Thursday, December 26, 2013

Zack at Christmas

welli dont know Bp meds and all that they do other than they lower heart rate and BP haha! i just got mad at him because i said im 20!!!!!! i dont need BP he said there is a kid that is 16 on BP meds, if its in your medical history tehn you need to be cautious! it was a interesting argument but eventually i gave in becasue i dont know what im doing. now that you mention it my pulse has been in the mid 50's for about a week which is pretty low i think, they said its fine though. yea that miracle was awesome! i was so excited! well im SO VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE GIFTS I LOVE THEM!!!!!! i love that tie especially! please tell all the members in the ward thank youf or thier gifts and cards i really appriciate it and thank gma and gpa on both sides! i love them and miss them. make sure those thank you's get out! i dont have enough stamps to individually write them. thank you so much family for the gifts and tahnk the bay family and everyone else! i really loved christmas and ithelped my comp to since he didnt get much so i was able to share with him and make thigns good for him! he is a great guy! i love you all! im glad you have had great christmas gatherings to start with! im glad that lal is well! where does kevin live? why is he taking my chinchi? glad the cat is nice because i would have been spending lots of time tryig to make it nice when i got home haha! alex and liam are studs that pic they sent of them are awesome and theya re going to be women magnets as alex already is, he has already been proposed to huh? he is a smart kid, avengers are way cooler than marriage haha! the gifts are amazing and i really wanted those snack foods! thanks for the CD as well i was getting sick of our selection of 3 cd's hahas! im glad to add a 4th one! :) well i love you all muchly! i will send a christmas card to fam! Dawn is great! she is very nice, she was also out of town this week so we will be making contact with her later this week or begining of next week! we need the referral because we are out of people to teach and thats sad. so thank you again for the referral :) she is nice and has lots of potential i think she is asking lots of questions and accepted a BOM of Resto Pamphlet. if there is anyone else you know in lodi we would love to visit them because i like teaching and meeting new people and we are out of people to meet, just hoping for another miracle! there are a lot in lodi! im also trying to see some of the cool things in Cali like the mercer caverns and the moanig caverns and sadly big trees state park is closed for the winter, i guess a couple inchews of snow is rights for closing a state park down.... sissys. they are BIG TREES if anything its cooler int eh snow or what california calls snow, so we just hung out with the san andreas elders for a while, its an hour and a half one way freeway drive to get up there so those elders dont get lots of visits so we decided to grace them with out presence haha! well love you all so much and im glad you are all happy! im happy as well! keep up the great work and keep being amazing! not tons toreport on from last pday i guess! we had our transfers im staying another 6 weeks asi though, i will prolly die here because i spent 8 months in my last area and when i cam to lodi thats all i had left so im just assuming that im staying haha! uuhh... we had some emergency meeting for all leadership and we had to train on some stuff in front of all the leaders of the mission which was semi scary but lots of fun i cracked jokes in a demonstration with president and that was im sure pretty fun! we were pretty busy helping the zone out today so not tons of proselyting got done. we had a great convo with a member thats coming back and he said the reason i left and i want you over is because i know the church is true. he said knowing the churchwas true put a lot of stress on him knowing his salvation but thats because he doesnt understand the atonement and now he knows that we were not set up to fail but to succeed. so we are teaching repentance and atonement to him because he is scared to make a mistake but we all make mistakes so he assumes we are all doomed, which is no the case :) we ended our work before xmas eve by coming together as a zone and carolling which was really fun! we were able to knock on doors and not have them slamme din our face or bad thigns yelled at us, they were happy to have us sing, which i think is because they didnt hear me singing above everyone else ;) lots of fun though! my comp and i are very different and somtimes talk things out about how we should run things, im showing him we dont need to be rule nazi or nobody will like us, we need to help them trust us and love us so that they will follow the rules because they want to make things easy on us and they like us, so its fun trying to do that. either way we enjoy our time reguardless its silly to let slight differences get in the way of getting along which some companionships are doing so we been working with that as well! well all is well here and i love you! sorry for all the spelling errors i was trying to see how fast i could type this page and i think i did well! love ya! see you in a couple hourse BYE!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Jeremy to Skype 12 noon MST!

You guys have got to slow down hahaha I think since I've left the family has over doubled in size... I will definitely shoot a few more out to all of them. Won't be there by xmas but I'll do my best. This week has been nuts.. I don't have a whole ton of time to email today but we will shoot for 11am our time, we couldn't do the 4pm unfortunately.... Kind of a bummer.... You and Darlene are becoming Grandparents (not in the old way, just the fact that all of a sudden all must gather to you)... This is really weird haha Having to do special family gatherings to summon the family from the four corners of Utah. We have a baptism the 26th for two boys that'll be awesome. I really appreciate the support that all of you have given me. I'll definitely get a few personal letters out today. The Hats are for Alex and Liam and I have a thing coming for Kayla. I love the work and I'm loving this area. We easily have the greatest investigators in the world and our ward is the greatest. I do love all of you and my bad for not being on top of staying in contact with everyone. I can't wait to see all of you, until then, love ya and do good! Elder J. Larsen p.s. What on earth is Krockenbush? what is Hale Theater? have we become a cultured family and stopped eating raw meat and thirsting continually for the blood of our enemies? oh sorry that's the Lamanites.... Is it bad that all of my jokes come from the book of mormon now? I'm pretty sure Missionaries are the most sacrilege of all people, even up at MLC with our mission president some stuff gets away from us haha You are the greatest family, thank you so much for all you do. Love ya!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Miracle baptism in Lodi!

well this was another week of miracles! we had our temple conference which was really quite amazing! we were able to learn so much. i actually paid attention to what was going on and learned a ton and the vid has got an actor who played deacon in the movie saints and soldiers. (hope i can say that.) anyway i learned a lot from the conference. our zone is still laeding the mission and we are going to break our high water mark (which is most baptized ina month) we are very excited. transfers happened and im staying with my comp. i will be skyping home around 4 to 430 liberal time i mean california time ;) you thought i would warm up to the place :) with the investigator in the hospital that we were told was going to pass away, p-lewis told us to keep a clsoe eye on her in case there is an opening where she can be baptized because if there is then we should not deny her the blessings of it. well we did so and yesterday she came out of the coma is conceious and is going to be baptized today. it is a miracle its so crazy. my comp and i went into the home and did the interview and its was really a good experience. they live in horrible circumstances with no power and on oxygen tank running on low battery power. we are trying to get things worked out but its really a miracle she si alive. she is walking and talking. so we were blessed with that miracle. we got ahold of dawn who is the referral you gave to me. she is so very very nice and accepted a book of mormon and a restoration pamphlet, she has many good questions and has accepted us back. she is an animal cop. thank you! by the way ever since my ER trip in north sac. my BP has been pretty high and so now my last visit with the doc he has put me on atenolol for my BP and its feels funky. i said there is no way i can be on that im ONLY 20!!! he said we have a patient thats 16 on BP meds and so its not unheard of but im uneasy about. we have a baptism set up for jan and one more for this month we are very excited! hopefully your referral will have a baptism date by the end of this week. i do miss kimi! no cat is really the same, how is chinchi doing? as far as my ghetto stories go we have part of stockton in our area and we go there a bit and while down there, there was a armed robbery inprogress with a hostage and they shut down a bunch of streets and had FBI and SWAT on scene and it was pretty cool, one officer said "another day in stockton" haha! thats a sad statement haha! i agree the service is a great idea iw ish all the missionaries did it and i wish that all the missionaries who do service use it as an effective missionary tool for reactivation and other purposes. i need to know the name of bro snuffers books adnw hat they are about by the way :) well all is well here. im happy and semi healthy! i love the work and im sad time is passing by so quickly! hope all works out well when we skype so jeremy and i can see eachother, i was just going to call him but my comp is pretty pharasy on rules haha! we balance eachother out nice from overbaring obedience and being normal obedient haha! i hope all is well with the fam and the pets and the friends! well love you muchly!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Jeremys BUSY with teaching!!

So you're still rockin the heavy metal haha I've done some good in the world today! August Burns Red is going to be one of the few heavy metal songs that I can listen to when I return. I still haven't figured out what we are going to do for Christmas Skype, life has been pretty hectic so we haven't figured something out. Sunday was probably one of the coolest days of the mission so far. This last week actually has been one of the best. Moony and I were called up to Newberg for a meeting with the head of proselyting in the church, Bro. Heater and then President Packers grandson Bro. Packer. They had Moony and I then the Sister Trainer Leader from our zone and her companion. It was intense... The next day we had another meeting with them with 40 other missionaries in the mission. Definitely cool to be apart of that stuff. Then we have been meeting with this Gal, Rose-Cole, she is from Lebanon but lived in England and Jerusalem most of her life. She said she was going to decided if she needs to be baptized after she sees a baptism next week. She believes that the BofM is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet but she has a hard time understanding the uniqueness of the church. She is 83 but is all there and is one of the nicest, learned, and upbeat old ladies I've ever met. She has stories for days! She has a bomb that should have killed her and her family as a plant table in her house..... just crazy haha So then We've been working with another family, Janelle and her 2 kids Manny and Johaana. Sweetest lady in the world. She really is looking for truth and is on her way to baptism. We had a baptism also on Saturday for Doss Mckinney, I'll get pictures asap. Then that Sunday Rose, Janelle and a friend, the Frasers (greatest family ever), and two of the Iversons all came to church along with James and Lyndsay Marck. We had a ton of people there. The speaker spoke about how it feels to investigate the church and basically had the talk directed solely on them. It was insane to see how God made it possible for all of them to be there that day and then have a talk like that. We had a talk with the Fraser's that night and Amy got a whole lot closer to baptism and her family will definitely follow. Rose is close and the Iversons are on date, Janelle is right on her way. So please keep these people in your prayers all day. They need the guidance and help! Also if you could return all the gifts that you got me asap.. I really hope you haven't sent it out, totally my bad on doing a double take. If you could send me a package for the Iverson's kids and Janelle's kids and Fraser's kids that would be awesome. Iverson's have an 11 boy, 9 boy, 5 daughter, and 3 boy- Janelle has a 9 boy, and a 1 girl- Fraser's have a 10 girl, 8 boy, and 4 girl. Just presents for them would be much better then anything for me. I'm sorry if you've already done a ton of work and gotten the stuff and ordered stuff. If its not possible just let me know. I love ya'll and hope all is well. I love all of you so much and hope all is well. Tell Katie she is insane! I'm so proud of her and all that she is accomplishing. I wish I could be there to see the change happening but I feel like she has changed just as much as I have. Same with the cat if its actually nice now hahaha We'll definitely have to do a temple run when we meet up! (not the game) Also we're getting FB soon so I'll let ya know when I can add ya hahahahaha Crazy world we live in.... Well I love ya so much again and hope you have a great weekend and enjoy watching the Hobbit probably 4 times (thats my guess on how many times you get it in. Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow in Oregon brings an investigator!

