Monday, May 5, 2014

Subway and the Spirit (Jers)

Hola! So.............. Another crazy week. Things just aren't slowing down here, and the next three weeks are going to be even crazier. Okay so we have MLC tomorrow so we are working that. Then we have transfer calls Saturday...... Then, next week, we have the gauntlet. Transfer week is already back, this time with a vengeance. The week after that we are going to have Zone conferences every other day the next week so I'll be touring the mission. The week after that we have a 70 coming into the mission and so we are touring the mission with him... We also get to proselyte with that 70. It's going to be nuts! We are working with this family right now the Common's that is going to get dunked for sure after a visit from this guy! So the next few weeks are honestly looking like a roller coaster of craziness. Sounds like on your end you've got some craziness going on as well. You've got weddings for days! That's a bummer deal that Kevin has to ditch that job, that really is a heartbreaker. Kev is planning on going to UVU? That is so cool! Bummer to hear about the scariness going on with Ash and Jordan. Hopefully all will work out with them... You know when it comes to missionary moments you need to go read Power of the Everyday Missionary, it will help you so much with those moments. I know as you pray for opportunities and act on the spirit you will have tons of opportunities to share by example and by word. Mainly I feel like The Lord will give you opportunities to love those around you in a much more profound way. Sososososososo... Sweet story time. So we are on this hitch of only eating when the spirit prompts us to go see some investigators or potentials at subway or Wendy's or wherever. So we were talking the I was like! We need to see Subway Girl! So we rushed off, got there, then we saw that another investigator was there. So we talked with her, it was awesome. Then we went out and saw a gal wrapping presents. So we went over and she needed help wrapping presents. She then followed us to see where the church building was and said she would come. Next day... We go to church, we cover the Newberg 1 and 2nd ward. So we are sitting, then bam! She comes in with 3kids. Next thing you know the ward just hops on her, they set up lessons in their houses and she just has the most spiritually insane experience of her life. She said that she felt like she was coming home! So sweet. Gotta love the spirit allowing us to go get 6 inch subs and talk to a 2 new investigator! Life is good. I don't know when I'm sky ping, when is Bullcut? Let me know, love ya! Elder Lary Sr. Sent from my iPad

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