Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zack learns chinese from his new greenie!

I don't wanna train haha! he is a cool guy we have some things to work out. he is straight from hong kong and speak mild English he is 18 yrs old and already done a year of college at UVU and two semesters at BYU-I  he is teaching me bad words in Chinese though which is funa nd of course we have tons of fun with Asian jokes :) he doesn't understand the rules so he doesn't wanna follow em which makes things hard so im doing my best I feel I keep praying to be a better leader but I dunno what will happen. his name is elder wong and I asked him if its racist that his first baptism which was last Saturday was a Japanese girl and so will the next one :) we have a baptism set up for june 7tha nd two for july 20tha nd hopefully one more for the end of june and they are all solid! well I do love you all muchly and the letter I sent home is for mrs coleman but the SD card in the letter is for you! I love you all and things are going well! the ZL is one of my old comps the one who was a firefighter as well and lived 5 mins from our house so im excited to be around him again! well LOVE YOU ALL MUCHLY I aint got jasons letter yet but still waiting I love you bye!

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