mercy is the best hymn in the book or Hollands or Bednars. Bednars description of conversion and testimony was awesome, it really gave me a lot to think about. Then Jeffery R. Holland talking about Peter when christ was resurrected was boss. If you didn't hear it go look up the talk. We had several miracles happen last week. When we were driving home Elder T and I took a different route for some reason and we saw a member on the side of the road going to his truck. I felt like we needed to talk to him so I rolled down me window and said hey. Turns out his best friend had died and he was having a really tough time. We gave him a blessing and talked w/ him for awhile. He was severely depressed and he knows that the fact that we took a different route home was inspired by God, and I know it was as well. We also finally got into the house of this family that we have been working on the entire time i've been here and we brought them to GC. I've given more priesthood blessings over the last week then I can remember. But I am so thankful for these opportunities, as much as they help the people I'm blessing, it's blessing my life even more. It really is a blessing to be able to be a miracle in other peoples life. It's an incredable feeling. A challenge that they gave us at GC was to pray everyday for an opportunity to serve someone else, so I challenge you to do the same, along w/ the fam. I know you probably already do but really think about it. I love you so much and I am so greatful for this opportunity to be out here. You are the best dad, and Darleen I'm so greatful for you and you being in our lives now. Take care of padre over the next week and keep on praying for me i'll be doing the same for all of you. Love all ya'll have a great week.
p.s. i'm trying to get you pics and some videos of my first day in the field. you'll be proud hahaha not really but its really funny what we did to my companion!! put some pics of the beach shots in an email when you can. Also If you could send me a copy of moms music from kevins list including the Hurt song that would be awesome. We can actually listen to a ton of different music out here, just gotta clear it w/ Sis. Young. Love ya bye

Crazy action in Sacramento!!

DAD-Oh also story time!! ok im going to leave out the names so that you can have a little doubt on who it was haha  :) So two elders are out on the streets looking at a map to find out where they are going. Suddenly BAM! car crash not with the missionaries they just saw it. Then the guy that got hit starts running away from the accident, The guy who hit him comes out of the car and with a shotgun and well lets just say the guy is probably no more and the missionaries were out of there as soon as they saw the gun and while they were getting out they heard the gun shot. pretty crazy huh? well lets not all focus on the bad though :) there is a lot of good in this area and us missionaries see it every day i personally love it here and love the people they are so great even if some of them are crazy anti Mormons haha they are just fun to listen to. Like this guy started a convo with us by saying did you know you guys believe that god came down married marry and thats how she gave birth to Jesus  i said really?!?! because i have never heard that before. In my mind im like im really glad you knew what i believed because i didnt sign up to go out here to teach my beliefs and knowledge and by the spirit of god and study hard and its crazy that i didnt know that im glad you told me what i believe. haha. Anyway this place is amazing interesting and a little corrupt but such is life am i right? this place is good, cant wait to head down to Stockton which is not for sure yet but ill let ya know i have a feeling thats where im going is Stockton tegolic speaking haha we will see. So thats my story for this week.  Hope all is well.

