Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Letter from Zack!

 Here is the FIRST unedited letter from Zack at the MTC...spelling and punctuation errors are all his :)

well things are goin really great hree im super tired almost all the time getting up has not been hard, its been going to sleep! my companion is elder ross he is a great guy from colorado. jeremy is sleeping on the floor right above mine so i see him semi often, however our scheduals do not meet up. i know i left that stuff just send my pre concicrated oil that would be nice i bought a journal and the books. anyway things are great here i sent you a letter with lots of info. the elders here are so crazy! they made me Sr. companion and im rooming with the zone leaders and district leader but they are all good guys. im actually learning so much about the book of mormon and i have some scriptures memorized, never thought that would happen! however im learning lots of different languages and i have 3 investigators we are doin great! i think its awesome here! i got plenty of time to eat and the scheduals are sometimes relaxed but usually just really really busy with teaching and learning its fun!! well get a hold of megan tell here to send me her whole address i need it! thank you very much!! how is everything there!!?? i got some cool roommates one is hawaiian and one from oklahoma the rest from utah but im the only 19 year old in the district pretty crazy but i got to go finish laundry it only comes once a week haha!

P.S. papa smurf put my current e-mail on the blog i love the letters they are really important to me! and make sure they know that e mial will change.

TO AUNT LESLY- i got your letter and i want to send things by mail since i dont have long to e mail but im doin great here and i love it you can read the above e mail on my blog i love you all and thank you for everything!!

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  1. Zack so great to hear that you are enjoying it. We love you the Campbell Family