Monday, September 24, 2012

Jeremys 1st field email :)

Padre!!!! It has been an eventful week on this end as well. It's all good about the call, I saw ya'll on Saturday so its whatever. Yeah my companion is Kuntaa Pomo, (like a boss in Estonian) I set up a Baptism my 3rd day in and we have 2 others along with another probable on the way. It's been a great week. My first day out tracting was crazy, while my companion, who is Elder Taumoelau btw, was doing correlation with another ZL, Elder Olivera, I was out with  Elder Martin who came in with me on the plane. It  was my first time and Elder Martins first haha we had low expectations to say the least. But I ran into a guy named Gregory with his brother on the side of the road and he started talking to me. His brother was homeless and was trying to get some food stamps at some government place. I started talking with him and I got into the restoration a bit, then he started talking about some stuff that sounded like he got from Slaughter House-Five (Kurt Vonnegut). He was fairly eccentric but I really felt like he absorbed the message and felt the spirit. Sadly he was out of my zone so I wasn't able to meet with him again. That Sunday, however, he was at Elder Black and Elder Haines ward and said that he had read the BofM and that he wanted to know more! I was pretty pumped hearing this ha. I've had such a great time so far, my group of Elder Taumoelau, Black, Haines, Olivera and Martin have had some crazy times already. The mission really is a ton better then the MTC was. Thanks for sending those thing, btw send everthing priority mail because otherwise I have to go up to the Mission home which is about 2hrs away. Also I haven't told you where I'm at yet. I'm in Roseberg, the zone is pretty big but its beautiful country. Its about an hour N. of Grants Pass, which is where I was hoping to go. Every morning we have 1 1/2 mile run up a mountain, its pretty killer hahaha The bike is awesome also, we just got it set up last night. The investigators that we have set up for baptisms are awesome. Rodrigo is the one that we are working on the hardest, he's tough to teach because he really doesn't have a very solid education. The others are Olivia and Shayleena. They are both friends and are quite incredible sisters, w/ all of the temptations around here they have managed to stay away from it. They are more modest then most of the other sisters in the ward, they always wear long dresses and they seem to understand the commandments better then any of the other youth in the ward. They are extremely modest, which is rare, save a few others in the ward. On top of that they are pretty hot which would make it even harder, it kind of throws me off a bit haha They have an insane amount of faith I feel like they are teaching me sometimes. I went out tracting in a town called Glide on saturday. We ran into a bunch of older gents and most of them weren't interested at all, but I think some are going to give us a call back. We also ran into a Jehovah's Witness who seemed extremely interested and we are going to meet with her next week. A lot of what we are doing though is trying to help get people back to church, we have been going to a lot of in-actives and are trying to bring them back in.  The Castrignano family is one we are really honed in on. The father is trying to keep his family active and is a great guy but his wife may be an Alcoholic and their 13yr old daughter seems to be having some Chastity problems. They are such amazing people especially the father and Lenny (12yr old), I really am hoping to help them out. The families up here are incredible though, they are having us over for dinner all  the time, donating stuff to our apartment (its new and we have nothing hahahaha)  and all of the RM's want to be active in helping us w/ lessons. The Bishop is awesome and so is the High Priests Leader, Brother Landers. About the Bednar talk its a video, but I don't know if you can watch it, I saw it at the MTC, but its a good one. I'm pumped to hear about who the new Bishopric is gonna be you gotta let me know asap. I can't wait to see some pictures of my new NEPHEW!! *lisa,katie*. Well I love you and I really have nothing to say but good things about up here, tell Zach I say what's up and sorry for not seeing him before we got on the plane. Katies BF looks like Draco btw. Also Is Ashley set up in the house yet?? hows that workin out so far?? she liking it there?? also when is the marriage again??? let me know. LOVE YA, Elder Larsen

Katie- Your BF looks like Draco HHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH Ginny and Draco sitting in a tree K I S S I N G, First comes love then come me getting dangerous cause I don't know him, tell him I'm not scared of coming home... hahaha JK I'm glad that you had fun at the dance, and yes the dances are kinda lame once you get in, but the day date and after are usually fun. love the puppy for me, I miss that little brown noser. I'm loving it out here and I miss you. But stay working hard and stay outta trouble! Love Ya

p.s. Tell chinchy I miss her! send me pictures

Kevin- "i'm totally 90% over it" hahaha!!! Thanks I miss that humor of yours haha There is a kid in my ward that looks just like you when you were 6 or so, its freaking sad, everytime I see him I get a wee bit home sick ha, but its fine, I bet this kevin is cooler haha! My area is Suburban and kinda ghetto in some areas, its a really big area. It's Half Bike half Car, its a lot of fun. We have a huge mountain we run up every morning. Good job on the stalking, keep it up, I'm counting on you to keep up the old antics! I'm loving the mission so far, I'd like to think I'm adjusting very quickly, and i'm really growing. My compy really is awesome, I just can't believe that Zack got paired with one also. Actually as it turns out today 53% of Tonga is Mormon! crazy huh.Read above to get some more details about the week. I love you and miss you, keep on chuggin at home, send pics of the Halloween set up, I want to print them off and set them up in the Apt. Do it panorama style so it takes up a lot of room. Also get a family picture for me and send it if you could, Darleen and Ashely included if you could. LOVE YOU Elder Larsen

STEPH!! It's good to hear from ya, you would love the area i'm at, its such a pretty spot, its quite foggy in the morning and afternoon, but that's just how it is in this part of Oregon I guess. I'm glad I got through the MTC also it was kinda crazy but it wasn't to bad. I'm just glad to be here. Sorry I don't have long to write! I love you so much and I can't wait to see some pics of my new Nephew!! love ya and take care of yourself Elder Larsen

Love all ya'll
Elder Larsen

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