This week has been a crazy one! Weather here has been nuts. We actually got snow! However, snow in Oregon is very dangerous... they don't have anyone that goes and lays salt, or shovels the roads. Also, the snow just turns to ice as soon as it hits the ground, then you get snow on top of it. Soooo after a trip to Keizer (about 45min north of Salem) we were driving back and the roads and people on the roads were crazy. So we decided to go and park it for and go find a hill to help people push their cars up and help anyone else in trouble. Funnest 3 hours, I'm tellin ya, it was so crazy. People here have a real tough time with snow and ice.... We were wearing thin suit pants and a light jacket and I think God just kept us warm cause it was 15 degrees outside and we were toasty. Cool thing came of it though. We met this guy named Ryan Green. He helped us push a car up then invited us to his house to relax for a bit. We stayed out another hour then walked over. He let us in, introduced us to his wife Pearl, and hit it off. He gave us pie, offered us Beer/Wine (we then taught him about modern prophets and the WOW), then gave us sprite, and we talked for probably an hour. He said we could come back whenever, we said a prayer with him and we were off. He thought we were some of the coolest people for doin that though, it was great to see that God had us in the right spot. Also I have a job working for his construction company if I move back here. In about 5 years he'll be the Manager of the entire company. Right now he's an area manager but his boss is retiring and giving him the spot. Just a cool guy and family. Also this week it was announced that we will be using Facebook..... I'm pumped but scared at the same time.... I know its potential either way so its great. All the ZL's are going to have to monitor it also so its more parenting but it'll be worth it if we can use it correctly. I look forward to new pictures! Also will you treat me to a fancy french restaurant when we meet again???? I'm trying to get the Packages out this coming week so hopefully you'll get them on time. I want you all to know how much I love all of you. I look forward to seein ya soon and I'll let you know when I know whats going on with Skype and such. Love ya! Elder Larsen Sr

Zack has some amazing experiences!!

well sounds like great snow im missing out on. we got snow here for the first time in 12 years! im going to big trees later today where there will be more snow! ill take pics for proof :) sounds like a lot of parties going on in the larsen home. i remember when i got stuck with the accent in a bad storm at megans house that was funny! i remember her parents saying i could stay the night if i needed and i said i dont think my father would approve haha! maybe thats why they like me because i didnt jump on that option like most teen boys my age would haha! you think dean would send me pepper spray? i got my 21st birthday next handgun? thats crazy the seahawks are top!!!! how are the 49ers? well we had a baptism yesterday! we are hoping for another one to go down this saturday! we have 2 lined up! our zone baptized 3 of the 6 that happened in the whole mission. we still have another 16 with baptism dates so thats exciting! we found a new inv who we knocked on her door in the cold and she answered and all i really said is we are missionaries and we share a message about christ and how he loves you and cares about you. this message will bless your life and we share because we care about you. (i dont really start contacts that way) she said "YOU care about me?" nobody has said that in a while thats not common. and she invited us back on tuesday. i contacted that referral the sabys had and we are invited back as well this week so we will see what happens!! sadly the person we contacted at the hospital with that amazing experience passed away before her baptism, her kids still wanna be but we dont know who the guardian is yet. im trying to get permission to do her temple work if they adults dont join the church. that was a great experience and i feel that if her relatives dont do the work its still my job to make sure she has that opportunity she wanted for baptism. she was going to be baptized in 2 weeks. so ashley is concerned about a place in utah? what place in utah is sketchy unless its in SLC? or south provo? anyway i think a sad instance is when i discovered i no longer had those thanksgiving cookies because i ate them all :( they were most delicious! since when did we have a jetta? i will make you aware of when im skyping home as soon as i does :) next pday is on tuesday i believe just so you know. treck huh? before i get home? to bad :( treck was always pretty fun i played cards and got the whole tent to bet haha :) well i miss good snow, i always make fun of those who talk about snow here. californians got 4 inches and said THATS A TON OF SNOW! i just laughed and said yea you should call it a snow day in your schools weather is to bad haha! when is katies play? im learning a lot about leading, how important enthusiasm and optimism is. my comp is lacking in that right now and kinda blows up on people but he is working on it and trying to get better. in the mean time im trying to make sure everyone is happy and that they know we love them and want their success just as much if not more than our own success. we did a great training on teaching effectively and hopefully we will see good things come from it! they like us enough im just trying to keep everything steady with the missionaries. i does love the work though! its a busy time this month and we need to take full advantage of the blessing the lord is wanting to bless us with! well love ya very much!! have a great week! keep the spiritual high going! and tell mrs beck she was a good teacher and she wasn't paid enough to deal with me haha!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Jeremy and 3 awesome experiences

So I only have a short time to email today unfortunately.. I was up at MLC Sunday Monday so I wasn't able to email yesterday. It was a crazy crazy time. I'll talk to my Pres about getting released the 28th, just not right now. I've got a lot to work on and I really don't even want to mess with talking about that stuff haha I have had 3 life changing moments this last week. I've heard and felt God's hand much more then ever before. Starting Tuesday I got a call that one of the Elders was in the Hospital about half an hour away. So We went out there and got there at 1030pm (really late) We found the Elders talked with them for a bit. Then a few people started to talk to us and it got spiritual pretty fast. A family went to the ER in the middle of the conversation and we asked them if we could come back and pray with them and they said of course. So they took their room and we continued to talk with one of the ladies. She was trying to find God, and the only church that had ever reached out to her was the local branch. So we said a prayer with her, taught her about our church a bit and set up an appointment to meet up. We went to the back and talked with that other family. Exact same thing happened. The spirit was so involved, you could feel God there. I wish I could explain it better but it was awesome. I had gone through some of the same stuff as the family was going through. They recently had a son go to jail and such and we were able to provide quite a bit of hope fro the family. It was really cool to be a part of Gods miracle. Later that week we were driving into Turner and I got an impression to go and see a family who just lost their Daughter to cancer. I fought it a bit then thought "doubt your doubts" so we decided to go. We headed over and right as we got there Kim's sister (Kim is the gal who died) and Kim's daughter Morgan walked out of the house. We told them that we were their on impression of the spirit and prayed with them. Morgan is trying to go out on a mission and we ended up talking about it. She asked me about going out on a mission and how I was able to do it right after my mom passed away. She wanted to know how to deal with it emotionally, physically, and spiritually and I was probably one of the few people around who knew how to empathize with the situation and God sent me to her. It has just been evidence to me of just how involved God is in each of our lives. He really cares about the little details of our lives. It was amazing to be a tool in his hands. The last story comes from yesterday. Elder Monteirth, a Spanish ZL, (I love that kid, he's such a boss) were in a situation that was funky. We left to do a few things then we were heading back to the mission home to pick up the other Elders. On our way back we saw the Presidents car go past but we continued on to the home anyway. We got there and everyone had gone. So Monty and I prayed about what to do and we felt like we needed to go back to the office (even though the logical thing was to stay cause we didn't have a phone to figure out what was going on). We headed over and on the way saw the presidents car again so we got cold feet and turned around. We received an impression to go to the office again but didn't follow it. We got there and the president had dropped them off...... It was humbling haha I learned a valuable lesson for sure.. I love ya'll though, I hope you had a great week and I really appreciate the pictures!! Tell errybody I love them! Also for Christmas, I would really like some Kevin Durant 5's (shoes) if you could get me some of those in size 12 that would be so awesome! if I could get them in black or gray with the thunder blue or orange colors that would be awesome. I love ya padre Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, December 2, 2013

An investigator knocks on Zacks Door!

