Monday, February 17, 2014

Zacks Zone back in full swing!

i dont have indys email but i would love to send him something or his address send it to me ASAP i want him to go on a mission! as for everything going on at home it sounds like your still busy! i saw the for sale sign in the yard and wanted to cry though :( ill miss that home. thanks for the pics all the missionaries myself included loved em! im learning the ukalai or however you spell it but ultimately i wanna learn how to play banjo!!!! just a random comment :) so matt is back huh? im glad he enjoyed it! hows the fam doing? sorry valentines day was an "on call" day but glad you enjoyed it! on v day all i got was new medication so i guess thats CVS telling me how much they love me haha! my BP is starting to get better but not by much, i have been diagnosed with idiomatic hypertension which means as im sure you know that i just have high blood pressure sucks to suck, thats how i heard the diagnosis anyway haha! they increased my dosage and are trying to see how much i need to level out and be ok. things are great though! we have a golden INV that will be baptized on the 28th and also maybe a miracle baptism same day coming up! we are really excited! the zone is starting to pick up again, i dunno why we were in such a slump. we still have some struggling companionships in the hills so we are still spending lots of time up there :( im happy though just making lots of jokes about parties being hosted at CVS with all our other sick missionaries! they sent me a sick comp so i guess now im "that guy" sad day hahah! we are doin work though! and house work...its clean. kayal sounds awesome! i love her! i cant wait to meet her! tell the fami i love them! well things are great and im happy! also we are really getting a lot of success in the ward which is great! sorry for the short email but i got to go!

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