Monday, May 5, 2014

Zack and the Lady Preacher

hey dad! things are great here! that's a crazy story about what happened to Ashley and Jordan! Hope that gets all sorted out although I must say out here a break in is fairly normal haha :) but that's only in the Florin area which is a shoot off of south sac which is not exactly a great place to be. So with the living I though either shio or parker was going to live with me?.... what's going on with that? so what job does Kevin have that's go great? glad he is getting his degree!!! Keep up the great missionary efforts that's awesome!! anyway things are great here! my comp and I struggle at times but we get things done decently! we had a baptism get away from us sadly.. he disappeared for 3 days I guess he went for a walk and we found him walking for 3 days with no food or water and he was a little heat exhausted and confused so we brought him to the church and he met with our bishop and we helped him out and now he is moving back to DC to live with his brothers :) so we will make sure he gets baptized there he was supposed to yesterday but that's when we got a call from someone on the street saying he needed help. anyway life is good im just chugging along. im still studying the Atonement and stuff which is great, im always learning from that! well yea that was exciting! I prayed with a super black lady who said she was a bishop, priest, minister, preacher person she was normal to talk to but when she started praying she was freakin out! it was awesome! we had our zone training which went well and was spiritual! we havnt done a lot of crazy stuff this week other than lots puns and pick up lines that scared my comp out of the room and yea. im trying to get him to work himself into the ward and stuff but its not working well haha! the ward is very hesitant around him and he doesn't even like being here so that makes it tough but things will work out for sure! we are making it work and im just loving him anyway! well love you all so much!!!!!

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