Monday, May 19, 2014

Zack and firey carpet

yea my jaw is all jacked up still but at least im eating regular food it is just really tight. all is well though. this week has been pretty crazy i must say. i cant believe dallin is getting married and i cant believe sam is leaving me :( as for shio i just talked to him and told him to contact ya. what happens if i dont find a roommate? uuhh.... as for my liscense thing i got the papers i have no idea what im doing with it. also you will love trek i did. Kate will love college i am sure of it, she is a smart girl. is she still planning on a mission? so this week we got permission to hit up the campus of CRC to proselyte which is great! YSA galore! sad thing is we had a very promising INV who was ready for baptism but got onto a anti mormon website and threw it all in our faces. hardcore antied us and was trying to "save" us for a couple days so i had to be very bold and stern with him but it just sucked because i really liked him he is a great guy. i still wish him the best but he is in a bad place haha. however we have an investigator with a baptism date for june who is really going strong! the work is pretty hard the YSA is not helping a ton like they use to but we are getting them into shape. Sis Minnick should be sending that paper you need with date of release. keep calling her about it. she knows one of your partners at the hospital too she worked with him. so i just got done lighting a tennis ball on fire and throwing it with my roomate and we took vids of our hands lighting fire while throwing it around and we lit our carpet on fire on accident haha! i have vids for ya! lets see, i went into laotion work which was a lot of fun! TONS of WEED!! i went into a house and they had over 100 plants they were growing in the back yard. thats part of the laos business they are expert farmers and weed sells haha! i ate some interesting food but no stomach parasite yet ;) i got offered more drugs and alcohol this week than ever before i was also offered free beer at the bar we were contacting around which was fun haha! very nice people in Elk Grove, beer is expensive haha! we sent a funny but sassy text to someone we dont know. there was a mass text sent to all old INV's on the phone that was unknown to the missionaries and said ELDERS: hey we are missionaries sharing a message about god are you interested in learning more (something to that extent) INV: i am satan! i talk to that fag every day ELDERS: Great! so you know he exists, would you like to know more about his eternal plan of happiness? INV: NO! thats not part of my plan to take over the world. ELDERS: Well your doing a great job now, but spoiler alert.....god wins. INV: FALSE! so yea it was a great text convo haha! i thought it was hilarious! but you know me i think things are funny that are not always funny. so if i can get anything from ya it would be another shaver, mine died for lack of a better phrase. im stealing my comps razor which makes me feel manly because i use it without shaving cream i just go dry but i would like my electric one back :) thanks for the pics i love having them!! i havve some families set up to visit with on the 28th so hopefully people will be home. i was thinking of maybe attending a sacrament meeting and going home sunday afternoon is that possible? i could take you to some sites that way too like big trees or black chasm or somethin. if not its all good :) anyway thats about my week! thats my peace thats my cent im out :D love you all lots! things are great here! im happy and lovin my mission! our zone conference was great and i love training the missionaries its so much fun! and i love to see how it helps because it gives me confidence in my planning and i love seeing them progress alrighty dighty peace!

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