Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amazing letter from Salem!

Brother & Sister Larsen, First, I need to tell both of you what an amazing young man your son is. I don’t use those words lightly. As you may know, he is serving as one of my Assistants. Prior to this, he served as a Zone Leader and trainer of a new missionary. Your son has made a significant impact on so many of our missionaries and has helped establish a new culture here in this new mission. It is starting to become….a culture of Christ. We have fun, we work hard, we love people and we are intense and passionate about the Gospel and our callings here. Your son is all of that, and so much more. Just yesterday, we were holding our first of a series of Zone Conferences, Elder Larsen was planning on speaking on a completely different subject, but upon arrival it was clear that the Lord had a different message for all of us to deliver. And deliver your son did! I know that this young man has caused you and your wife some sleepless nights, but let me tell you he has changed SO much just in the short time we have known him. He will be a leader in the church, he will amaze you. He will marry a wonderful young lady, and he will be a force for good within your family. It will be very difficult for my wife and I to give him back to you, but we will do so with the knowledge that it will be time for him to start a new phase of his life. Currently his release date is scheduled for Wednesday, September 17 (we moved the date from Tuesday Sept 16). I would say that you should plan to pick him up on Wednesday, Sept 17th in the morning, maybe at the Portland airport so he can experience much of the total going home experience. We would love to spend some time with you but due to the fact that we will have all our new missionaries flying in that same morning we will not be free until that weekend. Maybe we could get together for breakfast on Saturday, Sept 20? But I don’t know how much time you are planning on being here?? Hope this helps, you can coordinate this with our office and your son. Tell the office we have corresponded with me on this issue. Kind Regards, President Samuelian

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