Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey in Cali

DAD- glad thanksgiving was good for yall. My stake president will call once i give him the number dont ignore a 916 are code ok? and he just wants to talk to you and see who you are so he asked me to give him your number i will do that this week. Also i try my best with my compy i jsut need to get out and do stuff ya know how i am. He is pretty lame that way. Either way all is well. Things are getting kinda crazy in this mission area. Our area had 2 factories close down a lot of job losses and several strikes. One at walmart ON BLACK FRIDAY! we went black friday shopping since it was P-day and it was nuts! The factories that closed was campbells soup and hostes! so that was insane! someone from our stake is coming to our mission how crazy is that! Also for big business  things Apple is moving out of Cali. So a lot of job losses and some rioting haha! prettty fun eh? Anyway as far as Ashleys boyfriend what happened to the other one who just came out of the marshall islands? Jasons girlfriend is very pretty and i approve i swear if he gets married while im gone ill be mad though! i cant miss all this stuff goin on. speaking of marriage when are you getting married? actual date.  From what i see its 50/50 on splitting Cali now thats just what i seen. Uuuhhh..... oh fun fact Nephi had sisters. Weird huh? Im sending the pic of my bike home now but im really probably not fixing it and just going to pray i get put in a car soon. Thanks for the support dad it does help out here every now and then i have a hard time ya know. Home was easier haha!!! i know this is important work though and time is starting to speed up a bit. Thanks for keeping tabs on meg for me :) and I love brandons curly hair its adorable! I love kayla and she needs ice cream its official! Steph would love some of the people i meet out here ALL ABOUT ORGANIC food i just say, i have had as organic as it gets man. Nothing more organic than breast milk and i swear babies cant even enjoy that!!! ITS SO FREAKING GROSS!  Anyway i love black people now they are my homies and they are dope! i want one as a pet haha! sorry chinchi :) Im glad to hear she is doing well i expect her to be there when i get home if not im splitting heads! Just so you know i have started a new translation for EMT It means emergency missionary transport. :) we have a couple of those haha!  well i love you dad and sorry BYU sucks this year haha! LOVE YOU!!!! Also thanks for the package it was wonderful and the cookies are still soft :) SO AWESOME! also i need sam hunters E-mail address and tell sue that i have been mailing david and still nothing back haha! Thanksgiving was good probably 4 dinners by the way and a turkey bowel uugghhh. LOVE YOU!!!!
Kate- Glad to hear your being the friend that helps thas whats important. I tried my best to be the same to my friends but i dunno how well i did, i got kinda selfish by the end haha. Friends and family are the most important things in life! keep them close always. Your friend cassy and your friend nic be good to them help them and dont focus on the problems just go out and have fun! however much i didnt like nic i dont really care anymore. If is his kind to you then its all good in the hood right? im glad your doing your best with your work friend to help out thats important as well, anxiety sucks i would know haha! just do your best to be a friend :) Keep busy too thats always good haha I like being busy whenever im not i think of home and go bezerk! so i have to keep busy im hoping to be an office elder so i can always be busy no matter what haha! I am glad to hear that dad keeps close tabs on meg haha :) she is a sweetheart always has been! I hope that your school is not declining from your work, if it is then you need to quit! You will have a great understanding of responsibility if you work and go to school though haha! you can see waht stresses jeremy and i had to deal with haha!  Im proud of you kate your a wonderful sister and i couldnt ask for more :) keep up the good work and keep me posted on your life :)

Megan- your a sweetheart and so is krystal i love you all and i love the picture of brandon haha! keep up the good work val next is parkers hair :)

Kevin- uke is a ukealele :) the little four string guitar. I love ya kevin im glad work and school are going well and your friend is old :) Life is good. What display case?? Uhh mission is good so far i aint dead so i cant complain about that :) transfers are soon maybe i stay maybe i go to the murder capitol of the nation i dunno haha :) As far as decorating goes i love that stuff!!! when im home im helping out and i could not agree more it makes me feel closer to mom and i need that.  She is a wonderful person and my hero!!  I love her! Also i am excited to see you on christmas and maybe jeremy if we set it up right haha! 

Jason- Well im glad that your very happy with the chikaty have her email me some time! as far as thanksgiving goes dont even go there with me :) we had 4 maybe 5 places to eat and we had turkey bowl and then went mountain biking almost died haha :) I wanted to die the next day and probably 4 hours in the bathroom getting it all out hahah!! Anyway my basketball is improving you might even want me on your team now days :) im schooling almost everyone out here except my friend elder moss he is freaking amazing he missed 2 of his 25 3 point shots how crazy is that! Anyway glad thanksgiving was fun and im excited to hear all about the hobbit!!! i finally finished the book of mormon for the first time really reading it for knowledge and not steak haha! its a great book if i do say so myself :) i agree with your theory of repentance! thanks for writing me it means a lot honestly you and i are a lot alike :) Glad about school go to med school so you can give me a place to live when im a poor firefighter haha! sad day about obama eh? oh well. Glad about your job dont kill people ok? Well i love ya man!!!!!

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