Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Zack and 4 more baptisms

Dear Dr. Banana King the greatest of all bananas..... Brandon says hello! I love ya and things are great! as for focusing on the work........ its tough. Our district is improving which is great but there were only 2 days under 100 out here and i wanted to weep and then die. brandon is in a car and is gay. as for a homecoming present i would greatly appreciate news G's and a new towel. also there is a truck for sale here 1500 to 2000 a member is going to give it to me for 1500 and i wanna drive it home soo thas great! think about it i wanna buy it regardless and i think this would be a great investment i can pay ya back!! anyway i met a guy that fought the grape vine fires he was cool, we did a huge move for him it sucked but totally worth it. anyway i got to go! i love you all and im excited for you to come back and when am i moving into Orem like right after? just curious! sounds like a party with the family! everyone is moving south but once school is done im going north :) i dont like city. Love you all and the family! thats so cool with indy doing that!! i sent him a letter and he didnt reply but i wanna chill with him upon arrival so let him know! also yea.. bye! i forgot what else i was going to write about there were some cool experience but it will have to wait till next week work is great and pride was the homelss guy we baptized. we have 4 more baptisms coming up :) :) love you!!!!

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