Monday, November 12, 2012

Jeremy makes Senior!!

Padre!! This week has flown by.. Seriously I can't believe that it's monday again.. I had a great lesson about Patriarchal Blessings, Aunt Lesily sent me a part of moms and I was able to use that story for it and it really helped her see how great they are.. I needed to hear that part of moms journal and blessing, it's helped me so much out here and it's just motivated me so much more. We've had some amazing things happen this week. First of all I'm going to be leading in my area now. Elder Taumoelau is going to be with his ZL companion cause our zone as a whole is floundering a bit.. Our area is doin great but some pps are havin troubles. I'm pumped to be in charge but I'm kind of scared haha have faith right.. that's what everyone keeps sayin haha We had 6 investigators at church sunday! One of our investigators that came and told us she wants to be baptised also! So right now we have 2 on schedule and we think that we could have at least 2 more by the end of the month! I challenged Bullcut to get at least 2 also so we can have 6 baptisms between the both of us by the 30th! That's cool that Ashleys BF is back, Elder Black was sad hahaha I saw a picture of the snow in Utah, some LA's keep me up to date on the homestead. We also spent friday night eating at applebees.. Kinda diso but we met some investigators there and we watched football and basketball w/ them hahaha.. I know shame on me but it was fun.. If Mark gets them batptized then tell me asap haha That would be the most awesome missionary story ever! speaking of missionary stories Bullcut is havin some crazy times haha I miss that boy, but I'm glad he's havin a good time! I can't think of a better position for Bob to be in, he belongs in the YM's. I'll try and write Mike soon, could you send me his address again?? TELL JASON AND KEVIN TO WRITE ME! First of all I should hear from Jas that he's datin some hot sista! Picture? Name? more info!! Tell Jas I'm happy for him and that those Halloween set up was awesome! Thank you for the care package!! I have some bad news though, Pres said the boots were no beuno, so i'll send em back at ya.. Thank you still sorry for puttin you through all that work for nothin.. Hopefully i'll find somethin, I just never have time haha I love you popaa and I hope that you're doin well and same with Darlene and the rest of the fam.. Love ya tons and keep up the Homestead.
Elder Larsen Sr.

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