well i do love the pics! is jake only a Sr. in highschool? i thought he was older. anyway the Zl job is very busy and lots to deal with. we did a lodi zone tour driving all the way to san andreas to meet with elders about turning in info so we can be prepared when we meet with the stake president, mission president, and high councilman over missionary work every week! its crazy! i dont like authority they scare me so i have to be on my best always. we dont get all the info all the time so we had to talk to all 24 missionaries about it so we dont look dumb in those meetings haha. our zone is doing amazing! our zone has 23 investigators who agreed to be baptized and 3 of them are ones we are teaching! the spanish branch in our zone baptized a family of 5 unexpectedly they just showed up and said i want to be baptized its amazing how that works! my comp and i were doing our weekly planning which i hate because im planning for 3 HOURS!!!!! i cant concentrate that long on one thing you know that haha! usually i wonder off with my WWII hat on and eat cookies or something haha. we got a knock on the door and i answered fearing it was jahova whitness but it was just a girl who needed help moving in and was referred to us. the san andreas elders packed her up once we contacted them and when they came down to our complex we unpacked them and she spoke of being in a very bad situation and not having any friends to help because of her bad situation. she was so grateful for our help we moved a ton of stuff haha! we bore testimony of how the gospel can help her in this situation and how god is aware and cares for her. she started crying and was grateful and so we sent the sister missionaries over, since they cover our apt complex (weird) and she let them in and is taking the missionary discussions. its so amazing how the lord prepares people i never thought we could get an investigator knocking on OUR door, usually its the other way around haha! we got 4 investigators to church this Sunday and one of them was bawling in testimony meeting and loved it, he is getting baptized dec 21! he is awesome and doesnt know anything about bible or book of mormon or anything so we are having to teach a lot haha! he is a really good guy, a lil racist but who aint. he really desires to be a good person and i think thats so great i can really see the spirit working in him and making changes and i love seeing that! honestly i love seeing that more than baptisms! just seeing someone make a change of the better is so satisfying and increases my testimony in how the gospel truly blesses families and individuals. i may not have a testimony in everything but i do have it in that for certain! i love the work! THANKS FOR THE REFERRAL! we will go see her and help her out! we cover that street, infact thats close to the ghetto haha! i like going down to tokay st. i dunno when im skyping home but when it gets closer i shall inform you! when are you moving? what is the address? and love you all!!! oh sorry again for spending money on the home card :( im running low on glucosamine 1000 mg and calcium magnesium 1500 mg i belive it may be the other way around oh well i dunno i just need it haha! i am hoping the best for my jaw but its really hurting me bad and locking up somethin fierce and so thats no bueno! :( tell kevin (and ill spell it wrong) tiena un gato incendido in dus pantelones defuago. LOVE YOU! mission is great!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zack and an interesting blessing!

wow sounds fuN! sorry i didnt get to you on monday we h ad our Pday today on thanksgiving! anyway i love yall and miss ya and i hope you have a great thanksgiving! anyway i got the package thank you very much i was able to be very useful with those cookies! we had to deal with an emergence transfer this week and a couple apostate elders lost in the hills which i dont blame them, there is less up there than there is in wilton. you can google maps san andreas or murphys california and see what they have to deal with. well we had a really spiritual week this week! we got called into the hospital for the 4th time to do a blessing but this one was different. we came in and it was a girl named carol and she was not on the hospital records when we called and so we were freaked out because we had a voicemail of her on the phone and we thought its one of those ghost stories or she is in a coma and nobody knows her name and we will have to come and bless her back to life or something. turns out no such luck. we found her but when we walked into the room it was hallowed for sure there was such a strong spirit. the first thing she said is me and my son need to join your church... we dont have anything and dont want anything from the church other than my sons safety. i have seen the church in action and i know that they are the closest to christ. my son is really my grandson but i have full custody of him and his mom is a drug addict going to jail again. i cant ahve him in this situation. im going to die soon. (she has cancer and COPD) she said i wont live probably more than 2 months but please make sure my son is taken care of and that he is safe and can grow up to be a good boy. its was so crazy i was speachless i didnt even know what to say. i couldnt say anything other than what seemed to me missionary cliches about how christ will help her and we will too. it was crazy and a very real experience in the very importance of my calling as a missionary. people are truly relying on me to help them. the only thing she asked of the church was to take care of her son and give her a ride to church. she was so sincier. i went down to the jaw doc because my jaw has been straight up killing me even with the meds and splint and everything he said we may have to go to joint injections for pain andi dont want that :( so im trying another way but hopefully it works anything but those injections haha! i think my jaw has seen better days. tell jason im thinking of nursing school as well i was thinking about med-evac rescue for the civilian military but i think ill settle for firefighter nurse :) :) what can i say great minds think alike only ill be a nurse and a firefighter :) well i have noticed something about lodi, its pretty much utah only its not mormon churches on every corner its 7th day adventest THE RIVAL! we went down one street and counted 4 on the same small street. there is at least two opposing churches on every street and our most common reply is i am comfortable with my church family. our reply is we are teaching about gods church family haha :) but thats only when im really upset and not feeling charitable. i have come to a new saying i like to follow. "come what may and love it" - joseph B worthlin he is a great speaker and i like that because there are a ton of empty doors here. we as a zone are doing amazing this month we have baptized more tahn any other zone and our work is higher than the other zones. same story for december with 21 investigators committed to be baptized we have 3 that are committed to it and we are excited! its not really a measure of mission success but it is a big motivator. well a big shock we got a call from president and he told my comp that his gpa had passed away and that will be interesting to deal with im trying to be there for him without really being overbearing on him. in those situations there is a lot of wrong things you can say and not a lot of right ones. i will jsut be kind to him as best i can. well thats pretty much the week! when is the house selling? i love the cookies and the lettetrs i love yall muchly and hope you have the best thanksgiving evaaarrr!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MASH! well love you all and bye bye!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

New missionaries in Jeremys Zone!

Hola! Well today was transfers. For the most part our zone has really been buffed up. I've been drained these last few weeks but I look forward to this new transfer with some new faces. I think things will really go well and life is going to be good. As for the Q's you asked I think that I'm getting released the 17th of September, but don't quote me on that. I haven't even talked to him about it being negotiable or not, I dunno. Its not something I've been dwelling on a whole lot. Do you need me to ask soon? Also for the Christmas thing.... I could definitely use a new White Shirt size 15 34/35 (slim fit fosho) (Enro is preferred) If you could send Elder Moon something like a pillow case thats homemade that would be really cool. Dymatize Elite Protein Chocolate is nice (No Casein). Something home made is always cool. Smart wool stuff is appreciated to, its cold haha If its a tie get a copper or a burnt orange paisley, those are sick. Whats up with Katie going to New York??? Errybody needs to slow down and not grow up haha I feel like a little Peter Pan would be good for all you right now. Tell Gordo I love the guy and miss him. Turkey's are funny, I love seein them fight out here, its awesome haha. Did Jason get the sauces I sent him? Also they all settled in? Did Kevin get my letter? They were all in that huge box I sent. Speaking of Massage therapist I need a small Asian woman to dance on my back haha What are the plans for thanksgiving this week? We are playin ball early early, then eating and kickin it all day, its gonna be nice. We are going over to the Farr's for dessert just cause Bro. Farr sounds like Sean Connery. You can just feel the spirit from that family to. Its easy to tell the families that really live the gospel. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be interesting. Its going to be with a great family and also 3 atheists and a physics professor. I'm getting pumped haha This last Sunday we had the Fraser's come to church, this time with all their kids! So sick, I love this family, they're going to make the greatest members of the church. They came to a baptism on Saturday, church Sunday, then we had a lesson that night. Amy has really been noticing that her life has gotten harder since she has started to investigate the church and we started to talk about how Satan is trying to get her from doing the right thing. We had another family over that helped a lot in relating to her. I was able to cause I saw it first hand right before I came out on a mission and I muffed up big time. The saying that before and after every spiritual success is a spiritual darkness is so true. The spirit was crazy strong and they will be dunked soon. I've learned so much out here about God and how he works its just crazy. This has been the greatest experience of my life. I was hurtin pretty bad when I thought about how this was my last Fall here. Keep praying for them and our other Investigators, Doss, Rose-Cole, James and Lyndsay Marck, and Noah & Kye Iverson. I love ya'll and hope you have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jeremys Zone baptising toward a "White Christmas"

YO YO, A clean garage and pit? I don't think those words think what you think they mean.... Its not POSSIBLE!!! (Two movie quotes in one comment, I'm off to a good start this week... So its been another awesome week. Sounds like things really are going well for ya'll as well. I can't believe the house is ready to go do you have any offers on the house right now? I am glad that things are moving forward, just remember the hot tub..... Is everyone outta the place or what with the Sunday night thing??? Did Kevin move out?? You may have told me, my memory has been awful lately. I've had so much goin on upstairs that I don't even know where most my stuff ends up these days. We had a great week with missionary work. We have 3 baptisms solid in December, its looking like its going to be a White Christmas. We had zone conference this last week and now I have to teach ZTM this week and we have Stake Correlation meeting.... So many meetings, so little time.. We have found a few new investigators this week as well. We are getting referrals from the ward left and right which is cool. We are meeting with a gal from Jerusalem who is very interested in the BofM because of the history. We also finally had the Fraser's make it to church which was a miracle. Its been a good week missionary work wise. I also got to go down to my last ward and baptize a gal that we found when I was in Albany and her daughter wants me to baptize her as well. It was so awesome to see all the Recent Converts and the families down there again. I love those people. Gal's name was Traci Huffstutler. She was super anti when we first ran into her but she read and prayed and it happened like it always does. Today we went to the coast and I got some crazy pictures. It was a good time. I'll try and get you some soon. Well love ya'll I look forward to the Package!! Thank you again for all your support. I love all of you very much and pray for you daily! Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Zack leads top Zone in his mission!