First i spent the cash on the camera it was like 230 dollars i think. maybe a lil more but its super nice i love it and it will never ever break! second yea criminals are everywhere haha i have a story for you ill post separately. We are coming up on 2 baptisms this month im very excited we are goin to hopefully dunk em on the 27th. They are two awesome kids about 12 and 13. they saught us out and wanted to know more and they are very very smart. Sadly we had to hand over two of out investigators to stupid YSA missionaries haha that was the biker guy and the druggies guy we were teaching and they were my first two miricle guys i and a strong connection with them we found them tracking and i loved teaching them and they loved having me over so that was most sad. I told the YSA elders if they dont dunk em ill prank them for the rest of the mission haha. I love those guys and the YSA elders are super cool. I hope to have their job one day office work is really fun here haha. I also have this inspiring thought. I want the family to meet with grandma adams once a week you decide the day, i just think it will be good for her i dont have her address so i cant write her. Promise you will do that ok? no matter how busy the family is do it :) i think family is very important and and what grandma adams to know that. Also Please invite kimball to be present when i skype home so i can talk with him it think it would be very good for him in the holidays ok? i want to talk to him anyway even for just a second. so let him know that please i love ya! :) How great was conference!!!! i freaking loved hollands talk and bednars talk! i have already been using them in lessons! i loved conference i got notes on all the talks i hope to share them with yall one day it was so so so good! We also chilled with the office elders so it was nice to just eat food kick back and watch just the four of us. I also ate round table which is what rock creek use to be just thought it was funny haha. Tell mike stewart that if he dont reply to my letters ill send my evil twin of which  he knows of after him haha i love that kid whats mike been up to? Oh back to conference how crazy was the age limit change huh? i dunno if i can handle 19 year old sister missionaries! haha. Everyone freaked out when we heard that! Also if you look the MTC time has been reduced by 1/3 so english will be 2 weeks MTC Spanish will be 6 weeks MTC and  Russian and those languages will be 9 weeks MTC HOW CRAZY IS THAT! Speaking of languages i have the possibility of being switched to the tegolic speaking part of the mission that would be pretty crazy! one of the office elders was like that too so i talked with him on how he did he said he came in and started in stockten and was english then switched to tegolic then switched to laotion then back to english so he knows all of those languages haha THE SPIRIT HELPS WITH LANGUAGE STUDY! I'm glad you got my note too i read it every day its very helpful feel free to post it on the blog its really good! Ill have megan bring the parper to you i know she loves you all and wants to see ya. I am glad your having fun in cali I hope you really enjoy your stay there! that guys sounds intense i dunno if i could handle him haha. bring home some of his pictures haha. I got some funny pics headed your way i hope you like them.

Darlene- Sounds like a busy week you have had im glad you have had fun. I hope all is well and that the wedding is really great for you. I would love to visit that place when i get back and i would like to see that dog, i have seen my fare share of dogs here but not so nice ones usually haha. Like this dog is a mix litterally looks like the warg from lord of the rings. Ill take a pic of it when i can. Well this are crazy busy here im picking up several traits from my island comp. I am playing the ukelaly i think im getting pretty good too haha. Well keep me posted on everything keep my dad in check. Call him banana king often i know he loves it. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jeremy channels Theoden

