Monday, March 3, 2014

Many Spiritual events in Oregon

Popaa! The made ya the President huh hahahahaha!!! It had to happen eventually. Did you do Masters a favor and pull him in with you or is he still stuck in high priests? Let me know who your councilors are! You told me about Amanda, a bit ago, still hard to believe that errybody just changing. Even harder to believe that Nathan is going out on a mission. I swear he was 14 when I left, there is no way he's on his way out! Is Utah time and Idaho time different then Oregon time or what? I don't see how it would be possible for life to go faster there because its going way to dang fast out here. I'm glad that Amanda is okay though, that's scary stuff! Same with Gpa, I'm writing them a letter, as well as you and Darlene. I am sending my memory card back with it. I'm horrible at writing and sending stuff via mail.... Its partially because I'm focused on the work and the other half is because I'm unorganized. Luckily my new comp is getting me in line with that. I'm going to school you at Racquetball upon my return, just you wait! (maybe at least haha) I'm excited to hear about Lisa and Dusty, I've really been praying for them and for Gpa Rex. So this last week I was kind of tripping out about a few things in my head. I've been working with the Kelly's about getting my work stuff and school stuff all lined up. To be honest its been hard to have to think about that stuff while I'm still trying to focus all I got out on the people who the Lord has trusted me with. Its been causing me to have some fears about going back and in one form or another pointing my tent towards Sodom and Gomorrah again. Our Zone Conference talked all about fears and about desires of our hearts. It was exactly what I needed. It was the most spiritually uplifting and well timed experience of my mission, second only to the time back in Albany with Pres and so on. I think that getting into a spot not in Sandy would be the best idea for me to be honest. Not because I don't want to be around with you and all but because I need to keep this fresh start thing going. I've been praying about it a lot and I feel like being in Sandy to long can be bad news. I know that my desires have totally changed, however, I'm wanting to live by your advice and stay as far away from the line as I can. I was talking with my comp yesterday about what the mission has done for us, it was an interesting conversation. We both came to the conclusion that we've become a lot like our dads... I've been thinking a lot more like you since I've been out here, its almost been weird haha Its weird to say that I feel like I've become a better friend with since I've been out here. This last week we saw several miracles, the Lord has answered our prayers many times and he has led us to 2 people this week off of prayers. Anytime a lesson falls through now it just means that Heavenly Father has a miracle prepared for us if we ask him where to go. He's led us each time to someone and to something. I know that He answers each of our prayers, every single one. I love this work, but more importantly, I love Christ, he's my boy for sure. For the last 4 1/2 months everyday I've woken up I've just been so full of joy its crazy. I seriously am just pumped up all the time. Its a funky thing but I know its a blessing. I also found out the other week that Anne Marck (the lady I gave the blessing to thats FLDS) if I didn't tell you the story I can't write it out, its a sacred thing and it deserves face time so remind me. She accepted a baptismal date on the 29th and she is having me come back for it. I'm so excited to be there for it! Life is good padre, life is good. Also one of the converts I worked with down in Salem talked in Stake Conference the other day! Life really is good.... I love all of you Elder Larsen Sr.

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