that sounds like a crazy move! the pit is organized?!? along with the garage?!?! did you get my burn marks off the wall by the door :) oopps, figured i could tell ya now that im on a mission haha :) well things are are shaping up! we now have 4 people who will be ready for baptism and 2 of them have accepted a date and the other is going today :) we are going to hopefully get a fifth one on board for december :) its hard because he is 12 and wants to join the church really bad and is very grown up but his dad is anti religion and his mom is a Scientology person but is willing to let him make his own choice. we want to bring families into the church not individuals and thats hard because there really is no such thing as a family out here. without families the support is less and activity in the church is not so high. we have been working more in the country part of our 25 miles ward span and that was at my request, i feel like im more of a small town missionary and the town of clements only has 945 people :) we cover 4 lil towns and one big one :) the work is great and things are going well as a zone we have 18 investigators who have accepted to be baptized in december which makes us leading in the mission for missionary work! its awesome! we are jsut trying to keep everyone motivated and happy and working hard and most of all OBEDIENT! thats such a big issue in our mission! elders going to movies and all kinds of stuff so we focus on how to make it an obedient zone along with a fun one! if your not having fun your not doing it right :) i love the work but it can be hard! i hate the ghetto but we have lots of people were teaching there! ill learn to love it i guess but there is only so many times i can get chewed out for "not believing in jesus christ" or "not being christain" or being a "cult" and getting flipped off before i blow up, you know my temper haha. most time i just smile and wave and they get more mad or out of the car and confront us haha :) once someone told us that before joseph smith was a prophet he was a swindler and cheated people out of money for digging for artifacts and i said WOW that is the smartest 13 year old i have ever heard of maybe thats why he was the prophet. he didnt like that just cussed at me and slammed the door haha :) im still having fun and kinda in the lead, my comp is not really a leader but we are working well together and i love being a zone leader! as for christmas i think ill jsut go with a surprise i dunno what i really want. a KAR-98 K german rifle 1945 or earlier how about that :) i like that idea haha :) just keep it at home and dont send it out haha. i love you all so much and thanks for the package, i aint got it yet but im sure it will be awesome! : love ya! and whats going on with everyone, i aint heard from anyone in the fam in a long time? not just jason but anyone thats why i asked my question that is still unanswered from my last email :) love you!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tough times in Salem

Hello family!!! BTW I have a bday present for Jason in that box, also a letter for Kevin, if you could get those to them I would appreciate that! Things have been going great! Super super super stressful and I've been going crazy but its been good. The harder it is for me out here the more prepared I'll be when I get back haha I hope that things are going well for Jason! Things have gotta be crazy for them. That is pretty nasty that there were animal parts down there.... Peach must have been much more intense then we ever knew; or wolves just took up residence down there during the winter haha. If by Hasidic you mean the super creepy painting then we can still be cool, the wallpaper was legit! It brought the value of that house way up I thought at least. If life continues the way its been going you'll have been moved out 2 months before we get back and Kevin will be married also, I'm plannin on it ha Tell Alex I call dibs on the next batch of cookies haha Liam is just a helpful little guy. I've grown to love kids, they are just the greatest. We are working with a family right now that are the greatest. It's a PM family, the mom, Amy, just went through a divorce. The husband was keeping her from church but now she's trying to get active. 2 of her kids, Noah and Kye are on date for the 7th of December which will be cool. Those kids mean the world to me. They are the greatest family. We are going to play football with them in just a bit. They are 9 and 11 yrs old. I need to write this before I forget, change my address to 1258 Jory Hill Rd, Salem Oregon, 97306. We are working with another guy named Doss Mckinney who is on date for the 23 of this month, then another awesome family called the Frasers. If you could pray for them each night I would appreciate that. This week I've had some crazy Zone Leader stuff... Moon is getting a crash course in mission craziness... I've had to go on a 5 day split with a companionship cause they couldn't get along. So when it ended we hoped that we would have helped them to start to apply a few ways they could get a long but it didn't work. So they called me up, I went over and this is what I saw: The shower curtain was hanging in the kitchen, the bathtub was running so one of them could "baptize a squirrel", the apartment was wrecked, and one of them had to wash his sheets cause the other said he did some nasty stuff to it.... I had a good 3hr convo with them.... I had a feeling like this is how you must have felt about me sometimes haha You give great advice, then they take a dump on you and do the craziest things in the world.... I've learned a lot about how to deal with bullcrap this transfer cause there has been a ton of it. This quote has given me a lot of comfort "BEFORE and AFTER every spiritual success is a spiritual darkness" Jefferey R. Holland. This has been a dark transfer.. I've had so much crap thrown at me its just been crazy. It's taught me to have more meaningful prayer though. I've learned more then ever before but its been nuts. Well I love you! Tell Kevin to write me response to my letter and tell Jason I'm in the process of writing him one now. I love ya padre! Elder Larsen Sr

Zack in Lodi..already 2 baptisms!

i dunno if i got the whole email but i hope so. anyway sounds like a lot of work. so my for sure release date is aug 28th 2014. i dont know if i can extend my mission any longer than it is. president doesnt like to extend missions and also we will be switching mission presidents in july so it will be kinda messy in august. we will see, see if jeremy can get a decrease in his mission time. well sounds like the move is going smoothly. i figured there would be dead something in the pit thats why we call it the pit. make sure all the stuff we have stored away in the room are taken care of well and non are lost because most of that stuff is what im taking to college which since its boxed up the transition will go a lil faster :) Lodi is so different, we have over 350 members but only about 100 to 125 show up in a week. the ward is really old so not a ton of support but at least our ward mission leader is solid, its the first ward mission leader that has actually done his job with the missionaries its great! i dont really like being in ghetto, i thought it was country but thats our neighbors the galt wards. ghetto makes me sad because i love these people, even though i dont know them but i want to help them so bad but they just want to live like this. in the last week i have rejected a heroine dealer, helped an inv return a stolen car, almost got dosed by shaking hands with someone that had wet acid (the drug) on thier hand and gone to the hospital to give a blessing and given 2 other blessings. on top of that lots of meetings. i love being a zone leader because its a position to help the missionaries! i love the meetings because i feel more involved in the mission goals and trainings. Lodi will take some getting use to thats all it is. i know i get called to where i get called to where i need to be. i love the mission and we still have work, we have 2 invs with a baptismal date and all is well. i feel like i need to be better at missionary work because now im a zone leader. i love the mission and im learning a lot. my comp is not really training me to be a zone leader, in fact he looks to me to make choices and i jsut got here so its kinda tough because i dont know whats going on haha! thats how you learn though, just go out and do it. well i love you all so much and i love the family talk to yall next week!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Zack moves to Lodi and is a ZL!!

well congrats to jason! thats awesome that he is now hitched. glad things are working out! hopefully things will keep going well :) thanks for the things you haev sent me in the past i appriciate it! glad you liked the cowboy vids :) and you got me he is brother hererra he is a less active family that we fellowshipped back into church and now him and his family are SEALED! its awesome! i love that guy he has ADHD and it shows with his job he keeps changing every 5 years its a new career but its working out for him! he is such a great guy! he took us doorbell ditching which was fun :) anyway i aint heard from kev in a while whats he doing where is he moving is he dating? i dont hear from anyone really anymore haha. so whats up? is everything going ok because usually when i dont hear from people i get this feeling that something is a miss and not going right. hey have you seen the new movie ephraims rescue? its good you should buy it! it was a huge impact on me and my mission. anyway this week we were blessed to see 2 baptisms :) im also being transferred :( im going to be a zone leader in the Lodi area. still in the country which is good but sad to leave :( we ended on a good note. we built a stair case i learned how to use a bobcat and lifted the stairs on a members truck and we drove it down to the area where i poured and mixed concrete and built a foundation for a mobile home :) all is well though! i have been excited the whole time i was in wilton and im sure thats where we will spend the most time when you pick me up! i love the area! i dunno about moving it to the 14th because that's not a transfer for us the next one is in October. but i will see what i can do if he can move his down a lil bit that would be good and then i could move it a couple days up and we could get closer. ill figure out more in a bit. love you all so much and i dig the shard of narcile pic :) so the name of the converts are brandy and Sylvia Giordano! i don't know exactly when they are coming ill keep you posted :) ill give them your number :) anyway they are so cool! i love ya! and i hope that all is well! alex is a stud i always new he would be! :)well bye!!

"White Christmas" going strong in Oregon!

I have had an insane week. To be honest though to think about all of the things you all had to do this week I bet you have had a crazier one. I will have a letter to Jason this week. Tell him how much I love him and congrats for them both. Where is the Honeymoon? Was Ammon Jason's best man? where they headed for the HM??? I hope ya'll got a lot of video for me to watch... Both yours padre and Jasons weddings better be fully taped. I've been on a week long exchange with an Elder who has been struggling with his companion for about 9 weeks. It was rough at first. He just wasn't a happy guy about anything. Luckily throughout the week things started to get a bit better. I had several long talks with him about a lot of things and I think he's going to be on the right path again. It was definitely a life drainer for a bit. I'm glad to be back with Moon again. This coming week is going to be crazy also. Its just not slowing down here at all, but its a good thing. White Christmas is in full tilt in the mission now. Life is good and this is going by way to quickly. I miss ya'll and hope all is well at home. Sorry for the shorty but its all I got time for right now. Love ya and have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Huge service week for Jeremy

