Monday, February 3, 2014

Lots of hard work with great results in Jeremys Zone!

On Mon, Feb 3, 2014 at 11:22 AM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: ............. So the year I'm serving I miss the 49ers play the Ravens, then the Seahawks play the Broncos and Red Hot Chili Peppers play half time.... The Lord is really testing me... This is one of the dark times that Holland talks about that come before and after every spiritual success. I can't believe it... Oh well if I continue to serve faithfully it will be the Falcons playing against the 49ers and it will be a close game. However in the end it will go into double overtime and then the Falcon's will win out in the end. Also Maynard will play at half time with Incubus. I have good new btw. According to the light and knowledge that I've received I can't listen to the Rap that I was listening to before, that's good news. Also, I can't listen to all the stuff that I was listening before, but I'm still going to keep select songs and so forth. Definitely still going to listen to Tool and so forth just going to be choosy. But that is good news for ya haha I've been making a lot of grunge versions of the hymns and I've been free styling the stuff I read about during studies in the morning . I remember the stuff I read by singing it in my best Eddie Veder voice or Chris Cornell. My comp doesn't like screamy stuff to much so I've stopped making screamo versions of the hymns for now. However, I am excited at the fact that I'll be able to make an album with a friend that just got off his mission. Raulston and I would make up renditions of the hymns all the time so we're going to put out a hardcore version of some hymns and other stuff we came up with haha Its going to be so sick. I've grown to love singing since I've been out here haha. Tell Katie she's a boss for me, I was definitely a wuss when it came to my leg and stuff. I can't believe that Katie is going to be in Europe and singing and famous and all that jazz..... She's just changing all day erryday... I hope that you're getting a good amount of family videos of the nephews stuff, I love those little buggers... I still haven't been able to send out that stuff for Kayla and my memory card... I'm sorry. I've been busier then ever. My comp is a work horse and I'm feeding him all that I can so it really is putting me behind on my Zone Leader duties. He doesn't like sitting around and doing paper work so I've just been doing my best to do it late at night while he's out. I've seen a huge change in myself though since I've been with him, its been awesome to be a part of this work. The Fraser's and the Marck's came to church this week, it was so sick. I love these families so much. We had the President Aguiar (2nd councilor) come and meet the Fraser's, it was awesome to have him there. Amy is so close to baptism, they have the greatest family man I wish you could meet them, I can't wait for you to meet them, I'm gonna be good friends with these people for the rest of my life. Ann Marck, James' Mom has started to investigate the church. She and James came from a FLDS family out of Provo. She was really hurt when she found out how false the church was. When she left she left Polygamy, she left her husband, she lost everything including her entire foundation on God. It was and has been really hard for her. She's got some serious trust issues with men in power. Understandably so though. Keep the prayers for them coming. Tell Jason and Kevin I say hey, as well as Katie and Jennica, Ashley, Lynette and so forth. I had a rough morning on Sunday, got pulled over, late to PEC and printers not working and I was just frustrated.... Definitely rough. I decided to read the bofm and get some comfort. Read 2nep 4, it absolutely brought all the comfort I needed. I know that when Christ talked about the comforter it really is true, because I haven't felt that kind of peace in frustration in a long time. I love ya, hope all is well and please tell Darlene I love her and everything that she does! Stay safe and stay happy. Do good be good. Elder Larsen Sr.

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