Monday, March 3, 2014

Zack..never play a joke on sister missionaries...

well that's a lot going on.... im really glad that things are working out for Lisa! i been praying for her! i also been praying for the mission! im sorry to hear about grand pa but im glad he is doing better :) i hope that things work out ok i been praying for him for some time. transfers are coming up. we just had a baptism and she is moving to provo :) im excited about that. she is cool! uuhhh went on exchanges with crazy people! we met so many i cant explain you will hear about them on the ride home haha! we played a joke on the sisters and i learned a valuable lesson........... never ever play a joke on sisters they will not respond the way you think they will. we have a great missionary here named elder stone that went apostate and handed out baptist propaganda because he had no English Mormon pamphlets talk about meaning of apostasy :) he is a Spanish missionary but he is cool and we love him anyway because he is better than the hills missionaries :) the hills still give us trouble from time to time but we are doing better and progress is what we need! thats great that Amanda is doing better :) and thats awesome about bo and everyone! thats amazing! nice pics :) i liked the bethlahem rendition from candyland :) we have some redwoods but most of them are sequa trees :) we went on exchanges with the mission president and that went well other than i just cant seem to stop using slang. so i talked to the doc about my BP which is getting a lil better but he was thinking that i may have hypertension because of lack of sleep which i guess is a common cause so he referred me to a sleep study because i guess if you hit stage 2 sleep and never REM sleep then your body is continually putting out a hormone similar to adrenaline (or something) and it can cause hypertension so thus the sleep study but mission medical wont accept or allow it. they gave me some stupid test that asked about my sleeping and if i think something is wrong with my mind (literal question) anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! i love the mission and still trying to find out if i am going to come home early for school. send the school stuff soon as you can :) and keep me posted on the house. anyway i think i may be leaving on this transfer i been here a while. How would we make money on the MLM thingy? what is MLM? i know BLM thats who i wanna work for :) also where is the house? Orem? anyway i got to go i hope i got to everything you said oh and sorry your kicked out of your really long lasting calling :) love yall muchly! and i miss you bye!!!

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