So this week has been nuts. Long and short, tiring but amazingly reviving. Something of a conundrum I guess. It has consisted of milking cows, Elder Moon setting his first baptismal date, exchanges with priests and having super spiritual experiences with them, feeding pigs, feeding chickens, cleaning up the Trinity Evangelical church, crazy basketball, and teaching 2 different classes at church off the cuff. I'm grateful for the Presents that you sent. I'll tell ya its been a life saver.... That flannel shirt has been a Godsend for sure. I wore it to all of the service we did Friday and Saturday and it warm, thick so I didn't get cut up, and cozy. Life was good and you were inspired! Sister Gruber is awesome haha Her daughter is on a mission and she sent us to go visit her boyfriend. He listens to the same hardcore that I listen to so we had a great talk. Not to interested in the Gospel but hey, still a good guy, has good taste in music and he wants us to come back anytime. He listens to Christian Metalcore (The Chariot) so he's religious lol I've learned over the last few months how much I love to sing. I've made hardcore versions of a lot of the hymns and I've also made some of my own lyrics. I may want to dabble in a hardcore Christian group given the opportunity one day. Also going to learn how to play the piano and a few other things. I'll tell ya I was getting a bit bummed out about missing Jason's wedding. Seeing how tall Alex was and then just hearing how much is changing was getting me down earlier today (b-ball helped me get the lame feelings outta me a bit). But then I had the thought and the Holy Ghost reminded me of the blessings of sacrifice. I had wanted to just forget about my B-day because I didn't want to focus on it so I could just focus on helping Elder Moon become the best he can be; then later in the week I start thinking about myself and wanting to be with ya'll again and I recognized that I was being selfish. In many ways I am gaining more then I'm giving out here. I've started to understand who I am, how to be successful in the future and I'm gaining a closeness with the savior that isn't available any other time in my life. I get 2 years of crash course coming to know Christ and I was longing to do something else. Pretty lame on my end haha I was reading in Matt. 10 these verses and at first it felt harsh but I am coming to a better understanding of their meaning now. 34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. 35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. 36 And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. 37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. 38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. 39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it. I've loved reading more about the savior over the last few weeks. Its really opened my eyes to a new world. I love you very much and am so grateful for everything that you have done for me. I do miss you, but I know how much more I have to do out here. I love life right now, I've never been happier since I've decided to lose my life in the service of him. I still have a long way to go. I still have moments when I look back at my previous life and feel shame but I know that this is the only opportunity that I have to right the wrongs I've done and to come unto Christ. Tell Kate she should definitely enjoy a good year of college first, it will really help her with adjusting out here. It's been rough for my boy, but he's doing a lot better. We've seen a ton of miracles since he got here haha. I had no Idea Gordo was getting hitched also that's nuts! Tell him I wish him well and am so grateful for all that he has done for me. I sent a box with a bunch of stuff. A letter for kev and Jason's B-Day present. Tell Kevin and Jason I love them. Good luck with the wedding! I hope it goes great! Get some movies of it! I don't know if the car thing will work sadly unless I worked it out with the Pres, which is possible. I'm either 4 weeks before or after Bullcut so I dunno how we would work it unless I checked out in the middle of a transfer. Also tell Kev he better save those pokemon games, I'm gonna need to play all the ones I've missed. Well I love ya and hope that you have a safe week and a great time at the wedding Tell Jason and Jennica how happy I am for them and thank you again for the presents! I've got a picture with all of it I just need an adapter for my SD card, I'll get that this week. Love ya good luck with the week!

Zack doorbell ditches with Robert Downey Jr.??

oh by the way how are things going with the wedding? and with all the people moving? is everything going smoothly? i hope all is well. it will be weird to hear that nobody is in the house am i right? the Larsen household is always crowded. oh my two recent converts are going to Utah for the slc temple around Christmas hope your home so you can see them, they want to come to your place. On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:12 AM, Zachary Larsen wrote: wow that is a crazy schedule my good father! holloween is going to be great! im carving a pumpkin and going to put it on my head and my trench coat and be the headless horseman! :) guess what I got from a member its a easy company medic paratrooper helmet dated back to WWII that he restored! im so excited! I also got a pic with Robert downy JR. ill send one through email and the rest are on my camera we had dinner with his family :) super awesome! he also took us doorbell ditching its called "booing" people with candy and info to go boo other people its fun so we went doorbell ditching in pross clothes :) we had our baptism and we have 2 more this weekend :) today we are extending the baptism invite to a family of three so im so excited things are going so well! thanks for sending the pics :) I needed them. I don't have pics at all my baptisms just most :) well I have had a great week! transfers are next week so ill email on Tuesday! i think not 100% sure but my going home date is august 28th and jeremys is sep 14th but ill talk to the mish pres on changing my date closer to his or he could ask his pres to change his i dunno. how is kate doing in the play? how is steph doing as a home teacher? when is the house up for sale and do you for sure have perrys old house or just hoping to get it? as you clean my room you may notice a couple holes in the wall ;) oops haha. uuhh anyway i have really enjoyed this week with all that's been going on. when we confirmed Sylvia a member of the church yesterday her husband came to church who has never been to any church ever and the talks were perfect for him so im really hoping things turn out well for him. i love everything here so hop e all is well at home! love you bye!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Jeremy gets caught out in the tide..and a ZL retreat

Popaa, this week has been a crazy one! I am very appreciative of all the support you have been to me. My new companion is Elder Moon. He's a great kid, I love the guy. He graduated high school this last year so he's still pretty young but he's been a huge help to in keeping going. He's been a bit home sick, but I'm trying my best to love him and keep him going. He'll bust through it and he'll be a future leader of this mission I'm sure of it. Sounds like on your end things have been absolutely crazy. Lots of allergic reactions, and a party for Kayla and Jennica! How's the wedding turning out for Jason and Jennica? everything chili kittens? (new term) I did get the flexril and I appreciate it very much. Thanks for that and thank you for the B-day wishes. I'm keeping my B-Day on he lowdown in the ward and trying with my comp so that we can focus as much as possible and so I can focus. I want to party but we did a little something today that was just as good. We were able to go out to the coast. It was crazy. We went to a place called Oceanside. It was beautiful. I'll include pics next week. I got out to a rock in the ocean while the tide was out then bam! the tide was back. I was stuck on this rock about 100ft out into the ocean and the water came in halfway up my legs and got me pretty wet when the water first hit the rock. We got it all on video so its all good and will be funny to watch in the future. Last week before we were paired up with our kids was crazy. I was kickin it most of the week with the other ZL's in the area then when we went to Newberg Wednesday before we got our companions we all slept at the same place and partied haha It was one of the funniest few days of my mission but I definitely am grateful all of us our semi-separated. It was Elder Raulston (Raulsty Jams) my last comp, Elder Andy's or Chet Whang Jackson (I knew him from Springfield), Elder Thompson (Dale), and Elder Worsencroft (Keifer you Suck!)(I knew him from Springfield and other places). Its the crew I've been with for the last 7 months and we are all ZL's so that has been fun. Unfortunately all of them are going home in two transfers. My comp Elder Shipley (Shirly or Shippster) is a new AP, there are 4 of them now. I've made some good friends out here both missionaries and investigators. Its been a crazy week but I'm glad the Lord has given me more to do. Its causing me to stretch and try and be better and to do better. I look forward to these next 6 weeks. At church we had a guy come in and say that he wants to be baptized. He was from Utah, he received a prompting to move here. On top of that he's already taken the lessons and he just wants to get dunked. Its going to be great for my comp. So many miracles have happened since he's been here I'm just glad to be a part of it all. The work is pushing on, miracles are happening all around us and Winn-Dixy Wednesday is right around the corner. (i've been throwing in a bunch of inside jokes, all have been made within the last week haha) My life is the mission now, I am so happy to be here, I'm sad that its on the downhill but I'm grateful for every second I have to be here. If you could shoot Elder Moon a pick me up Email that would be great! I love ya padre. Tell everyone that I love them and I hope they are well. Adios Buckaroo Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, October 21, 2013

4 more baptisms in Wilton!

thats an awesome sports turn out :) i like it! yea golfing was fun! well its been a very eventful week! needless to say i now know how to fix sprinkler lines and sprinklers and drip lines :) it was a huge project with my favorite manly family! they are the kearsings! he is a swat sniper and elk grove plice and she is a firefighter! i love them! anyway i have really started to notice things out here on my mission. i have always had a hard tiem nopticing when i feel the spirit but now i have started to just notice when i dont have the spirit with me. i have really been focusing on how not to feel like that haha! i figure if i cant really notice when i feel the spirit ill just avoide not feeling it haha :) there are some things where i just get super mad or want to say a snide comment like my usual self and aggrivate people but when i do that i certainly feel different and not as helped haha! well all our baptismal interviews went well and we will have 4 baptisms 2 this weekend and 2 the next. as for baptism pics i need the ones i sent home, from my tongan baptism on. i sent them all home so i really really hope you saved it...... things are great here in wilton! elder black and i really get a long and we have fun while teaching! we are really focusing on stress, lots of our new aged missionaries are so stressed its crazy so i have really studied hwo to help others and hwo to help them from their stress and get them to focus on the purpose of a missionary. we have one in particular in my district that has just stopped going out and working for a couple days and i have been on exchanges and team ups with him and sat down and talk and it looks like he is doing better but i dunno how good i am at being serious with people, when your talking about personal stress and stuff you have to be serious and i try to be but its different haha. i love being a DL in wilton, i know i have to leave wilton probably next transfer but i dont want to. i have really grown attatched to this ward. i feel like i have family down here haha! i love you all and i wanted to say something else but i forgot :( anyway i love you all and your so great! i hope everything is going great and i hope to hear from jason soon he said he had a letter alst christmas and its coming up again and i still haev not heard from him :( love you bye!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Stress times in Salem mission

I do remember a sister Rose, crazy that she remembers me hahaha So my brain is totally mush.... This has been one of the most stressful days of the mission. Everything about it has been absolutely insane I don't even know where to begin. First off... Moving??? Do your thing my man, just remember the Hot Tub, I haven't forgotten. I'm going to need a solid 2 years of relaxing in a hot tub to get rid of the stress I'm building up. Also for Jason I'm super excited for them to get that ball rolling I can't wait to see how things go for them. I hope they know how much I love them and how excited I am for them. I can't believe that Kayla is a year old... That absolutely blows my mind. To think its been a year just throws me through a loop. So I'm in the process of replacing shirts still. I have 3 that fit me and just got a 4th. I'm sending home a bunch of them soon as I can get it out. I hope you have been recording all the amazing things that Katie has been doing I can't wait to see how much she has grown. As for out here I'm just going nuts. This is a great opportunity for growth, but at the same time I am definitely feeling pretty overwhelmed. I don't even know where to start with life in the mish. Kevin is right when it comes to the lack of leadership. He doesn't trust anyone other then a select few so what he'll probably doing is over the next 6 months all the zone leaders will be training over and over again. Basically he is just waiting for missionaries to step up or disappear. Things are crazy in the mission and we are having trouble being united and doing what is right because its right. Its just been stressful. Lots of crazy experiences and lots of babysitting. I'm really tired and I wish I could get more info out to you. I love ya and I'll try and get ya more info as I know more. Love ya!!\ Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jeremy...Lone ZL AND trainer!!

