Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Zack back in Elk Grove!

dad- tis sad to hear about granda pa but i know he will be in a better place i have a firm testimony of the plan of salvation. i know its real so i know ill see him again :) as for my release date its august 28th ill try and shave like 4 days off it or somethin to be back in time if i can do that i will inform you but plan on august 28th i think we are renting for 5 not 4 :) if so :) i shall wait for UVU stuff. anyway that sounds like a great activity! i am excited to see the ward send more missionaries out! guess what im leaving lodi! sad to leave but you will never guess where im going...................wait.................for iiiiittttttttttt elk grove again!!!!! ill cover the YSA and ill cover wilton again! i dont have a lot of time but if i have to leave lodi im glad its back to familiar grounds, i guess i missed someone :) i heard about Lisa thats so exciting!!!!!! also im down to get into whatever business that is! did i tell you i want to run a small business on the side of being a firefighter to make extra money since being a nurse and fireifghting would be harder to do with conflicting shifts and such! yes the hills give us way more problems than just a LDS missionary handing out baptist propiganda! sad huh? well i love you all so much and i am excited to come home but at the same time i am sad that time is moving so fast, this will probably be my last area if not then only one more said president. thats right 8 to 9 transfers in one area! i love you all so much! how do you mean a sleep study wont show anything new? what do we know about my sleep already? im only sleeping about 4 hours a night but my BP is leveling out with an increased dosage of lisinopril.

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