Monday, August 11, 2014

Zack and the broken bike and Ebonics Bible verses

i never got the letter with all my callings, they only send them to you. im sure there is a way to get them. as for the green car, it is not my car so it must needs be expedient that i get it, i got it down to 1500 for the truck now i just need to raise the money haha! its a deal and it must not be passed up haha! as for the G's and towel thanks!! so i had an accident on my bike and now i have no money :( sorry... i suck. i spent tons of money on replacing parts i tried to do as much as i could by jerry rigging but broken axels and barrings and quick releases and chewed up cogs just cant be jerry rigged. my comp is doing a lot better. he is tough at times, we get along great he is just negative a lot and it drains me big time you know me and negative dont get along. life is good though! we found a Jamaican who is 91 years old and is getting baptized very soon she is so cool! we asked her if she believed what we taught about the book of mormon and joseph smith was true and she said OF COURSE! dont you? it was awesome! Life is great! i am happy to be here but getting ready to head out and the ward likes to remind me, i tried to keep it secret but it leaked from my comp and now its all over haha! by the way we are re-writting the bible and scripture in Ebonics my favorite one so far is "many are hallad at but few be reppin" its good :) well the work is great! we are picking up this area and the district is doing a lot better :) but back on the truck im determined to buy it, its too good a deal and ill get to have my own car so jeremy can have the lil green one :) ssooo yea....... i know i dont have lots of money for it not 1500 but ill get there haha! ill see what his time frame is. uuhh i have 2 more baptisms to go to which is awesome in the YSA ward so thats exciting. tell indy im stoked to chill with him. and how long are we staying with jeremy again? iwould you like to go to a cave or to big trees when you get here? i figured i can show you the people and some sites on my mission haha! SO YOUR CHOICE. love you all so much hope all is well that sucks that kimi cant stay with us and did you hear rock creek is closing :( i am pretty much depressed haha! love you all bye!

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