Monday, March 24, 2014

Baptisms and splits in Banks with Jeremy1

Well this week has been another great one! Things are still truckin along for me here in Banks. This week we have found 2 new families to work with which is exciting and we had a really spiritual experience with an investigator that is on track for baptism. When we invited him, the only thing he said was "if that's possible for you! I'd love that" hahaha It was sweet. I've felt the spirit moving me in our discussions in such a deeper way as of late. I've really come to love teaching by the spirit and being guided by the spirit in what I've been doing. I've also really been able to receive revelation through scripture study in a way that I've never experienced. I've been speaking with God and he's been speaking back. Its weird hahahaha Hymn 335 has meant a lot more to me since Gpa passed away. I'm glad to hear that the service went well. Everything with Gma going well still? So I talked with Elder Shipley, a previous companion and he is all over staying with me if that's what his prayers led him to, so he'll be praying about it over the next little bit. What details do you have about how that all is going to work out? If that doesn't work their are a few other people I know of that would love a place to stay. That is crazy that Zarbock is gone, what kind of mission is he going on? is he a MP or just going out to do his thing? I don't know who that boy is with Katie, or what but he looks like a nice kid. What happened to my little sister???? she is still little, but not anymore? It looks like a whole new Katie! Its weird that she's all grown up and not in Middle School anymore, its just wrong. Tell Ammon congrats for me! I wish I could have been to one of the Flatagins wedding but hey, that's life. How has Jason been doing with work and school? any news on them? any news on them and the temple? This week is going to be a crazy one. I'm going to be on exchanges for 4 days, then after that I'll be going back to Salem to be a witness for Ann Marck's baptism!!! She is able to! (its the FLDS lady) I'm so excited about this, she finally is going to be free from her past, gotta love the Atonement. Of all the people I've met on my mission, she has needed it the most in her life. Her heart has been so broken for so long and the thought that she has finally healed enough to let God back in has changed my life. I'm excited. The exchange I'm going to go on is with an old mission friend from down in Salem so I'm pumped! Its Monty, the Spanish Missionary, I've got a bunch of pictures with him. We had a great experience with some priests this week as well. One of the families we found was with a priest on splits. They are his investigators now haha He is bringing his mom to our next lesson so life is going to be great with them! Life is good, I feel of my saviors love more and more each day. Let me know about the apt gig, what all of that entails for me and for those that will stay with me, and let me know anything new with the family and ward. Love ya Elder Larsen Sr

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