Monday, November 5, 2012

Persistance is NOT futile 2 and never trust Laotian food...

From Zack,
Well first off i wanted to see wreck it ralph!! Also those costumes are perfect! i love them! we had a costume, but i thought of a better one for next year. Im putting together a "title of liberty" flag for next year :) I wish yall did that cool costume stuff when i was around! Although might i add i was the first to hang someone in our yard for Halloween, and it was a black guy hahaha!!!!!! I LOVE KAYLA!!!! she is so cute!! I had no idea that Disney bought Lucas films, thats very sad actually haha. Yea i been watching all the football games, im getting an official last years NBA jersey. Like used in the NBA its durants jursey. THE MEMBERS HOOK YOU UP HERE!!! if i go to Folsom the members buy the missionaries $900 suits!! I love that place they give you such nice stuff in Folsom and Eldarado hills. However its the most apostate part of the mission haha! the girls there are like snakes of the adversary, we call the FDOA= (fiery darts of the adversary) I got lots of candy and lots of scary stories from Halloween in California haha!! However these are not stories for the blog so maybe in a letter. Also in a letter remind me to tell you what i had to eat the other day When i found out what it was i almost threw up haha, never ever accept food from a loation person!  As far as MTC and new age, check this out. Before the age change they were getting 350 on average mission papers a week, Now they are getting over 4000 papers a week! it is estimated that by february there will be over 9000 MTC students. How are the visits to G-ma adams going? the nightlight thing ill send the website next week ok? ok, ok, ok time for a miracle story. this guys name is mark. We ran into him on the streets, he rejected us at first but we kept talking to him. Then we had a lesson and prayer on the street, then we had a lesson another day and gave him a baptism date and he believed everything we said. Then the next day we came over and he dropped us.... he rejected everything! because he saw an anti mormon website. Then the next day he showed up to an activity we invited him to and said "this is my new home, this is my new family" he is being baptized on the 24th this month. He said after he dropped us he went back inside his home and he looked up all the churches in the sacramento area, he came across the Joseph smith video and watched it. he believes it all now and he is a firm for baptism, so we didnt really do anything haha.  Now i have a request, move the futon from outside before it snows please and then let me know when its done :)  I also found a member so i can SKYPE!!!!! YAy!!!!! Has anyone seen mikey T? if so tell him to write me ok? also i need sam hunters E-mail address please :) :) Well i love you all i truly do! i am happy to be out here, I love all the service i get to do out here with the occasional baptism hah!! yea there is some weird stuff but oh well! well love you all, i have to go bye!!!!

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