Monday, November 19, 2012

Jeremy channels the anti-Nephi-Lehis for an investigator

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 11:14 AM, Jeremy Larsen <> wrote:
Padre!! Well its been a rather uneventful week, it has gone by rather quickly though. We have a baptism this week which is awesome, the kid Leonard Castrignano. He wants me to do the baptism!! heck yeah! Also thank you so much for getting that Blessing out to me, it's been exactly what its called, a blessing. I've read through it many times and I've already seen some of the things on there in my life. It's kinda cool haha. Ashley has more thanksgiving dinners to go to then I do! hahaha We get to play in some Turkey Bowls also!!!!!!!! I hope its pouring rain and cold! Nothing better to remember the best two years then with torn MCL's, ACL's, Post. + Ant. TibFib ligaments!! It's gonna be awesome! I've jacked up my ankle a bunch already hahaha! I'm tryin to play a little safe but it's not workin so well. Every time I strain it I still have to go to work so I don't rest it ever. We'll see if I'm still in one piece when I get back, at this rate though it's not lookin so hot. It's kinda cool though, even when its totally jacked, when I'm out tracting and going to appointments it doesn't even bother me, just when I get back to the Apt. The lord provides a way! I know this is gonna sound crazy but I'm grateful for my crazy days. I've been able to get on the level with a few of our new investigators and really understand where they're coming from and help them. They have had problems with missionaries before because they didn't understand them. It's a real blessing being able to relate because I know how they can be helped and how much better it is on the other side. We've been helping a recovering Heroin Addict and she's had so many problems with Repentance and with the Atonement, and in my Patriarchal Blessing it says that I will be able to help everyone that needs to understand those things, so its just crazy! We're having a repentance party next week with her. We're getting a sword and writing all the sins we're giving up and burying it. She's quit smoking and she's going to be baptized the 30th! Hopefully we can get another of our investigators to commit, he's got the date he's just having a tough time with quiting smoking as well.. Everyone here smokes. EVERYONE! its kinda crazy haha Elder Black is pumped to start writing Ashley he'll probably get started on it today haha Tell Jas that he's gotta write me about this girly! Congrats on not being Chief anymore! why won't you ever be one again!?! You planning on retiring or something! Don't get lazy on me Dotson! (name that show) (it's Jurassic Park) hahaha I'll curse whoever stole our chainsaw, Tammy and I will do it, he's from Tonga so he knows how. He still lives with me btw. We just have 4 people in a 2 room apt hahaha. I've heard that Scheels is crazy awesome also, some LA's actually went there and was tellin me about it. Sounds like some I Robot action going on there though, careful.. I want you to go listen to a talk by Holland, its called The Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism. It pumped me up, just like he always does though. Makes me wish I could read some C.S. Lewis though, he quotes a lot of a Grief Observed and he also quotes Milton's Paradise Lost, I need to read that as well I guess. Many books I must read.. Music news! what's goin on? Make sure you keep a good list of stuff we miss so we can listen to it later.  As for Christmas.. only thing I can think of is another suit case and a Ukulele. I love you padre and i hope all is well keep up the home front! when is the marriage? and where is the photos of you on the beach? Mucho Love!
I'm so sorry for not writing you, it does suck haha. If I had only known.. My bad broski.. But it is good to hear from you, as for the package it's all good, it'll get here when it does. How's work going?? You lovin the early hours?? I love waking up early, I jump right out of bed and just start doin push ups and sit ups galore. I don't know why or how but morning I just wake up pumped most of the time.. It's been a real blessing. So the Wii U... How awesome is it?? I must know! We have Pokemon Cards out here! heck freakin YES! it's so awesome hahaha. What kind of fun adventures did you have on your mission?? I honestly don't know much about your mission experience... Crazy.. Remember them so when I get back we can geek out about it. I'm having so many crazy experiences. I imagine you did as well. Perhaps not as radical as some of mine but I feel like you would surprise me.. My new compy is rather uptight though.. I'm workin on him but I feel like he's just tellin the pres that I'm completely out of my mind and that he should send me home right away haha. I'm definitely not the average missionary when it comes to some things and I think that you know what some of those things are.. My sarcasm is BACK and so are my jokes! I don't think he likes most of them though haha.. I'll let you know how it goes. Christmas.. make sure you get that CD to me and some healthy something haha. What do you want? what does the fam want?? what do you need baby! I miss you kevo and I hope you're doin well.. Much love much love (speaking of that how's your love life) GOSSIP TIME!! hahaha jk I love you kev tell jas to write me!
I'm glad that you seem to be doin so well!! You still sound pumped about life :) As for your friend at work, things may be hard but just be a friend to her and if she needs anything she has to come to you. Horse and water thing and such haha Hopefully she'll be okay though, just keep being a friend. As for mom and such I agree completely, I wish I knew more! An older sister out here (she's pretty much my grandma now haha) has compiled a book for her deceased husband and she's written her own biography as well. It's an awesome idea and I suggest that we do that, tell dad to get on it as well, see if he can do something for mom (if she's got a journal). I've read all about Sis. Hoppe's (my new Grandma) husbands life.. It's crazy some of the stuff that he went through and she went through and yet she's just so normal. Its a really cool idea so I thought I'd tell you about it. I want you to read C.S. Lewis' christian works, I think you'll love them! They're really helpful also. At least I think that they are. If you by chance do see Nate again or someone else tell them I say whats up!! Read the letter I wrote to dad and such. I love you kate and I hope that you are doing well. Satan is real, and he's all around us. If we think that we can be Casual Christians we will become Casualties in the war against the world around us. He tries to get us wherever we are weakest so keep praying. Keep good friends around you and keep praying! I love you!
TO ALL LOOK UP THIS TALK BY HOLLAND- The Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism! it's really awesome. I love all of you and I feel your prayers. I miss you and HAPPY THANKSGIVING! much love
Elder Larsen Sr.

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