Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptisms and Rock Creek Pizza for Zack!

well sounds like an eventful time! sounds like all is well. i miss my nephews they are awesome! also call the mission and get ahold of sis minnick she can direct you to my doc. i dont like my doc visits they are useless and a waste of time and on my next visit im going to tell him that. anyway we had a great week! we had 8 less actives come to church with 3 investigators and one we have been workign with in particular is an itanlian new yorker mafia guy who camee back to church and bore his testimony and is happy we stopped by and started working with him and i love him to death! he is amazing and use to be a cop between stockton and lodi. we had a referral from utah come in that has led to a baptism on the 28th she is amazing and so prepared and we are hopefully going to have 2 baptisms for this month! we also found a whole family that we had dinner with where we all made our own pizza! mine was of course rock creek recipe. the whole family is looking for a church where there family can learn at their individual pace and be together! we are running a zone conference for my first time which is scary but things are great! im teaching a elder from chilli 100 tips on how to be cool in america tip number 1 is pop your rain jacket color in rain storms and tip number 2 is rev your engine all the way down the freeway and tip number 3 is buying elder larsen lunch. only cool kids buy elder larsen lunch :) he is awesome i love elder sanhueza we just like to give him crap. he can dish it back too. well we were in a huge drought and they asked all the wards in California to pray and fast for rain and we did and that day it started raining and hasnt stopped for a whole week i said we need to be more specific on how much rain but its the first rain storm of the season. well there was more i wanted to say but i forgot what it was so sorry about that maybe next week huh? i need stamps. well love you all so much as for starting i dunno i need to talk to pres about whats going on with school. i think getting a starter home would be best because im sure there will be proll 4 living there parker shiotani jeremy and me and i dunno if he has plans for anyone.

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