PADRE!! first of all let Gordon know that I am praying for him and tell him how sorry I am, i'll try and write him a letter. Its tough to get to write a bunch, time is just so precious around here. BTW who is kylee?? all ya'll are talkin about Kylee and I don't even know who she is hahaha Gracie is with Minnie now, she is a happier hampster i'm sure. I will be grieving all week. I heard that Tom was going there, he went into the MTC the day after I left I thought, at least that's what bullcut told me. I think that you got lucky not being called into the bishopric, you can't dodge that bullet forever and you know it. On the topic of media, I've been visiting with a recent convert family these last two weeks and they are SOAD fans... You can bet we are basically best friends now, they like Mumford and Sons fans, indie rock in general, and I have them listening to Tool now. Yeah, great family, Zack is the son and Katie is the Mom. She's not doin so well, but her son is increadible, he stays w/ her most of the day and talks w/ her. They are an increadible group. I'm pretty sure I know part of the reason I have been sent here though. Sis. Lemire is active but her family is completely anti, we were giving her a blessing and the son walked into the room and ripped a fart and laughed. I wanted to take him out to the back and beat the living crap outta him, but I refrained. She has only about 5 years to live, so i'm making it my mission to sit down with the kid, Robert,and at least teach him how to respect his mother. I don't want the him to experience the guilt that would come if he keeps his relationship w/ his mother like this and she goes the way of the earth. I have been laughing at my companion and Elder Black because the Avengers, they haven't seen it so I just talk about how awesome it is all the time hahahahaha. I officially had my first fight w/ my companion also. I rocked him, got him in a boa squeeze 5 times. The last fight he tried to gouge my eye out so I let up and he flipped me but I had him locked in and then it was a stalemate so 5-1-0 right now haha. Have fun in the sun, but not to much fun! Tell Grandpa I love him and happy B-day. Tell Darleen I say hi and congrats on gettin the house off! Make sure Ashely feels at home, it'll be easier w/o Zack and I there, not as much testosterone. I chated football w/ a kid at a members house haha Nebraska came back from a 3-27 deficit against Wis.!! I love ya padre, and I love this place and what I'm doing. Its been a harder week, but we still have had a ton of success. I miss you and the fam, tell everyone wazzuppp. tell Darleen and Ash. hey for me. Love ya!
Katie! I am so pumped for GC!! its gonna be dopeee, I can't wait to see what they've gotta say. How could you not see that he looks like Draco?? its almost like he is a body double for him. Don't worry i've got a journal going, I write almost everynight. This last week was a little inconsistent but its been busy..
I'm happy to hear that the Mutual is going well, I can't believe you are finding time w/ everything else you are doing hahaha. you're crazy. I'm sad about Gracie to :( make sure Chinchy is okay, keep up w/ her! Become good friends w/ Cassy! The MTC opened my eyes a little bit, the world is so much bigger then Utah, and becoming friends w/ people from out of country is awesome. I'm writing this Australian sister and she is awesome haha. read what I wrote from dads I don't have long to write so I gotta rush it. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! keep up the awesome work and with Cassy if she isn't interested don't push it, just invite her to the house, maybe a mutal thing and that'll be all you need to do to plant the seed!!
Kevin!!! There is a kid in my ward that looks just like you when you were young, and acts just like zack!! its all kinds of home sickness all bunched in one little twister of destruction!! ha Morning shift is tough at first but it'll be awesome in the end, having the nights to yourself is sweettt. I pass out whenever I can around here haha Once we finish planning i'm out. GC is gonna be sweeettt! I don't know if you will ever win the fight for the window w/ Lia she is one tough puppy that I miss.. keep up the war effort though, Larsens don't fade away into the night. "Eomer. Take your ├łored down the left flank. Gamling, follow the King's banner down the center. Grimbold, take your company right, after you pass the wall. Forth, and fear no darkness! Arise! Arise, Riders of Theoden! Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered! A sword day... a red day... ere the sun rises! .... Ride now!... Ride now!... Ride! Ride to ruin and the world's ending! DEATH!!!  Forth, Eorlingas!!" hahaha this must be the battle you fight kevin i believe in you! Don't worry about the shoes btw, dad got them to me. We'll keep running in the winter, its about as cold as it will be here in the mornings now, its about 40 so it's whateves. I love you kev I gotta run but I miss you and remember.. It'll be a sword day..a red day..ERE THE SUN RISES!! love ya
Lisa, Dusty, Alex, Liam!
I don't have anytime at all I'm sorry I need to learn to dole out my time better. I love you and I miss my little Nephews tell them I love them. thank you for the advice, I need all the help I can get hahaha Love ya!
Love all of you, Jason, Steph, Darleen, Lisa, Ashley, Alex, Liam, Kevin, Katie, Padre, Zack! I pray for all of you everynight. Love ya bye
if you see some of my friends say whats up!

Zack gets to MOVE people :)

MEGAN- Hey just a real quick message to megan. I sent a huge letter to you its 3 pages and important so i hope you get it i just got your letter saying you aint got nothin from me. so if you dont get it in the next little bit write me again ok? anyway im going to wait a couple days for another letter and if i dont get one ill send another one out to you ok? i hope you get it because i sent a big one to you with a present. so send a letter out like same day you get mine ok? send it super fast ok? I love ya and you know it im thinkin of ya everyday i promise. hope your doin the same. :) i sent it out last tuesday so i hope you get it real soon. please send a letter to me really fast. :)
On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 10:41 AM, Zachary Larsen <zlarsen@myldsmail.net> wrote:
JASON- awesome jason! i am sad to miss HIMYM but i guess it happens. Keep me posted on two other series will ya? Walking dead and the new fire one chicago fire if you would :) sory about your meds that blows. I am happy to report no more 24 hour fasting!!! makes me happy we fast about 12 hours maybe a lil more. I wish i had some sleeping meds i dont sleep well here and especially with my comps snoring ill record it with my new camera! Its bad haha like a lawn mower starting and stopping by my head all night not even jokin. Hope PT goes well sorry it sucks so bad keep updated on that stuff. A you can imagine HIMYM is quoted tons here especially SUIT UP! stuff like that.

