Monday, March 24, 2014

West Nile encephalitis in Zacks mission!

well sounds busy! i have been busy as well! we have had a missionary hospitalized with west Nile encephalitis. so i have been spending time at the hospital and my comp as well so we can keep the other guy working. he is doing better but now we have like all this pandimoniam of missionaries saying I GOT A MOSQUITO BITE!!!!! its not that bad but its funny! that sick missionary was pretty bad off he was in the ICU for a while then he has been there for almost a week! anyway all is well! we also had an emergency training to run for our missionaries and we got to meet elder Garns of the 70 for stake conference he thanked us for our service which was really cool! as for the info ill get it to ya for next week! also glad the move went well and that everything is good. kate should be glad i wasn't there i would have pegged him in the neck with my dart gun :) let me know about the school and living info when you can :) things are good here im lovin the mission and my companion!!! i love this area and the YSA is a lot of fun but being a ZL is just so so tiring i only get like 2 to 4 hours of sleep not consistently. my BP is starting to get under control there was a huge spike for some reason but then it got more under control which is good :) things are just chugging along im sure the funeral went very well :) stake conference went great and yea i having to leave to go run zone sports. love yall so much! today will be interesting since i aing got no companion :) love ya! Zack

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