Monday, August 18, 2014

Jeremy and AMAZING spiritual experiences

Padre! So this has been just a wild experience here with Parkinson. Honestly we've just been getting blasted with miracles, its kinda been outta hand. This has oddly been the case my whole mission, I've often wondered why, cause I am so so far from perfect, there are so many other missionaries that are so much more obedient and have such stronger desires. Parkinson asked me how I do it, Lightfoot did, Norton did, so did Rees. So last night I prayed and asked what I was doing right... I just didn't know what it was. As soon as I asked I felt this horrible horrible thing come over me and I instantly began to beg for forgiveness. The Lord told me pretty quickly I had absolutely nothing to do with any of the success that I have seen and that it was really all Him. I felt super sheepish... I've just come to know for one reason or another the Lord has seen fit to hook me up with a fast paced and exciting form of success. This week we were out walking around and we prayed for help where to go next... Then we rounded a corner and this gal flagged us down and we came over. She said her daughter was a LA member who was really sick. She was from Idaho and was visiting her daughter and was praying that someone could help get her daughter a blessing. So we went in and gave a rather incredible blessing from the Lord. It was crazy to see a prayer answered so instantaneously, its happened before, I don't know why I didn't think it would happen again. Then the family we found the other day had us over and when we got there her and her boyfriend had been in a fight. So she walked out and we started to talk. He came and slammed the door and locked it....... We prayed and read with her. Turns out she is pregnant and it was all coming down on her at once... Tim (the BF) opens the door and lets us all in after being less then kind. We walk in and he lays down on the couch and starts to rant a bit. He had just recently relapsed and was coked out of his mind... So we prayed for them and we were there for about 30 more minutes. Fast forward to last night. They both have us over again and he apologized, made us chicken and gravy and we taught them the Resto again and set expectations for our visits. They are working towards baptism again and we are going to start helping him get back on the wagon. Its crazy how God put us in their lives in a time of such drastic and extreme adversity and change. He truly is always mindful of our situations. Then we had a lesson with this kid we found that was one of the more intense experiences I've had. ParkPlace and I felt we didn't talk a single time the entire lesson but it was all done as the spirit directed. We just really humbled ourselves and prayed that we wouldn't say a word in the lesson and the spirit did all of it, a lot better then we ever could have haha These are just some of the things I can think of. We had 7 people at church with 3 LA families it was just an intense week. These last few will continue in that style. Life is good padre. I love ya and hope all is well. I'll definitely talk to Mama Darlene about those things. I think I may get into a few things just for cheap product, but I don't know the details of it all. Hey if you are going to Havasupi then I'm going to that. I'm not missing that trip again, ya'll have been like 3 times since I've been gone?? That's just outta control. The Lord is preparing me to finish this up but I'll tell you, I'm extremely apprehensive. He's giving me all the warnings I need to apply in my life to avoid getting in trouble and I just need to apply everything I've learned and I'll be good for the rest of my life and bam eternal life, that easy right hahaha Well love ya'll, hope you have a great week and we'll talk to you again soon! Elder Larsen Sr.

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