DAD- that sucks so bad i miss my hamster so much and my chinchy :(  well RIP Gracie she will be missed a lot. i was hoping a mirical would happen and she would be there when i get home but somehow i doubted it. Keep the cage im might get another one when i get home i love hamsters. Tell Bro kimball im very sorry and if he needs or wants me to do anything even from here im willing too we are dealing a lot with death up here to sadly. We are teaching a family who's wife has cancer real bad and she is not doing well he is really interested so is the family. He never had any religion before but missionaries helped him move down here and we helped him move in so he is happy with us and really loves talking with us. Well i hope you have fun in santa barbra if you come up my way im in carmichael haha. Although if i saw and talked with you i would probably get in trouble or just really trunkie so it may not be a good idea haha.  glad you had fun at the music festival and that all is well with the dogs. you should send me a pic of lia i miss her! i am about to get my new camera today so ill make sure its the same sim card. The plane person is just the plane person she leaves way east coast, she was just visiting, but i made a real good connection with her and she is reading the book of mormon so thats awesome. The bike guy is super cool have not followed up with him we think for gods reason really every time we go over there to see him something comes up and we cant haha. How is mike doing? whats her doing? Tell him to write me back haha!  both mike stewart and tomlinson if you see them. If yout hought i was eating well you guessed wrong haha i have been introduced to a top romen sandwich (SUPER GOOD) i think it will kill me though. You bet im showing you how to make one when i get home. I also have had a meat pie, first thing i thought was sweenie todd so i was wearry but it was super good! I hope all is well at the house though. Also let me clear up the mirical, So i was super home sick and thinking about coming home because it got pretty bad. I then started thinking because im so focused on this stuff that i am not worthy for unknown reasons but i figured out what to focus on and how to focus on it and how even thinking about the end of my mission is helpful now because it helps me stay focused on the mission work, wierdly enough. I also talked to president and he was helpful and gave me a blessing which was really good. I still get home sick and miss people but i can handle it better now. I CAN ALSO SKYPE!! and we might be getting I pads for our mission which is cool.  Well i do love ya very much and the family and everyone reading this. Just know the church is true and all is well. I'm sending you a letter with some good stories too and ask megan for the little orange paper im sending her you will love all the stories and stuff i love them anyway haha. Yea let me tell you a little bit about my area before i go. Carmichael is a nice area with like half rich half poor. There was a stabbing a couple streets down from us about a week ago and people smoke weed freely here, However the people are super accepting of the gospel we get as a zone about 100 baptism a year on average i think is what they said our goal as a mission for the year is 900 somthing we are close. It is filled with really really strong members, we live down the street from a members family in utah just so you know. I hear the sirens here at least 3 times a day haha so its busy not the nicest place but its safer than most haha. OH! how about that eagles game huh? close only winning by 3 points haha. Keep me posted on BYU football and the 49ers! OH! where you putting that money? is it on my card for wells fargo? because i need to buy more supplements and mission medical wont cover me because they suck haha. WEll LOVE YOU! Oh also to show off in this very hilly area i bike about 15 to 20 miles a day needles to say im loosing weight and building leg muscle dunno how they both happen but it does. I also forgot to tell you i outlifted my tongan companion what a lamer right? We did a huge move like huge. This rivaled the old man don fredly move. We only had 4 people too. IT SUCKED but i was able to work harder and longer than my comp so i felt really happy with that and i was not even to sore the next day just really sore that day which made biking a trip haha. We also got to talk to a criminal who was "framed" for somethin real big i dunno if she was tellin the whole truth to her but i aint a therapist she seemed really frantic and wanted to talk with the bishop for help and she was less active and moving and her family are a bunch of jerks and what not so we helped her i gave her 2 bucks and yea thats the last i heard from her i saw her talking to the bishop though so thats good!  its an interesting place here. Oh! another thing! make a play list of all the new music i will love so i can listen to it on the way home at the end of my mission ok? i mean it promise me you will!

