Monday, August 18, 2014

Miracles and Danger for Zack

well i will have to come back for the truck :) maybe i can get some help from you i have like 1200 dollars :) need another 300 and extra for myself. i can talk on that because thats been pretty much half my mission! this has been the most trialing and hard transfer but also the most rewarding i have never prayed so hard and never seen so many miracles take place. this really has been a blessing! we had a baptism last saturday and we have 3 for my last couple days here! its been so amazing! i was up on mack road last night around 830 and i never felt my life was in so much danger before haha! i also almost got hit by 3 cars on the way down. the struggle is real son! we also have the PMG lessons in eubonics if you wanna hear that haha im printing them out as we speak haha! its great! i love my life and im ssad to leave but i also want to at the same time its a bitter sweet moment! whats the surprise???????? i been asking for it! anyway im stoked for ya and we are staying with one of my favorite families here they are really true christains thats for sure tell them i said that haha! well i love you all so much! byebye!! oh for the G's im a large by the way :)

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