Monday, February 24, 2014

Jeremy loving the new Zone!

Ahhhhh.... I love me some Lounsbury's.... That family is the greatest. I really do love that ward. So the temple is right outside of my zone in the other mission. My area boarders the Portland mission on two ends. We actually have to go to the Portland mission today, should be cool. The temple is close. I've been able to go twice now. Did I tell ya that I saw P. Young there? My old pres haha he's almost going home! I've become old in the mish, it's almost sinking in.... Luckily in this ward we've got a lot of work to do, so I'll easily be busy for the next forever here. It's a lot like Salem was when I got there, so I'm looking forward to some long nights and some crazy crazy times again haha. Dean likes Korean stuff? When did he go to Korea? Ya'll are just traveling fools.... Amy isn't old enough to go on a mission, she's like 14 years old, at least she was when I left. Did time speed up in Utah? I've heard about Gpa, I'm getting a letter out to him today. And how on earth is Kayla going to go snowshoeing? She was running into my virtual arms and falling last time I saw the little tyke... However Steph pulled it off she has to let me know how she taught a 1 year old how to snowshoe.... Or you could carry her, that would work huh? Sorry for the playing stupid ramble, I had to for a bit.. Kev went out and got a Suby? Tell him that my father says that this is not possible.. So jealous... How do they even still have the set for MASH up. They haven't shot a new episode in 30 years? That's just crazy. Katie does deserve it, she's been workin her tail off.. Oh btw, in our ward we had dinner with this family the other day, the Reynolds. They took us In and grilled us with the usual new missionary questions. Then they asked us what kind of music do you like... I almost started to cry cause no members ever ask me that, so I jumped on that opportunity.. I know, focus, but still. So I told him Tool, Floyd, Rush.... Bro Reynold and his son almost started to cry. They refer to rush as the Band. Needless to say we are now best friends. We are loving life, I've seen a ton of miracles this last week. I've got a few concerns about returning back to the homestead, and I know it's time to plan so I'm going to start. My fear about going back to Sandy to stay for to long is just the expectations that I put on myself there and the surroundings could lead back to a messy life style. I'm feeling more and more that I need to be removed from the area and just continue the fresh start that I've had elsewhere. It's what I'm feeling like would be best. I'll let ya know when I have better plans and so on. I love ya, hope you have a great week. Tell everyone I miss em and hope to hear from them soon. Elder Larsen Sr.

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