Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zack is a trainer! (and gets an ego boost)

dad- well dad im glad that everything is going well. im glad the camping trips were fun and that kevin is still alive, we have had 4 fatalities from skydiving here in Lodi california. well my trunky companion is very depressed now because he is from oklahoma 20 mins from the city of moore and there are more tornadoes on the way. but his town is ok last we saw. also im training now. i told president its a badchoice to trust me to train but he seemed confident haha! we will see what happens but it looks like ill be in wilton california till at LEAST august. lots of birthdays huh? sounds busy. well all has been well here in fact someone saidi look like bradly cooper (place face on the A team) which boosted my ego even more :) we have a baptism this week and next week which is exciting! anyway i love you! and your all awesome! thanks for the pics keep sending em :) your all great and im excited to see yall again later! keep meposted on stuff :) oh by the way we have a great sushi place thats just as good as tsunami if not better hereits called mikuni AND I LOVE IT!  also jason GF is famous huh? thats exciting lemmeknowwhen the wedding is :)

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