Thursday, November 22, 2012

A rat as a pet???

Hey dad i got to email twice today because its an all day Pday which is great and would be better if you were checking your email right now so we could chat :) I love you and miss you and today was good. Our stake president wants to call and talk to you so dont be worried if a 916 area code is calling you.

On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 1:15 PM, Zachary Larsen <> wrote:
DAD- so my Pday was thanksgiving this week i told ya that silly goose! its also this monday so EMAIL SOON! :) sucks about your chain saw im sorry. Yea breast milk SUCKS! also i think one elder got some kinda of herpes from it but he mainly serves in the Laotion ward so thats not me luckily or i would kill myself haha!  uuhh send a pic of jasons girlfriend so me and the other elders can go in awe over her or soemthin haha. Yea that scheels thing is dope!! i heard a lot about it. As for Christmas just guess ok? i dunno what i want, i just want to see you guys and megan because this place is intense for me i hate the city and im not even in the ghetto haha! The ghetto is next haha! I hope you have a great thanksgiving!!! i love you! turkey bowl was awesome i kicked butt with a bunch of my black homies! nothin better than hangin with my niglets and spear chuckers haha! they even call there kids that haha! i miss you all like mad crazy dawg!  I am glad that jason is getting out and about, how is his job search? Also  tell ashley she is awesome even though she dont email me which is lame. I hope she is happy with whats his face now he is back home!  i am kinda hanging with the "apostate" missionaries they are not bad they are given that name because they dont hang with the zone during Pdays Which is fine! I hate that about my comp, he does NOTHING EVER! I started hanging with the other missionaries now i go mountain biking with my busted up crap bike and get to see the American River which is cool but filled with dead fish, somethings is fishy about that water but im sure your probably asking WATER YOU talking about?!?!?  I love you father ken i got big news for you! did you know they might be splitting california into two states? East and west Cal. the west side will have 75% of the people and the east side will have 75% of the money, the west side will almost be 100% democrat and the east side will be almost 100% republican haha!!! Also im sending home a big lesson for you to teach to the fam! Our mission is at 190 missionaries and by february it will be 250. Our sister missionaries here are increasing by 250% and in the Provo MTC 600% its crazyness!  We might even be having 4 missionaries per ward where we can. sadly our baptisms fell through this week oh well it happens! Yes im ok i just want to get my teeth cleaned for cheap since there is a dentist in our ward :) uuuhhh quote for today is "we can never be perfect, but we can always do perfect things" so i hope thats inspiring in some kind of way haha! KAYLA IS TOO CUTE  i wanna see her so frickin bad haha!  well i love you dad i truly do i hope all is well :) HAPPY THANKSGIVING FAMILY FRIENDS AND EXTENDED FAMILY!  
KEVIN- you are forgiven i promise but in that kind of way that cpt. long john said when he was tied up in muppet treasure island. I just enjoy your Emails they are fun :) i like kates idea its a good one, hold on to her she is a thinker :) I hope work is going well, dont let jason get married while im gone i cant miss anymore than i already have or ill experience some slight turbulence and then explode! and i dont wanna explode.  uuuhhh glad that your staying busy though idle minds blow big time i hate em!  i need to do stuff, you know like i was when i was home i just got to keep moving and such. THERE ARE WEIRD PEOPLE HERE! everyone here is a philosopher haha. Well i love you very much and miss you like mad! i hope you enjoy the Wii U :) :)

Kate- Im glad your fixing that picking issue so thats good :) I hope all works out for you. As far as any kind of social advice. Walk up to groups that hang with your friends and talk to them start with small talk, but get involved ok? By getting involved i mean do stuff with them, do activities and such! also talk to people in your class try and hang out with them. DO stuff :) The DO lesson is one im doing with you guys when i get home ok? its aweomse i have a lot of awesome lessons for ya'll. Anyway  if you see our friends say hi for us ok? i love you :) As far as colemen and nesbit keep on em ok? tell nesbit im sending him a letter but im sending it to you kate so you can give it to him ok? if coleman is sending one i wont send her one till i get it :) KEEP ON IT :) also do your best to help your friend by being her friend. Thats the best way to help her, let her know you are her friend and that your always there for her no matter what, hang out with her and stuff :) BE THE EXAMPLE :) Yea i love colemans kid she is so cute :) How is Alta? i have a friend from Alta that is coming to this mission in December which is cool!  Well love ya im out :)
P.S. to father ken i caught a rat and had him as my pet :) his name is cage and he is stuck in a cage outside haha!  also i had something else to say but forgot so on monday we will talk :) I love you so so much! Keep megan close to you ok?

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