Kate- happy to hear all is well with you and friends and hope it continues that way. How is the project i gave you to be hanging out with megan goin? If i forgot to give it to you im givin it to you now :)She needs a break from school. (yes i know megan your reading this haha) I am sad that gracie died does meg know? if not she does now. I hope all goes well with you and the Nazi :) im only jokin though germans are cool. if you want you can say Ich hebe (haba) Kien geld (gelt)  It means i have no money! tell coleman and nesbit to send me a letter! i miss them both tell them i think they are the best teachers i ever had honestly and they were a great influence to me and that i miss my talks with coleman.  well im outta here love ya keep me posted! hope all goes well with homework DONT SKIP LUNCH FOOD IS IMPORTANT! :) Also yes im keeping a journal ill let you read it when im home its pretty cool.

Kevin- i love those songs and now they are stuck on my head! Also yes i can ride my bike with no handle bars all the way to the church ahha. Also funny thing my comp said our church was super packed and it was half of what normally shows up in our home ward haha. I love ya kev just sayin! im unhappy to hear about dad selling the bed that was the best bed in the history of ever!!!!! Yea sad day about my room ill miss it haha. yea mission is super good and it helps me a lot honestly. I'm getting a lot of cool experiences though I know im home sick and probably always will be but this is a trial that must come to pass ill learn to quit being a freakin baby and suck it up haha. I also love that conference is coming up but honestly those are the worst haha anything we had family traditions i try and avoid haha. so hollidays and conference will probably be hard but at the same time i will love the talks now that im paying attention to ALL OF THEM haha. Biking is not so bad here other than bikes get stolen so freaking often haha. I LOVE MY BIKE so its pretty cool. Oh super cool thing make sure everyone in the fam knows our ward has had 100% home teaching for 11 months and continuing make sure crescent 18th starts that if it dont happen when im home im going to make changes haha. They do some cool stuff! our bishop is also our 1st councilor in the stake presidency for now they aint released him as bishop yet i think its funny haha. Well keep me posted on your life movies music all that stuff. LOVE YOU BYE! Send me moms mix of music ok? ill have president ok for me make sure its in CD form though.

Dustin/Lisa/Nephews- Sorry i cant see the pictures it wont let me you have to put them up how dad has put his up. I cant even get onto the blog yall got set up for me i dont think. Im excited to see it when i get home though so thats cool. Thank you for the support from all yall its super cool! I hope your practicing star craft with mike stewart so you guys can beat me when i get home haha.  I hope i can see those pictures next time! i do love you and your family its amazing to talk about them :) i love all the things you all did for me and the example you set. I look at the fam picture everyday its hanging up with moms obituary i keep on me. These things give me a powerful testimony and i use it often.especially to investigators like trent who have no selfworth at all they dont care about themselves (his brother as well) they are sad to see but i love going over there and talking with them they read and explain it to me they love the messages. they are super cool sadly i cant teach them after our next lesson because they belong to the YSA elders (curse them haha) So the next lesson will be introducing them to the YSA elders and following up on our commitments to them.  well i love you and miss you all bye!!

IN GENERAL- Hey people who aint sent me letters or E-mailed me need to ok? ok good! i hope all is well with you friends! i miss every single one of my friends and i think about you every day im not even joking. i hope your all ok since i aint heard from most of you. brandon, valarie, mike stewart, mike tomlinson, and much more... im not pointing fingers ;) i miss yall and hope to hear from you make sure all letters are sent to my california address that is the address to the mission office not my home address just so you know. also mike stewart you should mail me back!! :) :) i promise i dont bite very hard but you do know i bite haha.  well i got to go love you all bye bye!! see you in 15 transfers or 21 fast sundays which ever you prefer to think about :)