Monday, February 3, 2014

Things looking up in Zacks Zone!

a blood type diet is just something that says certain blood types assimilate foods differently so it talks about foods to avoid and foods to shoot for. anyway i cant follow it anyhow because its to hard to do on a mission. my blood preassure is discouragingly still the same. mostly 140's over high 60's or mid 70's although i hit a record low this week which was good. every now and then i have a good day and i also get really bad ones every now and then. i aint heard back from my blood test so i dont know anything about that. have you talked to the doc? yes we are still both ZL's they talked about doing to our mission what they did to jeremys because we use to do that but i dunno what will happen. i hope not because i already trained twice in a row haha! my second boy is training in a shotgunned area which is awesome! i knew he was destined for greatness! as for U.V.U. starting that way, do you think i should come home a transfer early? i dunno. whats the deal with housing for me? am i moved out soon as im home or whats goin on, it was vague at Christmas time. when i go to U.V.U. im going to want to get into fire academy ASAP prolly while or before my generals. as for working out and eating healthy im going to need that. i want to do absolutely anything i can to not be on these Meds for life haha! im glad kate went well with surgery even with the fact she tore up her ankle all kinds of bad! yea the super bowl was semi lame for the parts i was "forced" to watch. we had dinner at a super bowl party house with a TV that was HUGE like 100 inch. we got to the half tiem show when we had an appt though so thats good. mrs beck is awesome! im glad she didnt thin i was to bad i feel like i was a terror student but probably more so in high school and middle school when i discovered i can get away with tons of crap! well im glad you left the giggly girls because i would have! well thigns are good here! we have an inv with a baptismal date for the 16th we just have to break her from her catholic ways! things are good! im happy! most of our sick missionaries are gone but my comp is a sicky. well i am lovin the mish and im lovin life and things are great! im happy with where im at and im taking control of our sueless ward council to try and get some stuff done! well love you all! keep me posted!

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