Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Zack on AP exchange

could darlene make some cookies the pumpkin chocolate chip ones and send a bunch in we all want some in the apartment you know the ones you sent for thanksgiving :) On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 10:32 AM, Zachary Larsen wrote: well I would just have you take care of my license stuff I cant do anything out here those papers are for Utah only, cali is different style for renewing. Have you talked to shio yet? or parker? I don't wanna risk a new roomie because that would suck. I can trust missionaries I have a harder time trusting random strangers that could possibly have no moral values :) Ya Anti info kinda sucks bad but oh well. so after I jacked up my jaw we have ahd a financial mishap and I have been having to use my home card :( mostly because we had no food. I had no money left after buying the liquid diet thing and then after that they never reimbursed me so yea it sucks :( ssooo sad day family moving to Arizona Christian got traded from the 9ers to Arizona as well. I will set up what we are doing for the pick me up trip and I think it would be best if we go home on sunday so we can spend sacrament with the YSA ward :D if you want to find a hotel in Elk Grove or near it that would be most central to where we are visiting though. no worries about trunkieness im a stone wall when it comes to that I work just as hard as I did when I was in wilton so no worries things are all good here my comp and I are getting along much better! as for your hiking im still jealous because I don't get to do such things and as for teaching I use to stress over it but now im just a lot better at putting together a basic outline and going off that on what needs to be said by how I feel. treasure up in your heart and mind and at the moment I will receive the portion meted so its mostly study that I do. Now I can wing talks better than ever before haha! anyway glad you talked to Dan I need to get in contact with that kid I hope he is doing better im told he is still pretty anti religion. anyway life is pretty great im not too excited for a new mission pres especially for my last month and a half of the mission but oh well what can ya do? uuhh yea lots of preaching at the college campuses and now its done with so we have nowhere to go so hopefully the people we are teaching are going to be enough for the week until CRC opens up again haha! well love you all so much! no huge stories this week just lots of weird things, I was on an AP exchange with my main british man sheppard who is leaving next transfer sadly ill miss him. yup yup love ya!

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