Monday, September 1, 2014

Darkness and Miracles in Oregon

Okay, so looking at lil bullcut with ya'll the kid looks lost. I don't blame him though, I would be to. If bullcut ever needs to geek out about mission stuff just have him email me. Life has been crazy, we are seeing some serious miracles throughout the week. Weird things going on also this week... I'll tell ya a bit about it. So over the last few weeks we have heard everyday about demons and other paranormal stuff with people that have been or are stuck in very dark life styles. Anything from abuse before to selling virtue for money and a lot of drug abuse, primarily meth. All of these people's stories are so similar and we aren't the only ones who are hearing about these things. Everyone throughout the two zones are having increasing experiences with this sort of stuff. I've really come to know just exactly what 2nd Nephi is talking about when it says that we become captive to the Devil through our own choices. Seriously some of the stuff I don't want to write because it give me the willies. Its been wild. While learning about these things though I've come to know even more of the power that the Atonement has. No matter how dark it gets for anyone we can help them overcome with the Lord. (meth is nasty though, I've gotta tell ya a story about another thing to do with it though, 2 weeks and I'll tell ya) I don't have much time to write but know I love ya and think about ya'll all the time. You are in my prayers! Elder Jeremy Larsen Elder Jeremy Larsen

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