Hey padre! So I've got some crazy news with a request. I need to send a box with a bunch of stuff home to you but it is going to cost a bit. It has white shirts that are to big and my suit that is to big along with Jason's bday present and a letter to Kevin. Also transfers are Monday and some crazy stuff is going down. So Elder Raulston is going to be transferred to the largest stake/zone in the mission. He's going to be training a brand new missionary on top of being a lone Zone Leader. I'm staying here and I'll be training a brand new missionary and I'll be a lone Zone Leader over the second largest zone in the mission. I'll tell ya, I was starting to feel better but the stress level is at a pretty solid high again hahaha I'm not even sure if I'm solid as a ZL now and I'll be alone and its my first time training on top of it.. This is going to be intense. I also just got my license and I'm driving now. With Raulston leaving I'm going to need to buy a GPS. I have the largest area in the zone and the largest geographical zone (next to bend) and I have no idea where things are yet..... If you have the ability to help me out I would appreciate it, if not I understand I've cost ya quite a bit. On top of this we set a family for date Christmas (our white christmas thing is really taking off...) Also if you feel like the vision could be helpful for the family ward show the WML there, I think its Dale Johnson. I could totally be wrong but I dunno. Its really been helpful to this Mission in giving all of us a combined goal to work towards. We also simplified the Missionary process and I'll send you a copy of that to show to Bro. Johnson. Regardless of all the hooplaa, things in this mission are crazy. Every Zone Leader is going to be solo and training because the President doesn't trust enough other missionaries to train a new group so we are all training and the other Zone Leaders that will be released will be training and DL's at the same time. I could use some extra prayer. I'm pretty nervous. I love you and hope you get this soon. I'll be trying to get a few things tonight. Also Ipods are allowed in the mission now so for my Bday if you could send that out for me with some hymns and motab on it I would appreciate that. if you have some good talks or some fun talks throw em on. NO classical or anything that is not MOTAB, EFY, or HYMNS. Love ya padre,

Zack gets investigators on the golf course!

well hey now i thought you said you were not moving till we got home :) i kinda gave up controlling the home thing i cant haha :) anyway that's awesome everyone is getting jobs and moving and stuff. where is kevin going off to? congrats to Amanda and everyone else! go kate in choir! she is going to make it big and give honor to our name :) she will be one of those Mormon messages that s like i was famous and everyone loved me and to everyones surprise iw en ton a mission instead of continuing my career :) i miss PF changes i also miss café rio they don't have it here! as for jobs and places to live ya its nice to have it all lined uop but ill make a choice when i get home and think about it here, that's all a part of goal setting right? we went golfing for 6 hours and counted it as proselyting. we went with some members our ward mission leader 3 non members and 2 lass active members and we set up appointments with all of them so thatwas exciting! i did ok at it too, we are making a golf course on our property because it inspired us to want to get better :) we are doing a lot of good stuff out here and i hope i never leave! we have 4 baptisms and we picked up 5 new investigators so we are working on finding them a house and teaching them :) we have some members that will prolly house our invs :) that's how wilton works they adopt and house all out investigators its nice :) thanks for the bag its great i love it and thanks for the sim card hope you like my pics that im sending :) we also set up party lights in our apartment and we party to the piano guys :) its great we like to have fun! i miss yall and Jeremy! i am stoked up our cruise to Tahiti maybe ill speak tongan with someone down there. :) if i can even speak it by then im trying to keep it but in English work its tough! oh also i need ALL my baptism pics sent to my via email except for my very first baptism. the mission wants them because i been lazy and not sending them in and they are mad at me and said leaders lead by example send your pics in :( bummer deal they can pull that card on me. anyway hope things are well! conference was great uchtdorfs talk at priesthood was amazing! and i loved hollands talk! i love conference anwya! your amazing love you bye!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Zack gets job offers??

yea im not that into country but I do like my the avette brothers quite a bit! I still want to hear me some red :) sounds like another busy week! how great was conference?! I loved it! as soon as I heard the sentence sin even if legalized by man is still sin in gods eyes I said TAKE THAT CALIFORNIA AND COLORADO! that was fun :) anyway we had a cool miracle for conference we spent a different session with our investigators or less active members and one of our investigators that was having some issue for baptism right after the session ended looked at us and said ok elders when can I be baptized im ready! so we have two baptisms set for oct 26 and 2 baptisms set for November 2ed! we are very excited and trying our best to work our hardest stay humble and continue to pray for strength! the mission is fun but trunky thoughts have started to flood my mind every now and then because im starting to get offers for jobs and other things that are in my thoughts so working on that! im learning more about wrestling cattle and roping and im learning a lot about leadership! I had some issues in my district with apostasy but I was able to talk with them in a loving way and correct the issues im hoping thigns get better but im still working on it with them. everyone wants me to stay here forever so I think it will be hard when or if I eventually leave. some of the members want me to come back right after my mission and live with them haha! at least I know my ward relations is good check! haha! well things are great! I aint got yer package yet but im anticipating it! im excited to hear from ya and glad all is going well! we have a great zone here with some great goals for the months to come and with that im excited to be a part of it as long as I can! I love you all and if I can do anything for you please let me know! love you muchly! bye!

Jeremys Zones "White Christmas" vision goes viral to the whole region!!!!

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 10:52 AM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Okay so a lot has happened this last week. I'll start off with what happened at our MLC. Elder Raulston and I have been working on the "White Christmas" vision for the last 3 weeks. This vision was supposed to help our Zone have something a bit shorter term to work towards. With this vision being in place we are already seeing miracles in our Zone. I'll talk more about those after. We presented our vision to President Samuelian at interviews on Tuesday and he loved it. The next day at MLC we were asked to present this to all of the ZL's and Sister Trainer Leaders. We talked about the many ways we received revelation from God through prayer and through his servants. The council then voted on weather we were going to implement this into the entire mission with our Zone being the torch bearer of the whole gig.Unanimously we decided a "White Christmas" was the Lords vision not only for our zone but for the entire mission. Elder Raulston and I then worked on a rough draft for what the vision of a White Christmas would look like for a stake and a ward group rather then missionaries. We presented it to our stake president and his council and they are taking the bull by the horns and running with it. Our mission president took the vision to Elder Hansen of the 70 and he is now backing it and talking to the stake presidents about this. So its not only a mission vision anymore, its the vision of the mission and each stake within the mission. By the beginning of November each stake and zone in the mission will be working towards a version of "White Christmas". Probably the coolest thing about all of this is that at General Conference Elder Ballard challenged everyone to invite someone to take the missionary discussions, by..... Christmas! We all agreed that this vision was the will of the Lord for this mission at MLC, but to hear Elder Ballard's invitation was a confirmation. Its been cool to see how sanctification has brought me and my companion, who had to go through the same stuff out here as I did, into line with the spirit of revelation. So Elder Raulston and I are continuing to head this vision for the Mission as a whole. President is putting President Wilder's name on the project for all the other Stake Presidents so that it has more pull then as if it came from Missionaries. That's chill in my eyes though, I had no idea this would go as far as it has. I'm just pumped to know that I'm operating in one way or another through the spirit. Another cool thing that happened this week was we set 2 dates. While Raulsty Jams as been here he has been trying to get into contact with this PM family and they never have been able to. She called us up the other day and we went over and set up a date for her to become active in the church and for her kids to be baptized.... Guess when? CHRISTMAS!! Gonna be so sick! This gal and her family are incredible, they have been struggling for the last few years with a lot of stuff, she just went through a divorce on top of everything else. Her ex was the one not letting her go to church though so she's happy that he is gone. Its gonna be fun working with them. Their names are the Iversons, pray for them when you can. If you could also pray for the Fraser family that would be greatly appreciated. They are another PM family that we are working closely with. They are thinking about baptism. On top of all of this, it was GC weekend.. All in all, one of the greatest weeks of the mish. My comp and I are rockin it, Life is gravy. I love all of you and am so glad that I have all of you to support me. I am doing my best "Rise Up", and I pray that all of are doing the best you can to rise as well! As for the trip to Tahiti, I'm pumped, do your thing with it and I'll just go along for the ride. I will probably lose to the Nephews at soccer when I see them... I've gotta see the sketch's kev does! I'm trying to get a letter out to him.. Well I love ya, I pray for all of you every day. One of my favorite things from this conference was probably from Bonnie Oscarson, I can't quote it but it was a big answer to my prayers. I have been wondering what my next step was now that I've taken steps to become truly converted and have become clean of my big baddies. I've compared it to how Peter and the other apostles felt after Christ died. Well we've retained a remission of our sins and our salvation has been worked out... lets go fishing.... I didn't want to be the one who decided to go fishing... What she said in essence was: once we have ourselves have come to the Atonement and become converted our role is to help others come to the Atonement so that they may have the opportunity to partake of its blessings. Its what I've been attempting to do over the last year but the way she said it really stuck out to me. Overcoming my past was a huge roadblock that I've been working on and now that I accomplished that I feel like I lost some motivation. I'd put so much time and energy into it, when I finished I felt accomplished but the lack of direction was a killer. It just made me think of Alexander the Great, he conquered quite a bit in his time; but no matter the accomplishment the only thing he desired was another challenge, something more to conquer. That's where I was at, then conference hahaha answered all my prayers and life is good. Well I'll actually end now. I love you all and thank you again for all your support.!! Elder Larsen Sr.

