Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jers in Redmond

So this has been a wild wild transfer. I can't believe I've already been down in Redmond for 6 weeks.... Things just don't slow down in life do they? So Elder Lightfoot is leaving this transfer. He's going to go to Salem to help out a struggling district. Most of the zone is leaving and I'm sad to see them go. Elder Moon is going to be a ZL I'm so pumped about that!!!!!!!! The entire MLC got rocked this transfer. Lightfoot wont be there, neither will 4 others. its a totally different group now. Its wild.... So I'm going to get you up to date on some health stuff. I'm doing good health wise, but I've been doing a special diet thing. I still have had struggles with regular food so I've been doing smoothies and some stuff called Herbalife with protein shakes and other stuff to get my food in that I can that is small amounts but packed with nutrition. Its been costing more and I'm sorry about that. I'm a lot healthier but I don't know whats going on with the stomach thing still. I'm not worrying about it but I've just been careful and doing everything I can to get a balanced meal in. The gal that works for Herbalife is a member and has done some nutrition stuff for me. Its been helping me with energy, even though I don't struggle to bad with that. The Lord has blessed me a good bit in that. I've been getting my comp and everyone else up at 545 in the morning to play ball with me and exercise. Its been awesome! I've done that for over a year now, early mornings rock btw! So I'm sitting with Moon here and he says: How's it going poppa Larsen! Hope everything is going well, love Elder Moon! Honestly he's the coolest kid in the world. He may be my ZL comp!!!!!!!!! It would seriously be the greatest way to end the mish. So other then everyone leaving the zone not much has happened this week. I just hope you know how much I love ya and I'm excited for this last leg. We are going to get 3 baptism's before the end of the transfer! Things are going out with a bang! So if you have any question about the health stuff just let me know. I'm doing well, its on the up and up with it. So this is kinda a lame email but hey its just one of those weeks! I'm a bit scatter brained and their are like 30 people in this room they all say hello and that they love ya! Elder Larsen Sr.

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