Monday, November 26, 2012

Tool related to the atonement?

Okay so I was WRONG! Soundgarden has a new album! I saw it yesterday and I started to cry..  That talk was awesome though.. Read the C.S. Lewis book and tell me what you think, I'll read it vicariously through you! Speaking of vicarious (Tool) I had a really cool thought, we do baptisms for the dead, vicariously doing a ordinance for people, and Jesus vicariously saved us through the atonement. So whenever people act surprised at the idea of vicarious salvation it just kinda blows my mind, I mean its the center of what all Christians believe in.. People need to open there eyes a little wider I think.. I didn't hurt myself to bad during the Turkey Bowl. It was a whole lot of fun though! I got a few good receptions and then a touchdown. I got taken out by some guy from another ward though. Right as I touched the ball he just went BAM!! Threw me to the ground and yelled "NOT IN MY HOUSE!" hahaha I'm so sad that you didn't get to play at a Turkey bowl.. That's just wrong! We went up to a friends place and played B-Ball for 3 hours after that and that was a whole bunch of fun haha We ate so much food it was just redick!! They really made me feel at home, it was awesome! The baptism that we had this week was awesome! Leonard Castrignano was the kids name. Keep on corrupting the little one, w/o me there I don't think the lil nephews and neices are getting enough evil in their lives hahaha. I haven't heard much about B-Ball either other then that De'Antoni is the coach for the Lakers now.. Crazyness... Hopefully the Jazz will pick up soon.. I have a bunch of stuff to ask  you but to be honest there is a lot of other stuff on my mind right now so I can't remember them hahaha.. I'll get that letter to you soon for mom. It's been a crazy week, I've been sick most of it and Tammy has been sick as well so it's been nuts. My comp and I are kind of polar opposites so we're tryin to find a groove (You threw off the Emperors groove...). I'll be gettin Transfered out of my area next transfer I think so don't send boxes my way 2 weeks from now.. I'll let you know more about what's going on later. I love you Padre, and I'm happy you're lookin so happy (that is quite the smirk you got on your face hahahaha). Let me know when the Marriage is! Tell Darlene and Ashley I love em and that I hope they're well!
Much Love Elder Larsen Sr.
Katie Bug!
Tell GMa Adams I say hey! I wrote her a letter on a letter I sent to Aunt Jenny or Leslie, can't remember which.. Hahaha I have a lot on my mind it's hard to keep track of stuff. Sounds like you got quite a lot on your hands back in the home front!! Don't over do it haha I know that I'm tellin you to keep workin hard but heck, it's the holidays haha I love you kate and keep on trying to help your German friend. The Gospel isn't about what you can't do and people that focus on that just bug the crap outta me. Obedience is the key to freedom as Boyd K. Packer said, but we all have our agency, that's the cool thing about it! We can do what we want and she should be able to do whatever she wants. Let her know what we're really about and be that good example that I know you are! I Love you kate and i hope you are well! sorry I can't write more I always wish I could but there is no time.. I love you kate!!
Elder Larsen Sr.
Nivek Shinto Islamabad,
I miss the decorations of our house haha I had our place set up for halloween but christmas is kinda a dud I think, we don't have room for anything in our room (2 rooms 4 elders). I see that my mind trip worked! by making you think that I was feeling guilty about not writing you I made you feel guilty within more guilt.. Guiltception!!! It should be a new show hahaha Sorry for messin with you I just wanted to see if it would work and it did hahahahaha Tell Padre not to get mad at you it was all a "DECOY LOIS A DECOY, THE NEWS STAND AND THE BARN WERE DECOYS!!!" Family guy rocks hahaha. Tell Leonardo Dicaprio he can have no part of that show though.. Thank you so much for the goodies and I know that in the main letter I didn't mention this but I'll mention it here. I was looking for cheap protein, couldn't find it, then I got those Clif Bars (jacked w/ protein) so thank you! and those cookies were so freakin! so good!! I've been doing a atonement lesson that's keepin me in shape. I give out cookies and I have to do 10 push ups for each and its in similitude to christ paying for our sins and such. It's a cool lesson and i'm bustin out a whole lot of  pushups now haha but kev I love you and I thank you so much for all the support you've shown me and I'm sorry for the crap I gave you back in the day, I know now that you were just standing up for what you believed and thats awesome. Thank you for being such a solid example. Mucho Loveo
Elder Larsen Sr.
Jas! Nae saian luume'
First of all, that is quite the smile you're rockin! You look happy and that's awesome. It's great to hear from you. If you need some C.S. Lewis talk to dad, I've got his entire christian works in one book. Also go watch the Bitter Cup and the Bloody Baptism, its a talk by Holland, it's awesome. I'm glad that you found a Chicka to hang with that is so awesome!! Marriage???? that's crazy talk ahahhahaha I'll be very happy for you but pretty bummed out on missin it, but hey, this mission is a sacrafice for a reason. Do what you gotta do, I'm just so happy for you. I'm sorry for the crap I put you through back at home and I just want you to know that I am sorry for the way I treated you and that this mission has opened my eyes to a lot of stuff. That's so awesome that you're rockin school!! Keep it up, when I get back you'll be helpin me w/ my homework and stuff so be prepared haha.
I'll have to hear from Jennica some time if things get to serious haha I hope that all is well and I hope Ammon is still doing well. The Flat better not be to different by the time we get back haha I love ya bro keep on workin hard!
Quel fara
Elder Larsen Sr.

The picture of Tammy and Elder Black is a classic that we'll need forever haha The sisters donated a bunch of clothes at the church and we played dress up on our P-day hahaha. I love all of you and I hope you are all doing well! Kayla I love the heck outta ya and i wish I could see you! Padre and Darlene you keep rockin the home front and everyone else (animals included) I love you!
Elder Larsen Sr.

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