Monday, September 30, 2013

New project in Jeremys Zone!!!

Hola! So another crazy week. We are busy with tons of stuff and we are just getting busier. This week we were able to actually do some proselyting which was crazy. We found a new family to teach which is awesome. We really are blessed according to the amount of work that we do. We don't get to go out and see new people to often, but when we do, we find new families to teach. <---- (beer commercial reference) Thanks for getting that information for me :) I would have to only spend 700 a semester because the discount we get as missionaries from the Salem mission so that wouldn't be a bad idea. Except for I bet I won't do it just cause it doesn't really fit into my plan.... I appreciate the update on sports! how are the Falcons doing? Hows the NFL lookin? So this last week we had some cool stuff go on. Elder Raulston and I were blessed with some revelation concerning a vision for the next 3 months. We prayed about it and feel like we as a zone will baptize 33 in the next 3 months. We showed our mission president the whole "vision" and how we were going to accomplish it. I'll send a copy of it and show ya.. It was the first time I've ever really prayed about a project and really feel like the Lord guided it during the making of it. We've been doing a lot of other work in condensing the Missionary Process for the Stake here and possibly for the mission. We showed our Mission Pres it and he was impressed. I don't feel as bad about spending a lot of time on the computers now, I do prefer going out and talking with people; but the fact that its going to help the mission as a whole makes me feel like we were doing the right thing. Other then that we have been having a great time. My companion and I are a lot like each other so we really get along but we easily distract one another so we started a 40 day fast. I'm trying to cut all slang, inappropriate comments, and a few other things. We hold off from those things for 40 days and try and help each other improve in each of those areas. Its day one and its very difficult. I say dude a lot, I also mention my past way to much. I figure that it goes from thoughts, to words, to action. I've cut the action, now I need to cut the words, after that hopefully the thoughts will follow. Lots of changes going on with me still. I learned recently that even though I've gone through the repentance process, that was just the beginning of a much larger task for the future. I wish I could write more but we are short on time. I love ya and hope all is well. Tell Kate sorry I haven't gotten back to her. I love her and its great to hear from her. I love all of you. Your example has continued to inspire me to be better and do better. thank you for your example padre. Elder Larsen Sr

Zack...baptisms and cattle roping

well sounds like some fun decorating the house! how is the dog doing? sounds like a fun trip up to the temples and such! yea i think its going to be a lot of getting to know people when i get back. we will see how long im home to get to know all these people. yes they still do cattle roping in order to brand the cattle and i have been learning how to do it and i have participated in branding doing ground work so im excited for that! i have also learned how to pour concrete and how to frame a lil bit so that's fun! anyway its been pretty busy! we had two baptisms this week and they were stressful as usual but went through and ended up great! i am still in wilton and workin it harder than ever since i have the feeling this will be my last 6 week period. we also got to see a huge car fire which we took lots of pics of! very cool to call 911 and stuff! there are a lot of fires really close to where we are staying so we have been paying extra attention to whether or not we need to get packing haha! we have 3 baptisms set for October that are for sure happening so we are excited about that! i have been learning a lot about charity and love which i have been studying in the form of the story of ammon and the atonement! its really been very rewarding and also helping me to know there is a lot i need to work on! still working on a good strong testimony of the book of Mormon and that's really important in teaching! we have been blessed to see a ton of success out here! we have had 2 recent converts get sealed in the temple and had 2 inactive families become active and sealed in the temple and we have set goals with 3 more inactive members to become active and prepare for the temple! :) this is a great area to be in. my comp is super cool and we make tons of zoolander jokes! he can do the model face off the movie its funny because we use it in lessons along with the new sayings like " you pickin up what im putting down?" its all fun! well i love you muchly and would appreciate some baptism pics if you can over email or something so i can send that into the mission office and the ward history :) anyway love ya'll and have a great week!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Zack "babysits" and baptizes!

sounds like a busy life for the family! i think its good an idle mind is the devils playground right? anyway things are great here jsut lemme know when you find a a side bag they hate my backpack sadly :( transfers came in and im staying in wilton thats right im adding on to my 36 weeks here. things have been good! we have 2 baptisms coming up one this week another the next! im still a DL and its literally like babysitting i dunno how people do it! my investigators are more dependable than some missionaries haha! anyway i love it here and im doing good! my mission is flying by way quick! i love you all and im glad things are going well! what ceremony is going on? i jsut got a job offer from one of my converts he said he would buy my plane ticket to hawaii to work for him for a while and then ship me home so i thought that was cool! we will figure out whats up! well love you all! have a great week! want some pics of the holloween stuff :) i miss it! i learned how to frame walls this week and i have been learning just a lot of handy skills. the members here want to offer me so much. one is selling his ranger to me and another wants to teach me how to do basic construction and another how to rope while on a horse so i for sure am visiting. these people have been so great to me and i love them! so mcuh work is getting done! we have had 2 less actives get active and go to the temple and another 3 make the goal to go to the temple and get active along with 2 converts go to the temple so its just so exciting! well love you all!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Jeremy and LOTS of Zone work

HOLA, So this has been a crazy week.. Thanks for going and getting that taken care of, that was really appreciated. I'll call them up and get stuff taken care of. The only issue is that I don't have my license so I'll need to get a copy of it sent to me somehow, I'll talk to them and get it taken care of. So I'm going to be sending a bunch of clothes home soon. I don't fit into any of my clothing anymore haha I got a new suit and am in the process of getting my white shirts replaced. One of the suits I came out with is way to big and the other is just a bit to big. So If you need a new suit and it fits anyone its still a great suit just not my size anymore. I'll keep on trying to keep the cost down but I know I've been bustin you back there... My weight is sticking at about 175 but I'm working out a lot more now and thats been helpin my stress level. I really do believe thats all that is going on. I am mentally able to deal with stress but my body is taking a beating. The work here is going well, we still aren't able to get out and do much in our own area and our zone is really strugglin, but we are doing what we can to help out. We are working with an awesome family, the Frasers. They are one of the most solid families I've met out on my mission. I can't wait for them to be members of the church and really begin to recognize the blessings that will come from living the gospel standards. They have 3 daughters and a son. The dad is a return missionary that was a convert that just got into some bad situations after, but he has a solid testimony. I saw the pictures that Steph took at HavasuPie, I'm super upset I missed that, its gorgeous.... We need to hit that bad boy up, that looks like a trip of a life time. Kayla is freakin adorable. Eric has a gnarly beard thing goin on hahaha Jason moved out??? Where is he living now?? Close to home or way away?? Where is Ammon stayin at?? Is he getting married as well?? Errybody back in the crib gettin hitched and movin on with life haha I'm sure this is how Kevin felt as well though so its just what it is. Life continues to move on, improvement and progression have one eternal round etc etc etc... hahahaahah This last week has been very wet again, the good times are over when it comes to summer around here. Today Shipley ( my comp from Springfield), Ande's (another guy I served around in Springfield), and the 4 Spanish Zone Leaders went on a hike at an awesome waterfall, Silver Creek Falls, it was legit.. I've got some pics I'll show you. I also went to the Temple on Wednesday. First time going through the Temple and actually being worthy to do it... It was incredible, I've never felt the spirit so strongly in my life I felt like I really was in the presence of out Heavenly Father. I look forward to being able to go back and check that out in a few months. I can't wait for us to have the opportunity to go through at some later time as well. I've really enjoyed the last week, this transfer has been going by way to quickly. Sound like you know the feeling though, Darlene sounds like she's busy as all get out ha Life gets very fast when things are busy, this is something I'm sure you are all familiar with... The mission really has just gotten way to fast, I don't even know whats happening with the time but its getting lost somehow. Some other news, everyone in the Salem mission is going to get 50% off of going to the LDS business college, do you know anythin about that school?? Our mission pres is working with them a lot so they are hooking up everyone from the OSM with a year long scholarship. Is that a solid school or do you know?? All in all this has been one of the best transfers of my mission so far, work wise its been difficult and stress is definitely at an all time high, but my comp is a solid kid, I love the guy. Being around Shipley again and Andes has been a blast. I've also learned what the spirit of the law means. I am doing my best to understand the principles of the gospel and live them so I can be accountable for my decisions, both positively if I break one of the laws for the negative. With having an understanding though I have noticed many more blessings for choosing to do what the Lord needs me to do. Raulston is great, the friends I've made out here are ones that I'll be able to fall back on when all is said and done. The mission pres is really trying to prepare me for the real trials when this mission of mine is done and I feel like I'm on the right track to have a good shot at success. I love what is happening to me out here, I love this work and I love all of you. I hope that all of you are doing well. Tell Kevin to hit me up if he's home I need to get a letter out to that kid. You all are in my prayers. Love ya... Elder J Larsen Sr.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Zack sets up baptisms

sounds like an intense week my friend. sounds like the longer I stay in wilton the more cowboy you get....... your watching horse racing? that's not what I would have ever thought of you doing. well sounds like a fine set of missionaries you got there! glad they are challenging you to do something I would have made fun of them if they didn't because they would be fake :) I didn't even know we had missionaries in the ward. I never saw them growing up. its true what pres packer is saying you need to surround yourself with whats good! you cant dwell in temptation for a long time and expect to stay on the straight and narrow. I love still being in wiltona nd we invited yet another investigator to baptism he accepted for the 28th so we are going to have 2 for the 28th and we have 3 set up for October so we are really excited and really working on staying obedient. opening a new district has been hard since im a first time district leader and one of my missionarie sets im over is struggling pretty bad but ill keep on them me and the zone leaders are working hard with them. well things are great! we got transfers coming up soon so im interested in whats going to happen. well love ya and hope all is well! enjoy the week!!!!! love you all and let me know how this years Halloween goes I miss decorating that! love you!

