Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jeremy grows a moustache in his sleep?

So this has been conference week! We've been doing ZC's throughout the mission, Monday we were in Bend, Wednesday Newberg, and Friday Salem. He lord had a different message to share with each area surprisingly. It's been cool to see how The Lord works through our President and his wife, but also my comp and I. I'm exhausted now though. I passed out on the couch last night trying to write in my journal for the first time in two weeks and I passed out... So Norton drew a fake mustache on me, woke me up, in my confusion I tried to go brush my teeth and I ended up using Ribieo's tooth brush, and Norton got a picture of it. It was hilarious, but sad at the same time. So I haven't yet taught with the 70, that's next week Tuesday! So pumped! It'll be a crazy week also, we are doing the same traveling amount only 3 days consecutive.... It'll be NUTS! Life is fast... So during all this craziness we have a family on date for baptism comig up on the 31st. Zack and Lexi Common please pray for them, they are awesome! We just found an awesome family also! Such a miracle :) Their names are Carolyn and Guillermo! We found them by dive bombing em in the Mamba! They were just the sweetest looking family in the world and we would be dammed if we didn't attempt to make the an eternal family for sure. No way was I going to look God in the eye and tell him why I passed them up. We committed them the next day to work towards eternal marriage, totally skipped baptism, going big! We are going to the temple with them soon and they will be at church this week! Going to be so awesome!,well I gotta go love ya bye! Elder Larseny Sr.

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