Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jeremy learns to be like Samuel the Lamanite!

oops accidentally sent it.. So for the letter I have no idea.... I hope its somewhere hahaha wish I could be of more help. Herbalife is an MLM and I was planning on becoming a distributor for it just for the cheap product and if anyone else wanted in on some. Sounds like Alex and Liam are up to the usual trouble, I'm excited to see those two again. From the sound of it they will whomp me in Pokemon... It had to happen eventually.. Also I'm thinking we'll have to hit up Salem for a day or so, then Newberg on Saturday when we are up there with President, that will be exciting stuff, I can't wait for you to meet this guy. He seriously is one of the most incredible people you'll ever meet. So as for teaching the priests and stuff I'm pumped for that, they've been my favorite group to work with my entire mission.. Youth is where its at. You'll have to hook up a job for me haha How is Kevin doing? Sounds like Jason is rocking the Casba (I don't know how to spell that, or even what it means) I've learned more and how little I actually know about anything. I know the BofM pretty well now, I lvoe that book, but everything else I'm pretty handicapped right now... LOC is always a fun one to teach. We are working with 2 families that want to be baptized but can't until they are married. We have one of the weddings going on the second to last week I'm here and then the baptism is that Saturday... Gonna be NUTS!! I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and everything you do for me.. I love you so much and am so grateful to have you as a Father. You've made this possible for me. Thank you padre. Tell everyone else I love em. Life is good. Elder Larsen Sr. On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 3:56 PM, Jeremy Larsen wrote: Padre!! You will never ever ever guess who I am with again............ ITS ELDER PARKINSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly the best and most welcome gift I've ever gotten. This last transfer was easily the hardest of the mission. Now I'm with my boy again. He's a complete and total stud in every way. He's going to be 5x's the missionary I ever could have been, he's teaching me stuff still.. Of course he did that when he first came out in the mish. So life has been so much fun for us. So I'm writing on Tuesday because we had my last Zone Conference yesterday. I was able to speak for 40min at it and it really was one of the most revelatory experiences of my life. The day before the conference Elder Parkinson and I were dive bombing again, (now that I'm with a comp that wants to do it again we are having so much fun with it!! and seeing success) and we stopped to see this guy walking a Pitbull. We pull over and he was just like "no no, sorry, no guys no, sorry..". So as we are driving away Elder Parkinson says we need to go back. Inwardly I was totally thinking "this is stupid, why do we need to do this... Whatever though lets just do it for him...." So we go. When we pull over again he just cusses us out hardcore. He tells us to leave him alone and to stop ruining his day... I felt at this time my thoughts and faithlessness in my companion were justified by the reaction. As we are driving in silence, I'm upset, saddened as well at the experience, Parky breaks the silence and says: "i know he was having one of the roughest days of his life. He needed to know the things we said to him. One day he will see missionaries again and he will apologize for the way he treated us and he will accept the gospel." I was still angry a bit... The next day at ZC I was the last to speak of the AP's. Elder McGlothin spoke about Samuel the Lamanite and how he went back twice out of faith and total humility. Elder Montierth spoke about Works and talked about always making a second effort and always following the spirit. Several stories were shared that day about second efforts and miracles that happened after the fact of the initial experience. I had prayed at the beginning and asked all of the missionaries in the zones to humble their hearts and allow the spirit to teach them what they needed to know. I did the same thing. You've got to be careful what you ask for.... It has been awhile since the Lord had humbled me in that way, however I came to know it was by the Lord's design that this all happened. I was speaking on our purpose in this life, and how we obtain it and fulfill it. If it wasn't for that experience I wouldn't have been able to speak on the topic the Lord really wanted me to talk about. So I shared the experience I had with the man and the Pitbull and it was one of the most out of body experiences that I've ever had. The Lord had a message to deliver and he just lined everything up to make it happen... It was wild. Then I lost my OSM binder and I prayed to find it in the church, we checked the car, everywhere but had to go to a lesson. When we left we were driving and talking. We dropped off a mattress to some sisters... Then on the way back from Bend to Redmond Parkinson and I looked forward out the window and my binder was right on the dash... It was crazy. It definitely wasn't there when we started off to Redmond again, we checked the dash 3 times and the car 3 times, both of us. The Lord was confirming to me that He does what he wants, he can make miracles happen however he wants to and then he told me we would have 3 baptism's before I left if I continued faithfully. Needles to say this has been a wild week. We've found 2 families to teach with 12 people total and we've got so many other families progressing its just out of this world.

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