Jeremys lesson in free agency

Howdy! so this has been an intense week. Its been crazy spiritually and then physically. As for my physical health I'm doing better. My new comp Elder Raulston is an awesome comp and I feel like the stress is down so I'm doin better. I'm still on a much different diet and I can't eat a lot of food but its better. I haven't heard of new baptismal stuff but maybe its just for the bishops and so on. In our zone we have over 22 and a senior couple. 7 are new and 2 are 6 weeks in. If you take the added up time on the misson of about half of our zone Elder Raulston and my time added together is still more then there time out.... Needless to say this has been a cause of extreme crazy times. Lots of disrespect, and a lot of lack of diligence in the companionships. Its been interesting.. Karma, I was disrespectful now its comin back. We learned a principle through this though. Regardless of the respect, we love them, we teach the principle and invite to live, and love them more. I've never loved a group of missionaries so much. It kills me to see some of them make the decisions they are making but I know if we trust them they will figure it out. I've learned a really cool principle thanks to the spirit recently. "Happiness doesn't come from living the gospel, it comes from understanding and choosing to live the gospel."(2nep 2: 27-28) Agency is the key to everything I swear it is haha Who is shelia again?? do we have any pics of the horse racing cause that sounds awesome haha What is regional conference and when am I invited? I want to see Pres. Packer, he's the man! Nelson is dope as well but its Packer... As for those missonaries, they sound like they are pretty funny guys. I know a few Elders like them haha Did they beat the sisters? if not they should be in trouble, that would be really lame on there end to lose to sister missionaries. So This week we had MLC and we had some people from LDS buisness college come talk with us. I took a strengths assesment test by Gallop that was really cool and we talked about the strenghts that we all have. I have Restorative, Competition, context, focus, and learner. It was really cool to see what my strengths are on paper. Its actually described me pretty well. I'll try and email ya the info on it. Missionary Leadership Counsil was intense though. We learned some pretty hardcore doctrine and how to apply it to our lives and the lives of the missonaries that we serve around. Something I learned is that God does remover our Agency from time to time if we aren't able to make a decision that would be unbiased (Alma 12: 21) He took away the choice for them to take the fruit because they coulnd't comprehend the outcome of that decision. Also Antionah is a punk for trying to catch them in their words... Them Judges be fools! I need to still send that present for Jason still. I haven't had time to breath with all the crud goin on here. I thought I was busy in my last area, but I was very wrong. Life here is just nuts. Well I love ya'll and hope all is well. Tell Kevin, Jason, and Katie that I love them and hope that all is well. Whats goin on wtih the wedding for Jason? Whats goin on with Kev and hows School going for Katie so far? Also I will be renewing my license out here soon. I'm going to need 250 dollars to do so though, I will have to renew it in Utah, then take a test here in Oregon and then I'll get a oregon driver licence. I need to get one though. President asked me to get it so I'm going to. I love ya'll and hope life is good in the hood. Peace and Love!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jeremy says "Obedience + The Spirit = Happiness/Success"

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:35 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Hey there everybody! so hey first off I bought a watch because my last one was way to flashy to be wearing around so I got that. So the email should be I think.... I hope at least hahaha I had no idea how much of a difference I made in the people in the area. I loved that ward but I'm glad to be moving ahead. I have had quite the crazy experience this last week. A lot less proselyting and a lot more dealing with missionaries that need help and a little bit of playing Dr. Phil... Its been interesting to transition from working a lot with the ward and investigators to worrying about the way that the Zone is heading.. I'm pumped for the challenge though, as stressful as its been. We 7 new missionaries in our zone so its been a huge task to get things moving. Again though, the challenge is the fun part of it because its really makin me stretch as well as its been making me become more discipline. Also I've been having to be a bit more hardcore about a bunch of stuff, its an interesting transition. As for Jason and such I need to see some pics! I got him a B-Day present that is being sent soon. Tell everyone happy bday for me. Tell Katie congrats for me and everything, I think that is awesome that she is becoming so involved in life... She is much smarter then I was then hahahaha As for kev movin out that is crazy. Everything is gettin flipped around over at the homestead. Tell kev to hit me up sometime, I need to write him a letter or somethin..... So my new comp is a boss, Elder Raulston. He's from Salem Utah. I'm serving in the Turner ward with him and things are going crazy in the ward as well. Haven't had a chance to talk with much of the ward yet cause of stake conference. We met Elder Paul Christensen of the 70. We had a good talk with him about the work. I've been meeting a lot of general authorities these days. I'm glad I worked out my repentance before I talked with him. Well I love you all and hope all is well. Life is good, its challenging but I love it. I hope that you are having a great time now that its Fall again. Things are still pretty toasty here but I think that we are going to be gettin cold soon.. Also I took a strenghts test that was provided by the President. I'll email you the stuff asap just so you can check it out. It was really cool. I love ya and miss you very much, but I have truly begun to love the savior. I love the book of mormon, its totally changed my life. I recognize that I need to change a lot of things now and that I need to cut off a lot of friends... Its going to be hard, but I recognize that I need to be in a situation that I can stay a worthy priesthood holder. I can't do that if I'm around my homies. Unfortunatly I have let the devil get some ground on the carnal man in me and I can't gain that ground back so I need to just cut ties.. Life is changing very quickly, its been a trip and a half. Pray for the work in the area here and in your ward. Look for missionary opportunities everywhere you go. Watch the Work of Salvation broadcarst again and apply it into the fam's life and we will find happiness. I've learned that Obedience + the spirit= Happiness/success. Its a true principle and I love it. Well I love ya'll again. Keep on being awesome. Tell Liam and Alex I love the guys and Tell Steph and Slade that I hope things are going great. Kayla is gettin HUGE! Peace out padre. Elder Larsen Sr.

California law slows Zacks work in Wilton

as for spiking reptiles im shooting those tacks from about 25 feet out on a blowdart gun so its a lot of fun im also shooting my comp with pointless tacks so it wont stick into him mostly when he makes trunky comments :) also I love roping. not a lot has happened since last week we have gotten a lot of new investigators and lost 2 baptisms do to stupid California government! I hate California government! they will be baptized in December though :) anyway its really hot in California and I learned that if you jay walk its a 400 dollar fine CRAZAY!!! my comp is sweet and is starting to teach! we are seeing a lot of success and sneaking into a crazy gated community. like imagine pepperwood if the gate guards did their job and you cant just walk in. its nuts! we sneak in 3 times a weeka nd teach people up there until we leave or get kicked out haha! well things are graet here im still enjoying wilton. this doctor guy fixed my shoulder, jaw, back, and knee! he is a well known physiologist. he is awesome he idd it for FREE! :) so im happy about that. we are doing a cool new thing as missionaries we are doing a priesthood blessing called the saviors peace and blessing and we are leaving it with investigators and while tracting and such its fun so we have been doing that and its been a great way to bring the spirit into lessons, we have felt good everytime we do it and something good has always happened. we also play a tracting game where as soon as we go up to the door we get a word and you have to use it in your tracting approach its fun! my word was gasha doll. I gave my comp hippopotamus. well that's my week really I love you bye! happy birthday to everyone! and try and get me a similar bag to jasons airsofting side bag :) oh and hair parts are no longer required SAWEET!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Zack tries to "slay the slang" (again)

im loosing the battle so slay the slang I need my angry words. I also have been using the term "gay as aids" when something makes me upset. still working on it. this week we played volleyball for someones baptism best out of 3 and its 1-1 so this week is game day haha! as for elder mahaa he is sweet I hope you know him because when we are in Tahiti we are for sure visiting his family! you never addressed my request on the Tahiti trip :) anyway still disagreeing with the flat changing to not a bachelor pad just so you know that's my vote. im sure its jeremys vote as well :) I speak for him now muwahaha! did you convince jasons wife to be to do temple endownments? sometimes when we run into concerns about not being ready for baptism we just go through the baptismial interview questions slowly with them and if they are in line with that then they are ready and it helps them realize that. so tell her to talk to the bishop and go through the questions. i like snakes so that's awesome! I want to see the pretty lil thing! we had a pet snake that I captured and now im just taking up hunting small animals with my blow dart gun I have killed a lizard and a frog, im hunting this tailess lizard and now im moving up to possums :) its good fun! I got me a belt buckle a nice leather belt for free and a cowboy hat so now im just working on the boots :) so some new rules hit the mission and I got one more request for you! first thank you so so so much for the pants I love them, they are lil a long but I can fix that :) thanks!!! now backpacks are apostate to have because "its not professional" so I need a side bag instead so if Jason wants to semi redeem himself I have a request for him :) his shoulder bag he used for airsofting I want one like that :) he should get it for me :) as for my bike ill be trying to fix it or replace it but its pretty darn messed up :( well the work is great the members are great and my comp is amazing! I love it in wilton. being a DL is hard though I feel like a babysitter