Monday, March 10, 2014

Leadership conference for Jeremy!

Also I wish I was in YM with that crew, that sounds like so much fun! Wait.... I was hahaha I wasted my time of probation when I had you as my leaders though, I could've learned much more from you and Mike if I applied myself..... woopsadaisy.... Love ya :) Elder LaRRey On Mon, Mar 10, 2014 at 12:13 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Padre, Okay, Crazy Crazy Crazy week. We had MLC, 2 day trip with all my good friends in the mission and President. We were chastened as a council, then we received some of the most profound revelation of my life and for our mission. Things are really picking up here in the mission. As a whole we are a much more righteous bunch, our leadership is back to full capacity and the work is moving forward. Our President has very high expectations for us and because of that we are all rising to it or those who don't want to keep up are going home. Its been crazy to see it happening but the mission is totally different from when it first started. At MLC I've slowly been saying goodbye to my closest friends from Eugene though... That's been tough. We are saying good by to one of our AP's this transfer and its tough to see him go. Last 3 transfers 6 of my closest friends have all left the mission, 2 of them are now engaged hahaha The Kelly's are a senior couple who are in my last ward. I love them to death, they are special people. They are called to prepare missionaries who are about to go home for school, work and a place to live. They are pretty much the retention specialists for missionaries. The hope is that if we all start to work and go to school that we'll stay active in the church haha Its sound logic. I haven't talked to them in a bit though are they still buggin ya for info? As for the work, housing, and all the other stuff I'm definitely up for a place to live with some comps and Bullcut. That would be ideal for sure. I'm more then up for a side job with that, what does it all entail? if its sales maybe not so much, but we'll see what's going on. My release date is the 17 September. I would love to stay in Oregon until that Sunday if possible... I'm not sure if it is though. I was hoping to go back to Turner ward and see all my peeps there. What is your vision of the whole thing? Also is Bullcut going to come? It sounds like the week has been crazy for all of you, I'm glad that life is still chugging forward for all of you :) Keep me up to date on how Gpa is doing, he's been in my prayers. This last Sunday was an eventful one. Elder Rees and I didn't see each other the entire service except for sacrament meeting. We cover the YSA group here so I was with them and he was with Dairy Creek, we had all of our investigators make it to church with several LA's who we are working with. It was one of those Sundays. On top of that it was just a solid solid meeting, I've learned its all about how you prepare for the meeting on how good it is. The work is picking up, the zone is progressing and I've come to know that REI got it right, "Life is Good". I love all of you, hope you have a great week! Elder Larsen Sr.

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